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Researchers Demonstrate Chip-to-Chip Quantum Teleportation | Physics -
A research team led by University of Bristol scientists has successfully demonstrated quantum teleportation of information between two programmable micrometer-scale silicon chips.

Cortical pattern generation during dexterous movement is input-driven -
The complex patterns of activity in motor cortex that control movements such as reach and grasp are dependent on both upstream neuronal activity in the thalamus and the current state of the cortex.

Season's Greetings from NASA - NASA
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Scientists Have Officially Found a Mineral Never Before Seen in Nature - ScienceAlert
It was found along the side of a road in a remote Australian gold rush town. In the old days, Wedderburn was a hotspot for prospectors – it occasionally still is – but nobody there had ever seen a nugget quite like this one.

New engine tech that could get us to Mars faster - BBC News
Nasa wants to send humans to Mars one day, but do we have the engines to get us there?

World's tallest geyser breaks eruption record, stunning Yellowstone visitors, scientists - msnNOW
Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone National Park blew past its yearly eruption record in 2019, shooting up water 47 times, indicating an active period.

SpaceX ends year with another perfect parachute test for Crew Dragon - Digital Trends
SpaceX's Crew Dragon parachutes are looking good after the capsule completed yet another successful test landing ahead of crewed flights that could take place in 2020. It was the 10th consecutive test of the new Mark 3 parachutes to go without a hitch, allowi…

Brain-like functions emerging in a metallic nanowire network - EurekAlert
An international joint research team led by NIMS succeeded in fabricating a neuromorphic network composed of numerous metallic nanowires. Using this network, the team was able to generate electrical characteristics similar to those associated with higher orde…

A beginner’s guide to beating the winter blues and heeding the mountain’s call - Deseret News
SALT LAKE CITY — For a lot of people, winter is not the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe there’s just a little less pep in your step, or you feel downright depressed during the long, cold...

Researchers in China Transformed Mouse Granulosa Cells Into Egg Cells and Produced Healthy Offspring - SciTechDaily
By introducing a chemical cocktail to granulosa cells, researchers in China induced the cells to transform into functional oocytes in mice. Once fertilized, these oocytes were then successfully able to produce healthy offspring, showing no differences from na…

Lasers Using Neural Networks Accurately Spot Space Junk in Earth’s Orbit - SciTechDaily
Scientists applied a set of algorithms to laser-ranging telescopes and succeeded in increasing accurate detection of the space litter in Earth's orbit threatening spacecraft safety. Chinese researchers have improved the accuracy in detecting space junk in ear…

New dark energy theory claims it may not even exist - SlashGear
Dark energy, science’s murky potential explanation for why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate, may not even exist (for the most part), a new theory claims. Researchers with Imma…

Stunning panorama of Mars reveals the final resting place of NASA's Opportunity rover - Daily Mail
The panorama is a series of 354 individual pictures snapped by NASA's Opportunity rover over a 29-day period before it shutdown completely and declared 'dead' by the American space agency.

Scientists have determined this is the coolest Lego in the world - New York Post
One chill AF figurine became the world’s first Lego cryonaut.

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