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James Webb Space Telescope Begins Critical Sunshield Deployment - SciTechDaily
Early this afternoon the Webb mission operations team concluded the deployment of the first of two structures that hold within them Webb’s most unpredictable and in many ways complicated component: the sunshield. The structures – called the Forward and Aft Un…

NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Milestones - 2021 Year in Review - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
What has NASA's Perseverance rover accomplished since landing on the surface of Mars in February 2021? Surface Operations Mission Manager Jessica Samuels ref...

NASA clears Axiom crew for 1st private mission to International Space Station -
The astronauts launching with the first private crewed mission to the International Space Station (ISS) next year have cleared all their medical evaluations, according to NASA. The four-person crew includes Michael López-Alegría, Larry Connor, Mark Pathy and …

Researchers capture high-frequency oscillations in the gigantic eruption of a neutron star -
An international scientific group with outstanding Valencian participation has managed to measure for the first time oscillations in the brightness of a magnetar during its most violent moments. In just a 10th of a second, the magnetar released energy equival…

A Weird Paper Tests The Limits of Science by Claiming Octopuses Came From Space - ScienceAlert
A summary of decades of research on a rather 'out-there' idea involving viruses from space raises questions on just how scientific we can be when it comes to speculating on the history of life on Earth.

SpaceX in 2021: Elon Musk's space company set records for reusability and more -
From Starship to Starlink to civilian flights, the California company is growing a 'monopoly' in space

Meet the people bringing us answers on the big bang, and their 13000-pound helper - The Bakersfield Californian
LOS ANGELES — For some people, it’s a memoir or a work of fiction; others, their first company or app. For Scott Willoughby, it’s a more than 13,000-pound telescope that

You Don’t Need a Spaceship to Grow ‘Weird Little’ Martian Radishes - The New York Times
Scientists on this planet have worked out a variety of techniques to simulate the conditions of other worlds that are near and very far.

Stunningly well-preserved dinosaur embryo found inside fossilized egg - CNET
One researcher calls the embryo nicknamed Baby Yingliang "one of the most beautiful fossils I have ever seen."

Utah researchers worked on James Webb Space Telescope, plan to use it -
The James Webb telescope launched just a few days ago and some Utah researchers played a role in bringing it to reality and signed up for research time on it.

Team proposes 'nano-chocolates' as a new way to store hydrogen -
An innovative approach could turn nanoparticles into simple reservoirs for storing hydrogen. The highly volatile gas is considered a promising energy carrier for the future, which could provide climate-friendly fuels for airplanes, ships and trucks, for examp…

How DNA is preserved in archaeological sediments for thousands of years -
Sediments in which archaeological finds are embedded have long been regarded by most archaeologists as unimportant by-products of excavations. However, in recent years it has been shown that sediments can contain ancient biomolecules, including DNA. "The retr…

Largest-ever group of ‘rogue’ planets discovered in Milky Way - RT
Astronomers have found dozens of ‘rogue’ exoplanets roaming the Milky Way without a parent star to hold them in orbit. At least 70 such cosmic nomads have been confirmed, but the number could be as high as 170, a new study says.

Astronomers Detect an Exoplanet's Magnetic Field for the First Time - ExtremeTech
Earth's magnetic field is essential for our continued existence, and this is the first time we've confirmed one around an exoplanet.

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