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Space Force launch sends the X-37B space plane on a new mission - CNET
The second mission to orbit for the newest American military branch carries experiments for NASA and others.

Take a virtual tour of the Museo Galileo in Florence, Italy - Ars Technica
The museum holds one of the world's major collections of scientific instruments.

SpaceX rocket recovery fleet dodges tropical storm amid Starlink launch delays - Teslarati
In the last 24 hours, SpaceX’s fleet of rocket recovery ships has had to dramatically change course to dodge a tropical storm, weather that has partially delayed the company’s next Starlink satellite launch. Previously scheduled to launch no earlier than (NET…

Magnetic North Police is moving closer to Siberia, researchers reveal - Daily Mail
Researchers from the UK and Denmark say the pole is shifting as much as 37 miles a year. Lead researcher Phil Livermore, at the University of Leeds, said: 'We've never seen anything like this before'.

Why are stars flashing us? NASA might have just found out what’s behind strange pulsations in the sky - SYFY WIRE
You’re getting flashed every night, and it isn’t by someone streaking across the neighbor’s lawn because they partied a little too hard. NASA’s TESS planet hunter doesn’t just seek out exoplanets. It also observes stars, some of which it caught flashing in a …

Prescott Valley's Swimming Pool Will Open Amid Coronavirus Concerns - Prescott eNews
Prescott Valley's swimming pool will open May 23rd while following the CDC guidelines.

Rare long-necked dinosaur that roamed the polar world unearthed in Australia - The Guardian
Discovery of a single vertebra of an elaphrosaur in Victoria hugely expands known range of the group, which had teeth as juveniles but beaks as adults

Living on The Space Station Leaves a Microbial 'Fingerprint' on Astronauts - ScienceAlert
If we're going to make it out further into the Universe, we need to know more about the long-term effects of living in space. Two studies have now revealed how the International Space Station (ISS) leaves a microbial 'fingerprint' on astronauts, and

Meet the Scientists and Engineers Behind NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover - SciTechDaily
These are the people who built NASA's next Mars rover and who will guide it to a safe landing in Jezero Crater. Behind every spacecraft there are stories of hope, passion and creativity from the people who design and build these complex machines. In the case …

Antiviral Mask to Kill Coronavirus on Contact in Development by Researchers - Newsweek
The team at the University of Kentucky is hoping to create a membrane mask that would "capture and deactivate" SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

NASA crowdsourcing helps build a better Moon digging robot - Engadget
NASA has picked the winners from a challenge that asked the public to improve its Moon digging robot.

Ask the Master Gardener: Ideal plants for ground cover in shady areas - Brainerd Dispatch
Snow-on-the-mountain, Canadian wild ginger, Lily-of-the-valley and Ajuga are all good options.

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