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NASA Wallops Rocket Launch Now Set For Tuesday Night - CBS Boston
NASA's launch of the KiNET-X sounding rocket has been postponed again.

Nasa spacecraft leaves asteroid Bennu with a belly full of space rock samples - The Guardian
Osiris-Rex has been flying around the ancient asteroid since 2018 and collected nearly a pound of rubble last fall

Caldera collapse increases the size and duration of volcanic eruptions -
Scientists have figured out what triggers large-scale volcanic eruptions and what conditions likely lead to them.

Neanderthals carb loaded, helping grow their big brains - Science Magazine
DNA from mouth bacteria suggest human ancestors ate diets rich in starchy plants by 600,000 years ago

Scientists Model Saturn’s Interior – Thick Layer of Helium Rain May Influence the Planet’s Magnetic Field - SciTechDaily
Researchers simulate conditions necessary for planet’s unique magnetic field. New Johns Hopkins University simulations offer an intriguing look into Saturn’s interior, suggesting that a thick layer of helium rain influences the planet’s magnetic field. The mo…

Brood awakening: Cicadas emerging across D.C. area - The Washington Post
These are the early bloomers. A more massive, widespread swarm still awaits.

NASA Announces New Associate Administrator - NASA
NASA Administrator Sen. Bill Nelson announced Monday Robert D. Cabana, who has served as director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center since 2008, will serve as associate administrator effective Monday, May 17.

The ISS could host space tourists as soon as January - Engadget
Four astronauts will make the trip aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon module..

SpaceX rocket makes record 10th flight while Elon Musk parties post-SNL - CNET
Just hours after the iconoclastic CEO hosted Saturday Night Live, his company conducted a landmark launch.

The Only Total Lunar Eclipse of 2021 Will Light Up the Night Sky This Month - Here's How to See It - Yahoo Lifestyle
2021 is the year to look up! Countless amazing astronomical events will be lighting up the sky, but the only lunar eclipse of the year is happening on...

Ground-Breaking Hologram Technology Brings Sci-Fi Battles To Life - IFLScience
Mastery of light is a staple of science fiction, from photon torpedos to lightsabers to holograms. This latest technology brings the latter and thus a repr

NASA rocket launch with colorful vapor cloud set for tonight from Wallops Flight Facility. How to watch Monda -
Rocket may be visible from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and other eastern states, and the launch can be seen on a live-stream video.

In the emptiness of space, Voyager 1 detects plasma 'hum' -
Voyager 1—one of two sibling NASA spacecraft launched 44 years ago and now the most distant human-made object in space—still works and zooms toward infinity.

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