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Mars helicopter flight test promises Wright Brothers moment for NASA -
NASA hopes to score a 21st-century Wright Brothers moment on Monday as it attempts to send a miniature helicopter buzzing over the surface of Mars in what would be the first powered, controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet.

NASA Mars helicopter Ingenuity: How to watch first flight on another planet - CNET
NASA will look to make aviation history on Mars Monday. Here's how to follow Ingenuity's first flight from mission control.

Starship SN15 prepares for flight following major NASA vindication - -
Starship SN15 is expected to undergo a Static Fire test as early as Tuesday to…

2021 Lyrid meteor shower lighting up the sky now: How to watch the show - CNET
The year's shooting-star spotting season starts now.

Prince Philip's granddaughter Lady Louise, 17, will inherit his carriage and ponies - Daily Mail
Sources say she will continue to regularly exercise the two black ponies - Balmoral Nevis and Notlaw Storm - at Windsor.

Researchers now have an estimate for just how many T. rex once roamed Earth - KABC-TV
Billions of Tyrannosaurus rex roamed North America during their fascinating reign as top predators, according to a team of researchers that went about the daunting task of making the calculation.

Watch NASA mission control live as the Ingenuity helicopter attempts to fly on Mars on Monday - Business Insider
NASA's Mars helicopter is set to make spaceflight history. But "there's a lot of things that could go wrong," one Ingenuity engineer said.

Hubble watches cosmic light bend - Phys.Org
This extraordinary image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope of the galaxy cluster Abell 2813 (also known as ACO 2813) has an almost delicate beauty, which also illustrates the remarkable physics at work within it. The image spectacularly demonstrates th…

CRISPR: Can we control it? - Big Think
The potential of CRISPR technology is incredible, but the threats are too serious to ignore.

Dying white dwarf stars may explode like a nuclear bomb -
Who knew star deaths and nuclear weapons had something in common?

Russia to decide on pullout from ISS since 2025 after technical inspection - TASS
According to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov’s administration, the timeframe of the station’s operations has expired and its condition leaves much to be desired

Mars didn't lose all of its water at once, based on Curiosity rover find - CNN
Data captured by one of the Curiosity rover's instruments suggests Mars transitioned back and forth between wetter and drier times before losing its surface water completely around three billion years ago.

Astronomers Detect a New Super-Earth Orbiting a Red Dwarf Star - SciTechDaily
In recent years there has been an exhaustive study of red dwarf stars to find exoplanets in orbit around them. These stars have effective surface temperatures between 2400 and 3700 K (over 2000 degrees cooler than the Sun), and masses between 0.08 and 0.45 so…

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