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Nasa head of human spaceflight suddenly resigns days before 'historic' space mission - The Guardian
Doug Loverro quits ahead of next week’s mission to send two astronauts to the International Space Station on a SpaceX flight

Climate change: Top 10 tips to reduce carbon footprint revealed - BBC News
A report lists some of the best ways people can tackle their own contribution to climate change.

Human Activity Detected At Site Of 300000-year-old Elephant Skeleton - Ancient Origins
Elephants ranged over Schöningen in Lower Saxony 300,000 years ago. In recent years, remains of at least ten elephants have been found at the Paleolithic sites situated on the edges of the former opencast lignite mine.

30 years of Hubble: Three decades of space wonder began with an underwhelming image that proved extremely important - The Independent
Hubble may keep functioning until 2030 or 2040 but its successor scheduled for launch in March 2021

NASA built a galactic cosmic ray gun to study the effect of space radiation - CNET
The space agency's new simulator is a massive technological leap for humankind.

Scientists use light to accelerate supercurrents, access forbidden light, quantum world -
Scientists are using light waves to accelerate supercurrents and access the unique properties of the quantum world, including forbidden light emissions that one day could be applied to high-speed, quantum computers, communications and other technologies.

Curiosity rover finds clues to chilly ancient Mars buried in rocks -
By studying the chemical elements on Mars today—including carbon and oxygen—scientists can work backwards to piece together the history of a planet that once had the conditions necessary to support life.

Climate change could cause 'dust bowl' in the US, study warns - Daily Mail
Climate simulations reveal the US is twice as likely to face a 'Dust Bowl' more devastating than what occurred during the Great Depression. The event would create heatwaves and massive droughts.

The sun is experiencing a less active phase called 'solar minimum,' but it won't cause an ice age - CNN
In a solar minimum, the sun is much quieter, meaning less sunspots and energy.

Six feet may not be far enough to stop coronavirus transmission in windy weather, study suggests - Fox News
Public health officials have advised wearing a mask in public and remaining at least six feet from anyone else to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading. These measures are credited with flattening the curve in places like New York City.

Unusual 'toothless' dinosaur discovered in Australia - Fox News
An unusual “toothless” dinosaur has been identified by paleontologists in Australia.

This SpaceX / NASA launch is a big deal, right? We’ll ask an astronaut who knows - Ars Technica
Karen Nyberg will be watching the Crew Dragon mission closely—her husband is its commander.

Scientists create the most advanced human-mouse 'hybrid' embryo, with 4% of human cells - Daily Mail
Scientists have successfully mixed human and mice cells in a hybrid 'chimera' embryo, the most advanced example of its kind, with human cells in the brain, heart, liver, eyes, and blood.

Hurricanes really are getting stronger, just like climate models predicted -
The authors of a new paper studied 4,000 tropical cyclones spanning 39 years.

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