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Two meteor showers peak tonight – Best time for viewing -
Two meteor showers will peak across the sky Tuesday night.

A plunge in incoming sunlight may have triggered 'Snowball Earths' -
At least twice in Earth's history, nearly the entire planet was encased in a sheet of snow and ice. These dramatic "Snowball Earth" events occurred in quick succession, somewhere around 700 million years ago, and evidence suggests that the consecutive global …

How to spot Comet NEOWISE before it disappears for thousands of years - PBS NewsHour
There’s still a little bit of time to catch a glimpse of a newly discovered comet as it blazes across the night sky, especially if you have binoculars or a telescope handy.

Google adds creepy crawlies to its AR search results - The Verge
Google is adding 23 insects to its augmented reality search results. Android and iOS devices will be able to display the insects using AR in the real world, and Android users will even be able to hear the creatures.

The most fascinating shark discoveries of the past decade - National Geographic
From sharks that walk to great whites that migrate incredible distances, here's why we should give these toothy fish more respect.

Two schoolgirls in India discover asteroid near Mars - USA TODAY
Two teenage schoolgirls in India discovered an asteroid near Mars, a space education institute in India reported recently.

Scientists revive 100 million-year-old microbes from the sea - BBC News
The organisms had been in a dormant state in the seabed in the South Pacific since the age of dinosaurs.

CERN experiment reports first evidence for ultra-rare process that could lead to new physics -
Scientists at CERN have reported on their first significant evidence for a process predicted by theory, paving the way for searches for evidence of new physics in particle processes that could explain dark matter and other mysteries of the universe.

Hubble telescope captures beautiful new image of Saturn in stunningly clear detail - CBS News
Visible in the image are the planet's icy rings in stunning detail — and its moon Enceladus, which could support life.

First SLS LVSA ready for Artemis 1, second in production -
The interstage connector for the first NASA Space Launch System (SLS) vehicle was delivered to…

Siberia's 'gateway to the underworld' grows as record heat wave thaws permafrost - Science Magazine
Batagay megaslump entices researchers with its deep climate history

NASA readies launch of Mars rover to look for signs of past life, collect samples for return to Earth - CBS News
The most ambitious Mars mission yet aims to bring samples from the red planet back to Earth.

Brexit Britain to TAKE ON Brussels' Galileo with 'massive' space technology investment - Daily Express
THE UK is set to rival the EU's space satellite Galileo with a 'massive increase' in investment after Britain was cut out following Brexit.

Dead star emits never-before seen mix of radiation -
A global collaboration of telescopes including ESA's Integral high-energy space observatory has detected a unique mix of radiation bursting from a dead star in our galaxy—something that has never been seen before in this type of star, and may solve a long-sta…

NASA Announces Astronauts to Fly on SpaceX Crew-2 Mission - NASA
NASA and its international partners have assigned crew members for Crew-2, which will be the second operational SpaceX Crew Dragon flight to the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

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