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Scientists Find Huge Mountains Deep Below Earth’s Surface - Report - Sputnik International
While the finding does not support the hollow earth theory, it does provide some interesting insights into geology and the history of the Earth.

NASA and ESA team up for historic planetary defense test - Big Think
​Two space agencies plan missions to deflect an asteroid.

British Satellite Tests its Space Junk Harpoon - Universe Today
The RemoveDebris spacecraft recently tested out its harpoon, one of the tools it will use to remove space debris from Earth's orbit.

Diagnosing 'art acne' in Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings -
Even Georgia O'Keeffe noticed the pin-sized blisters bubbling on the surface of her paintings. For decades, conservationists and scholars assumed these tiny protrusions were grains of sand, kicked up from the New Mexico desert where O'Keeffe lived and worked.…

The biggest and brightest supermoon of the year is Monday night - will you see it? - KOMO News
On Monday night, the sky will light up with the biggest, brightest supermoon of the year -- and the Seattle area just might be able to see it. A "supermoon" is when the moon appears larger because it is at a closer point in its orbit to Earth; technically the…

Intricately Detailed Moon Photo Leaves Reddit Users Breathless - Forbes
If you've ever looked for the man on the moon, photographer Andrew McCarthy's 81-megapixel image is your best bet on finding him.

Volcanic activity under Mars's surface? | Space - EarthSky
Mars has long been thought to be a geologically dead world. Could there still be volcanic activity beneath its surface? A subsurface lake at Mars' south pole suggests that possibility.

NASA posts image of ghostly blue objects, deep in the cosmos - Mashable
"They disappear into nothingness within a few tens of thousands of years."

Rocket start-up Relativity quadruples resources in a year, adds former SpaceX leaders - CNBC
There are hundreds of young companies in the growing private space industry but one of them is landing impressive talent and keeping its foot on the gas: Relativity Space.

NASA backs tiny 3D-printed sensors for planetary rovers - Engadget
NASA is pouring money into 3D-printed nanomaterial sensors that could help quests to land humans on Mars and the Moon.

SpaceX Hopes Their Sweaty Heat Shield Will Get Us to Mars - Interesting Engineering
Elon Musk and SpaceX are banking their future Mars missions on Starship's ability to survive re-entry by sweating.

'Every Day Is A Good Day When You're Floating': Anne McClain Talks Life In Space - NPR
Kindergartners from Georgetown Day School in Washington D.C., help NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro field questions to McClain, who's an astronaut serving on the International Space Station.

NASA Opportunity last message: What were the final heartbreaking words of the Mars rover? -
NASA has said goodbye to its Mars Opportunity rover nearly 16 years after the robotic explorer blasted from Earth towards Mars – but what was the last message Opportunity beamed to NASA before it was lost to a Martian dust storm?

How A Tweet About The Mars Rover Dying Blew Up On The Internet And Made People Cry - LAist
"My battery is low and it's getting dark" is now the subject of memes, YouTube videos and T-shirts.

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