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Hubble Sees Our Galaxy Sucking Up a Mysterious Amount of Gas - Gizmodo
The Milky Way seems to be gobbling up a mysterious amount of gas—more than it spits back out, according to a new paper.

Lyft giving out free rides in wake of PG&E-California energy crisis - Fox Business
“Our hearts are with those affected by the wildfires in Southern California,” the company tweeted.

Asteroid simulation shows Earth being hit by largest asteroid in solar system –shock video -
A TERRIFYING simulation video has been published of what would happen to Earth if the largest asteroid in our solar system was to hit the planet.

In the Sea, Not All Plastic Lasts Forever - The New York Times
Polystyrene, a common ocean pollutant, decomposes in sunlight much faster than thought, a new study finds.

New research integrates borophene and graphene into 2-D heterostructures -
Nanomaterials could provide the basis of many emerging technologies, including extremely tiny, flexible, and transparent electronics.

Piranha swap out their old teeth with new set waiting in a 'crypt' - CNN
Piranha teeth have the tough task of crunching bone and shredding flesh and like well-used kitchen knives, they dull over time. Since they have no way to sharpen their teeth, piranhas lose and regrow all of the teeth on one side several times over their lifes…

NASA's next-generation space suits will give astronauts going to the moon more freedom and ability - Daily Mail
NASA revealed details about its next-generation space suits set to be worn by the Artemis crew to the moon. The gear will look similar to today's suits, but be will redesigned with new technology.

Why NASA received stern warning over Mars mission from scientist Bill Nye: ‘Focus!’ -
NASA received a stern warning from leading scientist Bill Nye over plans to visit Mars, during an interview in 2017, where he advised the US space agency to 'stay focused' on their goals.

NASA launches satellite to explore mysterious region where air meets space - New York Post
The more scientists know, the better spacecraft and astronauts can be protected in orbit through improved forecasting.

A New Way to Capture and Convert C02 Efficiently Has Been Developed - Interesting Engineering
A group of scientists developed a new material that can efficiently capture and convert CO2.

Why migrating to another planet is a stupid and implausible idea - The Next Web
Swiss astrophysicist Michel Mayor, whose work detecting exoplanets recently earned him a share in the Nobel prize for physics, says humans will never migrate beyond our own solar system. ...

Shaping nanoparticles for improved quantum information technology -
Particles that are mere nanometers in size are at the forefront of scientific research today. They come in many different shapes: rods, spheres, cubes, vesicles, S-shaped worms and even donut-like rings. What makes them worthy of scientific study is that, bei…

Scientists chase cause of mysterious vaping illness as death toll rises -
Confusion reins as researchers sort through the complex US e-cigarette market.

Space junk could ‘TRAP’ humans on Earth and put space travel missions in jeopardy -
SPACE JUNK could clog up Earth’s low orbit, putting future space missions in jeopardy and “trap” us on the planet, one expert has warned.

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