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The US Plans To Send Nuclear Reactors To Space | -
Despite the nuclear industry stumbling in the domestic United States, the country is looking to put nuclear reactors on Mars and the Moon

Viewing Tips for Peak of Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight - Big Island Now
The Perseid meteor shower is upon us. It is the most famous and active meteor shower of the year with up to 80 meteors an hour leaving long trails across the

Alabama native ready to lead NASA back to the moon -
Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan is a native of Alabama's Rocket City and now the one in charge of getting astronauts to the lunar surface.

When it Comes to Gamma Radiation, the Moon is Actually Brighter Than the Sun - Universe Today
Data and images from the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope reveal the Moon's hellish glow, and the risk it poses to astronauts.

NASA and SpaceX practice Crew Dragon evacuation procedure with astronaut recovery vessel - TechCrunch
NASA and SpaceX continue their joint preparations for the eventually astronaut crew missions that SpaceX will fly for the agency, with a test of the emergency evacuation procedure for SpaceX’s GO Searcher seaborne ship. The ship is intended to be used to reco…

China successfully conducts first launch of Smart Dragon-1 small satellite launch vehicle -
For the fourth time in less than 10 months – and the second one to…

NASA scientists track Greenland’s melting ice, and the findings are not good - MarketWatch
Greenland contains enough ice to make world sea levels rise by 20 feet if it were all to melt. In a single day this month, it lost a record 13.7 billion tons...

SpaceX is staking its future on this one rocket as it prepares for Mars - MarketWatch
The Big Falcon Rocket is the culmination of years of work. And SpaceX plans for its Starship to be a cornerstone of Mars colonization.

Space Photos of the Week: Sun Spotting - WIRED
NASA’s Parker probe is headed to the center of the solar system to figure out what drives the solar wind.

Elon Musk Wants to Drop Nuclear Bombs on Mars to Prep it for Humans - Interesting Engineering
Nuking Mars would make it habitable for humans, argues the entrepreneur.

Hubble Spots Purple 'Jellyfish' Star Glowing in Abyss of Deep Space -
The aging star is shedding layers of gas into space.

NASA: The night skies will look like THIS when Andromeda galaxy crashes into the Milky Way -
NASA has warned the Andromeda galaxy and Milky will one day collide in a “titanic collision”, revealing what the night sky will look like just before it happens.

Doomed comet’s fiery death caught on VIDEO as it plunges into the Sun - RT
An ill-fated comet’s death-plunge into the fiery surface of the Sun has been captured on video by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) space telescope.

Canadian astronomers find 8 more mysterious repeating fast radio bursts from space - CBC News
They're called fast radio bursts, or FRBs, and these odd, fleeting signals from space are shrouded in mystery. But thanks to Canada's largest radio telescope, astrophysicists are discovering more of them in their search to learn what makes these objects tick.

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