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Moon 'wobble,' climate change seen as driving coastal flooding in 2030s -
U.S. coastlines will face increasing flooding in the mid-2030s thanks to a regular lunar cycle that will magnify rising sea levels caused by climate change, according to research led by NASA scientists.

The Biological Fireworks Sparked by Fertilization Are at Least 300 Million Years Old - ScienceAlert
New life quite literally sparks into being, at least under fluorescence microscopy. That moment when sperm touches egg, billions of zinc atoms ignite across their now conjoined surfaces.

Perseid meteor shower 2021: Here’s when to watch the stunning show - WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
One of the year’s best meteor showers, the Perseid, has begun dazzling stargazers across the U.S.

Hubble Space Telescope Is Back in Action After NASA Fixes Odd Glitch - The Wall Street Journal
Switch to backup hardware resurrects the orbiting observatory, which had been offline since June

Hear the Eerie Radio Emissions NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Recorded From Jupiter and Its Moon Io - SciTechDaily
The Juno Waves instrument “listened” to the radio emissions from Jupiter’s immense magnetic field to find their precise locations. By listening to the rain of electrons flowing onto Jupiter from its intensely volcanic moon Io, researchers using NASA’s Juno sp…

Astronomers identify curious occurrence of star-like objects on old photographic plate - THE WEEK
An international collaboration of astronomers has identified a curious occurrence of nine star-like objects that appeared and vanished in a small region within half an hour on an old photographic plate. Astronomers collaborating across countries track vanishi…

NASA astronauts grow chile peppers in space to help boost crews' diets - Business Insider
The peppers being grown by NASA astronauts are rich in vitamin C, making them a great fit for feeding crew members on future long-duration missions.

These stunning new images of nearby galaxies will blow you away - CNET
Hubble combines with ground-based telescopes to produce incredible snaps of "cosmic fireworks."

Watch a wondrous NASA flyby video of Jupiter and its moon Ganymede - CNET
The Juno spacecraft's recent flybys are rendered as an astonishing tour.

An ancestral recombination graph of human, Neanderthal, and Denisovan genomes - Science Advances
Many humans carry genes from Neanderthals, a legacy of past admixture. Existing methods detect this archaic hominin ancestry within human genomes using patterns of linkage disequilibrium or direct comparison to Neanderthal genomes. Each of these methods is li…

NASA to Brief Early Science From Perseverance Mars Rover – NASA's Mars Exploration Program - NASA Mars Exploration
Panelists will discuss the rover’s recently started science campaign and groundwork for its next major milestone.

NASA warns that moon ‘wobble’ could mean severe coastal flooding, lasting a month or more, in near future -
The wobble's effects could come as soon as the mid-2030s.

The paradox of a free-electron laser without the laser -
A new way of producing coherent light in the ultra-violet spectral region, which points the way to developing brilliant table-top X-ray sources, has been produced in research led at the University of Strathclyde.

Activity discovered on largest comet ever found -
A newly discovered visitor to the outer edges of our solar system has been shown to be the largest known comet ever, thanks to the rapid response telescopes of Las Cumbres Observatory. The object, which is named Comet C/2014 UN271 Bernardinelli-Bernstein afte…

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