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Skeletons of two 'warrior women' whose lived 1,500 years ago may have inspired the story of Mulan - Daily Mail
Archaeologists uncovered skeletons of two 'warrior women' who were skilled archers and road horseback in Mongolia 1,500 years ago that may have inspired the story of Mulan.

Massive piece of Chinese space junk slams uncontrolled into Earth's atmosphere -
It was the heaviest object to de-orbit uncontrolled since 1991.

Google Adds A Way For People to Support Local Businesses: Links For Donations and Gift Cards Attached To Business Profiles - Appuals
While the COVID-19 spread has wreaked havoc over the entire planet, we see that the world economy has shrunk tremendously. This has had an impact on both huge corporations and smaller merchants. While

Ice Age giant sloths died in a pit of their own poop -
The animals may have been sickened after feces contaminated their watering hole

How to boost plant biomass: Biologists uncover molecular link between nutrient availability, growth -
Plant scientists have long known that crop yield is proportional to the dose of nitrogen fertilizer, but the increased use of fertilizers is costly and harmful to the environment. Until now, the underlying mechanisms by which plants adjust their growth accord…

Lava Lake Is Now Water Lake Atop Kilauea Volcano - Gizmodo
Satellite images have captured the result of a lake of lava collapsing on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano, revealing an enormous new lake of water.

Abell 2384: Bending the bridge between two galaxy clusters -
Several hundred million years ago, two galaxy clusters collided and then passed through each other. This mighty event released a flood of hot gas from each galaxy cluster that formed an unusual bridge between the two objects. This bridge is now being pummeled…

SpaceX consultant on creating a new crewed spacecraft: ‘We were really the underdogs’ - The Verge
Garrett Reisman gives The Verge a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to develop SpaceX’s Crew Dragon for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and what it will be like to watch his friends, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, fly on the vehicle he helpe…

New images make Jupiter a huge jack-o'-lantern, reveal secrets about Great Red Spot - USA TODAY
We're learning more about the gigantic storms of the solar system's largest planet, Jupiter, through the eyes of three NASA instruments.

Japanese Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Reveals More Secrets From Asteroid Ryugu - SciTechDaily
Ryugu’s interaction with the sun changes what we know about asteroid history. In February and July of 2019, the Hayabusa2 spacecraft briefly touched down on the surface of near-Earth asteroid Ryugu. The readings it took with various instruments at those times…

As sea levels rise, are we ready to live behind giant walls? - The Conversation UK
A new study suggests raising dykes along a third of Europe's coastline, but there are more cost-effective options.

Mars might be full of puddles but they're too cold to support life - CNET
New research suggests salty brine puddles are more abundant on the surface of Mars than expected -- but life is unlikely to survive within.

These are the best photos of Earth ever taken from space - Yahoo Lifestyle
NASA asked the public to vote on the best images of Earth.

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