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Young Neanderthal Footprint Found in Gibraltar is Only the Second Example in the World - Ancient Origins
The sand sheets in the rampant dunes above Catalan Bay in Gibraltar are a relic of the last glaciation, when the sea level was up to 120 meters below present levels and a great field of dunes extended eastwards from the base of the Rock.

NASA Opportunity last message: What were the final heartbreaking words of the Mars rover? -
NASA has said goodbye to its Mars Opportunity rover nearly 16 years after the robotic explorer blasted from Earth towards Mars – but what was the last message Opportunity beamed to NASA before it was lost to a Martian dust storm?

NASA just got its best budget in decades - The Planetary Society
After months of unrelated political turmoil, multiple stop-gap spending bills, and an unprecedented government shutdown, NASA's 2019 budget was finally signed into law.

Space did WHAT to Tennessee grad Scott Kelly? - WVLT.TV
Scientists don’t know if the changes were good or bad but results from a unique NASA twins study are raising new questions for doctors as the space agency aims to send people to Mars.

Space Harpoon Successfully Snatches Floating Hunk of Space Junk - Gizmodo
A small satellite has captured a piece of space debris using a claw-tipped harpoon. The test represents an important technological achievement given our mounting space junk problem.

Get set for 'super snow moon,' the biggest supermoon of the year - Fox News
Skygazers will be treated to the “super snow moon,” on Feb. 19, the largest supermoon of 2019.

This painting of NASA's late Mars rover Opportunity might make you sob - CNET
A digital artist imagines a reunion between humans and NASA's now-silent rover.

Earth's North Magnetic Pole moving east faster -- NBC4's Ben Gelber explains what that means -
Hearing the news that the North Magnetic Pole is moving relatively rapidly eastward toward Russia sounds a bit alarming. But is that a real concern south of the Arctic Circle?

Astronomers Discover Large Stream of Stars in Solar Neighborhood | Astronomy -
Astronomers using ESA’s Gaia satellite have discovered a large stellar stream that is currently traversing the immediate solar neighborhood at a distance of only 326 light-years. The stream contains at least 4,000 stars that have been moving together in space…

Is Oumuamua Asteroid Acting Like Cutting-Edge ‘Light Sail’ Technology? - Sputnik International
The alleged asteroid Oumuamua has been the subject of heated debates in scientific circles for over a year now, with both alien-related and more traditional theories showing no signs of stopping.

STEM faculty views on intelligence can hurt student performance - Science News
Seeing intelligence as fixed can result in lower grades, especially for certain minorities

NASA wants to save Earth with an anti-asteroid DART | Watch This Space - CNET
Who knows when a giant asteroid could crash into the planet and kill us all? But one thing's for sure: we'd better have a backup plan. Claire Reilly takes a ...

An asteroid will block the brightest star in the night sky on Monday, and astronomers need your help seeing it - Business Insider
Sirius is the brightest night-sky object, but for a moment on President's Day, asteroid Jürgenstock will occult the star system and dim its light.

China's pouring serious money into potential rivals of SpaceX and Blue Origin - CNBC
The global space race is heating up as American companies and NASA face growing competition from China.

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