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A Monster Black Hole has been Found with 40 Billion Times the Mass of the Sun - Universe Today
A black hole 40 billion times more massive than the Sun. If it were in our Solar System, it would extend almost out to the Oort Cloud!

Perseid meteor shower 2019: How to see the best meteor shower of the year - New York Post
Your weekend highlights may include stumbling out of a bar early Sunday morning, but — depending on your location — if you time your exit right, you can see a real thrill in the sky. The annual Per…

Amid protest, Hawaii astronomers lose observation time - Yahoo News
This is some of the research astronomers say they have missed out on at 11 observatories on Hawaii's tallest mountain as a protest blocks the road to the...

Something slammed into Jupiter, and all we saw was a flash - BGR
It was only about a day ago that NASA showed off some Hubble’s finest work yet in the form of new images of Jupiter. The photos (and a brief animation made of many of said images) are stunnin…

Moon landing shock: Neil Armstrong had to ‘fly blind’ during crucial final minutes -
NEIL ARMSTRONG had to fly the Lunar Module “blind” during the crucial final minutes before the historic 1969 Moon landing, it can be revealed.

Curiosity rover celebrates its 7th birthday by investigating a clay mystery - Digital Trends
The Mars rover Curiosity just celebrated its seventh birthday, having been exploring Mars since it landed in 2012. And it's busy as ever, recently drilling its 22nd hole in the Martian rock. Curiosity is now halfway along its path through a region called the …

Hubble images Jupiter, our Solar System’s most beautiful planet - Digital Trends
Arguably our Solar System's most beautiful planet, Jupiter, has been imaged in stunning detail by the Hubble Space Telescope. The image shows more intense colors than previous images of the planet, showing off the dramatic cloud formations which move in bands…

Thousands of tardigrades crash-land on the moon. Did they survive? - Washington Post
The dehydrated, minuscule “water bears” were aboard an unmanned Israeli craft that suffered a failed landing attempt.

An asteroid will whiz by Earth this weekend, experts say - WTVD-TV
Residents of Planet Earth fret not -- 1,000-foot asteroid whizzing by our precious planet this weekend won't even come close to making impact.

Scientists can now control thermal profiles at the nanoscale -
At human scale, controlling temperature is a straightforward concept. Turtles sun themselves to keep warm. To cool a pie fresh from the oven, place it on a room-temperature countertop.

Virtual 'universe machine' sheds light on galaxy evolution -
How do galaxies such as our Milky Way come into existence? How do they grow and change over time? The science behind galaxy formation has remained a puzzle for decades, but a University of Arizona-led team of scientists is one step closer to finding answers t…

Evidence of Cloaked Black Hole in Early Universe - SciTechDaily
A group of astronomers, including Penn State scientists, has announced the likely discovery of a highly obscured black hole existing only 850 million years after the Big Bang, using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. This is the first evidence for a cloaked bl…

NASA Tests Water Powered Spacecraft in Orbit - Universe Today
Picture two tissue box-sized spacecraft orbiting Earth. Then picture them communicating, and using a water-powered thruster to approach each other. If you can do that, then you’re up to speed on one of the activities of NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology Prog…

Boa snake spotted by hikers on popular hiking trail - KATU
A photo of a rarely seen snake found wrapped around a small tree along the Clackamas River Trail is creating quite a stir online. Biologists identified the snake as a rubber boa. Rubber boas are native to the Pacific Northwest and part of our natural ecosyste…

Movie night to be held in Cherokee, IA during peak Perseid Meteor shower viewing - KTIV
This event will allow people to watch the meteor shower and the movie simultaneously.

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