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The First All Woman Spacewalk Outside the Space Station on This Week @NASA – October 18, 2019 - NASA
A first aboard the space station, some gear well-suited for the Artemis generation, and ensuring astronaut safety … a few of the stories to tell you about – ...

A star died and this bizarre space blob was born - CNET
NASA's Chandra observatory took a fresh look at the scenic remains of the Tycho supernova.

Scientists Discover 'Stormquakes': A Never-Before-Seen Geophysical Phenomenon - ScienceAlert
Hurricanes are one thing. Earthquakes are another. But these hazardous events aren't mutually exclusive, and sometimes one can even feed the other.

The World's Largest Geode Formed When the Mediterranean Sea Disappeared, New Study Reveals -
Most geodes can fit in the palm of your hand. The Pulpí Geode can fit your entire family inside it.

European SolO probe ready to take on audacious mission - BBC News
A UK-assembled European spacecraft aims to take the closest ever pictures and movies of the Sun.

Success! NASA Confirms the Mole is Working Again. - Universe Today
After months of difficulties, NASA confirmed that the Mole is working again. But there's still a long ways to go before its mission is successful.

California earthquakes just caused a major fault line to move for the first time, a study shows - CNN
The Ridgecrest earthquake in July was the strongest to strike southern California in 20 years. The main quake, compounded with more than 100,000 aftershocks, caused a major fault to move for the first time, a study found.

A new discovery: How our memories stabilize while we sleep - Medical Xpress
Scientists at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology (CNRS/Collège de France/INSERM) have shown that delta waves emitted while we sleep are not generalized periods of silence during which the cortex rests, as has been described for decades in th…

Racial Disparities In NIH R01 Funding May Be Partly Caused By Topic Choice : Shots - Health News - NPR
Black scientists more often seek grants for community health studies, but molecular-level research proposals win more funding. More diversity throughout the process could help close the gap, says NIH.

Lifestyle is a threat to gut bacteria: Ötzi proves it, study shows: Study explores the variation and evolution of Prevotella copri, a common human gut microbe - Science Daily
The evolution of dietary and hygienic habits in Western countries is associated with a decrease in the bacteria that help in digestion. These very bacteria were also found in the Iceman, who lived 5300 years ago, and are still present in non-Westernized popul…

Flexible, wearable supercapacitors based on porous nanocarbon nanocomposites -
Evening gowns with interwoven LEDs may look extravagant, but the light sources need a constant power supply from devices that are as well wearable, durable, and lightweight. Chinese scientists have manufactured fibrous electrodes for wearable devices that are…

The universe might be full of Earth-like exoplanets, study suggests - New York Post
Earth-like exoplanets may be quite common in the universe, a new UCLA study suggests. Scientists led by Alexandra Doyle, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate student of geochemis…

Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA may have helped early Melanesian people survive -
A team of researchers from the U.S., Italy and France has found evidence that suggests DNA inherited from Neanderthals and Denisovans may have helped early Melanesian people survive in their island environment. In their paper published in the journal Science,…

FIVE asteroids will make 'close' passes to Earth today - Daily Mail
NASA data show the biggest of the asteroids will be up to 328 feet across - about the height of Big Ben in London or the Statue of Liberty - while the smallest will be just 45 feet across.

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