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Astronomers Have Discovered a Peculiar Rocky Exoplanet With Three Glowing Red Suns - ScienceAlert
Our Sun is a lone wolf of a star, but out there in the wider Universe, stars are often locked in a dance with others, orbiting a mutual centre of gravity. In one such triple-star system, astronomers have just found an exoplanet.

Double meteor shower: Where and when to watch as Southern Delta Aquariids and Alpha Capricornids peak on same night -
July ends with dueling meteor showers. Also on your 2019 meteor shower calendar: The Perseids are already active ahead of their August peak.

Where does astronaut poop go? Answers to your weirdest questions about space travel - CNN
People have a lot of questions (and misconceptions) about space.

Items that once belonged to Neil Armstrong have drawn more than $12 million in bids, but are sparking controversy among people who knew him - Business Insider Australia
Items that once belonged to Neil Armstrong – the first man on the moon – are fetching some sky high prices at auction.

"City killer" asteroid just missed Earth – and scientists had no idea - Wink News
Scientists revealed an asteroid dubbed by some as a “city killer” came closer to the Earth than the moon this week. The Washington Post reported scientists say they had no idea it was coming. Asteroid 2019 OK came hurtling toward Earth at a speed of nearly 15…

He's over the moon! British photographer spends two years getting the perfect shot on 1,000ft hill - Daily Mail
Astrophotographer Andrew Dawson, 44, waited an hour and a half before he snapped this stunning picture of a full moon rising over the Roseberry Topping, in North Yorkshire.

Asteroid just misses Earth: "City killer" Asteroid 2019 OK came close to Earth, surprising scientists - CBS News
Scientists revealed an asteroid dubbed by some as a "city killer" came closer to the Earth than the moon this week

Space telescope to probe the mysteries of dark energy and dark matter - Digital Trends
Two of the biggest mysteries in astronomy are dark matter and dark energy. A new project from the European Space Agency (ESA), the Euclid mission, will attempt to unravel some of the puzzles over these forces and is set to launch in 2022. Euclid will perform …

Watch a Japanese spacecraft grab another sample from an asteroid - The Verge
A camera funded entirely by public donations managed to successfully record a Japanese spacecraft’s attempt to grab a second sample from a distant asteroid. While the actual sample collection happened earlier in July, a video of images taken during the maneuv…

Mars quakes are less like earthquakes than scientists expected - INSIDER
NASA's InSight lander has heard many potential Mars quakes. But they seem similar to moon quakes, which changes our understanding of Mars' crust.

Paleontologists find giant dinosaur bone in southwestern France - Raw Story
French paleontologists found the thigh bone of a giant sauropod, an herbivorous dinosaur dating from the late Jurassic era, at an excavation site in southwestern France this week. The thigh bone of a giant dinosaur was found this week by French paleontologist…

A bionic hand named after Luke Skywalker could help amputees feel again - USA TODAY
Researchers have developed a prosthetic hand that will allow patients to have the sense of touch again.

Water on the Moon: How UK-built technology will find water and put man on the Moon by 2050 -
FINDING water on the Moon is a critical part of establishing a permanent human presence on the lunar orb and UK scientists are helping the dream become a reality by the end of 2050.

Two therapeutic targets identified for deadly lung cancer - Medical Xpress
The vast majority of deadly lung cancer cases (85 percent) are termed non-small-cell lung carcinomas (NSCLCs), which often contain a mutated gene called LKB1. Salk Institute researchers have now discovered precisely why inactive LKB1 results in cancer develop…

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