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SpaceX plans to test Crew Dragon's launch escape system on January 18th - Engadget
SpaceX will find out if its crew capsule can get away during the ascent stage.

Dying Fish Revealed Congo Is World's Deepest River -
River rapids launched the deep-dwelling fish up so fast that the animals got the bends.

Gasification Goes Green: Low-Temp Photocatalyst Slashes Carbon Footprint for Syngas - SciTechDaily
Rice University engineers have created a light-powered nanoparticle that could shrink the carbon footprint of a major segment of the chemical industry. The particle, tiny spheres of copper dotted with single atoms of ruthenium, is the key component in a green…

Ancient Egyptian North Star Eclipsed By Astronomical Discovery - Ancient Origins
The star used by ancient Egyptians as their North Star has just been discovered to be one part of a pair of binary stars that periodically eclipse one another, according to NASA scientists.

'Space unites us': First Iranian-American astronaut reaches for stars - Yahoo News
Jasmin "Jaws" Moghbeli earned her fierce nickname during her time as a decorated helicopter gunship pilot who flew more than 150 missions in Afghan...

NASA welcomes 11 new astronauts ready for spaceflight assignments - WPVI-TV
NASA's newest class of astronauts just graduated and they are ready for space missions to the International Space Station, the Moon and someday Mars

Hubble Finds Teeny Tiny Clumps of Dark Matter - Universe Today
Using data from Hubble and the gravitational lensing technique, a team of astronomers have found definitive evidence that Dark Matter is indeed "cold".

Dead alligators dropped deep into the sea lead to a surprising find - CNET
Say "bone appétit" to a new skeleton-eating worm species.

Space Photos of the Week: Swooning for the Swan Nebula - WIRED
New imagery provides insight into how the giant cloud got its distinct shape.

NASA planet-hunter telescope locates first Earth-sized planet in habitable zone - Digital Trends
NASA's planet-hunting telescope TESS has made an exciting discovery -- a planet the size of Earth which could potentially host liquid water. The planet TOI 700 d is located just on the inner edge of its system's habitable zone, with the other system planets T…

Here’s when you can watch SpaceX blow up a rocket (on purpose!) - BGR
In its pursuit of revolutionizing many aspects of the space industry, SpaceX has never been shy about its failures. In fact, it’s made a habit of celebrating them at every opportunity, casual…

A space-age breakthrough could make satellite coverage cheaper than ever - Inverse
Researchers have developed a means to blanket the Earth with very little.

Scientists detected ripples in space and time from a potentially new class of collision in the universe. Their observatory cracked a 100-year-old mystery posed by Einstein. - Business Insider
The collision might have produced hundreds of Earths' worth of gold and platinum. But some signs indicate the metals disappeared into a black hole.

What are black holes? | Space - EarthSky
Black holes are among the most bizarre and enigmatic objects in the modern universe. Click in for a black hole introduction.

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