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Nasa bumps moon landing back to 2025 at the earliest - The Guardian
Agency says funding issues, along with delays tied to Bezos legal challenge, will push back first landing in a half century

Honeybees make a chilling warning noise when attacked by hive-destroying murder hornets - CNN
Asian honeybees have evolved a unique and frenetic warning signal to communicate the danger posed by predatory giant hornets, a new study revealed.

People of Artemis - NASA
The Moon has inspired and beckoned generations to explore. NASA’s Artemis I mission will forge a new path to the Moon, charting a course for a new, diverse g...

Stargazers spot SpaceX's Crew-2 Dragon streaking across the night sky in amazing photos -
It looks like New Orleans and Florida got quite the show.

Black Holes Could Be Expanding Along With the Universe - Gizmodo
The accelerating expansion of the universe could be affecting the size of black holes, according to a team of astrophysicists.

'Tsunami' of gravitational waves sets record for most ever space-time ripples detected -
The waves allow for vital glimpses of objects that don't produce much light.

“Cold Bone”: New Dinosaur Species Discovered That Lived on Greenland 214 Million Years Ago - SciTechDaily
The two-legged dinosaur Issi saaneq lived about 214 million years ago in what is now Greenland. It was a medium-sized, long-necked herbivore and a predecessor of the sauropods, the largest land animals ever to live. It was discovered by an international team …

The Leonid meteor shower peaks soon: Here's when and where you can see shooting stars - USA TODAY
The peak of the Leonid meteor shower will be visible across the night sky late Nov. 16 and especially early Nov. 17. Here's when and where to see it.

The Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Is Going Back to Where It All Started - Gizmodo
The NASA helicopter will travel to the site of its first flight, a spot known as Wright Brothers Field.

Cellular aging: A basic paradox elucidated -
In a study published in Nucleic Acids Research, the team of cancer researcher Francis Rodier, an Université de Montréal professor, shows for the first time that cellular senescence, which occurs when aging cells stop dividing, is caused by irreversible damage…

Using new quantum computing architectures to create time crystals -
UC Berkeley physicist Norman Yao first described five years ago how to make a time crystal—a new form of matter whose patterns repeat in time instead of space. Unlike crystals of emerald or ruby, however, those time crystals existed for only a fraction of a s…

Major endorsement for new space mission to find 'Earth 2.0' -
A major new space telescope searching for 'Earth 2.0'—to Succeed Hubble and the soon-to-be-launched James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)—is one step closer to reality.

Watch NASA's SpaceX Crew-3 Mission Launch (Trailer) - NASA
On Nov. 10 at 9:03 p.m. EST (02:03 UTC Nov. 11), the Crew-3 flight will carry NASA astronauts Raja Chari, mission commander; Tom Marshburn, pilot; and Kayla ...

NASA space images for training algorithms are all fake - except one - Daily Mail
The mosaic consists of 225 images, 224 of which are fake, created by artificial intelligence (AI). But one shows a real interstellar phenomenon, taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Two November meteor showers to be followed by lunar eclipse -
Shooting stars from the Northern Taurid meteor shower are expected to peak Nov. 11 and Nov. 12, and a partial lunar eclipse will occur the following week when the moon turns full.

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