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Crew reaches space station on board recycled SpaceX capsule - Al Jazeera English
Four astronauts from US, France and Japan become first sent into orbit by a rocket booster used in previous spaceflight.

Climate Change Has Shifted the Axis of the Earth - SciTechDaily
Loss of water on land through ice melting and human-caused factors is changing the movement of the North and South poles. Glacial melting due to global warming is likely the cause of a shift in the movement of the poles that occurred in the 1990s. The locatio…

As The Hubble Telescope Turns 40, See The Magical Photos It Has Brought Back From Space - BuzzFeed News
The Hubble Telescope has helped us understand the universe, black holes, and supernovas, as well as bringing us "local" knowledge of the solar system and the Milky Way.

The Brutal Isolation of Space Can't Be Matched on Earth. But One Place Comes Close - ScienceAlert
Space and humans are not a perfect mix. Scientists are continually discovering new kinds of health risks associated with space, related to how factors like microgravity and cosmic radiation affect our bones and organs, and more besides.

Mars first flight unlocked and 5 other top space and science stories this week - CNN
Welcome to Wonder Theory, your weekly space and science digest. This week, two robots made history on Mars, scientists are trying to track down moon trees, monkeys were discovered forming bonds after survivng a hurricane, and more.

China eyes asteroid defence system, comet mission - Reuters
China will hold discussions on building a defence system against near-Earth asteroids, a senior space agency official said on Saturday, as the country steps up its longer term space ambitions.

Catch April's Super Pink Moon in the Bay Area on Monday night - SFGate
April's full moon will be considered a super moon with Earth's natural satellite...

A breakthrough astrophysics code rapidly models stellar collisions -
A breakthrough astrophysics code, named Octo-Tiger, simulates the evolution of self-gravitating and rotating systems of arbitrary geometry using adaptive mesh refinement and a new method to parallelize the code to achieve superior speeds.

A more efficient, safer alternative to sourcing copper via bacteria -
Copper remains one of the single most ubiquitous metals in everyday life. As a conductor of heat and electricity, it is utilized in wires, roofing and plumbing, as well as a catalyst for petrochemical plants, solar and electrical conductors and for a wide ran…

A Recent Megaflare Shows that Proxima Centauri is not a Nice Place to Live - Universe Today
A new international research effort observed a massive solar flare from Proxima Centauri, which indicates (yet again) that its not a habitable system.

Scientists say T. Rex walked as slowly as humans - Salon
The fearsome predator doesn't live up to its car-chasing reputation in "Jurassic Park"

We Are Prepping for Ingenuity's Third Flight Test - NASA Planetary Science
Yesterday I got to write the entry for the second successful experimental flight test from "Wright Brothers Field" in the project’s official logbook, which is called "The Nominal Pilot’s Logbook for Planets and Moons."

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