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Huge Earthquake in Bolivia Has Revealed Vast Mountain Ranges Below Earth's Surface - ScienceAlert
Classic sci-fi writer Jules Verne once imagined a whole subterranean landscape deep inside the planet, complete with lost prehistoric species and plant life. The book was aptly titled Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Gravitational waves: Black hole detector to get upgrade - BBC News
The UK and US governments have announced a £25m upgrade to the machines that detected gravitational waves.

RIP Opportunity Rover: Here Are the Best Photos from Its Mission - The Weather Channel
NASA announced Wednesday that the 15-year Opportunity rover mission has come to an end.

Researchers create ultra-lightweight ceramic material that withstands extreme temperatures -
UCLA researchers and collaborators at eight other research institutions have created an extremely light, very durable ceramic aerogel. The material could be used for applications like insulating spacecraft because it can withstand the intense heat and severe …

NASA emphasizing “speed” in its return to the Moon - Ars Technica
"We think this is the right basic architecture, but we aren't closed-minded,"

Israeli start-up aims to put first private space probe on the moon - NBC News
The Israeli startup SpaceIL is launching a lander named Beresheet to the moon in what could be the beginning of a new era of private spaceflight.

Ultima Thule's 'Lobes' Are Not Spherical, New Horizons Images Show | Space Exploration -
A series of images from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft contains important scientific information about the true shape of the Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule (2014 MU69).

NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV's Media Channel - NASA
Direct from America's space program to YouTube, watch NASA TV live streaming here to get the latest from our exploration of the universe and learn how we dis...

Gravitational waves will settle cosmic conundrum -
Measurements of gravitational waves from approximately 50 binary neutron stars over the next decade will definitively resolve an intense debate about how quickly our universe is expanding, according to findings from an international team that includes Univers…

Great whites may have wiped out the biggest shark that ever lived - CNN
The megalodon -- also known as the biggest shark ever -- became extinct a million years earlier than previously thought, due to competition from much smaller great white sharks, according to new research. The full paper is published in the Journal of Life and…

Full snow moon on the way; it's the largest supermoon of the year - WPXI Pittsburgh
Star gazers are gearing up for the largest supermoon of the year.

New NASA team will be devoted to finding alien life - New York Post
Calling all aliens: NASA wants you. A new NASA research team will be devoted to finding life beyond Earth launched this week in Silicon Valley and will seek to find concrete answers on how life beg…

"Fingerprints" --NASA's SPHEREx Mission to Probe First Seconds of the Universe - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
NASA has selected a new space mission, SPHEREx, that will deliver an unprecedented map of the Milky Way containing ‘fingerprints’ from the first moments in the universe’s history, said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Direc…

School-bus sized dinosaur had a 'heart-shaped tail' - Fox News
With perhaps no coincidence that today is Valentine's Day, a new dinosaur has been found with a "heart-shaped tail."

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