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Max Q: NASA signs up new Moon delivery companies - TechCrunch
Sign up here to receive Max Q weekly in your inbox, starting December 15. There were lot of highlights in the space industry this past week (even though a rocket launch that was supposed to happened is now pushed to Monday). The biggest news for commercial sp…

Not all changeups are created equal; seam shifted wake baffles hitters -
While changing the rotation rate/axis of a thrown baseball has long been a weapon in a pitcher's arsenal, some pitchers, like Washington Nationals star Stephen Strasburg, manipulate the baseball's wake to create unexpected movement from a familiar delivery (h…

Astronomers find cosmic anomaly: Three supermassive black holes in one galaxy - Digital Trends
A typical but terrifying feature of almost every galaxy is a monster at its center: A supermassive black hole hundreds of even billions of times the mass of our Sun. Now, researchers have spotted something utterly unprecedented: A galaxy with not one but thre…

This new NASA app lets you see what it would be like aboard a manned mission on the SpaceX Crew Dragon - Business Insider UK
The app offers a thorough, interactive, and realistic overview of how a manned launch aboard the SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule would work.

NASA mystery: Unexplained soundwaves captured by ISS sparks super-velocity UFO claims -
A BIZARRE image captured by NASA’s cameras International Space Station has sparked a frenzy of speculation, after it resembled mysterious soundwaves, as if produced by a spacecraft.

Plant-Based Diet Linked to Improved Cognitive Health - One Green Planet
A new study has found that a plant-based diet plays a role in preventing cognitive decline.

Are Saturn’s Rings Really as Young as the Dinosaurs? - WIRED
A debate is raging over the age of the rings. Resolving it could produce the best clue yet to the rings' mysterious origin.

Incredible Parallels of Apollo 12 and Mars 2020 Missions - SciTechDaily
Fifty years ago today, during their second moonwalk, Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr. and Alan Bean became the first humans to reach out and touch a spacecraft that had previously landed on another celestial body. NASA's 1969 Apollo 12 Moon mission and the upcoming …

Scientists discover place on earth where microbial life is absent - International Business Times, Singapore Edition
The research report strongly suggests that the mere presence of liquid water cannot be considered a habitability criteria

Gigantic, 500ft asteroid to fly past Earth on Monday & come BACK in 7 years - RT
Traveling more than 60 times faster than a Boeing jet, a huge asteroid is on course to skirt by Earth only to return seven years later.

Using Bacteria to Build a Base on Mars - Universe Today
A researcher, whose work is supported by the ESA and NASA, has developed an idea for using bacteria to help build a base on Mars

Will SpaceX’s Starlink Mega-Constellation ‘Ruin’ Astronomy’s Biggest Ever Eye On The Sky? - Forbes
With a 3.2-gigapixel CCD imaging camera—the largest digital camera ever constructed—the US$466 million LSST in Chile will try to survey the entire night sky ... if it can.

The US once proposed nuking the moon, and other surprising facts about Earth’s celestial satellite - WITI FOX 6 Milwaukee
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Since the moon is Earth's closest celestial neighbor, we've been able to learn more about it than any other in the solar system. There are surprising details about the moon, such as how in 1958, the U.S. proposed exploding a nuclear bomb o…

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