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NASA Wallops rocket launch scrubbed again, reset for Wednesday night - Delmarva Now
The Black Brant XII Rocket is once again delayed from takeoff at Wallops Flight Facility. Launch has moved to Wednesday night.

Stunning new images of Jupiter reveal atmosphere details in different light (video) -
Watch Jupiter's famous superstorm disappear in infrared images from NOIRLab.

In wide-ranging interview, Bill Nelson lays out his vision for NASA - The Washington Post
Nelson tells The Washington Post he plans to spend much of his time and energy lobbying Congress for the money to land astronauts on the moon.

A Black Scientist Was An Early Cicada Researcher. His Work Has Been Mostly Overlooked - NPR
Maryland intellectual and free Black man Benjamin Banneker's observations about cicadas' 17-year life cycle were among the earliest known to be documented. But that work is rarely credited.

SpaceX’s first flight-proven Starship heads back to launch pad for round two - Teslarati
Defying most expectations, SpaceX has moved the first full-size flight-proven Starship back to the launch pad less than a week after the prototype survived a high-altitude launch and landing. Two days after that spectacular launch and four days ago, CEO Elon …

SpaceX just set a ridiculous record with its Falcon 9 rocket - Yahoo Entertainment
SpaceX's entire business model revolves around its ability to recover its hardware, refurbish it without much effort, and then use it again. Rockets are...

Seeds From a 142-Year-Old Science Experiment Have Sprouted - The New York Times
After lying dormant in buried bottles for 142 years, 11 seeds germinated on the Michigan State University campus after scientists planted them.

NASA and Axiom Agree to First Private Astronaut Mission to Space Station - SciTechDaily
NASA and Axiom Space have signed an order for the first private astronaut mission to the International Space Station to take place no earlier than January 2022. “We are excited to see more people have access to spaceflight through this first private astronaut…

SLS Core Stage Green Run validates propulsion system performance and modeling - -
Engineers with NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) program and prime Core Stage contractor Boeing continue…

Faraway NASA probe detects the eerie hum of interstellar space - Yahoo News
Instruments aboard NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft, which nine years ago exited our solar system's outer reaches, have detected a faint monotonous hum caused by ...

Newly described horned dinosaur from New Mexico was the earliest of its kind -
A newly described horned dinosaur that lived in New Mexico 82 million years ago is one of the earliest known ceratopsid species, a group known as horned or frilled dinosaurs. Researchers reported their find in a publication in the journal PalZ (Paläontologisc…

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