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NASA will attempt a 'risky' maneuver to fix its broken Hubble Space Telescope as early as next week - Yahoo News
Engineers have been troubleshooting NASA's Hubble Telescope since it went offline in mid-June. Now, they're going to try switching to backup hardware.

Harvard-MIT Quantum Computing Breakthrough – “We Are Entering a Completely New Part of the Quantum World” - SciTechDaily
Team develops simulator with 256 qubits, largest of its kind ever created. A team of physicists from the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms and other universities has developed a special type of quantum computer known as a programmable quantum simulator c…

NASA awards contract to Northrop Grumman to build Gateway module - SpaceNews
NASA has awarded a contract worth $935 million to Northrop Grumman to build and integrate the first habitation module for the lunar Gateway.

Venus and the moon pass a fading Mars in the evening sky this weekend -
Catch the trio above the western horizon about 45 minutes after sunset.

This Bendable Ice Is Freaking Us Out - Gizmodo
Tiny ice microfibers can bend into a near circle and then return to their original shape.

Supersalty Water Could've Erased Some Evidence of Life on Mars - Gizmodo
Newly discovered rocks, with their histories wiped clean, are still considered good places to look for signs of ancient life.

A Mystery of Jupiter's Constant Aurora Has Finally Been Solved After 40 Years - ScienceAlert
Earth is not the only world adorned with the glowing atmospheric phenomenon that is aurora. In fact, in a Solar System aurora competition, the clear winner would be Jupiter. The so-called King of Planets is crowned with the most powerful auroras in t

Artemis 1 ICPS stage from ULA added to SLS stack - -
NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) and prime launch processing contractor Jacobs hoisted the in-space stage…

No, this dinosaur isn't vaping. It just breathed like a weirdo. -
A well-preserved fossil is a "missing puzzle piece" for the evolution of dinosaur respiration.

The last voyage of NASA's space shuttle: Looking back at Atlantis' final mission 10 years later -
It's been 10 years since NASA's space shuttle Atlantis ended an era.

Checking Up On Earth's Sister Planet: NASA's Upcoming Venus Missions - Hackaday
Even as we bask in the knowledge that our neighboring planet Mars is currently home to a multitude of still functional landers, a triplet of rovers and with an ever-growing satellite network as wel…

Life on Mars: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter aces ninth fight - Al Jazeera English
In its longest flight yet, the plucky helicopter buzzed around the Seitah region of Mars, snapping pictures.

Seeing with radio waves -
Scientists from the Division of Physics at the University of Tsukuba used the quantum effect called 'spin-locking' to significantly enhance the resolution when performing radio-frequency imaging of nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond. This work may lead to fa…

Rare meteorite could hold secrets to life on Earth -
Scientists are set to uncover the secrets of a rare meteorite and possibly the origins of oceans and life on Earth, thanks to Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) funding.

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