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Gravitational Waves Surge Through the Fabric of Space and Time After Neutron Stars Violently Collide - SciTechDaily
On April 25, 2019, the LIGO Livingston Observatory picked up what appeared to be gravitational ripples from a collision of two neutron stars. LIGO Livingston is part of a gravitational-wave network that includes LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wa…

New theory of quantum mechanics shows matter is not in the eye of the observer -
The mystery of why quantum matter jumps from a wave-like state to a well-defined particle when it is observed has puzzled scientists for nearly a 100 years.

Dead alligators dropped deep into the sea lead to a surprising find - CNET
Say "bone appétit" to a new skeleton-eating worm species.

NASA graduates new class of astronauts for missions to the moon and Mars - AOL
11 Americans, together with two Canadian Space Agency astronauts, graduated from basic training and became eligible for spaceflight assignments Friday.

17-Year-Old Discovers a Brand New Planet -
A New York teen did something pretty out of this world: he discovered a new planet while interning with NASA. Wolf Cukier, 17, discovered a planet that is 1,...

Scientists Have Successfully Built a Particle Accelerator Onto a Silicon Chip - ScienceAlert
Particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are incredibly useful – and usually incredibly huge – instruments for studying some of the fundamentals of particle physics. But now scientists have managed to squeeze one on to a silico

Galaxy group 13 billion light-years away could be ending the cosmic 'Dark Ages' before our eyes -
These three galaxies are some of the oldest ever seen, and they're hard at work reshaping the universe.

Stargazers enjoy amazing scenes of 'Wolf Moon' across the UK - Yahoo News
Astronomy enthusiasts were wowed by sight of the first full moon of 2020 coinciding with a lunar eclipse on Friday night in what is dubbed a 'wolf moon&#...

Vera Rubin Gets a Telescope of Her Own - The New York Times
The astronomer missed her Nobel Prize. But she now has a whole new observatory to her name.

Voyager scientist Ed Stone on the search for extraterrestrial life: 'We need to get back to Enceladus' - The Guardian
Physics professor reflects on career ranging from most distant object to closest approach to the sun

Scientists Just Discovered How Beetle ‘Weapons’ Grow - SciTechDaily
Specific insulin-like peptide regulates how beetle 'weapons' grow, revealing how larval nutrition leads to differently sized mandibles in broad-horned flour beetles. A scientist from Tokyo Metropolitan University and coworkers have discovered that a specific …

Ear-pleasing new report confirms volcanic source of mysterious global hum - SYFY WIRE
Can you hear it? That elemental thrumming emerging just beneath the engulfing din of everyday city and suburban life? Well, chances are you're not losing your mind or developing some extrahuman ability akin to comic book superheroes.

Kelly Slater Chats with ISS Astronaut Christina Koch - Surf News
Highlights from the GOAT’s interstellar discussion

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