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Mysterious radio burst reveals tranquil halo of a galaxy - CNN
While tracing the signal of one space mystery, called a fast radio burst, it led astronomers to another intriguing observation.

NASA investing in 'planetary defense' to detect, deflect city-killing asteroids - Fox Business
NASA's planetary defense budget could save the Earth from catastrophic asteroids.

3 monster black holes are going to collide - Fox News
A trio of supermassive black holes is going to collide.

Sleeping octopus' amazing color shifts revealed in new film - Fox News
Many living things twitch or make noises while they sleep, but octopuses actually flicker while they are resting.

NASA astronaut on space station posts amazing photo of colleague blasting off in rocket to join her - Daily Mail
NASA astronaut shares stunning image from the International Space Station of the Soyuz MS 15 spacecraft launching into space - and aboard the craft was her best friend.

This space geek built a DIY radio telescope for $150 - Boing Boing
David Schneider built his own radio telescope out of roof flashing, an empty paint thinner can, a free software-defined radio app, USB receiver, and a length of coaxial cable. The whole project cos…

NASA, in Reddit AMA, says Earth probably won't be eaten by a black hole - CNET
Nothing can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole, so it's good we're not getting sucked into one anytime soon.

Are humans preventing flies from eavesdropping? -
Today's world is filled with background noise, whether it be from a roaring river or a well-trafficked highway. Elevated noise levels from both human-made and natural sources may interfere with animals' listening ability and alter how they interact with other…

Worms with Three Sexes Thrive in Arsenic-Laced Lake in California -
Scientists found eight nematodes that can live in a lake deemed inhospitable for most animals.

Gas Molecule Identified on Interstellar Comet for 1st Time -
We are witnessing the birth of a new field of astronomy: The study of interstellar interlopers.

There Are Parasitic Wasps, and Then There’s the Crypt-Keeper - The New York Times
Popping out of the heads of its hosts seemed strange enough. Then scientists discovered something even stranger.

Distant gas giant challenges our understanding of planetary formation - Boing Boing
A giant exoplanet orbits a tiny star, upending scientists’ understanding of planetary formation. The newly-discovered world and its pathetic little sun were announced in the latest issue of S…

Cool NASA Concept Envisions a Shapeshifting Robot to Explore Saturn’s Moon Titan - Gizmodo
Why send one robot to explore a world when you can send a whole bunch all at once? Such is the thinking behind NASA’s highly conceptual Shapeshifter—a modular, morphing, self-assembling robot capable of deploying several smaller machines.

Contaminating Mars With Microbes Could Kickstart Colonization - Futurism
A controversial new paper argues that we should infect Mars — with Earthly microorganisms.

Can you spot India’s crashed Moon lander? Because NASA sure can’t - BGR
Earlier this month India was poised to make history. The Indian Space Research Organization eagerly awaited the day when its Chandrayaan-2 mission would send the Vikram lander and its rover compani…

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