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MIT Has Invented Slightly Eerie Lasers That Transmit Whispers Only You Can Hear - ScienceAlert
New technology being developed by the MIT's Lincoln Laboratory uses laser light to excite moisture in the air surrounding a target's ear, causing it to quietly whisper a personal message from several metres away.

Winds fail to revive NASA's Opportunity rover - Science Magazine
Decision to end mission could come in the next few weeks

Amazing image of New Horizons' 'space snowman' received from deep space - USA TODAY
Earthlings have received another fantastic shot of the "space snowman." It's the clearest view yet of this ancient object in the far reaches of the solar system.

'GO dough' makes graphene easy to shape and mold -
A Northwestern University team is reshaping the world of graphene—literally.

Amazing Moon Photography Captures the Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon - My Modern Met
“I really just wanted to make something fun and hopefully inspire people to go outside and look up!”

"Everything is Melting Everywhere" --Arctic Warming Exponentially Faster Than Rest of Planet - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
“The Arctic is currently warming two to three times faster than the rest of the globe, so naturally, glaciers and ice caps are going to react faster,” said Simon Pendleton, a doctoral researcher in University of Colorado Boulder’s Institute of Arctic and Alpi…

Quasars with a Double-Image Gravitational Lens Could Help Finally Figure out how Fast the Universe is Expanding - Universe Today
A team of astronomers is using double-quasars to measure the Universe's rate of expansion. Can they finally help end the debate?

The ongoing mystery of the ocean's towering rogue waves - Mashable
"There’s a rather heated debate on the physical mechanisms of how these things form."

Earth's oldest rock has been found after NASA picked it up on the MOON - Daily Mail
The moon rock was brought back to Earth for analysis but now 48 years on from the 1971 mission, experts have now claimed that the rock was a fragment from our planet.

Meet Tom Mueller: From Idaho logger to SpaceX co-founder who makes Elon Musk's rockets fly - CNBC
A high school teacher changed the course of SpaceX CTO Tom Mueller's life by asking: "Do you want to be the guy who fixes the plane or the guy who designs it?"

Scientists Melt a Mile-Deep Hole in Antarctica to Study Climate Change - EcoWatch
A group of scientists and engineers led by the British Antarctic Survey dug a 1.3-mile deep hole through the ice sheet in West Antarctica.

First Israeli Lunar Spacecraft Arrives in Florida -
The first privately-developed lunar spacecraft has arrived in Florida in preparation for its launch next month.

Orbital Sculpture Stays Flaccid Due to Government Shutdown - Gizmodo
An inflatable space sculpture launched to orbit in December remains unfurled, in one of the more unanticipated consequences of the ongoing government shutdown in the United States.

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