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A newly discovered asteroid will pass close to Earth on Thursday - CNN
In a year that seemingly keeps on giving, perhaps it's not so surprising that NASA's newly discovered asteroid called 2020 SW will give earth a not so socially distant pass.

The daring plan to save the Arctic ice with glass - BBC News
The fear that action to combat climate change has been too slow has led some scientists to test unconventional methods to stem the loss of Arctic sea ice.

Nasa chief warns US Congress about Chinese space station - South China Morning Post
Beijing has announced plans for a permanent platform that it hopes will be operational by 2022.

Antarctica To Lift Seas By Metres Per Degree Of Warming, Study Finds - NDTV
Raising Earth's average surface temperature another degree Celsius will lock in 2.5 metres of sea level rise from Antarctica alone and an extra three degrees see the frozen continent lift oceans 6.5 metres, scientists warned Wednesday.

Record-Breaking Whale Stays Underwater for Mind-Bending 3 Hours and 42 Minutes - Gizmodo
Marine biologists are astonished after a Cuvier’s beaked whale held its breath for nearly four hours during a deep dive. The unexpected observation shows there’s much to learn about these medium-sized whales.

NASA wants a big budget increase for its Moon plans. Is Congress biting? - Ars Technica
Space agency needs Christmastime funding for landers to keep Moon plan on track.

NASA Invites Media to Hot Fire Test for Mega Rocket to Support Moon Missions - NASA
Media accreditation is now open for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket Green Run hot fire test – the test of the rocket’s core stage and all of its integrated systems before its flight on the Artemis I lunar mission, scheduled for 2021.

Paleontologist Describes New Genus of Mosasaurs: Gnathomortis | Paleontology -
Gnathomortis stadtmani, the only species of the newly-described mosasaur genus, swam in the seas of North America between 79 and 81 million years ago (Cretaceous period).

Could life exist deep underground on Mars? -
Recent science missions and results are bringing the search for life closer to home, and scientists at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian (CfA) and the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) may have figured out how to determine whether life i…

Researchers develop method to create colloidal diamonds -
The colloidal diamond has been a dream of researchers since the 1990s. These structures—stable, self-assembled formations of miniscule materials—have the potential to make light waves as useful as electrons in computing, and hold promise for a host of other a…

SpaceX Manifest Takes Shape as Falcon Heavy Hardware Arrives at McGregor -
A new Falcon booster has been installed on the test stand at SpaceX’s Rocket Development…

“Wobbling” –A Black Hole the Size of Our Solar System Unveils Movie of the Observable Universe - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
On April 10, 2019 the astronomers at Harvard’s  Black Hole Initiative were asking what does the glowing bright orange ring around the now iconic black hole the size of our solar system at the center of the monster elliptical galaxy M87 –the largest, most mass…

Scientists shine light on tiny crystals behind unexpected violent eruptions -
In a new study of volcanic processes, Bristol scientists have demonstrated the role nanolites play in the creation of violent eruptions at otherwise 'calm' and predictable volcanoes.

NASA's Powerful Webb Space Telescope Will Explore the Cores of Merging Galaxies - SciTechDaily
When galaxies collide, it's as if all the players in a symphony have begun a furious crescendo: As their stars and gas fall toward the center, star formation escalates. At the same time, the galaxies' black holes engorge themselves and light up, releasing ene…

Study: Giant murder hornets could invade entire region if left unchecked - KOMO News
PULLMAN, Wash. – A new study has found that the Asian giant hornet, or "murder hornet," which first appeared in Washington in 2019, could invade all of western Washington and Oregon if left unchecked, decimating local honeybee populations and threatenin…

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