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Oldest human footprints in North America found in New Mexico - Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — Fossilized footprints discovered in New Mexico indicate that early humans were walking across North America around 23,000 years ago, researchers reported Thursday. The first footprints were found in a dry lake bed in White Sands National Par…

NASA's InSight lander has finally detected 3 big Mars quakes, including one that lasted nearly 90 minutes - Yahoo News
On InSight's 1,000th day on Mars, the robot's seismometer detected the big Mars quake that NASA scientists had been waiting for.

Astronomers discover mysterious 500-light-year-wide 'cavity' in our Milky Way -
A supernova likely carved it out millions of years ago.

A New NASA Telescope Will Scour Distant Solar Systems For Signs Of Life - NPR
The James Webb Space Telescope will let scientists study small, rocky planets around distant stars in more detail than ever before. After decades of work, it could head into orbit later this year.

Study: The Northeast is warming faster than the rest of the U.S. - Yahoo News
The Northeast coast of the United States, from Delaware to Maine, is warming faster than most of the Northern Hemisphere, according to research published...

I Get Blood With a Little Help From My Friends: Vampire Bats May Coordinate With “Friends” Over a Bite To Eat - SciTechDaily
Study tracks foraging behavior of 50 bats in the wild. Vampire bats that form bonds in captivity and continue those “friendships” in the wild also hunt together, meeting up over a meal after independent departures from the roost, according to a new study. Res…

Carbon dioxide reactor makes Martian fuel -
Engineers at the University of Cincinnati are developing new ways to convert greenhouse gases to fuel to address climate change and get astronauts home from Mars.

IXPE nearing shipment to Florida for December 2021 launch - -
The launch of the Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) observatory is now targeting December 13,…

Come on in, the water is superionic -
The interiors of Uranus and Neptune each contain about 50 000 times the amount of water in Earth's oceans, and a form of water known as superionic water is believed to be stable at depths greater than about one-third of the radius of these ice giants.

Dinosaurs: 'Bizarre' fossil is Africa's first ankylosaur - Yahoo News
Scientists describe a familiar armoured dinosaur but there's something very strange about it.

Solar eclipse looks otherworldly in 'Golden Ring' astrophotography shot -
The night sky is displayed in all its glory in the winning photographs from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

Megacomet C/2014 UN271 is likely bigger than one of Mars' moons with a 93 mile-wide diameter: study - Daily Mail
Megacomet C/2014 UN271 could have a diameter of 150 kilometers or 93 miles, making it larger than many objects in the solar system, including one of Mars's moons, a new study says.

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