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Nasa's Valkyrie robot could help build Mars base - BBC News
The semi-autonomous robot is able to use human tools and guide itself across difficult terrain.

In science, questions matter a lot. Men are more likely than women to ask them - Phys.Org
When Beryl Cummings asked her first-ever question in the auditorium at a genetics conference, she chose a topic she knew a lot about, formulated her question as meticulously as she could, and addressed her query to a female presenter.

NASA decides not to skip key SLS test after all - BGR
NASA really, really wants its own rocket. The agency has been shoveling money into a number of programs — including agreements with SpaceX and Boeing to produce crew capsules for manned missions — …

Japanese space probe captures video showing touchdown on comet - KTVL
Images from the Japanese space probe Hayabusa 2 shows the moment that it touched down for the second time on the asteroid Ryugu on July 11. Credit: JAXA, Chiba Institute of Technology & collaborators via Storyful This footage, which is made up of still images…

Spectacular meteor shower set to light up skies tonight: What you need to know - RT
An annual meteor shower is set to peak tonight in a stunning night sky display that could see up to 20 flaming by per hour. Here’s everything you need to know to catch the spectacular celestial show.

Robotic contact lens that allows users to zoom in by blinking eyes revealed by scientists - The Independent
Device mimics natural electric signals in human eyeball

Moon landing: NASA chief admits why Apollo 11-era technology cannot land on the Moon -
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has revealed why Apollo-era technology from the 1960s is no longer good enough to land on the Moon today.

Where does astronaut poop go? Answers to your weirdest questions about space travel -
People have a lot of questions (and misconceptions) about space.

Astronomers Have Discovered a Peculiar Rocky Exoplanet With Three Glowing Red Suns - ScienceAlert
Our Sun is a lone wolf of a star, but out there in the wider Universe, stars are often locked in a dance with others, orbiting a mutual centre of gravity. In one such triple-star system, astronomers have just found an exoplanet.

The great story of the greatest adventure | TNS - The News on Sunday
Apollo11, as it happened and is remembered in literature

How to watch the Delta Aquariid meteor shower - WRCB-TV
Skywatchers, take note: The celestial show peaks July 28.

Suspected Meteorite Crashes Into Rice Field in India - Geek
Farmers and villagers in eastern India were left startled when a suspected meteorite crashed into the middle of a rice field on Monday. The object, reported to be the size of a football, …

SpaceX simplified: A quick guide to Elon Musk's space company - CNET
If you've heard something about a Starship bound for Mars, moon passengers and global broadband, but don't know the details, here's a brief rundown.

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