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Caught in the act: a black hole rips apart an unfortunate star - Reuters India
Scientists have captured a view of a colossal black hole violently ripping apart a doomed star, illustrating a extraordinary and chaotic cosmic event from beginning to end for the first time using NASA's planet-hunting telescope.

NASA unveils $600m ‘planetary defence’ system after devastating asteroid ‘slips net' -
NASA has unveiled plans to build a $600million (£482million) “planetary defence” telescope to detect asteroids on collision course with Earth.

NASA spots distant star being torn apart by a hungry black hole - BGR
Black holes are devastatingly powerful forces of nature, and nothing demonstrates their incredible might quite like seeing one tear apart a star. Recently, NASA’s sky-scanning TESS satellite …

Planet Nine could be a miniature black hole hiding in our solar system - Digital Trends
The concept of a ninth planet in our solar system captured the public's imagination and gained steam when astronomers found more evidence in support of its existence. Now, a different team has suggested that the strange body we're seeing evidence of is not a …

Astronomers Find Triple Supermassive Black Hole | Astronomy -
Using data from several space- and ground-based telescopes, astronomers have discovered a system of three supermassive black holes within SDSS J084905.51+111447.2, a trio of merging galaxies located about one billion light-years from Earth.

Using Nanoparticles to Convert CO2 Into Valuable Resources - SciTechDaily
Enzymes use cascade reactions to produce complex molecules from comparatively simple raw materials. Researchers have now copied this principle. An international research team has used nanoparticles to convert carbon dioxide into valuable raw materials. Scient…

Life on Mars could be found within two years but world is ‘not prepared’, Nasa’s chief scientist says - The Independent
Leading astronomer says discovery will open up ‘whole new line of thinking’

NASA wants to send nuclear rockets to the Moon and Mars - Ars Technica
It’s baaaack: Nuclear propulsion, first floated in the ’60s, is hot again. President Trump’s Mars ambitions might even hinge on it.

Space Photos of the Week: The ISS is Out of This World - WIRED
Space walks are tough work for astronauts. But they also get some epic views of Earth—and the cosmic emptiness beyond.

Cargo spacecraft docks at space station - NHK WORLD
An unmanned Japanese cargo spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station.

Facial recognition tech could help unlock secrets of dark matter in the universe - Digital Trends
Could the same A.I. technology that is used to unlock people’s smartphones also help unlock the potential secrets of the universe? It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what researchers from ETH Zurich in Switzerland are working to achieve. Here's what they hav…

Galaxy’s Tranquil Halo Illuminated by Enigmatic Radio Burst [Video] - SciTechDaily
Astronomers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have for the first time observed that a fast radio burst passed through a galactic halo. Lasting less than a millisecond, this enigmatic blast of cosmic radio waves came through almost undisturbed, suggesting that …

Palaeo-artist breathes new life into ancient fossils - The Hindu
Viktor Radermacher says his job is to give the world an idea of what long-extinct species looked like

Giant exoplanet found around tiny star forces astronomers to rethink theories - FOX 59 Indianapolis
Astronomers have unexpectedly discovered a gas giant Jupiter-esque exoplanet that's orbiting a dwarf star, located about 30 light-years from our sun. The planet, known as GJ 3512 b, completes one orbit around the star every seven months. That makes this a g…

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