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NASA compared twin astronauts to see if space ages the human body - Engadget
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly went through some major changes in space--but has mostly recovered.

Elon Musk's SpaceX sends world's most powerful rocket on first commercial flight - One America News Network
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The Black Hole Picture, Explained By Astrophysicists | WIRED - WIRED
Scientists captured and released the first-ever picture of a black hole. WIRED's Deputy Science Editor Adam Rogers spoke with Harvard's Michael Johnson and A...

Israel's Moon Lander Crashed, and That's OK - Hackaday
Some bittersweet news today as we get word that Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft unfortunately crashed shortly before touchdown on the Moon. According to telemetry received from the spacecraft r…

Arby's is Offering $6 Flights to Hawaii -
No, this is not a joke. The fast-food chain is flying folks to the beach to try their sandwiches for a day.

See how NASA Curiosity rover rocked Mars landscape with dramatic drilling - CNET
Curiosity reshaped Mars a little with its first drill into the fascinating clay-bearing unit.

New ancient human species discovered in the Philippines - ABC News
A new ancient human species, Homo luzonensis, was discovered in the Philippines.

The Denisovans May Have Been More Than a Single Species - D-brief - Discover Magazine
In anthropology, bones don’t always tell the whole story. Ancient remains can be so rare that an entire species of hominids can be compressed into one single fragment of bone. Thousands of generations, millions of individuals, epic untold stories — and our on…

What’s Next for the Global Space Race - The Wall Street Journal
The U.S. is vying to preserve its long-held dominance of space, as China, Russia and others make ambitious plans to explore the solar system. Here’s a look at the missions in the works.

Eye from 'Lord of the Rings' or a dog? Epic black hole memes might make you look twice at that historic photo - USA TODAY
The first photo ever captured of a black hole is a little fuzzy. These memes might clear it up for you - or, at least make you laugh.

Photograph of researcher who helped create first black hole image goes viral -
In a rare moment of internet equity Wednesday, social media joined forces to not hate on something. The something in question is not the first-ever image of a black hole, which left some irascible folks unimpressed. It is instead a photograph of the perso…

Chinese Scientists Just Hacked Super-Monkeys Using Human Brain Genes - Interesting Engineering
The researchers hacked the human version of a gene called MCPH1 into the monkeys.

A Zoom to the Black Hole in M87 - Hubble Space Telescope
A zoom into the giant elliptical galaxy Messier 87 (M87) from a wide field view of the entire galaxy to the supermassive black hole at its core. This series ...

Researchers Discover Fossils of Cthulhu-Like Creature - SciTechDaily
Researchers have identified a 430 million-year-old fossil that resembles H.P. Lovecraft’s tentacled monster, Cthulhu.

Meet Katie Bouman, woman behind first black hole photo - New York Post
This is the MIT computer scientist whose algorithm led to the first real image of a black hole. Katie Bouman, 29, has devoted years to the galactic quest and on Wednesday — when the first ima…

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