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An asteroid hit Earth in 2018, and now we know where it came from - Yahoo Entertainment
When a chunk of space rock makes it to the surface of Earth there's always a question as to where it originated. Scientists have gotten quite good at being...

Study suggests that silicon could be a photonics game-changer -
New research from the University of Surrey has shown that silicon could be one of the most powerful materials for photonic informational manipulation—opening up new possibilities for the production of lasers and displays.

Physicists Measure the Neutron Skin of an Atom: 'What Experimental Scientists Live For' - Gizmodo
For three months in 2019, physicists blasted a beam of electrons at lead atoms that were held in place by foil made of diamond.

Baby Mammoths Were Meals for These Saber-Tooth Cats - The New York Times
Fossils from a Texas site suggest that the predatory felines not only snatched mammoths from their herds, but dragged the remains back to their cave.

New 2D superconductor forms at higher temperatures than ever before -
New interfacial superconductor has novel properties that raise new fundamental questions and might be useful for quantum information processing or quantum sensing.

How Do the Most Massive Stars Explode? Bubbles With Titanium Trigger Titanic Explosions - SciTechDaily
Astronomers used Chandra to detect an important type of titanium in the supernova remnant Cas A. This titanium is predicted to form in bubbles that drive the explosion of a massive star after its fuel is depleted and it implodes. The detection of such titaniu…

The ‘pink’ supermoon over sights around the world, in photos - Washington Post
On Monday night, a full “pink” moon captivated sky watchers all over the world.

NASA Astronaut Paints a Picture of Success Growing Plants in Space - NASA
Astronauts on the International Space Station recently enjoyed a fresh supply of leafy greens, thanks in large part to the efforts of Expedition 64 crew member Michael Hopkins.

Mysterious heating of sun's corona powered by solar 'campfires,' study suggests -
One of the sun’s strangest behaviours might be caused by 'campfires' on the star’s surface.

Neutron stars may be bigger than expected, measurement of lead nucleus suggests - Science Magazine
Thick skin of neutrons on nucleus suggests nuclear matter is relatively stiff

'Miracle' cave in South Africa may be the earliest known human dwelling EVER found - Daily Mail
Experts examined the Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa's Kalahari Desert, dating its 'human' contents to 1.8 million years ago, including tools and signs of fire use.

Melting glaciers have been shifting the Earth's poles since 1995, new study suggests – Physics World -
Movement of water from land to the oceans is affecting our planet’s rotation

Scientists just solved a mystery about life on ancient Mars - Inverse
Scientists created a model of early Mars that shows a possible cloud greenhouse effect that would've warmed the planet and allowed for surface water.

Arctic sponges crawl around the seafloor and leave bizarre brown trails to prove it -
It is the first evidence that sponges can move in this way.

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