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After Thursday test firing, SpaceX may be a month from commercial crew launch - Ars Technica
The rocket can roar. Now, how about that Dragon spacecraft?

Scientists Try to Recreate Freakishly Tall 'Rogue' Waves in the Lab - Gizmodo
On New Year’s Day, 1995, an instrument off the coast of Norway measured a rogue wave 84 feet high. Now, scientists are recreating these waves—albeit in miniature—in the lab.

This galaxy is no match for a hungry cluster -
A new study led by Yale University astronomers tells the story of a galaxy that ran out of gas.

New Hubble view is 'deepest image of the universe from space' - CNET
The space telescope run by NASA and ESA once again delivers a wondrous look at the cosmos.

A "new" periodic table shows Earth’s rapidly diminishing elements -
A new chart shows elements sorted by quantities left on earth rather than weight.

Lasers can beam audible messages directly to people's ears - Boing Boing
Lasers can beam audible messages directly to people's ears

Indianapolis weather: Temperatures could be 'dangerously cold' next week - Indianapolis Star
Single-digit high temperatures are expected to hit starting Wednesday next week.

How to escape a black hole: Simulations provide new clues about powerful plasma jets -
Black holes are known for their voracious appetites, binging on matter with such ferocity that not even light can escape once it's swallowed up.

Complete Axolotl Genome Could Reveal the Secret of Regenerating Tissues - Smithsonian
The aquatic salamander's genome is one of the most complex sets of genetic instructions in the world

A Cosmic Gem: Dying Star Shines in Stunning Telescope Views -
A planetary nebula — the remains of a giant star that has tossed away its outer layers — glows in this stunning new image released by the European Southern Observatory.

Scientists Drill 2-Kilometer Hole Into West Antarctic Ice Sheet In A World First - IFLScience
Scientists working for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have succeeded in drilling a 2-kilometer (1.2 miles) hole in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, cuttin

Saturn's rings help astronomers finally calculate the length of a day - National Geographic
The gas giant was long the only planet in the solar system missing this vital piece of information.

Moon-Forming Smashup May Have Paved the Way for Life on Earth -
The long-ago giant impact that led to the formation of Earth's moon also helped make life as we know it possible on our planet, a new study suggests.

"Moons of Moons" --Could Serve as an Outpost for a Technological Civilization - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
“An artificial submoon may be stable and thereby serve as a time capsule or outpost for a technological civilization. On a stable orbit around the Moon–such as the one for NASA’s proposed Lunar Gateway–a submoon would keep humanity’s treasures safe for poster…

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