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Are we close to solving the puzzle of consciousness? - BBC News
Giulio Tononi’s "integrated information theory" might solve neuroscience’s biggest puzzle

NASA says it's committed to Boeing-built rocket after considering alternatives - CNN
In the face of more frustrating delays with the rocket Boeing is building for NASA, the space agency said it would consider using other rockets for an upcoming Moon mission.

'The rex of rexes': Paleontologists discover 'Scotty,' the world's largest T. rex fossil - USA TODAY
The massive predator, nicknamed “Scotty,” was about 42 feet long and likely weighed more than 9.7 tons, according to a new study.

23 Of The Most Important Pictures In The History Of Space Exploration - BuzzFeed News
“I would like to be remembered as someone who was not afraid to do what she wanted to do, and as someone who took risks along the way in order to achieve her goals.” —Sally Ride, American astronaut

NASA’s Curiosity rover spots a bed of Earth-like pebbles - BGR
Most of the views of Mars we’ve seen have come from NASA’s trusty rovers, and while they’ve shown us some pretty stunning stuff, you can almost always immediately tell that you…

Last-minute NASA decision to cancel all-female spacewalk spotlights spacesuit problem - NBC News
NASA's decision to cancel an all-female spacewalk drew snarky remarks on social media and cast a harsh spotlight on the space agency's shortage of spacesuits.

Two new planets discovered using artificial intelligence -
Astronomers at The University of Texas at Austin, in partnership with Google, have used artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover two more hidden planets in the Kepler space telescope archive. The technique shows promise for identifying many additional planets …

The Big Bang Signal –“That Could Kill the Theory” - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
“The question is whether one can test the entire [inflation] scenario, not just specific models,” said Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist and cosmologist at Harvard University. “If there is no guillotine that can kill off some theories, then what’s the point?” In a …

Volunteers spend 60 days in bed... for space science! - Boing Boing
Volunteers spend 60 days in bed... for space science!

A New List of Stars Shows Us Where to Look for Earth-Like Planets - Gizmodo
Astronomers have created a catalog of 1,822 nearby stars around which the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission might spot planets receiving Earth-like levels of starlight. This is a crucial step in humanity’s search for an Earth-like, potentia…

Why Does This 'Buff Monkey' Look Ridiculously Ripped? - Live Science
Bea, a white-faced saki monkey, seems as "buff" as a bodybuilder.

NARRATIVE FAIL: One Of Largest Glaciers On Earth That Shrank Is Growing Again - The Daily Wire
In a blow delivered to global warming purveyors, a new study discovered that a massive Greenland glacier that had been shrinking rapidly is expanding again.

Listening to the quantum vacuum - Science Daily
Since the historic finding of gravitational waves from two black holes colliding over a billion light years away was made in 2015, physicists are advancing knowledge about the limits on the precision of the measurements that will help improve the next generat…

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