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Fireball seen in the sky across East Coast - WPVI-TV
An impressive light show was seen by hundreds up and down the East Coast.

Scientists' glimpse of a dying star shows how Earth will be destroyed - CNET
Astronomers get a rare look at the final phase of stellar life that will eventually come for our own sun.

Harvard Scientists Invented a New Bandage Inspired by Fetal Skin - Gizmodo
Here’s a nifty if still early-in-development bit of science. This week, scientists at Harvard and elsewhere said they’ve created a novel type of dressing that could rapidly heal all sorts of wounds. The gel-based, heat-activated design was inspired by the Wo…

A large asteroid just zipped between Earth and the Moon - Astronomy Magazine
Astronomers missed the asteroid until it was nearly on top of them, but the space rock has already passed harmlessly by.

Scientists used a black hole to test Einstein's theory of relativity. Here's the result. - NBC News
By studying the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, astronomers have shown that Einstein's theory of general relativity holds true.

Our Favorite Images From Chandra X-Ray Telescope's 20 Years in Space - Gizmodo
If the Hubble Space Telescope set the standard for what a jaw-dropping space picture should look like, then the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, launched 20 years ago this week, perfected it.

Giant dinosaur bone found in southwestern France - Yahoo News
The thigh bone of a giant dinosaur was found this week by French paleontologists at an excavation site in southwestern France where remains of some of the la...

A tree stump that should be dead is still alive; here's why -
Within a shrouded New Zealand forest, a tree stump keeps itself alive by holding onto the roots of its neighboring trees, exchanging water and resources through the grafted root system. New research, publishing July 25 in iScience, details how surrounding tre…

Teachers are treating schoolkids like dummies: study - New York Post
Experts agree that reading to children is one of the best things parents and teachers can do to boost learning, especially when they are quizzed on the story. However, researchers have discovered t…

Alaskan glaciers melting 100 times faster than previously thought - National Geographic
Putting an old technology to novel use, scientists looked at how tidewater glaciers melt underwater. Their results were startling.

Immune control of the microbiota prevents obesity - Science Magazine
Obesity is a complex disease that is influenced by a mixture of genetic, behavioral, and environmental variables, such as the ability to metabolize nutrients, how much food is eaten, and diet composition. Adding to the complexity are the diverse communities o…

Star nearing death offers a preview of our Sun's fate -
An international team of astronomers has witnessed a rare dynamic event foreshadowing the death of a red giant star for the first time – a discovery that reinforces predictions about our Sun's ultimate demise.

4 Mars Missions Are One Year Away from Launching to the Red Planet in July 2020 -
NASA's life-hunting 2020 rover is among the craft taking flight next year.

A Solar Sail in Space: See the Awesome Views from LightSail 2 -
The craft's square-shaped, aluminized Mylar sail shines in the sunlight.

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