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Coral die-off predicted as marine heat wave engulfs Hawaii -
CAPTAIN COOK, Hawaii (AP) — At the edge of an ancient lava flow where jagged black rocks meet the Pacific, small off-the-grid homes overlook the calm blue waters of Papa Bay on Hawaii's Big Island — no tourists or hotels in sight. Here, one of the…

How drilling into million-year-old Antarctic ice could help fight climate change - Digital Trends
Australian scientists will use an ultra-advanced drill to dig three kilometers (1.86 miles) deep into Antarctica's ice, with the goal of learning more about the Earth's past and where our climate could be going in the future. The project will begin in 2021 an…

Planet Mars, From Pole to Pole - Universe Today
The Martian surface is a puzzle of different terrain and landforms. So far, we don't know why the northern and southern hemispheres are so different.

Researchers create first three-photon color-entangled W state -
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have constructed a quantum-mechanical state in which the colors of three photons are entangled with each other. The state is a special combination, called a W state, that retains some entanglement …

Scientists Discover a More Efficient Way to Turn Heat Into Electrical Energy - SciTechDaily
Scientists find a new way to capture heat that otherwise would have been lost. An international team of scientists has figured out how to capture heat and turn it into electricity. The discovery, published last week in the journal Science Advances, could crea…

A Key Climate Evolution Theory May Have Been Discredited - Interesting Engineering
The study could help us to understand the causes of long-term climate change that hasn't been caused by humans.

NASA conspiracy claims: UFO hunter presents Apollo 15 photos ‘proof’ of Moon aliens -
NASA Apollo 15 archive footage has shown engineers at the US space agency examining photos of “alien lunar structures”, a UFO hunter has bizarrely claimed.

Even Huge Molecules Follow the Quantum World's Bizarre Rules - WIRED
A record-breaking experiment shows an enormous molecule is also both a particle and a wave—and that quantum effects don't only apply at tiny scales.

Graphene is 3-D as well as 2-D -
Graphene is actually a 3-D material as well as a 2-D material, according to a new study from Queen Mary University of London.

Rampant Killings Of Entire Galaxies Have Astrophysicists Worried - Mashable India
This phenomenon is happening in the most extreme regions of the universe

This is what mysterious ancient humans might have looked like - CNN
We know that mysterious ancient humans called Denisovans once lived alongside Neanderthals, thanks to a few bones and teeth recovered from a cave in Siberia. Now, for the first time, researchers have shared what they might have looked like.

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