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‘Beresheet’ to launch tonight, propelling Israel to the moon - The Jerusalem Post
This will make Israel only the fourth country to land on the Moon, after the former USSR, the US and China. It will be the first such space capsule to land on the moon due to a private initiative.

Russia Says It Will Launch 2 Tourists Into Orbit for Space Adventures in 2021 -
The space tourists would fly on the same Soyuz spacecraft, Roscosmos says.

Parched Mars river valley looks surprisingly Earth-like - CNET
ESA's Mars Express spacecraft gives us a scenic view of remnants from the planet's watery past.

14 percent chance of megaquake hitting Seattle, experts say - KOMO News
SEATTLE – There's a 14 percent chance of a magnitude 9 Cascadia earthquake hitting Seattle in the next 50 years, the U. S. Geological Survey estimates. "Unfortunately, we are unable to "predict" exactly when earthquakes will occur," said Alison Duvall, …

An Upcoming Commercial Crew Flight Test on This Week @NASA – February 22, 2019 - NASA
An upcoming Commercial Crew Flight Test, training underway for the space station’s next crew, and a new development in our search for life beyond Earth … a f...

The Oldest and Coldest White Dwarf Ever Found has Bizarre Dust Rings Around it - Universe Today
A citizen scientist recently discovered a white dwarf star that has multiple dust rings, a finding which could force a rethink of how planetary systems evolve.

New Horizons Spacecraft Returns Its Sharpest Views of Ultima Thule - NASA Planetary Science
The highest resolution images offer about 110 feet (33 meters) per pixel.

Researchers engineer a tougher fiber -
North Carolina State University researchers have developed a fiber that combines the elasticity of rubber with the strength of a metal, resulting in a tougher material that could be incorporated into soft robotics, packaging materials or next-generation texti…

A quantum magnet with a topological twist -
Taking their name from an intricate Japanese basket pattern, kagome magnets are thought to have electronic properties that could be valuable for future quantum devices and applications. Theories predict that some electrons in these materials have exotic, so-c…

New Genetic Alphabet –“Could Life Have Taken a Different Path Elsewhere in the Universe?” - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
DNA is spelled out with four letters, or bases. On Thursday, a team of scientists reported that they have in effect doubled the genetic alphabet to a system with eight letters that don’t exist in nature which may hold clues to the potential for life elsewhere…

Gene-edited Chinese babies may be smarter by accident, scientists say - The Independent
New research suggests changes to gene in twins may have had unintended consequences

Earth's Hydrogen Geocorona Extends Well Beyond Moon | Planetary Science, Space Exploration -
Recent observations from the NASA/ESA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) show that the Earth's hydrogen envelope reaches up to 391,500 miles (630,000 km) away, or 50 times the diameter of our planet.

Tiny tyrannosaur fossil discovery changes the dinosaur timeline -
Tyrannosaurus rex wasn't always the king of the dinosaurs. Before they became towering predators, tyrannosaurs started out much smaller, and a newly discovered fossil is helping fill the gap between those two extremes.

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