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Stanford scientists created a sound so loud it instantly boils water - CNET
Yes, it's possible to rawk too hard, but it's not possible to get any louder under water.

NASA’s Juno just discovered that Jupiter and Earth have something important in common - BGR
NASA’s Juno spacecraft has delivered some of the most stunning glimpses of the gas giant that mankind has ever seen, but it’s also taught scientists a lot about how the planet works. We…

Giving rural Indians what they want increases demand for cookstoves -
Global health efforts to design and deliver improved cookstoves don't always catch on. Experience has shown poor households in rural settings will rarely pay for or use these new stoves, which are intended to lower firewood demands and improve indoor and outd…

Researchers develop new lens manufacturing technique -
Researchers from Washington State University and Ohio State University have developed a low-cost, easy way to make custom lenses that could help manufacturers avoid the expensive molds required for optical manufacturing.

Earth's oceans could rise over 6 feet by 2100 as polar ice melts, swamping coastal cities such as NYC - USA TODAY
Portions of many U.S. coastal cities could be lost to the sea by the end of the century because of global warming, a study says.

Iron selenide revealed as 'garden-variety iron-based superconductor' -
In the pantheon of unconventional superconductors, iron selenide is a rock star. But new experiments by U.S., Chinese and European physicists have found the material's magnetic persona to be unexpectedly mundane.

Thin, insulating layer may prevent Pluto's underground ocean from fre - Astronomy Magazine
The New Horizons spacecraft found evidence of an underground ocean lurking below the surface of the dwarf planet Pluto. Now, new research suggests a thin, icy layer of trapped gases like methane may

Scholar REVEALS What Magnetic Pole Shift Will Do to Northern Lights - Sputnik International
The key to figuring out whether polar lights will migrate along with the wandering magnetic pole apparently lies in the difference between the Earth’s magnetic and geomagnetic poles, according to a new study.

SpaceX is the No. 1 rocket company by revenue, with $2 billion last year, Jefferies estimates - CNBC
SpaceX launches brought in $2 billion of revenue last year, according to Jefferies on Sunday.

Complete Mars 2020 spacecraft revealed for the first time - SlashGear
NASA has revealed the spacecraft that the new Mars rover will use to travel to the red planet in 2020, as the US space agency continues to pave the way for an eventual manned mission. Mars 2020 wil…

The weight of a kilogram changed overnight; the length of a second may be next - Boing Boing
The weight of a kilogram changed overnight; the length of a second may be next

Counter-intuitive climate change solution: Profitable approach to cleaning the air - Science Daily
A seemingly counterintuitive approach -- converting one greenhouse gas into another -- holds promise for returning the atmosphere to pre-industrial concentrations of methane, a powerful driver of global warming.

NASA finds water, 'organic molecules' on mysterious Ultima Thule - Fox News
Since first encountering the mysterious Ultima Thule, "the farthest world ever explored," earlier this year, NASA has made several discoveries about the ancient space object. Now, researchers from the space agency have made a startling discovery – the presenc…

Giant impact caused difference between Moon's hemispheres - Science Daily
The stark difference between the Moon's heavily-cratered farside and the lower-lying open basins of the Earth-facing nearside has puzzled scientists for decades. Now, new evidence about the Moon's crust suggests the differences were caused by a wayward dwarf …

Dear Hubble: How one telescope transformed astronomy, and us all - National Geographic
On the 29th anniversary of the instrument's first image, a former analyst reflects on how it became a scientific powerhouse—and cultural icon.

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