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Palaeo-artist breathes new life into ancient fossils - The Hindu
Viktor Radermacher says his job is to give the world an idea of what long-extinct species looked like

Nasa chief scientist: 'We’re close to finding alien life and making some announcements....but the world is not ready.' -
The world is not prepared for the discovery of life on another planet even though it may only be a couple of years away, Nasa’s Chief Scientist has warned.

Watch live as Elon Musk delivers an update on SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft - TechCrunch
SpaceX is all set to deliver an update on the status of its Starship program, courtesy of CEO Elon Musk. Musk will provide new info about “the design and development of Starship” at 8 PM CDT (9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT) tonight, live from the company’s Boca Chica rock…

Blue Origin and SpaceX among winners of NASA exploration technology contracts - SpaceNews
NASA announced Sept. 27 the award of more than $40 million to 14 companies, including Blue Origin and SpaceX, to develop exploration technologies.

Finland: Northern Lights dance in the night sky - Euronews
Striking green, purple and white, aurora displays lit up the night sky over Finnish Lapland from Friday to Saturday

Life’s Building Blocks May Not Have Originated on This Planet - SciTechDaily
An experiment shows that one of the basic units of life­­­ — nucleobases — could have originated within giant gas clouds interspersed between the stars. Essential building blocks of DNA – compounds called nucleobases – have been detected for the first time in…

Scientists find way to travel across ‘very distant points in space’ in a split second -
A WORMHOLE could allow space travel to the most distant regions of the universe in an instant, now a recent scientific paper has outlined a way to actually build on of these anomalies of physics.

Astronomers spotted a planet that shouldn’t exist - BGR
When we imagine what other solar systems are like it’s easy to fall into a trap of assuming that our own system is a model that all others must follow. That’s simply not the case, and a…

Superconductivity Finally Found in Place Scientists Have Been Looking for Decades - SciTechDaily
The Hubbard model, used to understand electron behavior in numerous quantum materials, now shows us its stripes, and superconductivity too, in simulations for cuprate superconductors. Researchers at Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC Nati…

Astronomers Detect Cyanide Gas in Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov | Astronomy -
Astronomers have for the first time detected cyanide (CN) gas -- a common ingredient of solar system comets -- in the coma of an interstellar comet.

Mysterious radio burst reveals tranquil halo of galaxy - KTVZ
While tracing the signal of one space mystery, called a fast radio burst, it led astronomers to another intriguing observation.

‘Alien' life discovered deep underground point to ‘subterranean Galapagos' -
‘ALIEN’ sulphur breathing creatures have been discovered thriving in rock miles underground, in a boost for finding life elsewhere in the Universe, scientists have revealed.

India's lunar mission shows space exploration is not just about immediate success - CNN
It was meant to be a day of pride for India on September 7, when the country was set to join an elite club of nations to have successfully landed a mission on the moon.

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