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NASA shares Hubble Space Telescope's first photos since mystery glitch - Business Insider
Hubble's first new photos show two colliding galaxies and one long galactic spiral. The telescope is also observing star clusters and Jupiter auroras.

Physicists Get a Unique View of a Destroyed Comet - Gizmodo
Comet ATLAS fell apart last April, but its fragments are still offering opportunities to learn.

Why Is the Eastern Monarch Butterfly Disappearing? Is There Something We Can Do About It? - SciTechDaily
A Spartan-led research team has uncovered an answer — at least for the most recent population decline — with a huge assist from volunteers. Michigan State University ecologists led an international research partnership of professional and volunteer scientists…

Ingenuity helicopter spies intriguing features on Mars during record-breaking flight - CNN
The Ingenuity helicopter is acting like an aerial scout for the Perseverance rover as it explores terrain on Mars that may be too challenging for wheels. Ingenuity's photos are helping the Perseverance science team develop the rover's exploration plan.

Real-life Pikachus eat yak poop to survive Tibetan winters -
Plateau pikas have adopted a pretty gross strategy for winter survival.

NASA Shares Stunning Image from ‘Rediscovered’ Star Cluster - Yahoo Lifestyle
NASA recently brought the Hubble telescope back online, and they just shared an image of a "rediscovered" star cluster, captured in ultra rich detail. The...

A Shockingly Small Percentage of Our DNA Is Uniquely 'Human', Study Finds - ScienceAlert
By now you might have heard the factoid that modern humans share a pretty large chunk of our genomes with bananas. But delving down much deeper, how much of our genome is uniquely Homo sapiens.

Can consciousness be explained by quantum physics? My research takes us a step closer to finding out - The Conversation UK
New experiments could help scientists settle the longstanding debate about whether consciousness is generated by quantum activity.

Event Horizon Telescope captures 'beautiful' images of second black hole's jet - Science Magazine
Snapshots of black hole at center of Centaurus A galaxy suggest all such are basically the same

Scientists Created the World's Toughest Self-Healing Material, and It Repairs Screens in a Second. - Interesting Engineering
Smartphone screens crack at the drop of a hat, but scientists may have developed the right solution: A self-healing hard optical surface.

NASA astronauts are spicing up the International Space Station — by growing chile peppers on board for the first time - CBS News
Living in microgravity, astronauts can lose their sense of taste and smell — upping the demand for spicy food.

Single-cell analysis enters the multiomics age -
A rapidly growing collection of software tools is helping researchers to analyse multiple huge ‘-omics’ data sets.

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