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Elon Musk's Multibillion Dollar Mars Rocket, Explained - Tech Insider
SpaceX is racing to build a multibillion-dollar rocket capable of traveling to the Moon and Mars called StarShip. Elon Musk's company is currently testing th...

NASA asteroid tracker: An asteroid taller than the PYRAMIDS will skim the Earth TOMORROW -
AN ASTEROID standing nearly twice as tall as the Great Pyramid of Giza will come barreling past our home planet on Thursday morning, NASA’s asteroid trackers have warned.

Confirmed: Earth Is Crushing the Ocean into Salty Diamonds - Live Science
A new study finds fresh proof that diamonds are crushed and melted bits of ancient seabed that you can wear on your finger.

A Neptune-Like Planet Has Been Spotted in a Place Where It's Not Supposed to Exist - Gizmodo
An international team of astronomers is reporting the discovery of a Neptune-like planet located some 920 light-years from Earth. Dubbed the “Forbidden Planet” by the researchers, this celestial object is locked in a freakishly close orbit with it host star i…

PortMiami Dredging Killed a Half-Million Corals, New Study Shows - Miami New Times
Coral reefs are more than just unique, irreplaceable ecosystems full of the Earth's natural wonders: Studies show they also act as natural storm-surge barriers that help break up gigantic waves before they steamroll over cities such as Miami.

How did Earth get its water? Scientists think they've solved longstanding mystery - NBC News
New research suggests that Earth got its water more than 4 billion years ago, when an object the size of Mars collided with the planet to form the moon.

Laboratory Black Hole Shows Stephen Hawking Was Right, Obviously - Gizmodo
Physicists have confirmed predictions of Stephen Hawking’s namesake theory of black holes using a black hole they constructed in their lab, according to a new paper.

Profanity-laden Apollo broadcasts landed NASA in hot water 50 years ago - Daily Mail
Astronauts are often touted for being calm and collected, but according to NASA transcripts, several public slip-ups, and various reports, the space explorers are also prone to excited fits of profanity.

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Finds a Clay Cache - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The rover recently drilled two samples, and both showed the highest levels of clay ever found during the mission.

Ancient Rocky Structure Found Beneath Antarctica. And It's Messing with the Ice. - Live Science
The potential for the Ross ice shelf in Antarctica to collapse is determined by a newly discovered rock boundary running right down the middle of the ice.

Scientists find telling early moment that indicates a coming megaquake -
Scientists combing through databases of earthquakes since the early 1990s have discovered a possible defining moment 10-15 seconds into an event that could signal a magnitude 7 or larger megaquake.

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