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Study: Leidenfrost effect occurs in all three water phases: Solid, liquid, and vapor - Ars Technica
But there's a much higher threshold of 550° C for levitation of an ice disk to occur.

A Commercial Mission Returning Cargo from the Space Station on This Week @ NASA – January 21, 2022 - NASA
A commercial mission returning cargo from the space station, the first space station spacewalk of the year, and observing a massive volcanic eruption from sp...

An Ocean May Lurk Inside Saturn's 'Death Star' Moon - The New York Times
New research is converting some skeptics to the idea that tiny, icy Mimas may be full of liquid.

Space Force satellite launch could create a luminous cloud in tonight's evening sky -
Skywatchers in the Western Hemisphere may see a fuel dump from a satellite that launched earlier today on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

Massive Iceberg Released Over 150 Billion Tons of Fresh Water Into Ocean As It Scraped Past South Georgia - SciTechDaily
Scientists monitoring the giant A68A Antarctic iceberg from space reveal that a huge amount of fresh water was released as it melted around the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. 152 billion tonnes of fresh water – equivalent to 20 x Loch Ness or 61 milli…

Ejecting Mars' Pebbles - NASA Mars - NASA Mars Exploration
The team has made good progress implementing the initial recovery steps outlined in last week’s blog. Our first success: The upper two pebbles were ejected from the bit carousel during a test.

You Can Help NASA Get to Mars - Lifehacker
If you have an idea for reusing space trash, NASA would like to hear it.

NASA catches sun sending powerful flare into space -
The Solar Dynamics Observatory saw the mid-level flare near the limb of the sun.

A black hole fueling star birth has scientists doing a double-take - CNN
Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a black hole that actually contribued to star formation, rather than demolishing them, in a dwarf galaxy 30 million light-years from Earth.

First detection of exotic 'X' particles in quark-gluon plasma -
In the first millionths of a second after the Big Bang, the universe was a roiling, trillion-degree plasma of quarks and gluons—elementary particles that briefly glommed together in countless combinations before cooling and settling into more stable configura…

Webb telescope has it 'made in the shade' - Easy Reader
by Garth Meyer After 19 years of design and construction at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, the Webb Space Telescope sunshields unfolded in space, just as intended. Deployment was complete Jan. 8.

Researchers detect 1st merger between black holes with eccentric orbits -
Gravitational waves detected from a black hole merger confirm, for the first time, that the black holes had eccentric orbits before they collided.

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Grounded: First Flight Delay Due to Inclement Weather on Another World - SciTechDaily
Flight 19 for NASA’s Ingenuity is scheduled to take place no earlier than Sunday, January 23, 2022. The atmosphere of Mars is much less dense than Earth’s; however, the Mars climate shares many similarities to Earth: seasons, changing winds, ice clouds, and d…

Sunflowers' invisible colours are revealed - Daily Mail
The same molecules that produce UV patterns in sunflowers also help the plant respond to stresses such as drought or extreme temperatures, experts from the University of British Columbia found.

Paradoxical material a mashup of three different phases at once, quantum physicists find -
Materials that look like mosaics of triangular tiles at the atomic level sometimes have paradoxical properties, and quantum physicists have finally found out why.

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