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NASA: oxygen is being created and used on Mars and they don't know why - TweakTown
NASA is 'struggling to explain' oxygen levels on Mars increasing, then decreasing

Wanted: 10,000 dogs for the largest-ever study on aging in canines - CNN
Dogs' lifespans are far too short. These researchers are hoping to change that.

In damning report, watchdog paints troubling picture of relationship between NASA and Boeing - The Washington Post
NASA agreed to pay the company an additional $287.2 million as part of Boeing’s multi-billion-dollar contract to develop a spacecraft capable of flying astronauts to the International Space Station to help it speed up the company’s launch schedule. But the pa…

Pence speaks to NASA employees, addresses CA shooting - Fox News
Pence delivers remarks to NASA employees. NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (F...

These vivid peacock clouds were created by violent galactic interactions - CNN
Two colorful gas clouds shaped like peacocks have been spotted in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighboring dwarf galaxy about 163,000 light years away.

Black hole shock: A supermassive monster in the Milky Way ejected a star at 6 MILLION kph -
A SUPERMASSIVE black hole at the heart of the Milky Way was caught catapulting an entire star out of the galaxy at speeds exceeding 3.7 million mph (six million kph).

Physicists irreversibly split photons by freezing them in a Bose-Einstein condensate -
Light can be directed in different directions, usually also back the same way. Physicists from the University of Bonn and the University of Cologne have, however, succeeded in creating a new one-way street for light. They cool photons down to a Bose-Einstein …

Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas -
Within the electromagnetic middle ground between microwaves and visible light lies terahertz radiation, and the promise of "T-ray vision."

Earthquake-like brain-wave bursts found to be essential for healthy sleep - Medical Xpress
New research in rats shows that cortical arousals and brief awakenings during sleep exhibit non-equilibrium dynamics and complex organization across time scales necessary for spontaneous sleep-stage transitions and for maintaining healthy sleep. Prof. Plamen …

Millions of Gargantuan Plasma ‘Spicules’ Might Be Spreading Heat Around the Sun’s Atmosphere -
Right now, the sun is covered in millions of Grand-Canyon-size jets of towering plasma. In a few minutes, they'll all be gone.

Stunning Fossil Discovery Uncovers the Second-Most Primitive Flying Bird - Gizmodo
Paleontologists in Japan have uncovered the fossilized remains of a 120-million-year-old flying dinosaur that’s seriously shaking up the bird family tree.

Will you be able to watch the Leonid meteor shower? Peak viewing time, forecast - OregonLive
Peak activity is expected from midnight to 5 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 17 through Monday, Nov. 18

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