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New Research Is Rewriting The Very Timeline of How Earth Was Born - ScienceAlert
In the very early days of the Solar System, baby Earth may have taken a much shorter time to form than we previously thought.

Family of Oddball Meteorites Stumped Researchers for Decades – Now an Answer to the Puzzling Chimera - SciTechDaily
Study suggests the rare objects likely came from an early planetesimal with a magnetic core. Most meteorites that have landed on Earth are fragments of planetesimals, the very earliest protoplanetary bodies in the solar system. Scientists have thought that th…

The largest-ever map of the universe bends the mind - Mashable
"As we look out in distance, we look back in time."

How to watch live as NASA launches its Mars Perseverance rover this week - CNET
The epic journey to the red planet begins with a launch from Florida on July 30.

“Phobos” –Mars Extremely Strange ‘Science-Fiction’ Moon May Hold Clues to Ancient Life - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
A mysterious origin and Arthur C. Clarke-level science-fiction speculation about the 17-mile-wide, deeply-grooved moon as an alien artifact captured in the ancient past by Mars gravitational field, may explain Russia’s almost mystical obsession with Phobos. F…

SpaceX Satellites Ruin Photographer's Shots of Comet NEOWISE - PetaPixel
As NASA recently warned, the light pollution caused by the boom in satellites is indeed "wreaking havoc" on astrophotography. Photographer Daniel López

Fungus found in Ukrainian nuclear plant can EAT radiation - Daily Mail
A layer of the fungus around 21 centimetres thick could 'largely negate the annual dose-equivalent of the radiation environment on the surface of Mars', researchers found.

How SpaceX, social media and the 'worm' helped NASA become cool again - CNBC
The future of NASA and American space explorationwas recently up in the air. Now, the space agency and its brand are as hot as ever. How did NASA become cool again?

NASA ASTHROS: Stratospheric Balloon the Size of a Football Stadium Will Carry a Cutting-Edge Telescope - SciTechDaily
Carried by a balloon the size of a football stadium, ASTHROS will use a cutting-edge telescope to observe wavelengths of light that aren't visible from the ground. Work has begun on an ambitious new mission that will carry a cutting-edge 8.4-foot (2.5-meter) …

Lego for bones? Scientists develop method for repairing fractures using 3D-printed bricks inspired by popular toy - RT
Small Lego-like hollow blocks can be used to heal broken bones more effectively than current methods, new research has revealed. The novel technology could even help build organs for transplant in the future, scientists believe.

Breathtaking Image Reveals The Colossal Magnetic Field of a Distant Spiral Galaxy - ScienceAlert
Spiral galaxies look nice and tidy, with most of their stars and gas confined to a disc neatly arranged in swirling spiral arms. But there's a lot more to a galaxy than what we can see, as a new image of invisible phenomena adroitly demonstrates.

Apollo 11 scientist shows off secret Moon landing photos: ‘That’s why Neil ran back’ - Daily Express
MOON LANDING scientist Farouk El-Baz revealed to the 'important' secondary mission he gave Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to complete during their time on the lunar surface.

Check out these stunning photos from the 2020 Astronomy Photographer of the Year award - Pocket-lint
These jaw-dropping images of outer space and our night sky will blow you away, we promise.

A methane leak in Antarctica provides new insight into how methane-eating microbes evolve - Salon
These ocean-dwelling methane-hungry microbes are one of Earth's great hopes for mitigating global warming

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