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America’s first woman astronaut candidate dead at 88 - Fox News
America’s first female astronaut candidate, pilot Jerrie Cobb, who pushed for equality in space but never reached its heights, has died.

Pink Moon set to illuminate the skies on Friday - CNN
Moon gazers be ready! April's full moon, known as the Pink Moon, is set to premiere on Friday.

A Genius First-of-Its-Kind Device Has Created Electricity From Snowfall - ScienceAlert
Scientists have developed a first-of-its-kind device that generates electricity from nothing other than the natural phenomenon of snowfall.

A planet-hunting satellite discovered its smallest planet yet — and it's the same size as Earth - Salon
In planet-hunting, big planets are far easier to detect — which is why an Earth-size world is a novel find

Fireball lights up the sky over Pennsylvania and other eastern states -
Hundreds of observers in Pennsylvania and 8 other states spotted a fireball in the nightsky on Tuesday night.

Southern California hit by tiny earthquakes every 3 minutes, study finds - KABC-TV
There's a whole lot of shakin' going on in Southern California - 10 times more than seismologists had thought. But most of those earthquakes are so tiny that no one feels them.

China to Launch Ambitious Asteroid-Comet Mission in 2022 -
The spacecraft will explore a near-Earth asteroid and an odd rock in the asteroid belt.

Planet Mercury Has Solid Inner Core About the Same Size as Earth's - Gizmodo
A new analysis has found that Mercury has a solid inner core, just like Earth does. And Mercury’s core is just about the same size as our own planet’s.

The brain's imperfect execution of mathematically optimal perception - Medical Xpress
Human perception is based on mathematically optimal principles, but the brain implements those principles imperfectly, suggests new research by Elina Stengård and Ronald van den Berg of the University of Uppsala, Sweden. They present their findings in PLOS Co…

Shadowy first image of black hole revealed - Science Magazine
Two decades ago, Eric Agol, an astronomer at the University of Washington in Seattle, first modeled how a black hole's intense gravity would bend light around it to form a perfectly circular shadow. Last week, when the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) team revea…

Things Are Stacking up for NASA's Mars 2020 Spacecraft - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
As the July 2020 launch date inches closer, the next spacecraft headed to the Red Planet is assembled for more testing.

What happened before the Big Bang? - NBC News
Was the Big Bang the beginning of the universe? What existed before the Big Bing? Find theories on what happened before the Big Bang and more.

NASA just sent robotic ‘bees’ to the International Space Station - BGR
Do robots have a place in the future of crewed space missions? NASA thinks so, and it’s not the only one. Late last year the ESA launched a robotic assistant known as “CIMON” (Cre…

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