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SpaceX, NASA give 'go' for astronaut launch next week from Space Coast - WESH 2 Orlando
GO FOR LAUNCH: SpaceX has the go-ahead from NASA to launch another crew of astronauts next week.

NASA spacecraft leaves mess after grabbing asteroid samples - Yahoo News
A NASA spacecraft left a mess at an asteroid when it grabbed a load of rubble last year for return to Earth, new pictures revealed Thursday. The Osiris-Rex ...

The Next Possible 'Earth' Might Be a Planet With Two Suns - IGN - IGN
Scientists have discovered star systems thousands of light years away that have at least two suns and they might be hospitable to life.

NASA's New Horizons probe reaches rare distance, looks out to farthest Voyager -
New Horizons is a long, long, long way from home. Fifteen years after launching from Earth and six years after becoming the first probe to fly by Pluto, NASA's New Horizons is reaching 50 AU, a mile marker that has been passed only by four other spacecraft.

NASA's Mars lander is in emergency hibernation — and it could die | TheHill - The Hill
NASA’s InSight needs to charge its batteries or it will die in space.

Paleontologists Stunning Conclusion: 2.5 Billion T. Rexes Roamed North America Over the Cretaceous Period - SciTechDaily
Analysis of what's known about the dinosaur leads to conclusion there were 2.5 billion over time. How many Tyrannosaurus rexes roamed North America during the Cretaceous period? That's a question Charles Marshall pestered his paleontologist colleagues with fo…

DNA from cave dirt tells tale of how some Neanderthals disappeared - Science Magazine
First nuclear DNA from sediment shows turnover, migration among ancient cave dwellers in Spain

VY Canis Majoris mass-loss history sheds light on hypergiant's state, connection to Betelgeuse - -
In the southern hemisphere, in the constellation Canis Major, lies a very young, very massive…

NASA Visualization Probes Light-bending Dance of Binary Black Holes - NASA
A pair of orbiting black holes millions of times the Sun’s mass perform a hypnotic dance in a new NASA visualization. The movie traces how the black holes distort and redirect light emanating from the maelstrom of hot gas – called an accretion disk – that sur…

Meteor shower to peak above Colorado just in time for Earth Day - OutThere Colorado
Colorado stargazers are in for a special treat during the early morning hours of Earth Day 2021 as the annual Lyrid meteor shower hits its peak activity level. The meteor

First monkey–human embryos reignite debate over hybrid animals -
The chimaeras lived up to 19 days — but some scientists question the need for such research.

Fermilab physicists may have glimpsed a new force, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from belching cattle – Physics World -
In this podcast we also chat about energy-generating floors

If Planet Nine Is Out There, It May Not Be Where We Think - ScienceAlert
If Planet Nine is out there, a large, mysterious planet lurking at the dark edges of the Solar System, it may not be where we thought it might be.

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