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5 years after its Pluto flyby, New Horizons spacecraft forges ahead - MSN Money
When NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto five years ago this week, it captured detailed views of the mysterious icy dwarf planet on the edge of our solar system.

How to catch Neowise, the brightest comet in more than 20 years, this month - CNET
One of the most spectacular comets in decades offers a rare opportunity for skywatchers this month.

Here's how to see five planets and the moon without a telescope on Sunday - MSN Money
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will put on a show.

Methane Emissions Hit All-TIme High, Scientists Say - The Weather Channel
A new study showed an increase of methane in the past decade equavalent to putting 350 million more cars on the road.

Thermonuclear blast sends star hurtling across our galaxy - Fox News
Researchers found evidence of a star blasting itself out of its orbit with another star in a “partial supernova.”

Newly-Discovered Bacteria Can Eat Metal as Food - Futurism
"This underscores the need to better understand marine manganese nodules before they are decimated by mining."

NASA and JAXA designing a Toyota-made 'RV for the moon' - Daily Mail
NASA is ditching inflatable tents and underground bases for an RV that will house astronauts on the moon. The agency is working with JAXA and Toyota to develop the pressurized vehicle.

Scientists strapped a tiny camera to a beetle to test just how small video technology can get - CNN
Scientists have developed a tiny wireless camera that can ride on the back of an insect, giving users a bug's-eye view of the world.

Cases of black hole mistaken identity -
Astronomers have discovered one type of growing supermassive black hole masquerading as another, thanks to a suite of telescopes including NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. The true identity of these black holes helps solve a long-running mystery in astrophys…

4-foot prehistoric-looking bird seen at Outer Banks lighthouse is on wrong coast, experts say - Phys.Org
Strange things often wash up on North Carolina's Outer Banks, and the National Park Service says the latest example is a big, prehistoric-looking bird that is far outside its natural range.

Joey Chestnut can eat 75 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Study says only 85 is humanly possible - USA TODAY
A study calculated that 84 was the maximum number of hot dos one person could eat in 10 minutes. Joey Chesnut recently ate a world record of 75.

14,000-Year-Old Poop Found in Oregon Cave Turns Out to Be Human - Gizmodo
For archaeologists, ancient bones and stone tools are important lines of evidence, but sometimes the answers to our past can be found in piles of human poop, as an important new analysis shows.

Geneticists sequence the complete human X chromosome for the first time - ZME Science
Researchers hope to completely sequence the other 23 chromosomes by the end of the year.

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