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A Massive Asteroid Collision Once Caused Earth To Cool And Enter An Ice Age. Can We Replicate It? - Forbes
Researchers have found that a giant asteroid collision in outer space produced the dust that cooled Earth and led to an ice age 466 million years ago. What are the lessons for our own climate problems?

Venus Could Have Supported Life for Billions of Years - Universe Today
A new study by a team of NASA scientists indicates that Venus could have been habitable for billions of years (and still would be today) were it not for all the resurfacing!

Chandrayaan 2 orbiter on track as window to relink with lander shrinks - Hindustan Times
During the 15 minutes of powered descent on September 7, Isro scientists lost contact with the lander just 2.1 km above the lunar surface.

2019 Equinox: 12 facts about the first day of fall - Treehugger
Learn when the autumn equinox happens and what to expect as we bid farewell to summer.

Space Photos of the Week: Cassini's Sojourn Around Saturn - WIRED
Orbital images of the planet's iconic rings approach fine art.

How Did Galaxies Like Ours Come To Be? - Interesting Engineering
The Milky Way is actually a massive collection of stars held together by gravity but how did it come to be?

Where Do Black Holes Lead? -
If you travel through a black hole, where do you go?

Here’s a way to up your knowledge of space travel, astronauts, rockets — and even the history of NASA’s logo. - Washington Post
The agency’s free e-books cover many topics, including the Hubble Telescope, the shuttle program, NASA failures — and a memoir of a Russian scientist.

Asteroid alert: A space rock was spotted two weeks ago and now it just flew past Earth -
AN ASTEROID first observed two weeks ago just shot past our planet, according to US space agency NASA.

Mysterious magnetic pulses & evidence of groundwater discovered on Mars - RT
Mars may be hiding water deep beneath its surface, NASA’s InSight lander has discovered – and the planet’s magnetic field has a life of its own, pulsing at the stroke of midnight in a manner utterly unlike anything found on Earth.

See an ice avalanche on Mars - Axios
The fleet of satellites illustrates the changing face of the Red Planet throughout the year.

Venus was potentially habitable until a mysterious event happened - WFSB
Venus likely maintained stable temperatures and hosted liquid water for billions of years before an event triggered drastic changes in the planet, according to a new study.

Here's why some people are just really good at parking - New York Post
Not all parking strategies are made equal. A new study published Thursday in the Journal of Statistical Mechanics breaks down the ways people park into categories, and finds one to be superior. …

New images show Mars as you've never seen it before - CNN
One of the latest images of Mars looks more like cookies and cream than it does the so-called Red Planet.

Video: Researchers Reconstruct Face of Extinct Denisovan Human Relative - Sputnik International
Using extracted DNA and a complex genetic technique called DNA methylation mapping, researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJ) reconstructed the anatomical profile of a female Denisovan, who belongs to an extinct group of archaic humans that ceas…

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