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NASA's Artemis Accords lay out some rules for joint space exploration - Engadget
NASA knows that it will have to work with foreign space agencies and private companies to establish human presence on the Moon. NASA says the Artemis Accords are meant to “establish a common set of principles to govern the civil exploration and use of outer s…

Weather pushes ULA’s Space Force mission to Sunday, shuffles SpaceX launch to Monday - Orlando Sentinel
Bad weather on Saturday created a rocket domino effect that will now see United Launch Alliance try to send the U.S. Space Force’s experimental mini space shuttle back into orbit on Sunday while a planned SpaceX launch of its Starlink satellites shifted to Mo…

U.S. Space Force To Launch Secret Mission Devoted To Coronavirus Victims & Frontline Workers | TODAY - TODAY
The newly created U.S. Space Force is preparing to launch a secret space plane from Cape Canaveral, Florida this weekend. The plane could orbit Earth for mon...

2D Nano Sandwich Is Deliciously Useful for Detecting Biomolecules - SciTechDaily
Rice University engineers adapt 2D ‘sandwich’ for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. A sandwich of molybdenum, sulfur, and selenium turns out to be deliciously useful for detecting biomolecules. Tests at Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering of a tw…

A look at Africa's largest fossil footprint site - CBS This Morning
Thousands of years ago, some of humankind's prehistoric ancestors walked across a field in what is now Tanzania -- and left footsteps that are now part of th...

Sun lockdown: Is a solar minimum really going to bring famine, freezing temps, and droughts to Earth? - PennLive
The answer is no, NASA says, but it's a trending topic anyway this weekend.

Can dark matter be found on earth? New research says 'maybe' - The Next Web
Dark matter may not give off any light or radiation, but we might be able to watch it smash into atoms here on Earth. Dark matter makes up 85% of all matter in the Universe, but astronomers ...

NASA astronaut explains what's most impressive about SpaceX, Elon Musk - Business Insider
Astronaut Bob Behnken, whom NASA picked to be one of SpaceX's first two human passengers, values the gumption of the rocket company above all else.

Alaska landslide could cause enormous tsunami, scientists warn - Fox News
If an unstable Alaska mount slope fully collapses, a catastrophic tsunami in Harriman Fjord could be triggered, a group of experts warns.

Ohio guidelines for reopening swimming pools include reduced capacity, social distancing in the water -
Swimming pools and aquatic centers can open May 26 in Ohio if they adhere to a series of guidelines, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced Thursday.

Video: Meteor caught on doorbell camera -
A Summerville family caught a meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere on their doorbell video camera early Thursday morning.

Moon's mysterious disappearance 900 years ago finally gets an explanation - Yahoo News
A series of "forgotten" volcanic eruptions could explain accounts of the moon "vanishing" in A.D. 1110.

We Just Found Traces of The Solar System's Oldest Fluid in Meteorite Shards - ScienceAlert
It was the year 2000, and an ancient meteor was at the end of a very long journey. On a winter's morning, it exploded in the skies above Canada, raining hundreds of meteoric shards upon the frozen surface of Tagish Lake in British Columbia.

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