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Russian module suddenly fires thrusters after docking with space station - Ars Technica
"Until you exhaust all your contingency plans, you're not really starting to worry."

Russia rocket mishap briefly nudges International Space Station out of position - The Guardian
After several ‘hiccups’ on the journey to the ISS, the Nauka lab module accidentally fired its rockets after docking

Russia's new space-station module has glitched, firing its thrusters and pushing the entire station out of position - msnNOW
The Nauka module began firing its thrusters unexpectedly on Thursday, pushing the space station out of position and beginning a "tug of war."

Scientists See the Backside of a Black Hole for the First Time, Prove Albert Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Correct - IGN - IGN
A theory about black holes and how they eject light waves out of their backsides posited by Albert Einstein in 1915 has been proven correct, more than 100 years later.

Researchers propose a method of magnetizing a material without applying an external magnetic field -
Magnetizing a material without applying an external magnetic field is proposed by researchers at São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil, in an article published in the journal Scientific Reports, where they detail the experimental approach used to achieve…

The 10 flights of NASA's Ingenuity Mars helicopter in one chart - Business Insider
Ingenuity has traveled more than a mile in total. Its recent flights have taken the little drone over more treacherous terrain.

Perfectly preserved 310-million-year-old fossilized brain found -
Researchers have uncovered a 310 million-year-old horseshoe crab fossil complete with an exceptionally rare example of a fossilized brain.

Mesmerizing video shows Earth's four billion year evolution in just four minutes - Daily Mail
The clips starts 4 billion years ago when earth was a hellish protoplanet. We are then shown the formation of tectonic plates, oceans and continents that lead up to a human colonized world.

On Earth, things evolve into crabs—could the same be true in space? - Ars Technica
Evolution experts were kind enough to answer Ars' questions about alien crabs.

A new information storage and processing device -
A team of scientists has developed a means to create a new type of memory, marking a notable breakthrough in the increasingly sophisticated field of artificial intelligence.

Mars' buried polar 'lakes' may just be frozen clay -
Clays likely caused the radar reflections spotted beneath Mars' south pole, a new study finds.

What Animals See in the Stars, and What They Stand to Lose - The New York Times
Humans aren’t the only species that navigate by starlight. Animals from birds to dung beetles may do it, too — and might become disoriented as our city lights drown out the heavens.

DeepMind says it can predict the shape of every protein in the human body -
And in 20 other animals often studied by science, too.

Massive COCONUTS Exoplanet Discovery: Giant Planet Just 35 Light Years From Earth - SciTechDaily
Astronomers have discovered thousands of exoplanets — planets beyond our solar system — but few have been directly imaged, because they are extremely difficult to see with existing telescopes. A University of Hawaiʻi Institute for Astronomy (IfA) graduate stu…

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