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NASA's Mars Perseverance rover snaps shots of unique rock formation in 'ancient lakebed' - Fox News
NASA's Mars rover Perseverance has stumbled upon a unique rock formation in an ancient lakebed, the latest reported discovery in the robot's exploration of the Red Planet.

Moon ‘wobble’ and climate change could mean ‘double whammy’ of flooding in 2030s, NASA warns - The Washington Post
By the mid-2030s, scientists project that there could be a “rapid” increase in the frequency of high-tide flooding in several parts of the country, according to a new report.

FAA warns SpaceX that massive Starship launch tower in Texas is unapproved - CNBC
The FAA warned Elon Musk's SpaceX in a letter two months ago that the company's work on a launch tower for upcoming Starship rocket launches is yet unapproved.

SpaceX recovers second upgraded Cargo Dragon spacecraft for future reuse - Teslarati
Four days after reentering Earth’s atmosphere and splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico, SpaceX has safely returned its second upgraded Cargo Dragon spacecraft to dry land back Florida’s East Coast. On Thursday, July 8th, the uncrewed SpaceX spacecraft officia…

NASA may finally know what caused the Hubble Space Telescope's major computer glitch -
Hubble could potentially be back up and running in a few days.

Walking for 40 minutes three times a week can freshen white matter in the brain, study finds - Daily Mail
Colorado State researchers found that walking for 40 minutes a day, three times a week, could help refresh the white brain matter of people over 60 and improve cognitive ability.

Meteor shower 2021: How to see this year's Perseids - NBC News
The Perseid meteor shower, one of the year's most spectacular skywatching events, is active from July 14 to Aug. 24. Here's how to see the shooting stars.

NASA may attempt a 'risky' maneuver to fix its broken Hubble Space Telescope this week - Business Insider
Engineers have been troubleshooting NASA's Hubble Telescope since it went offline in mid-June. Now, they're going to try switching to backup hardware.

Visualization of How Fast a Ball Drops on Various Solar System Bodies -
This is an animation of how quickly an object falls 1 km to the surfaces of solar system objects like the Earth, Sun, Ceres, Jup

These Squiggles May Be Some of the Oldest Fossil Life on Earth - Gizmodo
Researchers say the fossils were left by 3.42-billion-year-old microbes. They could offer clues as to what sort of life may exist on other planets.

Previewing EnVision: ESA's newest mission to Venus - -
On June 10, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that they had selected their next…

Space station to make great flyby over Arkansas this evening - KARK
The International Space Station (ISS) will be making a long and bright flyover of Arkansas this evening. In the Little Rock Metro area, the ISS will become visible just above the southwest horizon at 9:15 pm, travel nearly overhead, 71° above the horizon–over…

Five Ways NASA Helps With Shark Conservation - NASA
While scientists at our partner institutions are directly focusing on shark conservation, NASA’s Earth-observing satellites collect key information about sharks’ habitat – the ocean.

Astronomers finally uncover 40-year mystery of Jupiter's epic X-ray aurora flares - CBS News
New data from NASA's Juno spacecraft reveals a "beautiful chain of events," one researcher says.

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