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Former NASA Scientist Is 'Convinced' We've Already Found Evidence of Life on Mars - ScienceAlert
We've spent decades and billions of dollars to answer one simple question: is there life on Mars?

Toxic Algae Blooms Really Have Become More Intense, Study Finds - Gizmodo
A new study out Monday seems to confirm an unpleasant reality: Potentially toxic algae blooms in the world’s freshwater lakes have become more intense over the last 30 years. And while climate change may not be the only reason why blooms have gotten worse, ri…

Scientists Discover Hidden Information in 140-Year-Old Fundamental Physics Concept - Gizmodo
Physicists have uncovered a way to access physical information that had been hidden to science for 140 years, according to a recent paper.

NASA Mars lander may be able to save its stuck 'mole' - CNET
A clever workaround seems to be helping the InSight lander burrow into the Red Planet.

Veteran astronauts endorse NASA's program for a return to the Moon - Ars Technica
"The International Space Station offers a good blueprint for this project."

Newly discovered comet is confirmed as an interstellar visitor – with a surprisingly familiar look - USA TODAY
The comet is only the second interstellar comet ever detected in our solar system and the first that looks like a traditional comet.

Investing in love and affection pays off for species that mate for life -
The males of species that form long-lasting pair-bonds, like many birds, often continue to make elaborate displays of plumage, colors and dances after they mate with a female. While their time and energy might be better spent taking care of their offspring, t…

NASA Engineer Says New Thruster Could Reach 99% Speed of Light - Futurism
It takes advantage of a loophole in Einsteinian physics.

Orionid meteor shower happening now, peaks next week - WKRN News 2
The Orionids are visible every year and are active October 2 until November 7.

An asteroid gloriously photobombed this Hubble Crab Nebula image - CNET
An old Hubble Space Telescope image revealed a new cosmic treasure.

Space 'elevator' to the moon may soon be a reality - New York Post
The concept of using an “elevator” to travel from Earth to space has been around for quite some time, with an early concept first proposed in 1959 by Russian engineer Yuri Artsutanov. But now, that…

The world's oldest leftovers, left in Pleistocene storage containers - Ars Technica
Humans have been saving leftovers for at least 200,000 to 400,000 years.

Huge 111-foot asteroid to skim past Earth at 22,000 mph, space rock’s ‘closest encounter for 115 years’ - Fox News
A huge asteroid is about to skim past Earth at its closest approach in 115 years.

Real-space charge-density imaging with sub-ångstrom resolution by four-dimensional electron microscopy -
Real-space charge-density imaging with sub-ångstrom resolution by four-dimensional electron microscopy

Scientists pinpoint cause of harmful dendrites and whiskers in lithium batteries -
Scientists have uncovered a root cause of the growth of needle-like structures—known as dendrites and whiskers—that plague lithium batteries, sometimes causing a short circuit, failure, or even a fire.

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