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President Trump praises reusable rockets, omits Moon in space remarks - Ars Technica
"It’s almost like, what are we watching? Is this fiction?"

Jupiter may have been hit by a massive proto-planet long ago - Astronomy Magazine
NASA’s Juno mission revealed Jupiter’s “fuzzy” core, leading astronomers to theorize the gas giant was smacked by a Uranus-sized planet in its younger days.

Astronomers have confirmed the activity of the black hole at the center of the milky Way -
Recently supermassive black hole mysteriously increased its brightness. The Russian-German Observatory “Spektr-RG” supervised the activity of Sagittarius A* — the supermassive black hole at the center of the milky Way. The telescope was able to observe an unu…

This is the most massive star ever destroyed by a supernova - CNN
The explosions of stars are some of the most stunning and powerful phenomena seen in the universe. But a recently observed supernova clashes with the models for the death of massive stars.

Tiny lensless endoscope captures 3-D images of objects smaller than a cell -
Researchers have developed a new self-calibrating endoscope that produces 3-D images of objects smaller than a single cell. Without a lens or any optical, electrical or mechanical components, the tip of the endoscope measures just 200 microns across, about th…

Scientists fly over Greenland to track melting ice - Associated Press
NASA scientists are in Greenland on a mission to track melting ice. Global warming is the chief culprit, but scientists want to know how this is happening. T...

Extinct Caribbean bird yields DNA after 2,500 years in watery grave -
Scientists have recovered the first genetic data from an extinct bird in the Caribbean, thanks to the remarkably preserved bones of a Creighton's caracara from a flooded sinkhole on Great Abaco Island.

Scientists Trying to Understand No-Name Fault That Caused Largest Ridgecrest Earthquake - The Weather Channel
Scientists didn't know about the fault that caused the 7.1 magnitude Ridgecrest, California, earthquake.

Scientists detect EIGHT new mysterious radio signals coming from deep space - Daily Mail
New signals were found by the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment telescope, and give scientists a much broader data set that they hope may help finally unlock their origin.

Eastern Range updates 'Drive to 48' launches per year status -
Just one week after launching a SpaceX Falcon 9 and a United Launch Alliance Atlas…

Revolutionary 'robo suit' developed to boost walking and running - Fox News
Scientists have developed a revolutionary new lightweight exosuit that can boost walking and running.

'Super-Deep' Diamonds Reveal Vast Reservoir of Primordial Magma as Old as The Moon - ScienceAlert
A careful inspection of super-deep diamonds has revealed what geologists have long suspected: Hiding somewhere in our planet's interior, there exists a vast reservoir of primordial magma, undisturbed for more than 4 billion years.

Chemists make first-ever ring of pure carbon -
Elusive 18-atom ‘cyclocarbon’ could be a step towards molecule-scale transistors.

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