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How to see Comet Neowise streaking past Earth before it disappears for 6,800 years -
No one is sure how long the newly-discovered comet will be visible, so catch a glimpse while you can

Scientists Create a 'Time Tree' Showing How Flowering Plants Came to Dominate Earth - ScienceAlert
Today, flowering plants (or angiosperms) make up around four-fifths of all the green plants on Earth, but for billions of years they weren't around at all. Now biologists have been able to fully chart the rapid rise of angiosperms over the last 140 m

SpaceX rocket set to smash NASA Space Shuttle reuse record - Teslarati
A SpaceX Falcon 9 booster is on track to smash an orbital-class rocket reuse record set by a NASA Space Shuttle orbiter in 1985 – and in more ways than one. On July 11th, SpaceX announced that Falcon 9 booster B1058 had successfully completed a static fire ig…

NASA-backed project could automatically fix 3D printing for Moon bases - Engadget
NASA has chosen a project that could automatically fix 3D printing for Moon bases, helping colonies reduce their dependence on Earth.

Cosmic Cataclysm Allows Precise Test of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity - SciTechDaily
In 2019, the MAGIC telescopes detected the first Gamma Ray Burst at very high energies. This was the most intense gamma-radiation ever obtained from such a cosmic object. But the GRB data have more to offer: with further analyses, the MAGIC scientists could n…

House appropriators extend middle finger to NASA's 2024 moon landing goal | TheHill - The Hill
House Democrats have at least given NASA half a loaf for getting back to the moon at any date, not to mention 2024. Even so, the House NASA funding bill demonstrates that the House is willing to play partisan games, if not with the Artemis return to the moon …

“Terra Incognito” –‘Ghost Galaxies’ of a Great Wall Discovered Hidden Beyond the Milky Way - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
A ‘Holy Grail’ of astronomy is to provide a clear map of our galaxy –a perspective of Earth’s relationship to the physical universe where our solar system drifts between two spiral arms at its outer edges of the Milky Way, some 27,000 light-years from its opa…

Space travel could create language unintelligible to people on Earth - Big Think
A new study looks at what would happen to human language on a long journey to other star systems.

Countdown To Mars: Launch of the NASA 2020 Perseverance Rover - SciTechDaily
Team with NASA to send off the Perseverance rover to Mars — from the convenience of your own home. The mission launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida, this summer, and you're invited to participate remotely — with a global, collective launch countdown where yo…

Best viewing times to see Comet NEOWISE and bright Jupiter from metro Detroit - WXYZ
Looking for a glimpse of NEOWISE and Jupiter? Here are the best times to watch from metro Detroit

A grapefruit-sized black hole may be hiding in our solar system - BGR
An unseen object appears to be interacting with other objects along the edge of our solar system, and researchers don’t know exactly what it is.  Theories of “planet nine” have been proposed, but others believe it may be a tiny black hole. Researchers plan on…

Massive Predatory Dolphins Once Terrorized Earth's Oceans - ScienceAlert
Scientists have identified an almost-complete skeleton of a 4.8-metre (15.7-foot) long dolphin ancestor that lived in what is now South Carolina during the Oligocene epoch around 25 million years ago.

NASA Gulfstream private jets; flying astronauts and research missions - Business Insider - Business Insider
NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley arrived for the Falcon 9 launch in style on a Gulfstream that has a long history with the space agency.

A proposed new mission to Venus - EarthSky
The proposed VERITAS mission to Venus is one of the finalists for NASA's Discovery Program. If selected, it will revolutionize our knowledge about the planet's geology and how this formerly habitable world became a fiery wasteland.

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