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Dart: Mission to smack Dimorphos asteroid set for launch - BBC News
A spacecraft is set to launch on a mission to nudge an asteroid off course.

An “incident” with the James Webb Space Telescope has occurred - Ars Technica
NASA is leading an anomaly review board to investigate and conduct additional testing.

Earth will have Saturn-like rings ‘made of space junk,’ scientists say - New York Post
University of Utah mechanical engineer Jake Abbott said that “Earth is on course to have its own rings. They’ll just be made of space junk.”

In a first, scientists captured growth of butterfly wings inside chrysalis on video - Ars Technica
MIT team replaced part of a pupa's cuticle with a glass window for experiments.

SpaceX rocket business leadership shakes up as two VPs depart - CNBC
The leadership of SpaceX's rocket business has been shaken up, CNBC has learned, including the departure of two vice presidents from Elon Musk's company.

This New Hubble Pic Reveals a Dramatic Cosmic Phenomenon in All Its Gory Detail - ScienceAlert
The fire and fury of the birth of a star is captured in an exquisite new image from the Hubble space telescope.

Scientists Are Testing Astronauts In Long Mars Simulations, And The Results Are Worrying - IFLScience
In our lifetimes, it is almost certain we will see humans set foot on Mars. If the modern-day space race between private companies and nations continues, i

Astronomers detect a black hole in NGC 1850 - Phys.Org
An international team of astronomers reports the detection of a black hole in a globular cluster known as NGC 1850. The newly found black hole is about 11 times more massive than the sun and turns out to be a part of a binary system. The finding was detailed …

Shocking visualisations reveal the huge cloud of space junk created by Russia's anti-satellite test - Daily Mail
Russia's 'anti-satellite' was deliberately smashed into Cosmos 1408 on November 15, EU Space Surveillance and Tracking confirmed from its Darmstadt, Germany HQ.

'False fossils' littered across Mars may complicate the search for life on Red Planet -
We have been "fooled before" by these convincing counterfeits on Mars.

Skyscraper-sized asteroid coming towards Earth on Christmas Eve - The Jerusalem Post
2016 TR54 is set to pass by the planet at a distance of around 6.5 million kilometers, meaning there will be no Armageddon this holiday season.

An absolutely bonkers plan to give Mars an artificial magnetosphere - Phys.Org
Terraforming Mars is one of the great dreams of humanity. Mars has a lot going for it. Its day is about the same length as Earth's, it has plenty of frozen water just under its surface, and it likely could be given a reasonably breathable atmosphere in time. …

Video captures great white shark's gruesome attack on a seal near Cape Cod -
Though peak season for sharks is over, some individuals still linger near the coast.

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