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What is a superconductor? -
In a superconductor, an electric current can exist forever.

NASA clears Boeing Starliner for July 30th test flight to ISS - Engadget
More than 18 months after its failed first attempt to make it to the International Space Station, Boeing’s Starliner is ready for a second shot..

SpaceX to launch the Europa Clipper mission for a bargain price - Ars Technica
Decision comes after shaking issue with SLS rocket made it untenable.

Russian Module Headed for the ISS Is Still Having Problems - Gizmodo
The Russian space station module Nauka has had a streak of panicky moments since its launch on Wednesday.

Undersea Volcano Discovered Near Christmas Island That Looks Like the Eye of Sauron - SciTechDaily
Looking like the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, an ancient undersea volcano was slowly revealed by multibeam sonar 3,100 meters below our vessel, 280 kilometers southeast of Christmas Island. This was on day 12 of our voyage of exploration …

Ancient viruses dating back 15,000 years found in Tibetan glacier - CNN
Scientists have discovered previously unknown viruses dating from 15,000 years ago in ice samples taken from a glacier in the Tibetan plateau.

This Galaxy is 10 Billion Light Years Away, Visible Through a Cosmic Lens - PetaPixel
Hubble has captured this stunning photo of a galaxy that exists a staggering 10 billion light-years away through a cosmic gravity lens.

Jupiter's volcanic moon Io is emitting strange radio waves and NASA's Juno probe is listening -
The Juno spacecraft has gotten a private radio show from Jupiter's closest moon, the highly volcanic Io.

Single chip tests thousands of enzyme mutations at once -
The technique vastly speeds up understanding of how the proteins function and how to target drugs.

Astronomers See Moons Forming in Disk Around Distant Exoplanet - The New York Times
Scientists have never before gotten such a clear view of moons in the making.

July's full 'buck' moon will light up the sky tonight. Here's when to watch - WMUR Manchester
Here's when July's full moon will be at its peak and how long you'll be able to catch a glimpse.

This Weather App Will Tell You If Going Outside Will Kill You - Gizmodo
Carrot Weather, the irreverent weather app, will now allow users to see wet bulb temperatures, a key climate metric for survival.

NASA investigates renaming James Webb telescope after anti-LGBT+ claims -
Some astronomers argue the flagship observatory — successor to the Hubble Space Telescope — will memorialize discrimination. Others are waiting for more evidence.

Tianwen-1 Mars mission celebrates 1st anniversary with new images - CGTN
A collection of remarkable moments from the Tianwen-1, China's first Mars mission, was released by the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center of the China National Space Administration on Friday.

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