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It's Official: NASA Is Opening The International Space Station to Tourists - ScienceAlert
NASA just announced that it will officially allow regular citizens - not just certified astronauts - on board the International Space Station, as well as commercial and marketing activities.

Jupiter will shine brightly over next few days -
This is a great week to see Jupiter. Because the largest planet in our Solar System will be at its biggest and brightest.

Researchers Have Found Pregnancy Is Literally Like An Ultra Marathon - Scary Mommy
A new study researching the limits of human endurance has found that one of the hardest things the human body can handle, even including ultra marathons, is pregnancy.

A new candidate for dark matter and a way to detect it - Phys.Org
Two theoretical physicists at the University of California, Davis have a new candidate for dark matter, and a possible way to detect it. They presented their work June 6 at the Planck 2019 conference in Granada, Spain and it has been submitted for publication.

The mantis shrimp's perfect shield -
How do you protect yourself from the perfect striking weapon? You develop the perfect shield.

Past climate change pushed birds from the northern hemisphere to the tropics -
Researchers have shown how millions of years of climate change affected the range and habitat of modern birds, suggesting that many groups of tropical birds may be relatively recent arrivals in their equatorial homes.

Scientists discover unlikely culprit for fertilizing North Pacific Ocean: Asian dust -
The vast subtropical "gyres—large systems of rotating currents in the middle of the oceans—cover 40 percent of the Earth's surface and have long been considered biological deserts with stratified waters that contain very little nutrients to sustain life.

Researchers discover how the brain changes when mastering a new skill - Medical Xpress
Mastering a new skill—whether a sport, an instrument, or a craft—takes time and training. While it is understood that a healthy brain is capable of learning these new skills, how the brain changes in order to develop new behaviors is a relative mystery. More …

NASA asteroid tracker: A 15,100mph asteroid will dash past the Earth tomorrow -
NASA’s asteroid trackers expect a fast-moving rocky object to shoot past the Earth tomorrow morning at more than 15,100mph (24,300kph), the US space agency has revealed.

Evidence of a Gigantic Impact Crater Found Off Scottish Coast - Gizmodo
Some 1.2 billion years ago, an asteroid measuring over 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) wide smashed into northwest Scotland. Trouble is, scientists aren’t sure exactly where the meteorite struck, as traces of the crater are long gone. With new research, however, scie…

Stephen Hawking Was Right: Black Holes Can Evaporate, Weird New Study Shows - Live Science
Researchers used a sonic black hole to confirm one of Stephen Hawking's theories.

Researchers 'stretch' the ability of 2-D materials to change technology -
Two-dimensional (2-D) materials—as thin as a single layer of atoms—have intrigued scientists with their flexibility, elasticity, and unique electronic properties, as first discovered in materials such as graphene in 2004. Some of these materials can be especi…

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