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Asteroid shock: How asteroid Bennu revealed something NASA scientists weren't ready for -
A BILLION dollar NASA space probe has reached a massive asteroid called Bennu – but astonishing new pictures taken from just above the surface have left the US science team very worried.

Viewing Tips for Peak of Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight - Big Island Now
The Perseid meteor shower is upon us. It is the most famous and active meteor shower of the year with up to 80 meteors an hour leaving long trails across the

The Israeli spacecraft that crashed on the moon spilled microscopic 'water bears' that can live in space - INSIDER
Beresheet spilled tardigrades, invisible tiny critters that are capable of living in extreme conditions ⁠— including space.

Parker Solar Probe makes a second orbit of the Sun, captures solar wind on video - Digital Trends
The Parker Solar Probe, launched last year, has completed its second orbit around the Sun. To celebrate, the team has released a video from one of the instruments, the Wide-Field Imager for Solar Probe, which has captured the solar wind in action as the struc…

Hubble Telescope Spots Two Galaxies in a Doomed (but Dazzling) Dance -
The galaxies will ultimately crash into each other.

NASA boss visits Alabama school seeking brainpower for future space projects -
"There is no shortage of opportunity for the folks in this room," Jim Bridenstine told students during the visit to Arab High School.

NASA news: Watch the incredible moment a comet slams into the Sun at high speeds -
A NASA satellite scanning the Sun for space weather forecasts filmed the moment a glowing comet plunged into the burning ball of gas.

This Enormous Supernova Was Unlike Anything Seen Before - Gizmodo Australia
Astronomers have observed a supernova unlike any ever observed before, and it might be strong evidence of an important kind of stellar death that would have shaped early galaxies....

The US Plans To Send Nuclear Reactors To Space | -
Despite the nuclear industry stumbling in the domestic United States, the country is looking to put nuclear reactors on Mars and the Moon

NASA wants to send two more missions to Mars to collect rock samples - Digital Trends
With its Mars 2020 mission, NASA hopes to collect samples from the surface of the planet when it launches next year. The challenge is how to get those samples back to Earth. Now, NASA has revealed its plans for two followup missions to Mars which would collec…

When it Comes to Gamma Radiation, the Moon is Actually Brighter Than the Sun - Universe Today
Data and images from the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope reveal the Moon's hellish glow, and the risk it poses to astronauts.

NASA and SpaceX practice Crew Dragon evacuation procedure with astronaut recovery vessel - TechCrunch
NASA and SpaceX continue their joint preparations for the eventually astronaut crew missions that SpaceX will fly for the agency, with a test of the emergency evacuation procedure for SpaceX’s GO Searcher seaborne ship. The ship is intended to be used to reco…

NASA scientists track Greenland’s melting ice, and the findings are not good - MarketWatch
Greenland contains enough ice to make world sea levels rise by 20 feet if it were all to melt. In a single day this month, it lost a record 13.7 billion tons...

SpaceX is staking its future on this one rocket as it prepares for Mars - MarketWatch
The Big Falcon Rocket is the culmination of years of work. And SpaceX plans for its Starship to be a cornerstone of Mars colonization.

Space Photos of the Week: Sun Spotting - WIRED
NASA’s Parker probe is headed to the center of the solar system to figure out what drives the solar wind.

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