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Meet the two astronauts set to make history in a SpaceX capsule - CNN
CNN Business' Rachel Crane speaks with veteran NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Doug Hurley about their upcoming test flight aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon sp...

Astronomers discover oldest disk galaxy ever hiding deep in the cosmos - CNET
The discovery challenges beliefs about how galaxies formed in the early universe.

NASA will pay you to spend 8 months locked in a Mars simulation - BGR
NASA is recruiting volunteers to spend eight months locked up in a simulated spacecraft on its way to Mars. The participants will be studied throughout their ordeal as scientists determine how long-haul spaceflight affects the human body and mind. Volunteers …

Ancient DNA From Siberia Provides Oldest Genetic Link to Native Americans - Gizmodo
A 14,000-year-old genome scraped from a prehistoric tooth found in southern Siberia is now the oldest known connection linking living Native Americans to North America’s first migrants.

This Bionic Eye Is Better Than a Real One, Scientists Say - Futurism
"I think in about 10 years, we should see some very tangible practical applications of these bionic eyes."

Cosmic rays may have left indelible imprint on early life, physicists say -
Before there were animals, bacteria or even DNA on Earth, self-replicating molecules were slowly evolving their way from simple matter to life beneath a constant shower of energetic particles from space.

What exactly is a black hole? - Yahoo Lifestyle
Many people may have a general sense of what a black hole is, but here's what you should know.

CDC releases swimming pool reopening guidelines - WSOC Charlotte
Pools reopening raised the question -- can coronavirus be transmitted in pools?

Demo-2 crew arrives at Kennedy for first US crew launch since 2011 -
A sentence I have waited almost nine years to write: A flight crew has arrived…

Brain Stimulation From Ultrasonic Waves Used to Control Monkeys’ Behavior - SciTechDaily
Remote, brain region-specific control of choice behavior with ultrasonic waves. Noninvasive pulses of ultrasound waves aimed at specific regions in the brains of macaque monkeys can give some control over the monkeys' choices, scientists report. These finding…

In an orange swirl, astronomers say humanity has its first look at the birth of a planet -
An image of a mesmerizing cosmic spiral, twisting and swirling around a galactic maw, may be the first direct evidence of the birth of a planet ever captured by humanity.

Coronavirus researchers warn 2-metre distance rule may not be far enough - South China Morning Post
A light wind can carry an infected cough three times further in just five seconds, study finds.

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