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SpaceX capsule, carrying four astronauts, docks with the International Space Station - CNN
A SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts approached the International Space Station, which orbits more than 200 miles above Earth, and made a gentle in-orbit meet-up, kicking off the astronauts' six-month stay at the space station.

When and where to look to see the North Taurid meteor shower Thursday night -
If you missed the peak of South Taurids last week, the North Taurid meteor shower will shine this Thursday and Friday, potentially producing a few of its signature fireballs.

The Perseverance Rover Cut a Neat Circle Into a Martian Rock - Gizmodo
The rover's main science mission is chugging along, which means careful inspection of rocks in Jezero Crater.

Diamond hauled from deep inside Earth holds never-before-seen mineral -
Researchers thought the mineral was impossible to find on Earth's surface.

What are wormholes? -
These weird tunnels through space-time are still hypothetical.

Watch: honeybees freak out when a pair of huge murder hornets raid their colony - Boing Boing
Vespa mandarinia, also known as “murder hornets,” are a menace to bees. They “can brutally attack and wipe out entire honeybee colonies in hours,” reports Smithsonian Magazi…

Fireball or large meteor zips through sky during SpaceX launch - The Washington Post
More than 200 meteor reports streamed in from 13 states.

Near-Earth asteroid is a fragment from the moon, say scientists - The Guardian
Spectrum of reflected light from Kamo`oalewa closely matches lunar rocks from Nasa’s Apollo mission

Earth's space junk problem is getting worse - Salon
Despite military, commercial, and scientific incentives to clean up space junk, there are no clear solutions

Fate of sinking tectonic plates revealed -
Our world's surface is a jumble of jostling tectonic plates, with new ones emerging as others are pulled under. The ongoing cycle keeps our continents in motion and drives life on Earth. But what happens when a plate disappears into the planet's interior?

EGS, Jacobs begin Artemis 1 pre-launch testing and checkout push - -
The Orion spacecraft and SLS rocket for NASA’s Artemis 1 mission are assembled, the Mobile…

NASA shares video of the plan for its DAVINCI probe to Venus - Daily Mail
NASA is planning to send two new $500million (£352m) probes to Venus and has shared a fascinating video of what will happen when one of them plummets to its surface in the early 2030s.

Earth Could Face 'Internet Apocalypse' Due to 'Cannibal Solar Storms', Scientists Warn - Sputnik International
The phenomena named by the scientists "space weather" can affect Earth in a variety of ways: from creating fascinating light shows like auroral displays, to actually causing damage to satellite infrastructure.

COSINE-100 team find no evidence of dark matter, casting more doubt on DAMA/LIBRA results -
An international team of researchers working on the COSINE-100 experiment in South Korea has been unable to reproduce the signals reported by the researchers working on the DAMA/LIBRA experiment in Italy despite using similar technology. Their paper was publi…

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