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NASA just showed us what a future moon lander might look like - CNET
NASA is working out ways to transport larger payloads to the moon.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Isn’t Dead Yet - The New York Times
Pieces of the gas giant’s greatest storm had seemed to be slipping away, but scientists say the underlying vortex is unchanged.

Physicists may have discovered a new, fifth force of nature - Business Insider
Everything in our Universe is held together or pushed apart by four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and two nuclear interactions. Physicists now think they've spotted the actions of a fifth physical force emerging from a helium atom.

Astronomers Spot First Galaxy With Three Supermassive Black Holes - Futurism
And it could explain the existence of other massive galaxies.

The biggest scientific discoveries of 2019, in photos - Business Insider
This year, scientists rendered the first-ever image of a black hole, glimpsed a giant squid, and identified a possibly habitable exoplanet.

These steamy hyperacid ponds are the most hostile places on Earth - BGR
Earth is a very special place. Over billions of years, life has evolved to take on many different forms on our planet, withstanding some of the harshest conditions imaginable. But despite the abili…

$700 Quintillion Metal Asteroid Is Likely Former Planet Core - Nerdist
16 Psyche, an asteroid made up of 95% metals, is estimated to be worth $700 quintillion, and may even be the former core of a protoplanet.

Let's Pump The Brakes On the So-Called 'No-Brainer Nobel Prize' - Gizmodo
Researchers in Hungary have published the exciting new claim that they’ve discovered a new subatomic particle, but it’s nowhere near time to start talking about Nobel Prizes as CNN (and now everyone who syndicates them) has done.

Amazing footage of NASA's 'Super Guppy' aircraft delivering the space agency's Orion spacecraft - Daily Mail
The Orion crew and service module was being moved to NASA's Plum Brook Station in Ohio where it will undergo environmental testing ahead of a spaceflight in 2020.

NASA Moon landing: How Neil Armstrong was NOT the first Man on the Moon to do THIS -
NASA’S Neil Armstrong may have been the first man to walk on the Moon but Apollo 12’s Charles “Pete” Conrad has a major “first” claim under his belt as well, an Apollo expert has told

Carbon soccer ball with extra proton probably most abundant form in space -
It is one of the most common forms of carbon in space: C60, a soccer ball-shaped carbon molecule, but one that has an extra proton attached to it. This is the conclusion of research carried out at Radboud University, which has succeeded for the very first tim…

Planets around a black hole? Calculations show possibility of bizarre worlds - Phys.Org
Theoreticians in two fields defied the received wisdom that planets only orbit stars like the sun. They proposed the possibility of thousands of planets around a supermassive black hole.

Ultrafast quantum simulations: A new twist to an old approach -
Billions of tiny interactions occur between thousands of particles in every piece of matter in the blink of an eye. Simulating these interactions in their full dynamics was said to be elusive but has now been made possible by new work of researchers from Oxfo…

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