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SpaceX Updates: Inspiration4 Astronauts Give Live Video Update - The New York Times
The first crew of nonprofessional astronauts in orbit will return to Earth on Saturday night.

A New Company With a Wild Mission: Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth - The New York Times
With $15 million in private funding, Colossal aims to bring thousands of woolly mammoths back to Siberia. Some scientists are deeply skeptical that will happen.

NASA: Flying the Mars Ingenuity helicopter is 'getting harder and harder' - CNET
Ingenuity has outlasted its planned mission, and now Mars is throwing some obstacles into its flight path.

Astronomers solve centuries-old mystery of supernova observed in 1181 - Ars Technica
"Parker's Star" is surrounded by the Pa30 nebula discovered in 2013.

Amateur Astronomers Spot Fireball on Jupiter - Gizmodo
If confirmed, it would be the eighth impact flash recorded on Jupiter since 1994.

Dark Energy Could Be Responsible for Mysterious Experiment Signals, Researchers Say - Gizmodo
What if a bunch of liquid xenon under the Apennine Mountains found 68% of the universe?

UPDATED: Reports of 'boom' and shaking this morning, most likely a fireball - WHSV
Numerous reports came in all across the area this morning of a ‘boom’ and ground shaking. We are still working to learn more and this is a developing story.

New research finds first clear detection of circumplanetary disk surrounding an exoplanet - -
In recently published research using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers announced that they…

Have you seen tardigrades walk? Scientists decode why they trot like insects - The Indian Express
Tardigrades and arthropods are an example of convergent, but independent, evolution whereby two species evolve to develop similar physical characteristics.

First Recorded Hurricane From Space Pushes Plasma Toward Earth's Upper Atmosphere - Now. Powered by Northrop Grumman.
On analyzing weather satellite data from 2014, scientists discovered evidence of a hurricane from space​.

Extragalactic stars in my eyes - SYFY WIRE
For centuries, astronomers scratched their heads and wondered what the hell these weird “spiral nebulae” in the sky were.

Rare artefacts discovered on the Murray River -
New research by archaeologists has described rare shell artifacts discovered at Calperum Station and Murrawong (Glen Lossie) on the Murray River in South Australia.

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