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Astronomers Confirm The Earth-Sized Planet at Proxima Centauri Is Definitely There - ScienceAlert
Using state-of-the-art astronomical instruments, an international team of researchers has confirmed the existence of Proxima b, an Earth-like planet that's orbiting the closest star to our Solar System, Proxima Centauri.

Elon Musk reaches first Tesla compensation award worth nearly $800 million - The Verge
Tesla announced Thursday that CEO Elon Musk has cleared the first of twelve hurdles in his massive compensation plan. If Musk realizes the whole plan, it could net him tens of billions of dollars.

Historic SpaceX astronaut launch scrubbed - WESH 2 Orlando
SpaceX and NASA have scrubbed Wednesday’s attempt at launching astronauts from American soil for the first time since 2011.

SpaceX fires up Starship’s Raptor engine hours before huge regulatory milestone - Teslarati
SpaceX has fired up the same full-scale Starship rocket for the fourth time, igniting its Raptor engine less than an hour before the FAA officially published a launch license of the ship’s hop test debut. The ignition marked the fourth time a Raptor engine ha…

SpaceX's historic astronaut launch try draws huge crowds despite NASA warnings -
Approximately 150,000 people gathered at Florida's space coast for the launch.

Hubble's Brand New Image of Saturn (2019) - NASA Goddard
This video features a new Hubble Space Telescope view of Saturn, taken in late June of 2019, which reveals the giant planet's iconic rings. Saturn’s amber co...

Antarctic ice sheets capable of much faster melting than we thought - CNN
Antarctic ice sheets retreated at speeds of up to 50 meters (164 feet) a day at the end of the last Ice Age -- about ten times quicker than the fastest retreating sheets of today -- researchers have found.

Climate change is driving widespread forest death and creating shorter, younger trees - CNBC
The Amazon rainforest, which has been decimated by cattle ranching and wildfires, is the biggest deforestation front in the world with more than 20% of the forest already destroyed.

New 'whirling' state of matter discovered in an element of the periodic table -
The strongest permanent magnets today contain a mix of the elements neodymium and iron. However, neodymium on its own does not behave like any known magnet, confounding researchers for more than a half-century. Physicists at Radboud University and Uppsala Uni…

New technology enables fast protein synthesis -
Many proteins are useful as drugs for disorders such as diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. Synthesizing artificial versions of these proteins is a time-consuming process that requires genetically engineering microbes or other cells to produce the desired protei…

Mathematician helps resolve question first asked 60 years ago -
An Irish mathematician, Dr. Martin Kerin, from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway, has had a research article published in the Annals of Mathematics, widely regarded as the top journal for pure mathematics in the world…

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 challenges and where to find hatches at the Agency - CNET
The Doomsday Device is on and season 3 is just around the corner.

Black Hole Paradoxes Reveal a Fundamental Link Between Energy and Order - Quanta Magazine
By chewing on the problems posed by “extremal” black holes, physicists have exposed a surprising and universal connection between energy and entropy.

Isle of Wight pterosaur species fossil hailed as UK first - BBC News
The University of Portsmouth identified it as a tapejarid, a flying pterosaur from the Cretaceous period.

Sea Snakes Have Been Modifying Genetically to See Underwater for 15 Million Years - SciTechDaily
Sea snakes first entered the marine environment 15 million years ago and have been evolving ever since to survive in its changing light conditions, according to a new study. Research led by the University of Plymouth (UK) has for the first time provided evide…

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