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Evidence Mounts for Gigantic Water Plumes on Jupiter’s Moon Europa - Gizmodo
While studying Europa’s magnetic field in 2000, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft inadvertently collected evidence of watery plumes shooting out from the moon’s icy surface, according to new research.

Massive chunk from China's failed rocket that fell to Earth missed hitting New York City by MINUTES - Daily Mail
A 20-ton chuck of China's Long March 5B rocket fell to Earth Monday and a report finds that if re-entry had occurred 15 minutes sooner, the piece would have crashed into New York City.

Astronauts experiment with Nickelodeon's slime in space - CNN
Nickelodeon sent their signature "slime" to astronauts on the International Space Station to perform experiments and have a little fun #Space #CNN #News

T. rex's long legs were made for marathon walking -
Long legs may make good runners, but they're great for walking, too. Scientists have generally assumed that long-limbed dinosaurs evolved their leggy proportions for speed to catch prey and avoid predators.

Planet Labs SkySats to rideshare with SpaceX Starlink launches -
Planet Labs Inc. has announced they will launch six SkySat satellites, SkySat 16-21, on Falcon…

Catnip's double-evolution explains why cats love this plant - Inverse
Catnip's evolutionary history is key to its powerful effect on felines. In a new study, scientists reveal it underwent two important changes.

NASA TV to Air Launch, Capture of Cargo Ship to Space Station - NASA
NASA will broadcast the launch of a Japanese cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station beginning at 1 p.m. EDT Wednesday, May 20, live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

'Mini Rover' can wiggle and crawl its way across tricky terrain on other planets - CNN
Rovers exploring planetary surfaces like Mars can get stuck in soft, steep soils. But the "Mini Rover," a scaled-down 3D-printed model of a NASA rover concept built and tested by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has a gait that allows it to…

How the world's most dangerous bird got its unique feathers - CNN
It's been called the world's most dangerous bird. The cassowary's long dagger-like middle toes were responsible for the death of a man in Florida last year, and new research now shows that its glossy feathers are unlike those of other iridescent birds.

Researchers Have Found a New Defense to Help Coral Survive Bleaching - Gizmodo
Coral reefs are home to as many species as tropical rainforests. Yet rapidly heating waters threaten to wipe coral out.

55-Million-Year-Old Fossils Reveal Giant Anchovies With Monstrous Fangs - Ancient Origins
Scientists have made an amazing discovery about the humble anchovy. These small fish are usually found as a topping on a pizza. However, millions of years ago, they were saber-toothed predators who fed on other fish.

Researchers trace evolution of self-control -
Human self-control evolved in our early ancestors, becoming particularly evident around 500,000 years ago when they developed the skills to make sophisticated tools, a new study suggests.

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