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Astrophysicists May Have Found a Rare Species of Black Hole in the Andromeda Galaxy - Gizmodo
The researchers suspect a globular cluster contains an elusive intermediate-mass black hole.

NASA's Artemis 1 lunar mission finishes countdown test -
The agency hopes to send the uncrewed mission around the moon later this year, in preparation for future astronaut missions.

Virtual Telescope Project captures a view of the James Webb Space Telescope at its final destination -
It's orbiting in the bowl of the Big Dipper, from the perspective of Earth.

Japanese Company Joins March Back to the Moon in 2022 - The New York Times
Before the end of the year, ispace aims to place a lander with two small rovers on the lunar surface. It may find other visitors have also made the trip this year.

'X particle' from the dawn of time detected inside the Large Hadron Collider -
The particle was found by smashing billions of lead atoms into each other at extreme speeds.

Physicist solves century old problem of radiation reaction -
A Lancaster physicist has proposed a radical solution to the question of how a charged particle, such as an electron, responded to its own electromagnetic field.

Confirming liquid water beneath Martian south polar cap -
A Southwest Research Institute scientist measured the properties of ice-brine mixtures as cold as -145 degrees Fahrenheit to help confirm that salty water likely exists between grains of ice or sediment under the ice cap at Mars' south pole. Laboratory measur…

How Life in the 'Deep Biosphere' Thrives Despite Temperatures That Would Fry Humans - Gizmodo
Microorganisms were found nearly 4,000 feet below the seafloor, at temperatures close to the presumed upper limit for life.

Studying the big bang with artificial intelligence -
It could hardly be more complicated: tiny particles whir around wildly with extremely high energy, countless interactions occur in the tangled mess of quantum particles, and this results in a state of matter known as "quark-gluon plasma". Immediately after th…

To my surprise and elation, the Webb Space Telescope is really going to work - Ars Technica
At times, it remains difficult to believe this is really happening.

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