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Where did Titan’s thick, nitrogen-rich atmosphere come from? - Digital Trends
There's a mystery about Titan, Saturn's largest moon, that has been puzzling astronomers - where did its thick, nitrogen-rich atmosphere come from? Titan is the only moon in our Solar System to have such a thick atmosphere. A new study posits it is generated …

Self-Assembling Nanomaterials Could Improve Solar Panels - Futurism
New nanomaterials are cranking things up to eleven.

Here's Why Auroras on Earth Are Different in the North and South -
Auroras paint the sky around the poles when the sun is particularly active, flinging highly charged particles at Earth's atmosphere — but to scientists' surprise, displays at the north and the south don't precisely match.

Triangulum Galaxy Reveals Stunning Stellar Symmetry in Amazing Hubble Telescope Views -
Time to change your desktop pictures. The Hubble Space Telescope just produced an amazing panorama image of the Triangulum Galaxy, one of the closest galactic neighbors to Earth.

SpaceX Falcon 9 booster spied on highway as triple-satellite launch moves right - Teslarati
A SpaceX Falcon 9 booster was spotted heading north from the company’s Hawthorne, California factory on January 22nd, signifying a likely shipment of the flight-proven rocket that will help launch Canada’s trio of Radarsat Constellation Mission satellites. De…

Birds Can See a 'Colour' Humans Can't. Now Scientists Have Revealed This Hidden World - ScienceAlert
Birds see a very different world to the one we're familiar with, and now we can get a hint of what that looks like thanks to a specially designed camera that simulates birdo-vision.

What's on TV? Fish, and lots of 'em - Duluth News Tribune
ON BLUE LAKE — Gary Rutherford loves to watch televisions in the dead of winter.So just about every morning in January and February, Rutherford fires up his big pickup truck, calls his yellow lab Ranger to join him and leaves his lakeside home in Pengilly to …

Latest image reveal Ultima Thule's surface features - SpaceFlight Insider
The most detailed image of Ultima Thule returned by New Horizons reveals surface details, including pits on both the object's lobes and contrasting patterns of darkness and light in various regions.

Tiny but tough: the tardigrades | Science - The Guardian
Heat, cold, vacuum… the microscopic creatures, found recently in a lake in Antarctica, show remarkable resilience to a wide range of normally lethal physical conditions

'Daft' story of loud whales gets 'tallest climate tale' award -
A story claiming global warming is causing blue whales to sing louder as they struggle to be heard over breaking sea ice has been named the “tallest climate tale of 2018.” The London-based Global Warming Policy Forum, which made the selection, said “there was…

Arctic Summers Now Hottest in 115,000 Years Says New Research - Sputnik International
New evidence has led researchers to detail that the Arctic is experiencing its hottest temperatures in 115,000 years, according to a new report.

Wake Up, Oppy! NASA Sends New Commands to Mars Opportunity Rover - Gizmodo
NASA’s beloved Mars rover Opportunity has been silent for months after getting swept up in an enormous dust storm on the Red Planet last summer, and NASA engineers have been pinging the rover to answer to no avail. Now, NASA says it will send new commands to …

New Simulations Provide Clues on How to Escape a Black Hole - SciTechDaily
New simulations provide insight about the driving mechanisms in the plasma jets that allow them to steal energy and propel themselves from black holes.

Planetary Collision That Created Moon Also Made Life on Earth Possible - Interesting Engineering
4.4 billion years ago, the planetoid that collided with the Earth to form the moon also left behind carbon, nitrogen, and other elements that made life on Earth possible.

Could Evolution Ever Bring Back the Dinosaurs? - Live Science
Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for hundreds of millions of years before they died in an asteroid blast 66 million years ago. So, could these gigantic reptiles ever re-evolve back to our modern world?

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