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NASA orbiter spots 'Star Trek' symbol on Mars - East Idaho News
(CNN) — It may be time to hail Starfleet and see whether they’ve set up a base on Mars. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an image of a strange chevron on the Martian surface that looks similar to the symbol for “Star Trek’s” Starfleet, an organizat…

NASA asks private companies to share how they might supply the Lunar Gateway - TechCrunch
NASA’s stated goal of sending the first woman ever, and the first man since the Apollo program, to the Moon involves setting up a new space station that will orbit the Moon, which is supposed to begin being built by the end of 2022, per current timelines. Tod…

Scientists detected signs of our Milky Way colliding with another 'ghost' galaxy - Business Insider
Antlia 2, the "ghost of a galaxy" orbiting the Milky Way, showed signs of having collided with our very own Milky Way.

Fishman, Donovan, Brinkley Apollo 11 Books Highlight The Mission To The Moon's Legacy - NPR
These works make apparent how singular an achievement America's moon landing was — and show that half a century later we're still grappling to understand its long-term meaning.

Hubble spots tiny galaxy working overtime to build new stars - BGR
Like everything else in the universe, galaxies are born, live, and ultimately die, and thanks to incredibly powerful tools like the Hubble Space Telescope, we get to see various galaxies at virtual…

Electron (or 'hole') pairs may survive effort to kill superconductivity -
Scientists seeking to understand the mechanism underlying superconductivity in "stripe-ordered" cuprates—copper-oxide materials with alternating areas of electric charge and magnetism—discovered an unusual metallic state when attempting to turn superconductiv…

Hubble sets sights on an explosive galaxy - Phys.Org
When massive stars die at the end of their short lives, they light up the cosmos with bright, explosive bursts of light and material known as supernovae. A supernova event is incredibly energetic and intensely luminous—so much so that it forms what looks like…

Next Month's Total Solar Eclipse Will Pass Right Over a Space Observatory - Gizmodo
Next month, a total solar eclipse will pass over a slice of the South Pacific, Chile, and Argentina—and directly over an observatory in the Andes run by the National Science Foundation.

Giant Cambrian Trilobite Species Unearthed in Australia | Paleontology -
Paleontologists have unearthed fossils of a giant trilobite species that inhabited Australian waters approximately 500 million years ago (Cambrian period).

Is This Invisible Magnetic Field Smothering Our Nearest Supermassive Black Hole? - Live Science
The monster black hole at the center of the Milky Way is eerily quiet, and now astronomers think they know why.

Oscillating quasiparticles: the cycle of decay and rebirth -
Decay is relentless in the macroscopic world: Broken objects do not fit themselves back together again. However, other laws are valid in the quantum world: New research shows that so-called quasiparticles can decay and reorganize themselves again and are thus…

NASA’s OSIRIX-REx probe sets a space record with a close orbit of weird asteroid Bennu - TechCrunch
If you follow space news at all, you may have heard of ‘Bennu’ – the near-Earth asteroid that has a slim (but higher than most) chance of colliding with our planet sometime nearly 200 years from now. The asteroid is notable for many reasons, including the rec…

Here's why some scientists think Pluto should still be a planet - Business Insider
Astronomers changed Pluto's status from planet to dwarf planet in 2006, in light of discoveries. Today, some scientists disagree with the decision.

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