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Perseverance rover finds evidence of ancient floods on Mars, researchers say - NBC News
NASA's Perseverance rover discovered evidence that the Jezero crater on Mars it touched down in was once a lake bed fed by a river with floods, scientists say.

NASA Advisor Quits Over Space Telescope Named for Homophobic Administrator - Gizmodo
“This flippant, pathetic response…sends a clear message of NASA’s position on the rights of queer astronomers,” wrote Lucianne Walkowicz.

Holey metalens! New metalens focuses light with ultra-deep holes -
Metasurfaces are nanoscale structures that interact with light. Today, most metasurfaces use monolith-like nanopillars to focus, shape and control light. The taller the nanopillar, the more time it takes for light to pass through the nanostructure, giving the…

New findings a 'complete reversal' in understanding why Earth became hospitable to life and its 'twin' didn't - CNN
Researchers have determined that Venus has likely never been able to support oceans -- and Earth could have turned out the same way had things been slightly different.

Gravitas: 'Strange' radio waves detected from the heart of the Milky Way - WION
'Unusual radio waves' have been detected from the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. Scientists say these signals are unlike anything they have come across. Pal...

Canadian woman was asleep in bed when a meteorite crash landed right next to her head - PennLive
A woman in British Columbia was fast asleep when a meteorite crash landed through her roof, missing her head by inches.

A crystal ball into our solar system's future -
Astronomers have discovered the very first confirmed planetary system that resembles the expected fate of our solar system, when the Sun reaches the end of its life in about five billion years.

Physicists propose a new method for defending the Earth against cosmic impacts -
In February of 2013, skywatchers around the world turned their attention toward asteroid 2012 DA14, a cosmic rock about 150 feet (50 meters) in diameter that was going to fly closer to Earth than the spacecraft that bring us satellite TV.

Over a thousand cosmic explosions detected in 47 days -
An international research team led by Prof. Li Di and Dr. Wang Pei from National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) caught an extreme episode of cosmic explosions from Fast Radio Burst (FRB) 121102, using the Five-hundred-meter A…

Asteroids, the Universe, and Everything: Meet 42 space rocks - SYFY WIRE
Between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system lies the Main Asteroid Belt, a region over 150 million kilometers across where most of the biggest asteroids lie. The first, Ceres, was discovered on January 1, 1801, and since then over a million more have been fo…

Cephalopods: Facts about octopus, squid, nautilus and more -
Cephalopods are often characterized by their tentacles, creative camouflage, inky getaways and impressive feats of intelligence.

Ancient meteorites preserve building blocks of early solar system -
Some meteorites contain grains older than the solar system.

Australia to provide rover for future NASA lunar lander mission - SpaceNews
NASA and its Australian counterpart have agreed to cooperate on a future robotic lander mission where Australia will provide a small rover.

Did a black hole eating a star generate a neutrino? Unlikely, new study shows -
In October 2019, a high-energy neutrino slammed into Antarctica. The neutrino, which was remarkably hard to detect, peaked astronomers' interest: what could generate such a powerful particle?

Physicists Capture The Most Precise Measurement Yet of a Neutron's Lifespan - ScienceAlert
We now know, to within a tenth of a percent, how long a neutron can survive outside the atomic nucleus before decaying into a proton.

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