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Billions of T. rex likely roamed the Earth, paleontologists report - National Geographic
The iconic predator’s estimated abundance means the T. rex fossils we have today are exceedingly rare.

Watch NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity make first flight on another planet - CNET
The Perseverance rover records its little buddy performing a brief hover and turn before landing almost perfectly.

This ‘super-Earth’ seems lovely, until you look up - Yahoo Entertainment
Earth is great, but what if it were bigger? So-called "super-Earths" are rocky worlds like our own but are several times bigger, and could offer us a new...

Dozens report bright fireball in New Hampshire skies - WMUR Manchester
Dozens of people in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts reported seeing a bright fireball streak across the sky Sunday night.

Earth's biggest mass extinction took ten times longer on land than in the water -
Our planet's worst mass extinction event happened 252 million years ago when massive volcanic eruptions caused catastrophic climate change. The vast majority of animal species went extinct, and when the dust settled, the planet entered the early days of the A…

T-rex may have hunted in packs like wolves, new research shows - FOX 31 Denver
New research released Monday from the Bureau of Land Management in Utah indicates that tyrannosaur dinosaurs may not have been solitary predators, like in the movies, but social carnivores, similar to wolves.

Russia's cooperation with China on upcoming space station looks promising despite decision to build its own: experts - Global Times
Russia will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after reaching its planned lifespan in 2024 and is working on a new station to replace it, Russian media reported on Sunday.

NASA Mars helicopter Ingenuity: How to watch the post-flight briefing - CNET
NASA made aviation history on Mars on Monday. Catch up on coverage of Ingenuity's historic first flight.

DNA robots designed in minutes instead of days -
Someday, scientists believe, tiny DNA-based robots and other nanodevices will deliver medicine inside our bodies, detect the presence of deadly pathogens, and help manufacture increasingly smaller electronics.

Cracking the case: New study sheds more light on the “Brazil nut effect” - Ars Technica
Shape and orientation of a given Brazil nut is the key to its upward movement.

Scientists in Chile discover remains of plant-eating dinosaur amid world´s driest desert - Yahoo News
Scientists in Chile's parched Atacama desert, the world's driest, have discovered the remains of a previously unknown species of dinosaur that millions of...

Giant planet at large distance from sun-like star puzzles astronomers -
A team of astronomers led by Dutch scientists has directly imaged a giant planet orbiting at a large distance around a sun-like star. Why this planet is so massive and how it got to be there is a mystery. The researchers will publish their findings in the jou…

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