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NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars sets new speed record in third flight - CNET
The Perseverance rover's sidekick is starting to show off.

SpaceX craft had close call with UFO after launching into orbit - New York Post
SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavor spacecraft had a close call with an unidentified object before reaching the ISS. US Space Command warned the crew of a possible collision after launching into or…

NASA: Earth currently under Geomagnetic Storm Watch - WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
Planet Earth is under a Geomagnetic Storm Watch on Sunday and, luckily, that isn’t as scary as it sounds.

OneWeb Flight 6 ready for launch aboard Soyuz-2.1b from Vostochny - -
Arianespace is launching its second mission of the year on Sunday 25 April at 22:14…

Earth's Axis Has Been Shifted by Climate Change, Study Says - Newsweek
Scientists behind the study said that melting glaciers have contributed to the shift observed in the 1990s.

Explained: Why Russia wants to leave the International Space Station - The Indian Express
Russia now plans to build and manage its own space station, which it aims to launch into orbit by 2030. According to an Interfax report, its space module is being assembled by the Energia corporation, and is set to cost at least $5 billion.

This Day In History: Hubble Space Telescope Goes Into Orbit - Jalopnik
On April 25, 1990, NASA placed the Hubble Space Telescope into low orbit around Earth. It wasn’t the first telescope placed into orbit, but it’s been one of the longest-lasting and most versatile, providing gorgeous images of space that have furthered our und…

Giant rat species 'twice the size of squirrel' discovered in the Philippines - CityAM - City A.M.
Scientists have discovered three new species of giant cloud rats that were twice the size of a grey squirrel. Remains

New Milky Way map reveals a wave of stars in our galaxy's outer reaches - CNN
A new map reveals the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy, including a wave of stars disturbed by a small galaxy on a collision course with our own.

Official: China's moon probe will carry French, Russian gear - Yahoo News
China will launch its next robot lunar lander in 2024, and it will carry equipment from France, Sweden, Russia and Italy, the official news agency reported...

Octo-Tiger: Breakthrough Astrophysics Code Rapidly Models Stellar Collisions - SciTechDaily
“Octo-Tiger,” a breakthrough astrophysics code, simulates the evolution of self-gravitating and rotating systems of arbitrary geometry using adaptive mesh refinement and a new method to parallelize the code to achieve superior speeds. This new code to model s…

Sex in Space: Why Do Astronauts Keep It on Hush-Hush and Will It Become New Normal? - Sputnik International
Sex in space may sound romantic but it's not as easy as it may seem: there are lots of factors which can reduce one's drive, starting with astronauts' fairly busy work...

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Delivers 1st Complete View of Venus’ Orbital Dust Ring - SciTechDaily
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission has given scientists the first complete look at Venus’ orbital dust ring, a collection of microscopic dust particles that circulates around the Sun along Venus’ orbit. Though earlier missions have made some observations of Ve…

China invokes mythic god of war and fire for its Mars rover name - New York Post
China looked to the heavens when it named its first Mars rover — calling it Zhurong, after a mythical god of fire and war. It’s in keeping with China’s ambitious plans for the Red…

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