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Which human screams affect us most? The answer might surprise you - CNN
Humans, unlike other animals, scream for a variety of reasons -- fear, pain and anger, yes -- but also joy, delight and surprise. Which do you think we respond to more? A new study provides insight.

It now seems likely that Starliner will not launch crew until early 2022 - Ars Technica
The first hurdle for Starliner: Finding an open port on the space station

Critically endangered polar bears are mating with grizzly bears heading north and 'pizzly bears' - Daily Mail
Polar bears are on the verge of extinction due to climate change, but a warming world is pushing grizzly bears more north and the two are mating to make a hybrid known as 'pizzly bears.'

Awestruck Scientists Watch 2D Puddles of Electrons Spontaneously Emerge in a 3D Superconducting Material - SciTechDaily
It’s an example of how surprising properties can spontaneously emerge in complex materials – a phenomenon scientists hope to harness for novel technologies. Creating a two-dimensional material, just a few atoms thick, is often an arduous process requiring sop…

After 48-year search, physicists discover ultra-rare 'triple glueball' particle -
This event was predicted in 1973 but had never been seen in the real world.

Mars has the blues in stunning NASA image of sand dunes on the red planet - CNET
NASA celebrates the Mars Odyssey spacecraft's 20 years in space with a striking view of sculpted dunes.

MIT Scientists Spin Some Music Out of Spider Webs – And it Sounds Otherworldly (Listen) - Good News Network
With help from 3D technology, scientists at MIT have been helping make spider webs make music.

Novel theory addresses centuries-old physics problem -
The 'three-body problem,' the term coined for predicting the motion of three gravitating bodies in space, is essential for understanding a variety of astrophysical processes as well as a large class of mechanical problems, and has occupied some of the world's…

When to See the Lyrid Meteor Shower Light Up the Night Sky - Lifehacker
In addition to a Super Moon and warming spring air, April comes with tidings of space rocks. Beginning April 16, Earth will traverse the tail of the comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, which will see the Lyrid meteor shower streak across the night sky. Of course, this …

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket to deliver an Astrobotic lander and NASA water-hunting rover to the Moon in 2023 - TechCrunch
SpaceX is set to send a payload to the moon in 2023, using its larger (and infrequently used) Falcon Heavy launch vehicle. The mission will fly a lander built by space startup Astrobotic, which itself will be carrying NASA’s VIPER, or Volatiles Investigating …

'Monkeydactyl': Scientists discover Jurassic era flying reptile with oldest opposed thumbs - USA TODAY
Scientists have found a flying reptile nicknamed "Monkeydactyl" with the oldest recorded opposed thumbs, according to a report released Monday.

A new way to find gigantic black holes paired up at the dawn of the Universe - SYFY WIRE
Using what's really a pretty dang clever new technique, astronomers have discovered what appear to be two double-quasars (and possibly a third pair as well) billions of light years from Earth. This may help constrain how many of these ferocious objects existe…

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