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Astronomers Are About to Make a Groundbreaking Black Hole Announcement - ScienceAlert
The European Southern Observatory has revealed that on April 10 there will be a huge announcement. Yes, we know how that sounds - but as far as we can tell, it appears the world is about to finally see the first ever photo of a black hole's event hor

“Exquisitely Preserved” Dinosaur Skin Found In Korea In World First - IFLScience
Once upon a time, a tiny blackbird-sized dinosaur was caught in a Korean rainstorm. As the raindrops fell, the nimble Minisauripus stepped on firm, sticky

Sollasina Cthulhu: Monstrous 430 Million-Year-Old Sea Cucumber Discovered - Newsweek
The creature "was characterized by the presence of 45 tentacle-like tube feet, a body composed of many hard plates, and a mouth surrounded by five large ‘teeth,'" said lead author Imran Rahman.

NASA’s mission to ‘Touch the Sun’ just hit another major milestone - BGR
In 2018, NASA launched a mission to do something that scientists have never done before. The Parker Solar Probe mission is truly the first of its kind, venturing closer to our star than any spacecr…

Convergent Evolution: Neanderthals and Woolly Mammoths May Have Shared Genetic Traits - Ancient Origins
A new Tel Aviv University study suggests that the genetic profiles of two extinct mammals with African ancestry - woolly mammoths, elephant-like animals that evolved in the arctic peninsula of Eurasia around 600,000 years ago

New model accurately predicts harmful space weather -
A new, first-of-its-kind space weather model reliably predicts space storms of high-energy particles that are harmful to many satellites and spacecraft orbiting in the Earth's outer radiation belt. A paper recently published in the journal Space Weather detai…

SpaceX faces a key test in the upcoming launch of its biggest rocket - CNN
SpaceX wants to compete with its arch rival in the lucrative business of launching ultra-heavy satellites into space. That's why the second-ever launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket — and the first to carry a payload for a paying customer — will be a key milesto…

Scientists discover evidence of giant planet 13 times more massive than Jupiter - The Next Web
A team of Brazilian astronomers recently determined a giant exoplanet, over thirteen times more massive than Jupiter, is likely responsible for some funky orbital observations of a ...

Astronauts threw a zero-gravity pizza party - The Takeout
Astronauts: They’re just like us. After a long work week, they just want to lay low and eat pizza, you know?

NASA enlists academia to develop autonomous space habitats - Engadget
The agency wants autonomous tech to maintain living spaces on the Moon and Mars when humans aren't onboard.

NASA rover Curiosity fulfills dream, drills into Mars clay - CNET
There's a new hole in the red planet, and this one is extra special.

JUUL electronic cigarette products linked to cellular damage - Medical Xpress
Little is known about the potential health effects of JUUL e-cigarette products that have recently risen in popularity, especially among adolescents. The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has a growing concern about this uptick in their use because these …

Life could be evolving right now on nearest exoplanets -
Excitement about exoplanets skyrocketed when rocky Earth-like planets were discovered orbiting in the habitable zone of some of our closest stars – until hopes for life were dashed by the high levels of radiation bombarding those worlds.

Jupiter's poles shown heating up in incredible NASA images - Fox News
NASA's JPL has released images of the gas giant showing the impact that solar winds are having on the planet's poles, which are causing a hotter atmosphere than previously thought.

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