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Almighty Poseidon Reclaims His SpaceX Rocket Into the Ocean Deep - Jalopnik
Remember last Friday when we told you about how SpaceX managed to land and recover the three rocket boosters that make up the first stage of their Falcon Heavy rocket? That was a big deal. Unfortunately, in the end, the enterprise was only 2/3rds successful, …

The ancient memories trapped in the world's glaciers - BBC News
The tongues of ice on the world’s highest mountains are melting away, but we might be able to save the precious archive of information trapped within them before it disappears forever.

Believe it or not, Jaws has something to fear - New Zealand Herald
It turns out, great white sharks are scared of something, too

NASA astronaut Christina Koch scheduled for record flight at International Space Station - KTRK-TV
Christina Koch first arrived at the International Space Station on March 14 and plans to remain in orbit until February 2020. If completed, it will be the longest single spaceflight by a woman, surpassing the record set by Peggy Whitson.

Moon dust and magic mysteries mingle at Beresheet crash site - The Times of Israel
Magician David Copperfield's secrets part of 30-million pages of human knowledge that could have survived Israeli lunar crash

Artificial intelligence speeds efforts to develop clean, virtually limitless fusion energy -
Artificial intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science that is transforming scientific inquiry and industry, could now speed the development of safe, clean and virtually limitless fusion energy for generating electricity. A major step in this direction is…

Morphing origami takes a new shape, expanding use possibilities -
Origami-based structures have been used to create deployable solar arrays for space, adaptable acoustic systems for symphony halls and even crash protection systems for flying drones.

These beetles have successfully freeloaded for 100 million years -
Almost 100 million years ago, a tiny and misfortunate beetle died after wandering into a sticky glob of resin leaking from a tree in a region near present-day Southeast Asia. Fossilized in amber, this beetle eventually made its way to the desk of entomologist…

Scientists created a CRISPR tool that can wipe out longer pieces of DNA - Engadget
Researchers compare the new tool to a shredder capable of wiping out long stretches of DNA.

China is sending teens to the desert to simulate life on Mars - BGR
Mars is a mostly dry, dusty, barren place. Earth, our big blue-green marble of a planet, has a few places like that too, which makes them the perfect places to study how humans might eventually col…

There's a Tiny, Bright Magnetar Photobombing Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole - Live Science
Astronomers studying black hole SagA* have to deal with the weird, frustrating little star that lit up right between Earth and the black hole in 2013.

Powerful CRISPR cousin accidentally mutates RNA while editing DNA target - Science Magazine
Off-target editing could complicate developing safe “base-edited” therapies

Crowds mob successful daytime rocket launch from NASA Wallops - Delmarva Daily Times
NASA launched an Antares rocket from Wallops, carrying Cygnus cargo to ISS. The Northrop Grumman mission will be the 11th from the flight facility.

April's 'Pink Moon' will illuminate the sky on Good Friday - WTHR
April's Pink Moon is the next full moon of this year and it will appear on April 19 at 7:12 a.m. ET

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