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A methane leak in Antarctica provides new insight into how methane-eating microbes evolve - Salon
These ocean-dwelling methane-hungry microbes are one of Earth's great hopes for mitigating global warming

SpaceX satellites keep wrecking images of comet NEOWISE -
This is a new problem for photographers looking toward space.

Man proposes below comet that only appears every 6,800 years - Daily Mail
Space lover John Nicotera and his now-fiancee Erica Pendrak had been dating for two years before he decided to pop the question.

Best telescopes and binoculars for stargazing in 2020 - NBC News
Meteor showers 2020: Buy the best telescopes and binoculars to watch the next meteor shower including Perseid. Brands include Celestron and Coleman and Galileo.

UFO sighting: 'Glowing object' over West Sussex stuns UFO hunter - 'This is more proof' - Daily Express
A UFO spotted over West Sussex has been branded by a UFO hunter 'more proof' aliens are visiting Earth.

Scientists reveal first-ever photo of a solar system like ours - CBS News
The incredibly rare family portrait highlights two baby exoplanets orbiting a very young, sun-like star.

Mission Extension Vehicles Validate New Satellite Lifeline in Orbit -
Until February 2020, when a satellite on orbit ran out of propellant, that was the…

Little ancient Egyptian mummies hold surprises inside … and they aren't human -
CT scans revealed unexpected findings inside these ancient Egyptian mummies.

COVID-19 lockdown has brought Earth’s vibrations to a halt: study - New York Post
The lack of noise pollution makes it easier to track and predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Expedition 63 Inflight interview with Yahoo Finance KPRC TV - July 24, 2020 - NASA Video
SPACE STATION CREW DISCUSSES LIFE IN SPACE WITH THE MEDIA Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 63 Commander Chris Cassidy of NASA and NASA Flig...

New study identifies 21 existing drugs that could treat COVID-19 - Medical Xpress
A Nature study authored by a global team of scientists and led by Sumit Chanda, Ph.D., professor at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, has identified 21 existing drugs that stop the replication of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

UFO sighting: 'Alien cube ship' TEN TIMES bigger than Earth captured by NASA - Daily Express
UFO hunters have shared NASA photos they believe show an enormous cubed alien craft exiting from the Sun.

Paper describing hummingbird-sized dinosaur retracted -
The journal Nature has issued a retraction for a paper it published March 11th called "Hummingbird-sized dinosaur from the Cretaceous period of Myanmar." The editorial staff was alerted to a possible misclassification of the fossil embedded in amber, and afte…

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