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Earth’s Interior Is Cooling “Much Faster Than Expected” - SciTechDaily
Researchers at ETH Zurich have demonstrated in the lab how well a mineral common at the boundary between the Earth’s core and mantle conducts heat. This leads them to suspect that the Earth’s heat may dissipate sooner than previously thought. The evolution of…

Sixth Mass Extinction of Global Biodiversity Is Already in Progress - SciTechDaily
The history of life on Earth has been marked five times by events of mass biodiversity extinction caused by extreme natural phenomena. Today, many experts warn that a Sixth Mass Extinction crisis is underway, this time entirely caused by human activities. A c…

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover runs into another snag: pebbles - Yahoo News
NASA's Perseverance Mars rover has run into another snag on its mission to find evidence of ancient microbial life.

Citizen scientists find 'Jupiter-like' planet, NASA says - Fox News
NASA announced this week that citizen scientists had spotted a Jupiter-like exoplanet in data from its Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

"Nothing but fish nests": Massive icefish colony found in Antarctica - Axios
It's believed to be the largest fish colony ever found.

A Major Milestone for the James Webb Space Telescope, a “Mini” Monster Black Hole [Video] - SciTechDaily
A major milestone for the James Webb Space Telescope, what astronomers could learn from a “mini” monster black hole, and the latest assessment of our planet’s global surface temperature … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA! https://you…

Seeing Dark Energy's True Colors: DESI Creates Largest 3D Map of the Cosmos - SciTechDaily
The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) has capped off the first seven months of its survey run by smashing through all previous records for three-dimensional galaxy surveys, creating the largest and most detailed map of the universe ever. Yet it’s on…

China Has Built an ‘Artificial Moon’ on Earth That Can Make Gravity 'Disappear' - News18
The newly built research facility in China can maintain low-gravity conditions for 'as long as you want'.

Why do astronauts get "space anemia"? This study has an answer. - CBS News
The world-first study found that more than 3 million red blood cells were killed a second in space, compared to just 2 million on Earth.

This is the most inspirational picture of the ISS I've ever seen - CNET
Luminous view of the space station above the Nile Delta in Egypt weaves threads of human history.

Ancient Meteorite Doesn’t Carry Evidence of Life on Mars, New Study Says - The Wall Street Journal
Compounds found in 4-pound rock that crashed to Earth were formed by water, findings show

Genetic strategy reverses insecticide resistance -
Insecticides play a central role in efforts to counter global impacts of mosquito-spread malaria and other diseases, which cause an estimated 750,000 deaths each year. These insect-specific chemicals, which cost more than $100 million to develop and bring to …

Earth Isn't 'Super' Because the Sun Had Rings - ExtremeTech
By modeling our solar system with a supercomputer, astrophysicist André Izidoro and his colleagues have shown that the early formation of rings around the sun influenced the size of the resulting planets.

Astronomers witness red supergiant star's death for the first time - New York Post
Previous observations showed that red supergiants were relatively inactive before their deaths, without any evidence of violent eruptions or luminous emissions.

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