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Antarctica: Disturbing discovery sparks fear of sea level rise 'sooner and with big bang' - Daily Express
ANTARCTICA researchers have identified a new threat to the icy continent's floating ice shelves and are sounding the alarm bells on global sea levels rising 'sooner and with a bigger bang than expected'.

Scientists find amazing, 25 million-year-old eagle | TheHill - The Hill
South Australian palaeontologists found the oldest species that belongs to the eagle -- and it is millions of years old.The 25-million-year-old fossil was discovered on the remote shore of Lake Pinpa, which has been dried up since 2016.

The giant cyclone in Jupiter's Great Red Spot is speeding up - Salon
Scientists hope to figure out what is powering the increase in speed of the biggest storm in the solar system

NASA's Mars Fleet Lies Low As Sun Moves Between Earth and Red Planet - NASA
The missions will continue collecting data about the Red Planet, though engineers back on Earth will stop sending commands to them until mid-October.

Little fluffy clouds may help save Australia's Great Barrier Reef - New York Post
Researchers working on the so-called Cloud Brightening project said they use a turbine to spray microscopic sea particles to thicken existing clouds and reduce sunlight on the world’s largest…

Ship 20 begins path to Static Fire test milestone - -
Despite the lack of hops over recent months, SpaceX Starbase continues to be a hive…

Cracking open strong field quantum electrodynamics -
A newly published theoretical and computer modeling study suggests that the world's most powerful lasers might finally crack the elusive physics behind some of the most extreme phenomena in the universe—gamma ray bursts, pulsar magnetospheres, and more.

Chinese commercial satellite has been spotting meteors and aurora -
Yangwang 1 is focused on near-Earth asteroids, but the bonus observations are stunning.

This May Be the First Planet Found Orbiting 3 Stars at Once - The New York Times
It’s called a circumtriple planet, and evidence that one exists suggests that planet formation is less unusual than once believed.

Vanishing ice is warping Earth's crust -
The melting of Earth's polar ice is warping the planet's crust. Here's how that's linked to climate change.

Unbreakable glass inspired by seashells -
Scientists from McGill University develop stronger and tougher glass, inspired by the inner layer of mollusk shells. Instead of shattering upon impact, the new material has the resiliency of plastic and could be used to improve cell phone screens in the futur…

Jaw-Dropping New Images Arrive From Hubble Space Telescope - ExtremeTech
These stunning images are highlights from Hubble's recent observations. Come help me marvel at them!

Stunning illustration shows a star being devoured by a supermassive black hole - Daily Mail
This particular black hole, captured by University of Arizona researchers using X-rays emitted by a 'tidal disruption event', is a type that has long eluded observation - one of intermediate mass.

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