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NASA Tests Water Powered Spacecraft in Orbit - Universe Today
Picture two tissue box-sized spacecraft orbiting Earth. Then picture them communicating, and using a water-powered thruster to approach each other. If you can do that, then you’re up to speed on one of the activities of NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology Prog…

Private Israeli spacecraft may have contaminated the Moon - Salon
This may be the second recent private mission (after Elon Musk's space car launch) that contaminated space

Spectacular celestial line-up on the way - KPLC
Not only can see you some meteors blazing through the sky this weekend, but another celestial treat is visible as Jupiter and Saturn line up with the moon and will be visible as well.

'Mad' Flat-Earther to Launch Himself 5,000 Feet Up on a Homemade Steam Rocket Sunday -
Amateur rocketeer Mike Hughes is reaching for new heights.

New Hubble pictures of Jupiter fascinate scientists -
Photos taken of Jupiter this summer by NASA's Hubble Telescope have scientists wondering at the changes to the gas giant's colors

Repeating outbursts of 40000-degree wind discovered near black hole - CNN
About 25,000 light-years from Earth, astronomers have discovered intensely hot, screaming winds near a black hole. And those outbursts repeat every eight minutes. It's the first time researchers have observed this around a black hole, according to a new study.

Black hole shock: NASA unmasks 'cloaked' black hole from earliest days of the universe -
NASA has announced evidence of the most distant “cloaked” black hole in the cosmos, dating the terrifying object to the very early days of the universe.

Is dark matter older than the Big Bang? - Futurity: Research News
Exactly what dark matter is and how it came to be is still a mystery, but new calculations could add to our understanding of its origins.

See SpaceX's new spacesuits on the first astronauts to wear them - CNET
Crew Dragon might not fly until next year, but NASA astronauts are getting comfy in new SpaceX duds.

This Rock Shelter in Ethiopia May Be the Earliest Evidence of Humans Living in the Mountains - Gizmodo
Archaeologists working in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia have uncovered the earliest evidence to date of human habitation in a high-altitude environment. Living over 11,000 feet above sea level, these early mountaineers ate rodents to survive the harsh ice ag…

Testing Orion's “Powerhouse” on This Week @NASA - August 9, 2019 - NASA
A critical test of the “powerhouse” for our Orion spacecraft, Curiosity is still going strong after seven Earth years on Mars, and Hubble’s new portrait of J...

New retroreflective material could be used in nighttime color-changing road signs -
A thin film that reflects light in intriguing ways could be used to make road signs that shine brightly and change color at night, according to a study that will be published on Aug. 9 in Science Advances.

This sideways galaxy looks just like a lightsaber - CNN
At first glance, an image taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope looks like every Star Wars fan's dream come true: Darth Vader's lightsaber just hanging out in a galaxy far, far away.

Supernova Could Have Left Radioactive Dust in Antarctic Ice - Gizmodo
Scientists found evidence of dust produced in nearby supernovae hiding under a thousand pounds of Antarctic snow, according to new research.

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