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New study debunks controversial 2015 fossil find: It’s not a four-limbed snake after all - Ars Technica
Its anatomy is consistent with that of extinct marine lizards known as dolichosaurs.

Hubble update: One camera back, more to come - Ars Technica
Still uncertain of why it misbehaved, controllers are cautiously restoring service.

The Search for Life Around Alpha Centauri Just Took a Major Leap Forward - Gizmodo
A telescope dedicated to looking for potentially habitable planets around the nearest stars could be operational by 2023.

We know what invasive species can do on Earth—what about in space? - Ars Technica
Invasion science can help keep Earth and other planets safe from alien microbes.

Moon lighting: partial lunar eclipse to be longest since 1440 - Phys.Org
The longest partial lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years, which will bathe the Moon in red, will be visible Thursday and Friday for a big slice of humanity.

Remains of 'very rare' dinosaur species discovered in Brazil - Phys.Org
Remains of a toothless, two-legged dinosaur species that lived some 70 million years ago has been discovered in Brazil, researchers said Thursday, calling it a "very rare" find.

Astronomers discover enormous 'barrier' separating the center of the Milky Way from the cosmic ray sea -
Something is keeping the universe's fastest-moving particles from entering the center of our galaxy.

How ultracold, superdense atoms become invisible - Phys.Org
An atom's electrons are arranged in energy shells. Like concertgoers in an arena, each electron occupies a single chair and cannot drop to a lower tier if all its chairs are occupied. This fundamental property of atomic physics is known as the Pauli exclusion…

NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins will make a historic trip as the first Black woman on the space station crew - CNN
Watkins will be making her first trip to space since being selected as an astronaut candidate in 2017.

Hubble's Grand Tour of the Outer Solar System - NASA
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has completed this year's grand tour of the outer solar system – returning crisp images that complement current and past observations from interplanetary spacecraft.

Is there water on Mars? -
Recent exploration suggests there was water on Mars in the past and perhaps even the present.

New study helps to understand cosmological lithium problem - Phys.Org
An international research team has recently updated the 7Li(d,n)24He reaction rate based on latest experimental data, which removes the significant ambiguity in the cosmological lithium (Li) problem from the perspective of nuclear physics.

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