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The International Space Station will be visible for 17 minutes this weekend in Cincinnati -
The International Space Station will be visible in Cincinnati's night sky throughout the weekend.

New images show Mars as you've never seen it before - CNN
One of the latest images of Mars looks more like cookies and cream than it does the so-called Red Planet.

Mysterious underground continents may be as old as Earth - Fox News
Ancient, gigantic regions of rocks as large as continents exist hundreds of miles below the Earth's crust and could be as old as the planet itself, according to a new study.

Venus was potentially habitable until a mysterious event happened - CNN
Venus likely maintained stable temperatures and hosted liquid water for billions of years before an event triggered drastic changes in the planet, according to a new study.

Daily rainfall over Sumatra linked to larger atmospheric phenomenon -
Around the globe, communities are concerned with rain and storms. An area known as the "Maritime Continent," which includes major islands such as Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, along with a galaxy of smaller islands, experiences significant rainfall…

Enceladus Causes Snowfall On Other Moons of Saturn - Universe Today
Researchers describe Enceladus as a "snow cannon" that shoots geysers of water into space that fall as snow on two of Saturn's other moons.

Chandrayaan 2: India's Moon Mission - A Failure or Not - Forbes
India’s ambitious attempt to land on the unexplored polar south of the moon has ended in disaster.

Huge asteroid that narrowly missed Earth ‘slipped through the net’, Nasa emails reveal - The Independent
‘I wonder how many times this has happened without the asteroid being discovered at all?’

Stare at this stunning slice of Mars and weep with me - CNET
You'll just have to crane your neck to the side. The Mars Express orbiter has captured a gorgeous image of the red planet, from the north pole to the south.

China releases new images of a bizarre substance found in a Moon crater - BGR
Earlier this month, the Chinese space agency revealed that the Yutu-2 rover it sent to the far side of the Moon months back found something it didn’t expect. The rover’s handlers spotte…

Lockheed Martin readying NASA Artemis 1 Orion spacecraft for Plum Brook trip -
The NASA Orion spacecraft that will fly the Artemis 1 uncrewed lunar orbit mission is…

Antarctic Glaciers Slipping Faster Towards the Ocean Due to Surface Melting - SciTechDaily
Study shows for the first time a direct link between surface melting and short bursts of glacier acceleration in Antarctica During these events, Antarctic Peninsula glaciers move up to 100 percent faster than average Scientists call for these findings to be a…

Spooky 'Black Hole' on Jupiter Is Just a Big Shadow - Gizmodo
NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently caught this ominous view of Jupiter, which shows a massive black spot atop the gas giant’s churning clouds. Looks scary, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation: It’s a shadow cast by Jupiter’s extremely volcanic moon, I…

Neanderthals may have been wiped out by EAR INFECTIONS: Scientists say complications of the common childhood illness could have triggered mystery extinction - msnNOW
While antibiotics are taken for granted in the modern world, a lack of sophisticated medicine 40,000 years ago is believed to have seen the archaic species suffer and then perish.

Newly discovered interstellar visitor could be intercepted, study says - Fox News
It's been nearly a month since the second interstellar object, C/2019 Q4 (Borisov), was detected. And this newly identified object could potentially be studied, according to a new study.

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