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Karyn Bryant, Daniel Cormier & Kenny Florian reflect on best moments from UFC Tonight | UFC TONIGHT - UFC ON FOX
Karyn Bryant, Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian take a look back at the best moments from UFC Tonight and give their own personal favorite moments. #UFConFOX ...

'He got screwed': Gillum absent from indictment after DeSantis bashed him as corrupt - POLITICO
Republicans spent millions attacking Gillum in connection with the FBI probe. But the investigation ultimately had little to do with the former mayor.

Samsung teases new Notebook 9 Pen with 15-hour battery life before CES 2019 - Ars Technica
The 13- and 15-inch convertibles also sport a familiar blue-and-gold color scheme.

Former Baylor frat president who was accused of assault is barred from commencement - NBC News
Former Baylor University fraternity president Jacob Walter Anderson is barred from his graduation ceremony at his new school, University of Texas at Dallas.

Marvel Just Revealed One of Its Most Intriguing Spider-Man Comics In Years - Gizmodo
Spider-Man is one of the most beloved superheroes in the world for a reason—the ideals Peter Parker and the other people who’ve donned the Spider-mantle over the years have a reach that’s far and wide, and can be used to tell all kinds of different stories. B…

US Senate rebukes Saudi Arabia over Yemen war, Khashoggi murder - Al Jazeera English
Vote condemning kingdom comes as bipartisan group of senators vows to apply sanctions pressure on the kingdom in 2019.

Why Samsung Plans to Integrate Crypto Cold Storage in its S10 Series - CCN
According to SamMobile, the biggest online Samsung community, the electronics giant is planning to integrate a cold wallet into its upcoming Galaxy 10.

Rep.-elect Mark Green walks back claim that vaccines cause autism - The Washington Post
Green had said that “there is some concern” that autism was linked to “the preservatives that are in our vaccines.” He later said in a statement that his remarks had been “misconstrued.”

Scientists Virtually Reconstruct Magnificent Pre-Incan Temple - Gizmodo
The 1,500-year-old Pumapunku temple in western Bolivia is considered a crowning achievement of Mesoamerican architecture, yet no one knows what the original structure actually looked like. Until now.

Publisher of the National Enquirer admits to hush-money payments made on Trump’s behalf - The Washington Post
An agreement between prosecutors and American Media Inc. made clear that the tabloid, which trumpeted his candidacy and is controlled by Trump’s longtime friend David Pecker, had flipped on the president.

U.S. tribunal to review ruling on Qualcomm request for iPhone ban - Yahoo Finance
The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) said on Wednesday it would review a ruling that a ban on imports of some iPhones into the United States was not in the public interest, even if Apple Inc (AAPL.O) infringed a Qualcomm (QCOM.O) patent. Apple and Q…

German chocolate factory spill makes for sweet street - NBC News
Firefighters in the town of Werl in western Germany tackled an unusual emergency late on Monday when a tank at a local firm making liquid chocolate overflowed and poured out onto a street.

Sports Goodell: NFL won't pay for video in domestic investigations Associated Press 7:03 PM - News 5 Cleveland
Commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday the NFL won’t pay for video evidence in cases involving domestic violence, and he defended the league’s handling of those investigations.

Deadly trend: Fentanyl overdoses spike - KSBY San Luis Obispo News
Drug overdose deaths have skyrocketed in recent years, and a new report shines a harsh light on one incredibly dangerous drug, fentanyl.

NASA's Mars InSight lander snaps its first selfie from the Red Planet - NBC News
NASA's InSight lander recently used a camera on its robotic arm to snap its first selfie from the surface of Mars.

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