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Congress Isn’t Keen on a Space Force, So What About a Space Coast Guard Instead? - Jalopnik
This week Congress dealt a blow to President Donald Trump’s idea for a Space Force, authorizing just $15 million to fund the operation. Critics in Congress believe that the administration hasn’t made a good enough case for a new form of military service. But …

Illegal ozone-depleting gases traced to rogue factories in eastern China - New Zealand Herald
Last year scientists discovered that one part of the world was flouting emissions rules.

Billion-year-old fossils may be early fungus - Ars Technica
Shrooms' relatives beat us to multicellularity by a healthy margin.

Research Traces Cannabis Plant Origins to the Tibetan Plateau 28 Million Years Ago - Ancient Origins
A fascinating new study published in the journal Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, on May 14, details the work of a team of researchers from the University of Vermont who present their evidence that the cannabis plant “evolved 28 million years ago at a sp…

Watch stunning meteor light up the night sky in Australia - Fox News
Police in Australia have captured stunning footage of a meteor lighting up the night sky.

Scientists break record for highest-temperature superconductor: Experiment produces new material that can conduct electricity perfectly - Science Daily
An international research team of scientists has discovered superconductivity -- the ability to conduct electricity perfectly -- at the highest temperatures ever recorded.

Massive double asteroid will cruise by Earth later this week - BGR
Most space rocks that pass nearby Earth are solo travelers making their way around the Sun and slipping past our planet as they do so. Asteroid 1999 KW4, which will make a distant pass of Earth on …

Massive Martian ice discovery opens a window into Red Planet's history - Science Daily
Newly discovered layers of ice buried a mile beneath Mars' north pole are the remnants of ancient polar ice sheets and could be one of the largest water reservoirs on the planet, according to scientists. The layers of ice are a record of past climate on Mars …

Data science helps engineers discover new materials for solar cells and LEDs -
Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a high-throughput computational method to design new materials for next generation solar cells and LEDs. Their approach generated 13 new material candidates for solar cells and 23 new candidat…

Baby tiger sharks eat land-based birds, according to a new study - Business Insider
A new study has found that tiger sharks regularly eat "backyard" birds, including doves and sparrows.

Artificial photosynthesis transforms carbon dioxide into liquefiable fuels -
Chemists at the University of Illinois have successfully produced fuels using water, carbon dioxide and visible light through artificial photosynthesis. By converting carbon dioxide into more complex molecules like propane, green energy technology is now one …

Quantum rebar: Quantum dots enhance stability of solar-harvesting perovskite crystals -
University of Toronto Engineering researchers have combined two emerging technologies for next-generation solar power—and discovered that each one helps stabilize the other. The resulting hybrid material is a major step toward reducing the cost of solar power…

Companies encourage NASA to press ahead with LEO commercialization efforts - SpaceNews
Companies propsing commercial space stations are wondering if NASA’s support for such work has been overshadowed by the agency’s rush back to the moon.

Scientists Have Spotted One of the Rarest Objects in the Universe - ExtremeTech
Scientists have spotted one of the rarest stellar phenomena thought to exist -- a pair of white dwarf stars that collided and fused, without exploding into a supernova.

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