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Interstellar Comet Borisov is About to Make its Closest Approach to Earth - Universe Today
A team of astronomers from Yale have taken the clearest picture of the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov to date, showcasing its long tail!

Scientists find ‘monster’ black hole so big they didn’t think it was possible - The Washington Post
Scientists did not think it was possible for a stellar black hole, one that forms from a dying star, to be as large as the “monster” it discovered in our own galaxy.

Scientists discover ‘monster’ black hole beyond belief -
(CNN) – A “monster black hole” has been discovered by scientists. But they say it’s so big that it shouldn’t actually exist. They’re calling it a stellar black hole, which is the kind that forms fo…

Electro-optical device provides solution to faster computing memories and processors -
The first ever integrated nanoscale device which can be programmed with either photons or electrons has been developed by scientists in Harish Bhaskaran's Advanced Nanoscale Engineering research group at the University of Oxford.

Orion Spacecraft Arrives in Ohio for Testing on This Week @NASA – November 29, 2019 - NASA
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

How Kathryn Sullivan Became the First American Woman to Walk in Space - The Wall Street Journal
A pioneering NASA astronaut is now working to save the Earth’s environment

Undersea Fiber-Optic Cables Make Superb Seismic Network - SciTechDaily
Test under Monterey Bay shows undersea fiber-optic cables can detect quakes, fault systems. Fiber-optic cables that constitute a global undersea telecommunications network could one day help scientists study offshore earthquakes and the geologic structures hi…

The plot thickens for a hypothetical X17 particle -
Fresh evidence of an unknown particle that could carry a fifth force of nature gives the NA64 collaboration at CERN a new incentive to continue searches.

Ultraluminous X-ray source UGC 6456 ULX investigated in detail -
Russian astronomers have performed a detailed study of one of the ultraluminous X-ray sources (ULXs) in the galaxy UGC 6456. Results of the research, presented in a paper published November 20 on, suggest that this source, designated UGC 6456 ULX, i…

Asteroid warning: NASA tracks a 2,000FT monster rock on Earth approach day after Christmas -
AN ASTEROID measuring more than 2,000ft (620m) across will come astronomically close to Earth just one day after Christmas, NASA’s asteroid trackers have revealed.

Mysterious fossil of a giant prehistoric fish with circular saw-shaped teeth found in Russia - Daily Mail
The discovery in an open coal mine in Volgograd, Russia, shows a fossilised arsenal of radial teeth belonging to the cartilaginous Helicoprion - that lived millions of years before the dinosaurs.

A 'Mole' Isn't Digging Mars: NASA Engineers Are Trying To Find Out Why - NPR
After the InSight lander had trouble drilling a sophisticated thermometer into the Martian surface, a Plan B also didn't work, and the instrument ended up backing itself out of the ground.

NASA asteroid warning: 177FT space rock ‘could’ hit Earth at 61,000MPH -
NASA asteroid trackers have warned a sizeable space “could” collide with Earth in only a few years.

New stable isotope analysis questions the origin of black carbon in the ocean -
We can probably all agree that the deep sea is not on fire.

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