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SpaceX set for record-breaking 2020 manifest -
SpaceX completed its final mission of the year on Dec. 16 with the successful launch…

NASA's Spitzer telescope spots stunning image of 'cosmic snowflakes' in space - Daily Mail
Most of the world may not have had a white Christmas, but 'cosmic snowflakes' glimmered as pink and red specks were spotted by NASA's Spitzer telescope in a 'Christmas Tree Cluster'.

Future Possibilities for Life on Mars Continue With New Discovery - IGN - IGN
Results from two new studies on Mars contain what experts are calling, "milestones for astrobiology."

‘Cotton Candy’ Planet Mysteries Unravel – Nothing Like Them Exists in Our Solar System - SciTechDaily
"Super-Puffs" may sound like a new breakfast cereal. But it's actually the nickname for a unique and rare class of young exoplanets that have the density of cotton candy. Nothing like them exists in our solar system. New data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescop…

China's Long March 5 rocket can fly -
The decade's final rocket launch puts China's moon and Mars missions back on track.

Morocco's Anti-Atlas Mountains look otherworldly in new NASA images - New York Post
NASA released a gorgeous image of the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco on Thursday that uses infrared bands to depict different rocks and show complex folding. The mountains formed as a result of th…

Evolution: A revelatory relationship -
A new study of the ecology of an enigmatic group of novel unicellular organisms by scientists from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich supports the idea hydrogen played an important role in the evolution of Eukaryota, the first nucleated cells.

Christina Koch, NASA astronaut, sets new record for longest single space flight by a woman – CBS News interview - CBS News
Christina Koch passes Peggy Whitson's 288-day mark on Saturday to set a new record for longest single space flight by a female astronaut.

Mineral never before seen in nature is discovered in a meteorite from 1951 - ZME Science
A rare form of an iron-carbide mineral was found by researchers

Calculating the time it will take spacecraft to find their way to other star systems -
A pair of researchers, one with the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, the other with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CIT, has found a way to estimate how long it will take already launched space vehicles to arrive at other star systems. The pair, Coryn Bai…

E-bike injuries found to result in more internal injuries than for scooters or regular bikes - Medical Xpress
A team of researchers from the NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital Center has found that people involved in e-bike accidents are more likely to have internal injuries than are those riding electric scooters or pedal-powered bicycles. In their paper p…

Mindfulness video game changes areas of the brain associated with attention - Medical Xpress
With an estimated 97 percent of adolescents playing video games in their free time, there is growing potential to design games as tools for attention-building instead of attention-busting.

Forces from Earth's spin may spark earthquakes and volcanic eruptions at Mount Etna -
New research suggests forces pulling on Earth's surface as the planet spins may trigger earthquakes and eruptions at volcanoes.

Waiting for Betelgeuse: what's up with the tempestuous star? - Phys.Org
Have you noticed that Orion the Hunter—one of the most iconic and familiar of the wintertime constellations—is looking a little… different as of late? The culprit is its upper shoulder star Alpha Orionis, aka Betelgeuse, which is looking markedly faint, the f…

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