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Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, has died -
The physicist unified two of the four fundamental forces.

Solar Dynamics Observatory: Artificial Intelligence Helps Improve NASA’s Eyes on the Sun - SciTechDaily
A group of researchers is using artificial intelligence techniques to calibrate some of NASA’s images of the Sun, helping improve the data that scientists use for solar research. The new technique was published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics on April…

Falcon Heavy to launch Europa Clipper - SpaceNews
NASA has selected SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy to launch its Europa Clipper mission, a choice that appeared likely once NASA was no longer required to use the SLS.

Secrets of Mars' core revealed for the first time - CNN
This week, robotic explorers reveal the mysteries of Mars, cockatoos find their meals from an intriguing place, wildfire is causing its own weather out West, and we bid the last of this butterfly goodbye.

Indian scientists make breakthrough discovery of material that repairs itself - Deccan Herald
Scientists have developed piezoelectric molecular crystals that repair their own mechanical damage without the need for any external intervention, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) said on Saturday. Piezoelectric crystals are a class of materials…

Skywatcher spots Russia's Nauka science module headed to space station (photo) -
Martin Lewis took the image using his home-built telescope from his home near London.

Twin meteor showers could spark fireballs to close out July - msnNOW
The last week of July will feature an astronomical double-header that will serve as an appetizer for one of the biggest night sky events of 2021. Two meteor showers are set to peak on the night of July 28 and into the early morning of July 29, culminating in …

Paleontologists uncover dinosaur, shark fossils on Iron Range, left behind by ancient ocean, surfaced by mining - Duluth News Tribune
Researchers have spent the last eight years combing through waste rock at Hill Annex Mine State Park in Calumet.

Image: Hubble views a faraway galaxy through a cosmic lens -
The center of this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope is framed by the tell-tale arcs that result from strong gravitational lensing, a striking astronomical phenomenon which can warp, magnify, or even duplicate the appearance of distant galaxies.

Asteroid 3 times the size of Taj Mahal to fly past Earth on Saturday -
An asteroid about the size of a stadium — or three times the size of the Taj Mahal — is set to speed past Earth on Saturday.

The Moon has Been Mildly Preventing Coastal Erosion, in the 2030s, That Protection Ends - Universe Today
According to a new study, the Moon will be entering an orbital phase by the mid-2030s, which will drastically affect sea level rises.

What is a superconductor? -
In a superconductor, an electric current can exist forever.

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