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Study: There May Be Exoplanets Out There Even Better Suited For Life Than Earth - ScienceAlert
The search for a habitable exoplanet has been a frustrating one. Although we've found a bunch of rocky planets orbiting at the right distance from their star, further investigation has so far mostly yielded nothing but barren poisonous rocks lashed w

Inside Sierra Nevada's Inflatable Space Habitat for Astronauts in Lunar Orbit (Photos) -
The habitat is one of five NASA is considering for its Gateway outpost.

Final Delta IV soars on last mission - WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando
After nearly 17 years in service, Delta IV launched for the final time.

Cracking a decades-old test, researchers bolster case for quantum mechanics -
In a new study, researchers demonstrate creative tactics to get rid of loopholes that have long confounded tests of quantum mechanics. With their innovative method, the researchers were able to demonstrate quantum interactions between two particles spaced mor…

Tiny robot finds an asteroid that's freakishly free of dust - Ars Technica
Asteroid Ryugu is a rubble pile, but it seems to be all rocks on the outside.

Monster Asteroid Nearly Twice as Big as London's Shard Tower Heading Toward Earth – Report - Sputnik International
Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has previously claimed that the Earth has no defense against giant asteroids approaching the planet, with NASA and SpaceX currently developing systems that would help to redirect space rocks from bumping into the Earth.

Here's Why Drugs That Work So Well in Mouse Brains Often Fail Miserably in Humans -
Brain cells in mice turn on genes that are very different from the ones in human brain cells.

The SpaceX 'Starhopper' is about to make its biggest leap - CNET
After delays, the prototype version of Elon Musk's Mars rocket has been given the go-ahead to rise up.

CRISPR cuts turn gels into biological watchdogs -
Wunderkind gene-editing tool used to trigger smart materials that can deliver drugs and sense biological signals.

Structure of protein nanoturbine revealed -
Cells rely on protein complexes known as ATP synthases or ATPases for their energy needs. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules power most of the processes sustaining life. Structural biologist Professor Leonid Sazanov and his research group from the Institu…

Naturally-Occurring Methane Shows Cow Farts Not to Blame for Global Warming - Liberty Headlines
‘Here’s a source of chemical energy that’s being created by geology…’ (Lionel Parrott, Liberty Headlines) Scientists have discovered massive amounts of methane located deep below the Earth’s surface—calling into question why policymakers are focusing on decre…

Storms on Jupiter are disturbing the planet's colorful belts: Radio, IR and optical observations show evolution of plumes and their impact on belts and zones - Science Daily
Coordinated observations of Jupiter in early 2017 by six ground-based telescopes and Hubble allowed astronomers to study the evolution of bright plumes and connect them with cloud movements deep in the planet. They show that these plumes originate 80 kilomete…

Black hole fears: NASA’s prediction for Earth over Sun compressing into spacetime -
NASA has a prediction for Earth after questions were raised about if the Sun could compress enough to form a black hole.

Life on Mars SHOCK: Alien creatures can explain the mystery of Martian methane -
ALIEN microbes thriving just below the surface of Mars could explain the irregular appearance of methane gas in the Red Planet’s atmosphere, scientists have shockingly claimed.

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