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Astronomers Detect a Giant Galaxy Lighting Up The Universe Right After The Big Bang - ScienceAlert
About 370,000 years after the Big Bang, the Universe experienced a period that cosmologists refer to as the "Cosmic Dark Ages."

Liquid crystals create easy-to-read, color-changing sensors -
Chameleons are famous for their color-changing abilities. Depending on their body temperature or mood, their nervous system directs skin tissue that contains nanocrystals to expand or contract, changing how the nanocrystals reflect light and turning the repti…

‘It was so well staged!’ Buzz Aldrin’s Moon landing confession revealed after 50 years -
BUZZ ALDRIN admitted one of the most iconic moments from the Apollo 11 mission was 'so well staged' during an interview with Professor Brian Cox in 2016.

ESA delays Ariane 6 launch to the second half of 2021 -
The European Space Agency (ESA) has delayed the first launch of their upcoming heavy-medium rocket:…

Astronomers Have a Plan to Detect a Possible Black Hole in Our Solar System - Gizmodo
You may have heard about Planet Nine—a hypothetical planet thought to exist in the outer reaches of the solar system. One possibility is that it’s not a planet at all but a tiny black hole. New research outlines a potential strategy for detecting this suppose…

Mapped: Each Region's Median Age Over the Last 70 Years - Visual Capitalist
The world’s population is aging, but not at the same rate. This animated map visualizes the changes in median age in every region since 1950.

Large Dolphin from Oligocene Epoch was Fast-Swimming Apex Predator | Paleontology -
Paleontologists have found and described the first nearly complete skeleton of Ankylorhiza tiedemani, an extinct large dolphin that lived about 24 million years ago (Oligocene epoch).

Earth's moon had a magma ocean for 200 million years -
A new study finds that the molten rock was around for much longer than scientists thought.

Astronomers Discover Deep-Space “Structure,” 1.4 Billion Light Years Across - Futurism
Address to: Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Local Group cluster, Virgo cluster, Laniakea supercluster.

New images show SpaceX's Starship factory, launch site grow over time - Business Insider - Business Insider
Before-and-after photos of the formerly quiet Boca Chica neighborhood show Elon Musk's rocket company working frenetically to reach the moon and Mars.

Astronomers Baffled by Mysterious Ring-Shaped Objects in Deep Space - Futurism
"History shows us that when we open up a new [avenue of looking at] space to explore … we always find new and exciting things."

NASA’s hi-res footage of a ‘moon buggy’ shows space exploration in stunning color - Yahoo Lifestyle
This casual footage of an astronaut cruising around the moon's surface during the Apollo 15 voyage is surreal.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe set for close Venus flyby - Fox News
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is set for a close flyby of Venus that will see the spacecraft come within 516 miles of the planet’s surface.

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