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Hubble Captures Sizzling Hot Giant Star on the Edge of Destruction – Shining With the Brilliance of 1 Million Suns - SciTechDaily
Petulant Star Ejects Spectacular Bubble of Glowing Gases The mighty blue giant AG Carinae is not your normal star. One of the brightest stars in our Milky Way galaxy, AG Carinae is sizzling hot, shining with the brilliance of 1 million suns. You would need su…

Ford Mustang Production Will Officially Halt - Yahoo! Voices
And this problem goes far beyond just the pony car…

Climate Change Has Knocked Earth Off Its Axis - Gizmodo
Of all the things attributable to climate change, the rotational poles moving is definitely one of the weirder ones. But a new study shows that’s exactly what’s happening. Disappearing ice is playing a major role, as is groundwater depletion.

Tour SpaceX's Crew-2 Dragon capsule with 4 thrilled astronauts (and a penguin?) -
See great Earth views, snazzy touch screens and a floating penguin.

Life on Mars? Scientists Find Mars Has Right Ingredients for Present-Day Microbial Life Beneath Its Surface - SciTechDaily
New research suggests that rocks in the Martian crust could produce the same kind of chemical energy that supports microbial life deep beneath Earth’s surface. As NASA's Perseverance rover begins its search for ancient life on the surface of Mars, a new study…

There's a supermoon just around the corner — and it comes with a twist - AlterNet
by Brian McNoldy, University of MiamiA “super full moon" is coming on April 27, 2021, and coastal cities like Miami know that means one thing: a heightened risk of tidal flooding.Exceptionally high tides are common when the moon is closest to the Earth, known…

NASA Perseverance rover pulls breathable oxygen from air on Mars - CNET
A golden, toaster-size device pulls oxygen from the Martian atmosphere, which is about 96% carbon dioxide.

Here comes the pink moon! But will it actually be pink? And is it a 'super moon'? Here's what to know. - USA TODAY
The final week of April will kick off with a full moon, known this month as the pink moon. Plus it's a supermoon!

One of the smallest black holes — and the closest to Earth so far — discovered. Scientists call it 'the Unicorn.' - USA TODAY
The black hole was given the nickname because it's so rare but also because it was discovered in the constellation Monoceros, which means unicorn.

Elon Musk and SpaceX aim to launch an upgraded Starship prototype next week - CNET
SN15, the latest version of Musk's planned Mars rocket, could fly soon.

Archaeology: Iron Age warriors BENT the swords of their defeated foes, hoard from Germany reveals - Daily Mail
Archaeologists used metal detectors to reveal the ancient arsenal - which was found buried in the remains of a hillfort on the mountain of Wilzenberg.

Okay, French astronaut food sounds awesome - The Takeout
We all know that astronaut food has to be tough enough for space, but that hasn't stopped French culinary teams from coming with space meals fit for a special occasion.

Russia says it will launch own space station after leaving ISS | TheHill - The Hill
Russia plans to launch its own space station by 2030 after departing from the Internati...

Elon Musk wants SpaceX to reach Mars so humanity is not a 'single-planet species' - CNBC
SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk remains focused on his vision for the company: Establishing a permanent human presence on Mars.

Mars mission: NASA’s diversity Perseverance pays off - Al Jazeera English
The mission shows the US space agency has made significant progress since its founding in the 1950s.

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