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Max Q: SpaceX starts building out its production Starlink constellation - TechCrunch
There’s literally a lot more stuff in space than there was last week – or at least, the number of active human-made satellites in Earth’s orbit has gone up quite a bit, thanks to the launch of SpaceX’s first 60 production Starlink satellites. This week also s…

Why philosophers feel we have arrived at peak human intelligence - Tech Ballad
Despite huge advances in science over the past century, our understanding of nature is still far from complete. Not only have scientists failed to find the Holy Grail of physics – ...

“Staggering” –The Implications of Infinite Space (Weekend Feature) - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
If space is infinite worlds exist that contain a star nearly identical to the Sun, which is orbited by a planet identical to the Earth, which contains people nearly identical to you and me.

Planet-hunting satellite spots rare hot Neptune on border of Neptune desert - Digital Trends
Astronomers have used data from NASA's planet-hunting satellite to make an unusual discovery: A planet the size of Neptune which is orbiting extremely close to its star. Planet TOI-132b has an orbital period of just 2.11 days and its surface temperature is es…

Harvesting Hot Electrons Without Tricks Could Increase Solar Panel Efficiency - SciTechDaily
The efficiency of solar panels is hampered by a 'Goldilocks' problem: the light needs to have just the right amount of energy to be converted into a voltage. Too little energy and the photons (packages of light energy) pass right through the panel. Too much a…

California's methane super-emitters - The Media Hq
In the Golden State, landfills are the worst, then dairies and the oil/gas sector.

Most distant object ever explored is renamed following Nazi controversy - Digital Trends
NASA scientists from the New Horizons mission have re-named the farthest object ever explored. The object was previously nicknamed Ultima Thule, a medieval term meaning a location beyond the borders of the known world. But the word Thule has historically been…

Coming to Tonight's Sky: The Leonids - Newser
Meteor shower will peak overnight, but look out for that moon

NASA asteroid warning: Space rocks to cause ‘severe damage over of thousands of square km’ -
NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have urged politicians to fund an ambitious mission to avoid apocalyptic collisions with Earth.

Physicists Detect Strange Electron Pairs Acting as a Brand New State of Matter - ScienceAlert
Under the right circumstances, individual electrons can form partnerships that allow them to zip effortlessly through special materials called superconductors - letting them conduct electrical current without resistance.

Voyager 2 latest: Voyager 2 reaches interstellar space and makes incredible discovery -
VOYAGER 2 has became only the second man-made object to pass the edge of the Sun’s influence, NASA has confirmed, after scientists at the space agency made a dramatic discovery.

Watch the evolution of a galaxy, from the Big Bang til today - Digital Trends
To learn about how galaxies change over time, scientists have created the most complex ever simulation of a galaxy, called TNG50. The data from this simulation were used to create a video that shows the evolution of a massive galaxy from near the beginning of…

Moon landing: Neil Armstrong’s REAL reason for being ‘very quiet’ after Apollo 11 exposed -
NEIL ARMSTRONG “was very quiet” after returning to Earth following his famous Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, but there was a good reason, fellow NASA astronaut Mike Massimino revealed during an interview.

Arrokoth: Naming the Kuiper Belt Object Visited by NASA's New Horizons - NASA
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