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NASA meteor: A 'hypersonic' fireball just hit Australia with the power of a NUCLEAR bomb -
NASA has confirmed a rogue meteorite has near-missed the coast of Australia, striking the Great Australian Bight with the force of a nuclear bomb.

Fly through the Orion Nebula thanks to this amazing video from Hubble - Fox News
A stunning video from NASA lets you experience what it would be like to fly inside the Orion Nebula that's 1,344 light years away from Earth.

Researchers can now use AI and a photo to make fake videos of anyone - CNN
Researchers have come up with a method for creating realistic-looking — but fake — videos of anyone by using just a single image of them with a trained artificial intelligence system. It's a potentially worrisome capability in the runup to the 2020 United Sta…

SpaceX raises over $1 billion through two funding rounds - SpaceNews
The filings show SpaceX sold all but $18.8 million of the shares available between the two rounds. The company raised $1.022 billion in total.

Researchers Find 'Oldest Collection of Non-Fossil Meteorites' in Chile's Atacama Desert | Geology, Space Exploration -
An international team of scientists has found a wealth of well-preserved stony meteorites in the Atacama Desert that allowed them to reconstruct the rate of falling meteorites over the past two million years.

SpaceX launches 60 Starlink internet satellites from Cape Canaveral - WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando
After winds and a software update caused two launch attempts to scrub last week, SpaceX launched 60 internet satellites into low-Earth orbit Thursday night.

Mars' layered ice caps reveal its climate history - Astronomy Magazine
Mars, now dry and dusty, still holds water ice at its poles, and evidence strongly suggests it was once a planet where water flowed freely across the surface.

Astronomers Find Exotic Ices on Neptune's Moon Triton | Astronomy -
Astronomers using the 8-m Gemini South Telescope in Chile have recorded the unique signature of a combination of exotic ices on Neptune’s largest moon Triton.

Sirangelo leaves NASA after exploration reorganization scrapped - SpaceNews
A former space industry executive who joined NASA to guide its revamped lunar exploration strategy has left the agency after just a month and a half.

Scientists Claim to Have Discovered Entirely New Form of Computing - Tom's Guide
The new technology uses soft polymer cubes and visible light instead of silicon.

A new wood could drop a building’s temperature and reduce cooling costs - Tech Explorist
A new high-tech wood could help us stay cool and also reduce carbon emissions by cutting energy used on air conditioning.

Scientists discover signalling circuit boards inside body's cells -
Cells in the body are wired like computer chips to direct signals that instruct how they function, research suggests.

One year in, nonstop Indy-Paris route flying high - Indianapolis Business Journal
Indianapolis International Airport officials say they’re encouraged by strong passenger bookings during the first year of Delta Air Lines Inc.’s nonstop service to Paris.

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