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The great white shark's genetic healing powers have been decoded - CNET
We now know more about how they heal so rapidly and, potentially, how they stave off cancer.

FACT CHECK: Was a Mars Rover's Final Message to NASA 'My Battery Is Low and It's Getting Dark?' -
A poetic interpretation of the Opportunity rover's final transmission from Mars went viral in February 2019.

February's 'Full Snow Supermoon' to be largest full moon of 2019 - News3LV
Tonight's moon will be full, and tomorrow morning, Feb. 19, around 1:00 a. m. it will be the closest to Earth it will get for all of 2019. It’s February’s ‘Full Snow Supermoon’ and, according to the Farmers' Almanac, it will be the lar…

Climate change makes summer weather stormier yet more stagnant: Rising temperatures feed more energy to thunderstorms, less to general circulation - Science Daily
Climate change is shifting the energy in the atmosphere that fuels summertime weather, which may lead to stronger thunderstorms and more stagnant conditions for midlatitude regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Europe, and Asia, a new s…

Big Ben-sized asteroid will skim past Earth TOMORROW in close flyby traveling at 30,420mph - Daily Mail
The asteroid, dubbed 2013 MD8, is expected to skim past Earth at just over 3 million miles away, or about 13 times the distance between Earth and the moon, at 12:55pm (ET) on Tuesday.

Brain represents optical illusion as delayed reality - Medical Xpress
A study of humans and monkeys published in JNeurosci has found the same subset of neurons encode actual and illusory complex flow motion. This finding supports, at the level of single neurons, what the Czech scientist Jan Purkinje surmised 150 years ago: "Ill…

Exotic spiraling electrons discovered by physicists -
Rutgers and other physicists have discovered an exotic form of electrons that spin like planets and could lead to advances in lighting, solar cells, lasers and electronic displays.

Why a Grape Turns Into a Fireball in a Microwave - WIRED
Nuking a grape produces sparks of plasma, as plenty of YouTube videos document. Now physicists think they can explain how that energy builds up.

China plans to tap the Sun’s boundless energy with an orbiting solar farm - BGR
Our Sun is the most readily available source of energy we have available to us, but harnessing its incredible power is something humanity is still a challenge. Solar farms placed in sunny areas of …

Asteroid set to eat a bullet from a JAXA spacecraft this week - CNET
Japan's Hayabusa 2 spacecraft is finally ready to collect a sample of the asteroid Ryugu.

Florida has had a 'launch drought.' Details about first Space Coast rocket launch of 2019 - Florida Today
After almost 2 months of waiting, Space Coast residents will get to watch rockets launching off the coast of Cape Canaveral

Artificial intelligence — and a few jokes — will help keep future Mars crews sane - GeekWire
When the first human explorers head for Mars, they’re likely to have a non-human judging their performance and tweaking their interpersonal relationships when necessary.

Statistician: Machine Learning Is Causing A "Crisis in Science" - Futurism
Many researchers now use machine learning to analyze data. There's just one glaring problem.

Diversity on land is not higher today than in the past, study shows -
The rich levels of biodiversity on land seen across the globe today are not a recent phenomenon: diversity on land has been similar for at least the last 60 million years, since soon after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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