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Strange wasp nests glow neon green under UV light -
While trekking through the tropical forests of northern Vietnam, scientists unexpectedly discovered wasp nests that glow fluorescent green under ultraviolet light.

New technology lays groundwork for large-scale, high-resolution 3D displays -
Researchers have developed a prototype display that uses projection to create large-scale 3D images with ultra-high definition. The new approach helps overcome the limitations of light-field projection, which can create natural-looking 3D images that don't re…

Fastest orbiting asteroid found in our solar system - CNN
A newly discovered asteroid, called 2021 PH27, completes one orbit around the sun every 113 days and comes within 12 million miles (20 million kilometers) of our star. It has only the second shortest orbit around the sun after Mercury.

China Reportedly Working on “Ultra-Large" Spacecraft That's Miles Across - Futurism
First, scientists will have to figure out if it's even feasible.

Graphic Video Shows Great Whites Eating Whale Carcass in Australian Port - Newsweek
Because so little is known about humpback whales, experts are currently debating whether or not they should drag the carcass to sea, or use it for research.

The High House / RAVEL Architecture - ArchDaily
Completed in 2021 in Austin, United States. Images by Chase Daniel. The High House is configured as a boomerang to accentuate the natural curvature of the land. It perches at the brow of the hill in order to maximize...

Ancient History of Rhinos, Including Woolly Ancestors, Revealed in DNA Study - Gizmodo
Rhinos are barely hanging onto survival today, but over 100 species of these horned beasts roamed Earth in the past.

'Unimaginable' video shows great white sharks ripping humpback whale carcass to shreds -
The year-old whale calf's remains will feed sea creatures for years to come.

One Year Out - NASA
As part of NASA’s Discovery Program, the mission to explore a metal-rich asteroid is well on its way to an August 2022 launch.

SpaceX may dig a tunnel to enable frequent South Texas launches - Ars Technica
County officials would not be willing to pay for the project.

World-first detector designed by dark matter researchers records rare events -
A ground-breaking detector that aims to use quartz to capture high frequency gravitational waves has been built by researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics (CDM) and the University of Western Australia.

Shark horror exposed millions of years after monster Meg mauled victim: 'No one was safe' - Daily Express
SCIENTISTS have exposed groundbreaking evidence of the first-ever 'megatoothed' shark attacking a giant sperm whale, shedding new light on the terrifying king of the deep, Megalodon.

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