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Interstellar: Second-ever interstellar object discovered in our solar system confirmed and named - CBS News
An unexpected visitor has entered our cosmic neighborhood and it's only the second discovery of its kind

NASA is finally planning to launch a space telescope to detect deadly asteroids before they hit Earth. Here's how it could work. - Business Insider
The asteroid-hunting telescope is "a breakthrough decades in the making," one researcher said. It could protect Earth from a constant threat.

‘Chicagohenge’ 2019: Photos captured this week are stunning - Chicago Sun-Times
Images captured by Chicagoans show the sun shining directly through the Loop’s grid.

Enormous 30-foot crocodile terrorized dinosaurs 210M years ago - Fox News
Carnivorous dinosaurs are widely considered history's greatest predators, but a new study suggests that herbivores lived in fear of a 30-foot crocodile-like creature 210 million years ago.

HTV-8 launches on H-IIB to the ISS -
Japan’s Kounotori H-II Transfer Vehicle’s eighth journey to the International Space Station aboard an H-IIB…

Volcanic ash dusts Houston skyline with purple haze - Chron
Volcanic ash dusts Houston skyline with purple haze

Microplastics may affect how Arctic sea ice forms and melts - UM Today
Plastic pollution in the oceans has become an important societal problem, as plastics are the most common and persistent pollutants in oceans and beaches worldwide. In the common imagination, plastic

Spacecraft's descent on the far side of the moon revealed - Cosmos
Chinese scientists have ingeniously worked out where Chang’e-4 landed. Richard A Lovett reports.

66 million-year-old sea monster had unfair advantage: It 'swam unlike anything else' - Fox News
Mosasaurs may have been one of the most terrifying reptiles to live during the age of dinosaurs, given its enormous size and jaws. But a new study suggests the massive sea monster may have had another advantage — its unique ability to swim.

Process for making ductile glass discovered -
If you've ever dropped your smartphone on a concrete floor, you know that dreaded feeling as you turn it over to see how badly the screen has cracked—but that stress may soon be a thing of the past. Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discove…

Gigantic Chinese telescope opens to astronomers worldwide -
FAST has superior sensitivity to detect cosmic phenomena, including fast radio bursts and pulsars.

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