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Hubble telescope helps find six 'dead' galaxies from the early universe - Engadget
The Hubble telescope and ALMA have found six 'dead' early galaxies that stopped forming stars unusually quickly..

SpaceX confirms an alarm went off during Inspiration4 mission - SlashGear
Not long ago, the Inspiration4 mission put civilian astronauts into orbit for the first time. They went into orbit aboard a special Crew Dragon capsule that ditched the docking hardware normally us…

Sounds of space: Jingle, pluck and hum - EarthSky
Hear the sounds of space. The videos in this post are what happens when scientists turn astronomical data into sound,

What were the largest predators in North America? -
North America's ancient predators make today's look small.

This Insane New Image of The Moon's Tycho Carter Is So Detailed It Barely Looks Real - ScienceAlert
A new telescope system has managed to capture the highest resolution image of the Moon ever taken from Earth using radar technology.

Spacecraft Could Make Their Own Landing Pads as They Descend onto the Lunar Surface - autoevolution
As part of the Artemis program, NASA is preparing to return astronauts to the Moon. However, before they get to put their boots on our natural satellite once again, the agency must make sure that the lander, together with the crew, can safely touchdown on the…

Oldest fossil footprints in North America are teaching us about early humans - CNET
The footprints were found in 2009, but a recent analysis of seeds trapped in them reveals their age.

Geomagnetic Storm Watch Now Upgraded to G2 Level Storm; Northern Lights Heading South - Weatherboy
The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) , a unit of the U.S. Department of Commerce under  NOAA,which sits alongside its terrestrial National Weather...

This One Tiny Animal Has Found a Way to Give Up Sex Completely, And Still Do Fine - ScienceAlert
Let's face it. Sex isn't always worth the effort. For many animals, the whole mating game is so inconvenient, going it alone and reproducing asexually is the best option.

NASA Releases Interactive Graphic Novel “First Woman” - NASA
NASA released its first digital, interactive graphic novel on Saturday in celebration of National Comic Book Day. “First Woman: NASA’s Promise for Humanity” imagines the story of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon.

Lucy's Principle Investigator discusses upcoming mission to Jupiter's Trojans - -
Of the varying types of celestial objects humans have sent spacecraft to investigate, there remains…

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