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NASA's James Webb Space Telescope arrives in French Guiana ahead of Dec. 18 launch -
The $10 billion observatory just wrapped up a 16-day ocean voyage.

Brace yourselves, humanity: The "Cow of Comets" approacheth - The A.V. Club
The largest comet ever observed will graze within our cosmic pasture come 2031

Physicists announce the world's most precise measurement of neutron lifetime -
An international team of physicists led by researchers at Indiana University Bloomington has announced the world's most precise measurement of the neutron's lifetime.

Quantum phase transition detected on a global scale deep inside the Earth -
The interior of the Earth is a mystery, especially at greater depths (> 660 km). Researchers only have seismic tomographic images of this region and, to interpret them, they need to calculate seismic (acoustic) velocities in minerals at high pressures and tem…

Earliest known use of tobacco revealed - HeritageDaily
Archaeological evidence indicates that humans first started using tobacco around 12,300 years ago. - HeritageDaily - Archaeology News

Why we are heading to the Moon, again | ABC News - ABC News In-depth
The federal government reached an agreement with NASA for an Australian made rover to fly to the moon. The last human footprints on the moon were made in 197...

Solar storm: Northern lights put on a show in Minnesota - Minnesota Public Radio News
Green curtains and red pillars flashed across the northern U.S. Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Very Large Telescope Images 42 of the Biggest Asteroids in Our Solar System - Gizmodo
From the massive Ceres to the dense Kalliope, these objects help us understand the soup from which our solar system formed.

Mysterious radio waves coming from the heart of the Milky Way - Yahoo! Voices
"We've never seen anything like it," one astronomer said.

NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Images Confirm Jezero Crater Is an Ancient Martian Lake - SciTechDaily
The findings include signs of flash flooding that carried huge boulders downstream into the lakebed. The first scientific analysis of images taken by NASA’s Perseverance rover has now confirmed that Mars’ Jezero crater — which today is a dry, wind-eroded depr…

Researchers unlock secret path to a quantum future -
In 1998, researchers including Mark Kubinec of UC Berkeley performed one of the first simple quantum computations using individual molecules. They used pulses of radio waves to flip the spins of two nuclei in a molecule, with each spin's "up" or "down" orient…

Iron Age skis buried under ice reunited after 1,300 years apart -
The newly discovered ski was found seven years after its mate.

Stellar fossils in meteorites point to distant stars -
Some pristine meteorites contain a record of the original building blocks of the solar system, including grains that formed in ancient stars that died before the sun formed. One of the biggest challenges in studying these presolar grains is to determine the t…

Massive Flying Laboratory Uncovers Secrets of How Marine Life Influences Cloud Formation - SciTechDaily
Ocean Life Helps Produce Clouds, but Existing Clouds Keep New Ones at Bay Stand on the ocean’s shore and take a big whiff of the salt spray and you’ll smell the unmistakably pungent scent of the sea. That ripe, almost rotting smell? That’s sulfur. Marine plan…

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