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Artemis Generation: Astronaut Graduation Day - NASA
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Shocked meteorites provide clues to Earth's lower mantle -
Deep below the Earth's surface lies a thick rocky layer called the mantle, which makes up the majority of our planet's volume. While Earth's mantle is too deep for humans to observe directly, certain meteorites can provide clues to this unreachable layer.

'Superdiamond' carbon-boron cages can trap and tap into different properties -
A long-sought-after class of "superdiamond" carbon-based materials with tunable mechanical and electronic properties was predicted and synthesized by Carnegie's Li Zhu and Timothy Strobel. Their work is published by Science Advances.

Iran Plane Crash Wreckage Spotted from Space (Satellite Photos) -
The plane went down early Wednesday (Jan. 8), killing all 176 people aboard.

'Wolf' moon, partial lunar eclipse thrill skywatchers - Fox News
Skywatchers have been enjoying the January full Moon, known as the ‘Wolf’ Moon, as well as a partial lunar eclipse in parts of the world.

First NASA SLS Core Stage rolls out - Prepares to ship to Stennis -
Working through almost all of the standard fortnight year-end holiday, Boeing’s final assembly team for…

Scientists Find 550 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Digestive Tract – Solving a Mystery of Primordial Evolution - SciTechDaily
A 550 million-year-old fossilized digestive tract found in the Nevada desert could be a key find in understanding the early history of animals on Earth. Over a half-billion years ago, life on Earth was comprised of simple ocean organisms unlike anything livin…

Giant impact crater from 800,000-year-old meteorite found under Laos - INSIDER
Scientists may have solved the geological mystery of what happened to an 800-year-old meteorite that blanketed 10% of the Earth in debris.

Always counterclockwise: Puzzle of early Neolithic house orientations finally solved -
Human behaviour is influenced by many things, most of which remain unconscious to us. One of these is a phenomenon known among perception psychologists as "pseudo-neglect." This refers to the observation that healthy people prefer their left visual field to t…

17-year-old discovers planet 6.9 times larger than Earth on third day of internship with NASA - CNBC
On the third day of a summer internship at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, Scarsdale teen Wolf Cukier discovered planet TOI 1338 b.

The Origin Of A Mysterious Humming Felt Across The World Has Been Pinpointed - IFLScience
Wait, did anyone else hear that? Back in 2018, hundreds of earthquake monitoring stations all over the world started picking up on an unusual “hum” that ru

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites are interfering with astronomy. It’s just the beginning. -
“You’ll see the sky crawling”: Astronomers fear that satellites will crowd out stars.

Mars, already largely desert, is losing water quicker than expected, study says - CNN
A new study reveals that more water vapor is accumulating in the upper atmosphere of Mars, allowing more of it to escape into space. This means that Mars is losing water more quickly than anticipated.

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