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US to shut down famed huge Arecibo space telescope in Puerto Rico jungle - The Guardian
The observatory has played a key part in space exploration – and a few movies – but two accidents have rendered the 305m-wide instrument unsafe

For The First Time Ever, Scientists Have Created Diamonds in The Lab Without Heat - ScienceAlert
In nature, diamonds form deep in the Earth over billions of years. This process requires environments with exceptionally high pressure and temperatures exceeding 1,000℃.

Global map of bees created in conservation first - BBC News
The data will help protect vital pollinators and could lead to new bee discoveries, say scientists.

Moment a meteor enters Earth's atmosphere as a blazing ball of fire is captured by research cameras - Daily Mail
Researchers mapping the seafloor off the coast of Tasmania captured the moment a meteor flew through the atmosphere as a fireball and then disintegrated over the ocean.

China prepares to launch mission to collect moon rocks - The Guardian
Long March-5 rocket has been rolled into position for ignition expected this month

SpaceX Crew Dragon astronauts describe thrilling ride to orbit - CBS News
Rookie astronaut Victor Glover calls the view from space "surreal."

Researchers identify features that could make someone a virus super-spreader -
New research from the University of Central Florida has identified physiological features that could make people super-spreaders of viruses such as COVID-19.

Researchers prove water has multiple liquid states -
Water is a ubiquitous liquid with many highly unique properties. The way it responds to changes in pressure and temperature can be completely different from other liquids, and these properties are essential to many practical applications and particularly to l…

Decades Old Mystery Solved: A “New Kind of Electrons” - SciTechDaily
Why do certain materials emit electrons with a very specific energy? This has been a mystery for decades — scientists at TU Wien have found an answer. It is something quite common in physics: electrons leave a certain material, they fly away and then they are…

Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite Prepared for Launch - NASA
The newest satellite to monitor global sea level is ready for its journey into space. Here's what to expect.

The universe works like a huge human brain, discover scientists - Big Think
A new study found similarities between the human brain and the cosmic network of galaxies.

Twisted graphene could power a new generation of superconducting electronics - Science Magazine
Stacked carbon sheets used to make switches that some quantum computers rely on

1-year-old girl fighting COVID-19 transferred to multiple hospitals in order to find an available bed - WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
As rural Oklahoma hospitals continue to stay full, medical officials tell KFOR they are having to send more patients miles away to metro areas. However, metro hospitals reveal they are already filled to the brim.

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