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NASA to land first woman on moon as part of Artemis mission space exploration, moon landing project - CBS News
NASA's project aims to bring human beings back to the moon by 2024

SpaceX’s first flight-proven Falcon Heavy Block 5 rocket ready for static fire test - Teslarati
According to, SpaceX is just ~48 hours away from Falcon Heavy Flight 3’s critical static fire test, in which all 27 of the rocket’s Merlin 1D engines will be briefly ignited. If the routine test goes as planned, SpaceX’s third completed Fa…

NASA's spacecraft is orbiting closer to an asteroid than ever before - CNN
In the dark and lonely place that is space, NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission has managed to reach a new level of proximity as it studies an asteroid.

NASA Finds Starfleet Insignia on Mars Landscape and Mark Hamill and William Shatner Trade Tweets - GeekTyrant
NASA has found a fun little picture for Star Trek fans from the surface of Mars.

NASA astronaut snaps ‘AWE INSPIRING’ aurora photo from the International Space Station -
NASA astronaut Christina Koch snapped this breathtaking photo of the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis from the International Space Station (ISS).

The grainy texture of Saturn’s rings reveals clues to their origins - Digital Trends
New analysis of data from Cassini shows that Saturn's rings are not smooth, but rather are grainy in texture. Scientists believe that tiny moons within the rings cause materials to cluster and form clumps and straw-like patterns, revealing rings which are mor…

Hubble captures explosive galaxy, the site of three recent supernovae - Digital Trends
Hubble's latest image is of the spiral galaxy NGC 4051, located 45 million years from Earth. This particular galaxy is notable for having played host to a large number of supernovae over the years: the first seen in 1983 (SN 1983I), the second in 2003 (SN 200…

NASA's 'Green' Fuel Will Make Its Space Debut on SpaceX Falcon Heavy Mission -
A green propellant alternative will be tested out in space for the first time.

Venus hiding life? How NASA discovered ‘flowing rivers’ on planet – ‘Exactly like Earth’ -
VENUS could well have hosted some form of life in its distant past after NASA discovered it was once similar to Earth, Brian Cox revealed during his new BBC show.

India Has a Long Way to Go Before it Can Use Space for Modern Warfare - The Wire
The country has just a little over a dozen satellites for military purposes whereas China probably has 10x as many.

Supernova explosion 'gifted' Earth with gold, platinum - Deccan Herald
An overlooked star explosion far away in space may have given the Earth the gift of precious heavy elements such as gold and platinum.

Psyche mission clears review - SpaceNews
A NASA mission to a metallic asteroid has passed a major review, but questions remain about its ability to remain on budget and schedule.

Squid might thrive in oceans with rising carbon dioxide - Quartz
Scientists in Australia tested how two types of squid fared in futuristic waters. The results surprised them.

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