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“The Unicorn” – Closest Black Hole to Earth Ever Discovered - SciTechDaily
Astronomers dub it “The Unicorn,” call it something special. Scientists have discovered one of the smallest black holes on record – and the closest one to Earth found to date. Researchers have dubbed it “The Unicorn,” in part because it is, so far, one of a k…

Astronomers map asteroid’s 22m-year journey to Earth - The Guardian
Flight path of Kalahari’s six-tonne asteroid is first tracing of meteorite shedding rock to solar system origin

SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, 4 astronauts set for trip to space station - WESH 2 Orlando
Four astronauts from three countries will embark on the third-ever crewed flight for SpaceX.

NASA Mars helicopter Ingenuity completes 'higher, bolder' second flight - CNET
Ingenuity reached new heights and lengths during its ambitious second flight on Mars.

Massive flare recorded from Proxima Centauri, our star next door - CNET
The dim red dwarf star burned thousands of times brighter with ultraviolet radiation for a brief moment.

New All-Sky Map of Milky Way’s Outer Reaches Released – Could Offer a New Test of Dark Matter Theories - SciTechDaily
The highlight of the new chart is a wake of stars, stirred up by a small galaxy set to collide with the Milky Way. The map could also offer a new test of dark matter theories. Astronomers using data from NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) telescopes have re…

There's still time to catch the Lyrid meteor shower in SF Bay Area - SF Gate
It peaked last night, but there's still time to catch the show.

Genetics: Women may live longer than men due to toxic effects from the Y chromosome - Daily Mail
Researchers found that, as male fruit flies age, repetitive sections in their Y chromosomes become active - which causes toxic effects.

Barcoded viral tracing of single-cell interactions in central nervous system inflammation - Science
Despite their importance in the physiology and pathology of the central nervous system (CNS), few methods are available for the unbiased, systematic investigation of cell-to-cell interactions at single-cell resolution. Clark et al. developed RABID-seq, a meth…

WOW! Celebrate Earth Day with a view from space - WJCL News
The view from space of our planet's most impressive natural and constructed landmarks is striking, and not just on Earth Day!

NASA shares photos of Lunar Gateway space station to launch for moon in 2024 - Daily Mail
NASA said the orbiting laboratory would provide astronauts with a 'home away from home' during trips to the moon, and a staging post for lunar landings.

Polymer-Eating Enzymes Make “Biodegradable” Plastics Truly Compostable - SciTechDaily
Polymer-eating enzymes embedded in plastic allow programmed degradation. Biodegradable plastics have been advertised as one solution to the plastic pollution problem bedeviling the world, but today’s “compostable” plastic bags, utensils and cup lids don’t bre…

High Hopes plans to extract atmospheric CO2 with hot air balloons - Engadget
Freezing CO2 is easier just below the stratosphere.

NASA emphasizes good relationship with Roscosmos as Russia mulls exiting ISS - SpaceNews
NASA’s acting head says the agency’s relationship with Russia remains good despite comments by Russian officials that it could abandon the ISS in 2025.

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