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New Atomtronic Device to Probe Weird Boundary Between Quantum and Everyday Worlds - SciTechDaily
Clouds of supercooled atoms offer highly sensitive rotation sensors and tests of quantum mechanics. A new device that relies on flowing clouds of ultracold atoms promises potential tests of the intersection between the weirdness of the quantum world and the f…

China moves rocket into place for upcoming Mars mission - Fox News
China has moved a rocket into position to launch a rover to Mars in one of three upcoming missions to the red planet, one from the U.S. and another by the United Arab Emirates.

How to see the NEOWISE Comet before it disappears - Detroit Free Press
Local astronomy experts, enthusiasts offer advice on sighting the comet.

SpaceX appears to be targeting next week for Falcon 9 launch from Cape Canaveral - Florida Today
South Korea's first military communications satellite appears to be on target for launch next week from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

How Galaxies Die: New Insights Into Galaxy Halos, Black Holes, and Quenching of Star Formation - SciTechDaily
A simple model explains a wide range of observations by describing a contest between galaxy halos and their central black holes that eventually turns off star formation. Astronomers studying galaxy evolution have long struggled to understand what causes star …

Not a meteor, but a Russian rocket re-entering Earth's atmosphere streaks across the West Texas skies -
Initially thought to be a meteor, it was actually a Russian rocket body that was launched in November 2019

James Webb Space Telescope Set to “Revolutionize Our Understanding of the Universe” in 2021 - SciTechDaily
The launch of the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) on an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana is now planned for October 31, 2021. NASA has announced the decision, based on a recently completed schedule risk assessment of the…

Scientists unlocked the secret of how these ultra-black fish absorb light - Ars Technica
The fish skin absorbs more than 99.5% of light thanks to pigment-packed granules

Asteroid 2020 ND, 160 Metres in Diameter, to Fly Past Earth on July 24 - Gadgets 360
A huge asteroid is making its way toward Earth and it will pass by our planet next week. Dubbed as Asteroid 2020 ND, it is classified as Near-Earth Object (NEO) and Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) by NASA.

SpaceX set to bring NASA astronauts back to Earth on August 2nd - Teslarati
The joint SpaceX-NASA historic mission which brought human spaceflight back to U.S. soil after nearly a decade is set to return from Earth orbit on August 1, 2020, per NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine’s announcement Friday afternoon. Capsule splashdown is s…

Metal-eating bacteria accidentally discovered by scientists -
Scientists in California have discovered a new type of bacteria that eats metal.

How To See 5 Planets In California Sky This Weekend -
See Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the night sky this Sunday. No telescope required.

FAA: SpaceX environmental review underway to launch Starships to orbit - Business Insider - Business Insider
Before SpaceX founder Elon Musk can realize the fully reusable launch system he's envisioned, the rocket company has more regulatory hurdles to clear.

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