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Scientists close in on hidden Scottish meteorite crater - BBC News
Evidence points to a 1.2bn-year-old impact structure lying hidden off Scotland's north-west coast.

CNN’s Brian Stelter Believes Trump’s New Focus on Mars is Interesting: ‘Might Be Onto Something’ - Mediaite
CNN anchor Brian Stelter noted President Donald Trump's confusing tweet about going to Mars may be a savvy move by the president with the anniversary of Apollo 11 on the horizon.

Jupiter is so close this week you'll be able to see its moons. Here's how to spot our giant neighbor. -
Jupiter can be seen with the naked eye, but a pair of binoculars will also help you see four of its moons.

After 50 Years, Snoopy May Be Found - AVweb
Snoopy may have been found and Elon Musk has been challenged to go and positively identify the long-lost lunar lander. Nick Howes, a fellow at Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society said he and his colleagues believe they found the Apollo 10 moon lander that se…

NASA Is Letting Tourists Visit the International Space Station Starting in 2020 - Maxim
Well, here's one hell of a weekend getaway.  NASA is set to start selling visits to the International Space Station (ISS) beginning in 2020, at the low-low

Three islands disappeared in the past year. Is climate change to blame? - NBC News
The same forces that sunk remote islands in Hawaii, Japan and the Arctic could put coastlines around the world at risk, scientists say.

Privatizing space? Strapped-for-cash NASA to open International Space Station to tourists - RT
NASA, floundering under the weight of its promise to return to the Moon by 2024, has been forced to take on some extra work to pay the bills: playing host to private tourists aboard the International Space Station.

Earth EXODUS: Plan to alter Earth’s ORBIT to escape being eaten by dying Sun -
EARTH’S orbit may one day need to be altered to escape from being devoured by its dying Sun. And an engineer has devised some ingenious solutions for achieving this ambition.

Elon Musk’s Starlink: The hidden agenda behind SpaceX’s mission to DOMINATE space internet -
ELON MUSK's Starlink, the controversial space internet system designed by SpaceX, may have an undisclosed purpose, an expert has warned.

Wednesday SpaceX Rocket Launch, Return May Be Seen and Heard Around South Coast - Noozhawk
Falcon 9 poised to carry Canadian Space Agency mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base, with subsequent landing likely to cause sonic booms

Football field-sized asteroid could hit Earth this year -
(Fox News) An enormous asteroid with a diameter wider than a football field has a roughly one in 7,000 chance of hitting the Earth later this year. However, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. Known as asteroid 2006 QV89, the space rock, which has a diameter of …

White House reiterates human moon missions on the path to Mars - SpaceNews
A day after President Trump seemd to cast doubt on NASA’s human lunar plans, a White House official said the moon remained a goal as a step towards Mars.

Milky Way’s supermassive black hole is wrapped in a vast mantle of cool gas - Digital Trends
At the center of our galaxy, approximately 26,000 light-years away, is a supermassive black hole. Scientists have long theorized that there must be gas and dust orbiting the black hole which gather together in an accretion disk. Now astronomers have observed …

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