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Snapshots of Ultrafast Switching in Quantum Electronics Could Lead to Faster Computing Devices - SciTechDaily
Scientists Take First Snapshots of Ultrafast Switching in a Quantum Electronic Device They discover a short-lived state that could lead to faster and more energy-efficient computing devices. Electronic circuits that compute and store information contain milli…

Look up! International Space Station to make 2 great passes over Tampa Bay - WFLA
The International Space Station’s orbit around earth will bring it over the Tampa Bay area twice in the next 14 hours.

Enormous Inbound Comet Appears as ‘Beautiful Little Fuzzy Dot’ in New Image - Gizmodo
This unassuming smudge could be the largest comet ever observed by astronomers.

'Best meteor shower of the year' | When to see the Perseids -
The Perseids are considered "the best meteor shower of the year," with 50-100 meteors every hour during its peak, according to NASA.

NASA: Moon "wobble" in orbit may lead to record flooding on Earth - CBS News
A wobble in the moon's orbit will raise high tides even higher, exacerbating the devastating effects of sea-level rise.

DeepMind's AI for protein structure is coming to the masses -
Machine-learning systems from the company and from a rival academic group are now open-source and freely accessible.

Rank-dependent social inheritance determines social network structure in spotted hyenas - Science Magazine
Inheritance of social status, and its associated costs and benefits, is well demonstrated in humans. Whether such an intergenerational system occurs in other species is harder to demonstrate. Ilany et al. looked at nearly 30 years of social interaction data i…

NASA TV to Air Crew Dragon Port Relocation on Space Station - NASA
NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 astronauts on the International Space Station will relocate their Crew Dragon Endeavour spacecraft Wednesday, July 21, setting the stage for a historic first when two different U.S. commercial spacecraft built for crew will be docked to t…

New Maps Help Developers Plan Lunar Road Trip for VIPER Mission - NASA Planetary Science
As any seasoned road-tripper knows, to get the most out of an adventure, a good map helps.

NASA begins high-stakes repair to Hubble Space Telescope - CNN
NASA engineers are trying to work their magic on the Hubble Space Telescope, which stopped working on June 13 as a result of a problem with the payload computer on board.

Why Rome's gladiatorial games were more complex than just a blood sport - National Geographic
Fictional depictions of gladiatorial games often focus on strength, endurance, and a thirst for violence, but new archaeological discoveries reveal a more complex side to the ancient Roman tradition.

China's Zhurong Mars rover visits own parachute - SpaceNews
China’s Zhurong rover has approached and imaged the parachute and backshell which helped the vehicle land safely on Mars.

Lockheed Martin ramps up assembly of Orion capsules that will carry astronauts back to the moon - CBS News
Lockheed Martin sets up high-tech assembly center to speed processing of Orion deep space capsules.

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