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Autonomous drones learn to find 'hidden' meteorite impact sites - Yahoo Tech
Drones are learning to find meteorite impact sites all by themselves, helping to locate space rocks that might otherwise go missed..

What a tiny bone tells us about Neanderthal thinking - CNN
It's easy to think we, Homo sapiens, are unique -- that we represent the acme of evolution and will forever sit atop the great chain of being. But it's definitely plausible that we have gotten too self-important.

In Antarctica, a lake’s disappearance might offer clues about melting ice shelves - The Washington Post
Was the abrupt event in 2019 connected to the warming climate around the icy continent? It’s too soon to tell, researchers say.

A Super New Theory to Explain Superconductivity - SciTechDaily
A researcher at the University of Tsukuba introduces a new theoretical model of high-temperature superconductivity, in which electrical current can flow with zero resistance, which may lead to extremely efficient energy generation and transmission. A scientis…

Solar storm forecast: 'High-speed' solar winds set to batter Earth this weekend - Daily Express
SOLAR WINDS travelling at speeds of a million miles an hour are expected to batter the planet this weekend and could trigger a geomagnetic storm above Earth.

You can see Venus, Mars align in a ‘planetary conjunction’ Monday night - KSAT San Antonio
The “Red Planet” and the “Evening Star” will meet in a near-embrace early next week during one of the best sky-gazing events of the year.

NASA will attempt a 'risky' maneuver to fix its broken Hubble Space Telescope as early as next week - Yahoo News
Engineers have been troubleshooting NASA's Hubble Telescope since it went offline in mid-June. Now, they're going to try switching to backup hardware.

Photos: China Shares New Images of Mars Taken by Zhurong Rover - Sputnik International
The rover, named after the Chinese god of fire, is being used by the Chinese agency to examine Martian soil and atmosphere, take pictures, create maps, and search for...

Mystery of Jupiter's powerful X-ray auroras finally solved -
The giant planet's auroras aren't so different than those on Earth

A New Kind of Ice That Bends Like a Noodle Without Breaking - The New York Times
Perfect crystals of ice microfiber showed the flexibility of a material we usually assume to be rather brittle.

NASA awards contract to Northrop Grumman to build Gateway module - SpaceNews
NASA has awarded a contract worth $935 million to Northrop Grumman to build and integrate the first habitation module for the lunar Gateway.

Scientists Have Created a New Bendy And Flexible Form of Ice - ScienceAlert
Water ice isn't exactly known for its flexibility. In fact, it's quite the opposite: rigid and brittle, easily fracturing and snapping. It's why avalanches and sea ice fragmentation occur.

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