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Astronomers Detect First Signature of Magnetic Field on a Planet Outside of Our Solar System - SciTechDaily
Researchers have identified the first signature of a magnetic field surrounding a planet outside of our solar system. Earth's magnetic field acts as a shield against energetic particles from the sun known as the solar wind. Magnetic fields could play similar …

More than 500 new species, including colorful beetles and a 'hell heron,' discovered in 2021 - CNN
Shrimplike creatures, an extinct dinosaur called the "hell heron" and colorful beetles are among the 552 new species described this year by scientists at the Natural History Museum in London.

James Webb Space Telescope extends its tower assembly to make way for sunshield deployment -
The beam will make room for Webb's sunshield to fully unfold.

'Dragon man' skull prompts rethinking of evolution - - Chinadaily USA
A well-preserved cranium, colloquially known as "dragon man" from China, has made headlines worldwide and been described as one of the world's most groundbreaking, significant and exciting scientific discoveries, as global institutions review progress made in…

Fossil discovery of 5 mammoths along with Neanderthal tools reveals life in ice age - CNN
The bones of five mammoths were discovered with Neanderthal stone tools at a quarry near Swindon, providing a revealing look at life in Britain during the ice age 200,000 years ago.

The Spacecraft That's Going to Smash Into an Asteroid Just Sent Back Its First Pictures - Gizmodo
The DRACO camera is the only instrument aboard NASA's planetary-defense DART mission.

NASA will launch mission to an unexplored world in 2022 - CNN
In 2022, expect the first images and science results from the James Webb Space Telescope, see a new mission launch to study an unexplored world, watch a NASA spacecraft deliberately crash into an asteroid's moon, and more.

Are There Rainbows on Mars? We Asked a NASA Expert - NASA
Are there rainbows on Mars? Sadly, no. But there are a whole lot of other conditions on Mars that we have right here on Earth! NASA scientist Mark Lemmon exp...

Life on Venus Could Be Hiding in Its Weird Clouds - Gizmodo
New models of Venus's atmosphere suggest it may not be as inhospitable as previously believed—though no life as we know it could survive there.

Astronomers See Black Hole Jets Blaze 16x Wider Than The Full Moon in Our Sky - ScienceAlert
Astronomers have captured a breathtaking radio wave image, showing our closest radio active black hole spewing out massive jets of plasma that span more than 16 times the size of the full moon in our sky.

Nano-Chocolates That Store Hydrogen: Innovative Energy Carrier of the Future - SciTechDaily
An innovative approach could turn nanoparticles into simple reservoirs for storing hydrogen. The highly volatile gas is considered a promising energy carrier for the future, which could provide climate-friendly fuels for airplanes, ships, and lorries, for exa…

Rich Clifford, NASA astronaut who secretly flew with Parkinson's, dies at 69 -
Michael "Rich" Clifford, who as a NASA astronaut flew on three space shuttle missions, including one after his diagnosis with Parkinson's Disease, has died at the age of 69.

Exclusive: China, Russia to sign a new space cooperation program for next decade, build intl lunar station by 2035: Roscomos - Global Times
China and Russia will sign a new space Cooperation Program for 2023-2027 next year, which will include a plan to create an open and inclusive International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) by 2035, Russia’s national space agency Roscosmos told the Global Times i…

The 10 strangest space structures discovered in 2021 -
The closer we look at the universe, the more beautiful and baffling it becomes.

NASA assigns 2 astronauts to SpaceX Crew-6 mission, launching in 2023 -
One veteran and one rookie will fly along with two people yet to be identified.

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