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Mercury transits across the sun: See the photo - Fox News
Mercury had a rare celestial occurrence Monday, as stargazers saw the planet -- as a small black dot -- pass between the sun and Earth.

Do e-bikes really give you a workout? Here’s what BYU researchers say - Deseret News
Study shows an e-mountain bike gives almost as strenuous of a workout as a traditional bike, but riding one doesn’t feel like tough exercise

DNA Just One of More Than 1 Million Possible 'Genetic Molecules,' Scientists Find -
Scientists used a computer program to uncover more than 1 million molecules that could potentially store genetic information, just like DNA.

NASA eyes stingray-like spacecraft to explore 'dark side' of hellish Venus - CNET
Flippity-flappity. This morphing spacecraft concept has flexible wings.

Scientists find human footprint in a mammoth track using 3D radar - CNET
The tracks found in White Sands National Monument date to 12,000 years ago.

Is this asteroid the littlest planet? Some astronomers think so. -
An asteroid orbiting the sun has surprised astronomers by turning out to be roughly spherical in shape – possibly qualifying it to be the smallest dwarf planet in the solar system, according to a study from a team of astronomers.

Researchers find nature's backup plan for converting nitrogen into plant nutrients -
Although nitrogen is essential for all living organisms—it makes up 3% of the human body—and comprises 78% of Earth's atmosphere, it's almost ironically difficult for plants and natural systems to access it.

Pediatrics journal releases new guidelines on kids and contact sports - Fox News
A statement published online Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics is offering new guidelines, as The Associated Press reported.

SpaceX Launches 60 Satellites to Space - VOA News
SpaceX launched their Falcon 9 rocket carrying 60 Starlink satellites into space, Monday, November 11. The satellites are intended to help set up a network f...

Something massive blasted X-ray energy into space, and NASA saw it happen - BGR
We’ve got it pretty good here on our little blue orb orbiting a relatively chilled-out star, but space is dark and full of terrors. In a new paper published in The Astrophysical Journal, scie…

Why Can't Science Explain Consciousness? -
It's the greatest scientific challenge of our time.

This amber-encased beetle may have been one of the first insects to pollinate flowers - Science Magazine
Find pushes insect pollination back nearly 50 million years

Humans have 1 in 14,000 chances of going extinct next year - more than getting struck by lightning - Daily Mail
Experts found humans have a better chance of going extinct than an individual has at being struck by lightning. The study found there is a 1 in 14,000 humans will die-off next year.

The Nile Could Be a Window Into the Underworld - Gizmodo
Some scientists think the Nile river might be revealing the mysteries of the mantle beneath it.

Something Very Strange Seems to Be Synchronizing Distant Galaxies - Futurism
Galaxies are aligning, despite being billions of light years apart. Astrophysicists are stumped — and intrigued.

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