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Snapshot of Extinction: Fossils Show Day of Killer Asteroid 29 March 2019 It was the day -
It was the day that nearly all life on Earth went extinct, including the dinosaurs.

SpaceX could fire up both of its next-gen rockets next week - CNET
A follow-up launch of the company's historic Falcon Heavy demo and its future plans to get to the red planet could both get a boost.

SpaceX's mighty Falcon Heavy launch set for April 7 from Kennedy Space Center, FAA says - Orlando Sentinel
The Federal Aviation Administration set a launch hazard area for the first commercial launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy from Kennedy Space Center on April 7.

The Gravitational Wave Detectors Are Turning Back On and We're Psyched - Gizmodo
The LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors are set to resume their hunt for gravitational waves on April 1. This go-around, they’ll be even more sensitive thanks to a set of upgrades to their lasers, mirrors, and other components. This next run will be a…

NASA Tests Mars 2020 Helicopter Under Mars-Like Conditions - ExtremeTech
Helicopters are a common sight in the skies above Earth, but they may soon come to the red planet.

Cassini data finally explain why Saturn's mini-moons look like ravioli - Daily Mail
Researchers used data collected during Cassini’s close approaches ahead of its finale in 2017, when it got its best looks at Saturn and the many objects in its vicinity.

Hubble space telescope goes on cosmic duck hunt, shoots a cluster - CNET
NASA and ESA find that stars of a feather flock together.

There's a self-destructing asteroid zooming through the solar system - Yahoo News
Asteroid Gault is self-destructing. Images shot by the Hubble Space Telescope show the space rock — some 2.5 to 5.5 miles wide — has left telltale streaks of debris as it hurtles through our solar system. It's gradually breaking apart.  Why? Sunlight heats up…

NASA Will Pay You $19,000 to Stay In Bed and Be Spun In a Centrifuge - RealClearLife
If you have a strong stomach and two months to kill, NASA might pay you $19,000 to lay in bed and spin around a centrifuge for two months.

Amphibian Apocalypse: Deadly Fungus Has Wiped Out 90 Species; Hundreds More Threatened - The Weather Channel
Chytridiomycosis, a deadly disease caused by a fungus, has contributed to the decline of more than 500 species of frogs, toads and salamanders.

Media hyped a chance to see the northern lights last Saturday night. It was a bad forecast badly communicated. - Washington Post
Why the busted forecast? It was a combination of scientific uncertainty and ill-based media hype.

Testing Einstein's equivalence principle near a supermassive black hole -
The GRAVITY Collaboration, a team of researchers at several renowned institutes including the Max Planck Institute, LESIA Paris Observatory and the European Southern Observatory, has recently tested part of the Einstein Equivalence Principle, namely the local…

Hubble watches as an asteroid starts to tear itself apart - SYFY WIRE
Out in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter orbits a rock called 6478 Gault. It's about 4–9 kilometers across (it can be hard to get the exact sizes of asteroids), which is pretty typical. It's orbit is a little unusual in that its more elliptical …

Wee Orange 'Pumpkin' Frogs Have Bones That Glow Through Their Skin - Live Science
The frogs' glowing patterns may be a form of communication.

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