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Newly identified Comet NEOWISE is a visible glow in the night sky - WWMT-TV
Skywatchers were getting quite the treat in the July morning sky. A recently discovered comet has provided dazzling views for those with optimal pre-dawn conditions. NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission discovered the…

Design Complete for NASA’s Psyche – Spacecraft to Explore a Metal-Rich Asteroid - SciTechDaily
The mission to explore a metal-rich asteroid is pivoting from planning the details to building real pieces of the spacecraft puzzle. Psyche, the NASA mission to explore a metal-rock asteroid of the same name, recently passed a crucial milestone that brings it…

Billings care center announces COVID-19 testing results after employee contracts virus - KTVQ Billings News
A Billings care center has completed COVID-19 testing for hundreds of residents and staff after one staff member recently contracted the virus.

Scientists are going to hunt for a black hole within our solar system - BGR
An unseen object appears to be interacting with other objects along the edge of our solar system, and researchers don’t know exactly what it is.  Theories of “planet nine” have be…

Hitting the Books: What astronauts can learn from nuclear submariners - Engadget
In his latest book, Spacefarers: How Humans Will Settle the Moon, Mars, and Beyond, Christopher Wanjek examines humanity’s obsession with space travel, why our dreams of living among the stars haven’t yet come to fruition and what it will take to finally get …

Jupiter to dominate Monday night sky as planet orbits closest to Earth - WABC-TV
The gas giant will outshine the stars -- only the moon and Venus will appear brighter.

SpaceX launch of 57 Starlink satellites that wear sun visors delayed again - CNET
The first launch of a big batch of satellites equipped with shades to reduce their brightness was set to blast off soon.

Shockingly Simple: How Farmland Could Absorb an Extra 2 Billion Tonnes of CO2 From the Atmosphere Each Year - SciTechDaily
2 Billion Tonnes of CO2 Could be Absorbed From the Atmosphere Each Year by Applying Rock Dust to Farmland Adding crushed rock dust to farmland could draw down up to two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air per year and help meet key global clim…

The South Pole Wall: 100 Million Billion Stars Are Found Hiding in the Milky Way - Science Times
A recent discovery of 100 million billion stars hidden the Milky Way is named the South Pole Wall. Cosmographers explain how it's possible to map out what they can't see in space.

Yellowstone volcano latest: Idaho quake tremors spark concern over Supervolcano eruption -
IDAHO was recently hit by a 6.5 magnitude earthquake believed to have been so powerful that it practically submerged an entire beach, sparking fears it could finally awaken the Yellowstone Volcano in neighbouring state Wyoming.

New Japanese Telescope Detects Immense "Superflare" on Nearby Star - SciTechDaily
KyotoU's new Seimei telescope detects enormous 'superflare' on nearby star The cold, dark chaos of space is filled with mystery. Fortunately, the ways in which we can peer into the mists of the void are increasing, and now include Kyoto University's 3.8 meter…

A New Study of Dead Suns Finds How Life on Earth Might Not Exist Without Them - ScienceAlert
Carbon. You might not think about it very much, but you wouldn't be alive without it. It's the main ingredient in organic compounds found in all living organisms on Earth, but exactly where carbon comes from has been a matter of some debate.

NASA's AIRS Monitors Tropical Storm Fay as It Deluges the East Coast - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
From its vantage point aboard the Aqua satellite, the instrument maps how much moisture the storm's clouds contain.

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