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SpaceIL plans second private Moon lander despite crash - Engadget
Private spaceflight company SpaceIL has committed to launching another Moon lander even as it's still dealing with the crash of its first attempt.

Plane with the largest wingspan in the world takes flight - BBC News
Its wingspan measures 117m - the length of an American football field.

Scientists think a new 'super-Earth' planet is possibly orbiting the nearest star to our sun - Daily Mail
Astronomers say they may have detected a second planet around Proxima Centauri, our solar system’s nearest neighboring star. The planet’s existence remains unconfirmed, for now.

Black hole's name a little fuzzy - Mail Tribune
WASHINGTON (AP) — The newly pictured supermassive black hole is a beast with no name, at least not an official one. And what happens next could be cosmically confusing. The team of astronomers who created the image of the black hole called it M87(asteri…

11 Rhesus Monkeys were Genetically Engineered to Have Human Brain Genes - Science Times
A group of Chinese scientists has implanted human brain genes into 11 rhesus monkeys. (Photo : thor Razan Ahmed)Rhesus Monkey Genetic engineering, being a direct manipulation of a living organism's genes, have advanced as it has faced many ethical issues.

The most beautiful globular cluster of all: Messier 3, imaged by Hubble - Digital Trends
Hubble has shared an image of one of the most famous and most admired globular clusters, Messier 3. Located 34,000 light-years from Earth, it is widely considered the most beautiful of all globular clusters because of its density and the variety of stars that…

The World's First-Ever Black Hole Photo Was an Epic Feat of Data Storage - Inverse
On Wednesday, astronomers announced that they'd captured the world's first image of a black hole — and the internet couldn't handle it. No, we're not talking about black hole Shrek memes or snarky opinion pieces about how this image of an object 55 million li…

Life on Mars?! Bizarre NASA image shows ‘PENGUIN’ on Red Planet - shock claim -
REMARKABLE images provided by NASA appear to prove life on Mars, according to one stunned amateur astronomer.

Falcon Heavy's first commercial flight is 'huge' as 'an inflection point' for SpaceX, banker says - CNBC
It wasn't the rocket's debut but "there's been a lot of anticipation" for the massive Falcon Heavy rocket's first commercial launch.

A new world was found in our solar system, and you can help name it - BGR
Being allowed to officially name a planetary body is a privilege that few are ever granted. Typically, new planets, moons, and other large objects found in space are named by the person or group th…

Ask Ethan: How Does Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry Allow Us To Image A Black Hole? - Forbes
It's the technique, from the Event Horizon Telescope, that brought us a black hole's image. Here's how it works.

NASA Picks Falcon 9 Rocket for Launch of Asteroid Mission from Vandenberg AFB - Noozhawk
The Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, spacecraft will demonstrate a method to defend Earth from hazards in space

Chinese scientists put human brain genes in a monkey - BGR
Everything we know about evolution tells us that humans have primate ancestors, and that the development of our complex brains is what allowed ancient humans to forge the path that we’re on t…

To undermine Katherine Bouman's role in the Black Hole photo, trolls held up a white man as the real hero — until he fought back - KBZK Bozeman News
When internet trolls tried to detract from Katherine Bouman’s rise to stardom for her part in creating the first-ever image of a black hole, her colleague quickly shut them down. Bouman, 29, created one of the algorithms that led to the groundbreaking black h…

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