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Geomagnetic Storm Watch Now Upgraded to G2 Level Storm; Northern Lights Heading South - Weatherboy
The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) , a unit of the U.S. Department of Commerce under  NOAA,which sits alongside its terrestrial National Weather...

NASA's AR graphic novel is meant to recruit a new wave of astronauts - Engadget
NASA has released an augmented reality graphic novel that could help recruit more astronauts...

This One Tiny Animal Has Found a Way to Give Up Sex Completely, And Still Do Fine - ScienceAlert
Let's face it. Sex isn't always worth the effort. For many animals, the whole mating game is so inconvenient, going it alone and reproducing asexually is the best option.

Mars images show Perseverance rover at work - Fox News
New images from NASA show the Perseverance Mars rover hard at work as it searches the Red Planet for signs of ancient microbial life.

An alarm went off on SpaceX's all-tourist space flight. The problem was the toilet - CNN
As Jared Isaacman and his three fellow crewmates were freeflying through Earth's orbit, shielded from the unforgiving vacuum of space by nothing but a 13-foot-wide carbon-fiber capsule, an alarm started blaring.

What the fossilized footprints found last week say about early humans in North America - OregonLive
The findings may shed light on a mystery that has long intrigued scientists: When did people first arrive in the Americas, after dispersing from Africa and Asia?

In a First, Scientists Track 1 Million Neurons Near-Simultaneously in a Mouse Brain - ScienceAlert
Researchers have managed to keep tabs on 1 million different neurons in the brains of mice at one time – taking scientists an impressive step closer towards one day being able to track the very-complex activity of human brains.

Researchers develop new method for detecting superfluid motion -
Researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology are part of a new study that could help unlock the potential of superfluids—essentially frictionless special substances capable of unstopped motion once initiated. A team of scientists led by Mishkat Bhattachar…

Meteor destroyed ancient city, likely inspired Bible tale of Sodom, study finds - The Times of Israel
Fire, brimstone and rain of salt that left barren earth: Scientists describe 'civilization-ending catastrophe' that wiped out Tall el-Hammam near Dead Sea some 3,600 years ago

NASA TV to Air US Cargo Ship Departure from Space Station - NASA
A SpaceX Dragon cargo resupply spacecraft filled with more than 4,600 pounds of supplies and valuable scientific experiments bound for NASA’s Space Station Processing Facility is set to leave the International Space Station Thursday, Sept. 30.

HGH receptor gene may have helped early humans survive periods of scarcity - UPI News
UPI delivers the latest headlines from around the world: Top News, Entertainment, Health, Business, Science and Sports News - United Press International

Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued for Earth for Sunday - Weatherboy
The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) , a unit of the U.S. Department of Commerce under  NOAA,which sits alongside its terrestrial National Weather...

Report: Family members of Inspiration4 commander develop COVID-19 after Space Coast visit - Florida Today
Jared Isaacman's wife, two children and in-laws develop COVID-19 after coming to Brevard County for his historic space mission.

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