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SpaceX to launch first Starlink satellites testing 'VisorSat' to block sun - CNET
This weekend Elon Musk's company will begin trying a solution to the problem of its mega-constellation lighting up the night sky and irking astronomers.

The Moon ‘disappeared’ 900 years ago, and scientists just figured out why - BGR
The Moon’s mysterious disappearance from the sky in the year 1100 is just now getting an explanation by scientists. It’s believed that volcanic activity on Earth tossed ash high into the sky and obscured the view of the Moon. Researchers suspect a volcano in …

Hey, Class of 2020! SpaceX and NASA want to launch your photo on historic Dragon flight -
"Submit your photo today to fly with the crew on Dragon and commemorate your achievements!"

Can coronavirus spread in a swimming pool? - WSB Atlanta
Will people be able to swim safely in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

Why a microwave-beam experiment will launch aboard the Air Force’s secretive X-37B space plane -
The scientific experiment offers a first look at the secretive space plane's orbital activities.

Genetically engineered mice are getting closer to humans - Inverse
Scientists at the University of Buffalo have created mouse embryos that contain a strangely high amount of human cells.

Photos taken 1 year apart show potentially troubling sign in volcano. - Yahoo News
The Halema‘uma‘u crater on Kilauea, located in Hawaii, has been relatively quiet over the last year after a frenzy of activity in 2018, which all began with ...

Earth's orbit controlled sea-level rise for millennia but now it's driven by man-made climate change, study reaffirms - The Independent
Earth’s history of glaciation far more complex than previously thought, according to researchers at Rutgers University, reports Louise Boyle

Earth's largest shield volcano revealed in the Hawaiian Islands - Fox News
Scientists have identified the world’s largest shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands, which is barely visible above the waters of the Pacific.

NASA lays out 'Artemis Accords' for responsible moon exploration -
There are some rules that international partners will have to abide by.

Scientists break the link between a quantum material's spin and orbital states -
In designing electronic devices, scientists look for ways to manipulate and control three basic properties of electrons: their charge; their spin states, which give rise to magnetism; and the shapes of the fuzzy clouds they form around the nuclei of atoms, wh…

Funky, new parasitic species named after Twitter, where it was discovered - CNET
"As far as we know, this is the first time that a new species has been discovered on Twitter," said the scientist who spotted it.

Saber-toothed anchovies surface in ancient fossils - CNET
Today's plankton-eating anchovies had monsterlike ancestors, researchers discover.

Stennis returning as battle to protect SLS maiden launch in 2021 restarts -
Hands-on operations with the Space Launch System (SLS) resumed this week, following a lengthy standdown…

Unfortunately, We Cannot Move to Super-Earth - The Cut
The recently discovered planet does sound tempting though.

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