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Origin Unknown: Over a Thousand Powerful Cosmic Explosions Detected by FAST Telescope in 47 Days - SciTechDaily
An international research team led by Prof. LI Di and Dr. WANG Pei from National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) caught an extreme episode of cosmic explosions from Fast Radio Burst (FRB) 121102, using the Five-hundred-meter A…

Meteorite crashes through roof and lands on woman's bed - CNET
A British Columbia woman receives a rude awakening.

Cooling radio waves to their quantum ground state -
Researchers at Delft University of Technology have found a new way to cool radio waves all the way down to their quantum ground state. To do so, they used circuits that employ an analog of the so-called laser cooling technique that is frequently used to cool …

Machine-learning system accelerates discovery of new materials for 3D printing -
The growing popularity of 3D printing for manufacturing all sorts of items, from customized medical devices to affordable homes, has created more demand for new 3D printing materials designed for very specific uses.

Scientists find evidence the early solar system harbored a gap between its inner and outer regions -
In the early solar system, a "protoplanetary disk" of dust and gas rotated around the sun and eventually coalesced into the planets we know today.

Starliner valve investigation continues to focus on moisture interaction with propellant - SpaceNews
Boeing is continuing to work through a fault tree to determine the cause of stuck valves that has postponed a Starliner flight test to as late as mid-2022.

Recurring Water Vapor Potentially Found on Europa—but Just on One Side - Gizmodo
The atmosphere of Jupiter's icy moon Europa may contain more water than previously thought.

Giant planet discovered orbiting dead star may be a glimpse into our solar system's future - CBS News
Astronomers came across a Jupiter-like planet revolving around a dead star near the center of the Milky Way.

7 Things to Know About NASA’s First Mission to the Jupiter Trojan Asteroids - Gizmodo
Parked in Jupiter’s orbit, the Trojans hold clues to the early solar system—and possibly the origin of life itself.

Physicists make most precise measurement ever of neutron's lifetime -
But decades-long mystery of how long the particles live persists.

Venus never had oceans, study says - EarthSky
Scientists have run computer simulations that suggest Venus never had oceans because the conditions were never cool enough to allow

Snakes Diversified Explosively After Mass Extinction Where Dinosaurs Were Wiped Out - SciTechDaily
Modern snakes evolved from ancestors that lived side by side with the dinosaurs and that likely fed mainly on insects and lizards. Then a miles-wide asteroid wiped out nearly all the dinosaurs and roughly three-quarters of the planet's plant and animal specie…

Biggest comet ever discovered is approaching Earth, arrival date found - TweakTown
Astronomers located what could be the largest comet ever discovered and found that it's heading towards Earth from deep space.

J&J boosters up for vote, Jill Biden heads to Virginia, new Apple Watch: 5 things to know Friday - USA TODAY
The FDA will vote on J&J booster shots, a giant asteroid is expected to pass by Earth and more news to start your Friday.

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