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King tides to make appearances this week - KOMO News
The so-called "king tides" made an appearance today in western Washington. It comes after the super wolf moon Sunday night. You'll be able to see the king tides this week along the Puget Sound beaches. However, at this time, we're not expecting any additiona…

Amateur Astronomers Spot Meteorite Impact During Lunar Eclipse - Hackaday
According to ancient astronaut theorists, the lunar eclipse this weekend had an unexpected visitor. Right around the time of totality, a meteor crashed into the moon, and it was visible from Earth.…

SpaceX Starhopper Damaged in High Winds - Universe Today
Elon Musk indicates that the SpaceX Starhopper has been damaged after being toppled in 50 mile-per-hour winds. This will take a few weeks to repair. I just heard. 50 mph winds broke the mooring blocks late last night & fairing was blown over. Will take a few …

Key Data For NASA's Ice-Monitoring Satellite in Trouble Thanks to Shutdown - Gizmodo
Last month, NASA researchers were gleefully sharing the early returns from their recently launched ice-monitoring satellite, ICESat-2, at the world’s largest annual meeting of Earth scientists. This month, many of those same researchers are furloughed as a vi…

Northern lights: Where is the best place to watch the aurora borealis tonight - CBS News
Skygazers in some U.S. states and Canada may get a rare glimpse of the aurora borealis

Andes Grew to Towering Heights in Two Explosive 'Growth Spurts' - Live Science
As the now-iconic Andes Mountains rose skyward along the western coast of South America dozens of millions of years ago, violent volcanic activity rocked the continent, a new study finds.

Greenland is approaching the threshold of an irreversible melt, and the consequences for coastal cities could be dire - Business Insider
Greenland's ice melting quadrupled between 2003 and 2013, a study found. It points to Greenland approaching the threshold of an irreversible meltdown.

Planetary collision that formed the moon made life possible on Earth: Study: Planetary delivery explains enigmatic features of Earth's carbon and nitrogen - Science Daily
Most of Earth's life-essential elements probably arrived with the planetary collision that produced the moon. Petrologists now conclude Earth most likely received the bulk of its carbon, nitrogen and other life-essential volatile elements from a collision wit…

What Thwaites Glacier can tell us about the future of West Antarctica - PRI
An international group of researchers launched a five-year, roughly $50 million project to study Thwaites Glacier, a remote, and notoriously foul-weathered, glacier in the middle of West Antarctica.

A Disc of Icy Material, not Planet 9, Might Explain the Strange Movements in the Outer Solar System - Universe Today
Planet 9 is an intriguing idea, but a disc of icy material may be causing the strange, highly-elliptical orbits of distant Solar System objects.

Typical physics Ph.D. admissions criteria limit access to underrepresented groups but fail to predict doctoral completion - Science Advances
This study aims to understand the effectiveness of typical admissions criteria in identifying students who will complete the Physics Ph.D. Multivariate statistical analysis of roughly one in eight physics Ph.D. students from 2000 to 2010 indicates that the tr…

"Origins" --Cosmic Molecules Foreshadow Earthly RNA & DNA - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
Detecting pre-biotic molecules in solar-type protostars enhances our understanding of how the solar system formed as it indicates that planets created around the star could begin their existence with a supply of the chemical ingredients needed to make some fo…

Climate change tipping point could be coming sooner than we think: Vegetation may not be able to continue abating effects of emissions from human activities - Science Daily
A new study confirms the urgency to tackle climate change. While it's known that extreme weather events can affect the year-to-year variability in carbon uptake, and some researchers have suggested that there may be longer-term effects, this study is the firs…

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