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Do we owe our existence to the Moon? - Salon
Planetary geologist Erik Asphaug on where the moon came from — and why it made life (as we know it) possible

Eyes to the sky: The hunter's moon rises Sunday night - KABC-TV
October's full moon, the hunter's moon, falls a month after September's harvest moon, which lasted from Sept. 12-13. You'll want to keep an eye to the sky on Sunday, Oct. 13.

Deep learning nails correlation. Causation is another matter. - Big Think
Why do people with bigger hands have a better vocabulary? That's one question deep learning can't answer.

Collision of asteroid 'bigger than dinosaur-killer' may have sparked new life on Earth -
AN ASTEROID “30,000 times bigger than the dinosaurs-killer” collided 470million years ago and may have led to an increase in new species, according to new evidence.

“It’s Just Weird” –Andromeda’s Ring of Dwarf Galaxies Suggests We’re Missing Something (Weekend Feature) - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
Discovery of Andromeda's ring of dwarf galaxies uggests that conventional ideas regarding the formation of galaxies are missing something fundamental.

Polystyrene, a Common Plastic, Degrades Much Faster Than Expected in Sunglight - SciTechDaily
Polystyrene persists in the environment for millennia, according to some international governmental agencies. This estimate is based on the amount of time required for microbes to break down the plastic. But now researchers have challenged this common assumpt…

Ice on the moon may be billions of years old, new study shows - Digital Trends
An important step toward more long-term manned missions to the moon is locating a source of water. A new study has investigated the age and origin of lunar water and found it could have multiple different sources. Some of the ice deposits seem to be billions …

NASA ICON Spacecraft Launches on Mission to Explore Frontier of Space - SciTechDaily
After successfully launching Thursday night, NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) spacecraft is in orbit for a first-of-its-kind mission to study a region of space where changes can disrupt communications and satellite orbits, and even increase radia…

New material efficiently captures carbon dioxide - Deccan Herald
Researchers have developed a new material that can selectively capture carbon dioxide molecules, and efficiently convert them into useful organic products -- an advance that may help develop new ways to contain global greenhouse gas emissions.

NASA shares picture of Jupiters colourful skies captured by Juno - Republic World - Republic World
NASA recently shared a picture captured by its Juno spacecraft on Twitter; the picture displayed the swirling clouds in Jupiter’s northern hemisphere, ‘Jet N4’

Is the Milky Way Galaxy Getting Gassier? A New Study Says Yes - Newsweek
An excessive amount of gas has been discovered flowing into the Milky Way galaxy—though the reason behind the phenomenon remains a mystery.

Can we regenerate like Doctor Who—or at least a salamander? - SYFY WIRE
Doctor Who may have an assist from really bizarre DNA that morphs you into a different form when you burn out, but you don’t have to be a Gallifreyan Time Lord to regenerate in some way.

Three Cheers For Our Nobel Universities - Forbes
The Nobel Prizes were announced this week, highlighting the amazing work being done at our oft-criticized universities.

NASA issues plea of action on asteroid threat that could take Earth 'entirely by surprise' -
NASA needs “more hands on deck” due to one asteroid threat in particular, claimed scientist Professor Greg Leonard, who works for the US space agency.

How PG&E’s power shutdown threatened a NASA mission - The Mercury News
“Sometimes you only get a box of band aids and rubberbands. That was the case here.”

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