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Asteroid danger: NASA worry as chilling video shows devastating impact of 'God of Chaos' -
APOPHIS, a near-Earth asteroid with a diameter of 270m, and its’ most likely year of impact with Earth is in 2068.

New 168-million-year-old stegosaurus species unearthed by scientists - Fox News
British scientists have discoverd a new species of stegosaurus that's believed to be the oldest of its kind ever found.

Spacewalking Astronauts Install Parking Spot for Private Spaceships at Space Station -
The astronauts were ahead of schedule installing cables and heavy reflectors.

Earth is an Exoplanet to Aliens. This is What They'd See - Universe Today
A team of Caltech researchers developed a new method that shows what Earth would look like to extra-terrestrial observers, which could seriously aid in the hunt for habitable exoplanets.

It's Not Too Early to Plan for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 -
Carbondale, Illinois, was in the path of the 2017 total solar eclipse and will also catch the 2024 event.

Scientists discover the basics of how pressure-sensing Piezo proteins work -
A team of scientists from Weill Cornell Medicine and The Rockefeller University has illuminated the basic mechanism of Piezo proteins, which function as sensors in the body for mechanical stimuli such as touch, bladder fullness, and blood pressure. The discov…

Soyuz MS-14 to test new upgrades, ferry Skybot humanoid robot to Station -
In an unusual situation, Roscosmos is set to launch the Soyuz MS-14 crew vehicle without…

440 Billion Tons of Ice Are Expected to Melt This Summer in Greenland — What That Means for Earth - Yahoo Entertainment
440 Billion Tons of Ice Are Melting in Greenland — What That Means

Second GPS III Space Vehicle 'Magellan' Launch Set for Aug. 22 - Inside GNSS
The second Lockheed Martin-built GPS III space vehicle (GPS III SV02)—also known as Magellan—was recently encapsulated within its protective fairings in preparation for Thursday’s scheduled launch. GPS III will launch tomorrow from Space Launch Complex-37 (SL…

Radio signals from space: SETI weighs in on 'alien origin' of Fast Radio Bursts discovery -
MYSTERIOUS radio signals from deep space have reached Earth, prompting some to speculate about their potential alien origin – but what does the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute have to say?

One could fly to Mars in this spacious habitat and not go crazy - Ars Technica
"We're offering a huge amount of volume in a small amount of space."

Robots Explore 'Mars-Like' Lava Field in Iceland as Prep for NASA's Mars 2020 Rover -
These tests aims to inform NASA's Mars 2020 mission.

Lifting the lid on primate brains - Cosmos
Rare find provides important evolutionary clues. Dyani Lewis reports.

Separate polarization and brightness channels give crabs the edge over predators -
Fiddler crabs see the polarisation of light and this gives them the edge when it comes to spotting potentials threats, such as a rival crab or a predator. Now researchers at the University of Bristol have begun to unravel how this information is processed wit…

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