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Depressing Study Shows a Big Issue With Using Cloud Seeding to Solve Global Warming - ScienceAlert
The clouds that hang low and thick in our sky, reflecting sunlight back out into space, are melting into thin air as the world warms.

Signs of Recent Volcanic Eruption on Mars Hint at Habitats for Life - The New York Times
Not thought to be volcanically active, Mars may have experienced an eruption just 53,000 years ago.

Science reveals secrets of a mummy's portrait -
How much information can you get from a speck of purple pigment, no bigger than the diameter of a hair, plucked from an Egyptian portrait that's nearly 2,000 years old? Plenty, according to a new study. Analysis of that speck can teach us about how the pigmen…

After scalding critiques of study on gender and mentorship, journal says it is reviewing the work - Science Magazine
Nature Communications paper claims female mentors are bad for early-career female scientists

NASA to launch satellite to track rising sea levels - The Verge
NASA is on schedule to launch a satellite on November 21st that will track sea level rise as a result of climate change. The satellite, which will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, will allow NASA and ESA to …

“A Strange Lightshow” –Hubble Captures Supermassive Black Hole’s Eerie Shadows and Rays - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
The now iconic image of M87’s monster black hole–an object described as “the most perfect macroscopic objects in the universe, the only elements in their construction are our concepts of space and time”– captured in April 2019 by the Event Horizon team highli…

Scientists spot signs of 'fossil galaxy' lurking in the heart of the Milky Way - CNET
Say hello to Heracles, a previously hidden galaxy that likely smooshed into the Milky Way billions of years ago.

From the moon to the Earth: How the Biden administration might reshape NASA - SpaceNews
While Joe Biden is a familiar figure in politics, after decades in the Senate and eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, his views on space, and his plans for NASA, are far less clear.

Famous Arecibo telescope that starred in a James Bond film to be demolished - CNET
The massive Arecibo Observatory telescope in Puerto Rico once starred in GoldenEye.

Meteor illuminates Texas night sky in stunning video - New York Post
Southern Texas was treated with a stunning cosmic show Thursday night when a meteor illuminated the sky, video shows.

The Leonid meteor shower is still active. How to watch the show - CNET
Skywatchers can enjoy a display that lasts all month, lighting up the sky with occasional bright, persistent streaks.

Field geology at Mars' equator points to ancient megaflood -
Floods of unimaginable magnitude once washed through Gale Crater on Mars' equator around 4 billion years ago—a finding that hints at the possibility that life may have existed there, according to data collected by NASA's Curiosity rover and analyzed in joint …

The Race Between SpaceX’s Starlink and Amazon Is Heating Up - Observer
SpaceX has made a concession to Amazon in order not to miss an important launch window.

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