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SpaceX plans to blow up a rocket over the Atlantic Ocean next week (and you can watch it live) - The Next Web
SpaceX and NASA are working together to blow up a rocket over the Atlantic Ocean. The experiment, called an in-flight abort test, will likely lead to the destruction of a Falcon 9 rocket ...

Astronomers Are Increasingly Worried About How Satellite Megaconstellations Will Disrupt Science - Gizmodo
Organizers of an American Astronomical Society conference in Hawaii held a special session to discuss the ways in which satellite megaconstellations, such as the one currently being built by SpaceX, are poised to disrupt telescopic observations. The astronome…

Researchers discover new building blocks of catalyst zeolite nanopores -
Zeolites crystals, used among other things for refining petroleum to gasoline and biomass into biofuels, are the most-used catalysts by weight on the planet, and discovering mechanisms of how they form has been of intense interest to the chemical industry and…

800,000 years ago a huge meteorite struck earth, and we might have just found its crater - CNET
Tracking the tektites may have lead scientists to solve a century-old mystery.

After mishap with Boeing spacecraft, NASA faces a dilemma - The Washington Post
After Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft suffered a serious setback during a test last month, the space agency has to decide whether to require the company to repeat the uncrewed test flight or allow the next planned flight to proceed with astronauts aboard.

Cuttlefish 3D glasses study finds the species' brains use stereopsis to perceive depth, scientists say - CBS News
The goal, other than having a reason to put cute little glasses on sea creatures, was to learn more about their depth perception.

The mystery of weird radio signals from space deepens - CNET
Fast radio bursts are one of the newest unexplained phenomena in the universe, and each discovery seems to add another layer to the riddle.

Mars Loses Its Water Even Faster Than Anyone Thought -
The surprising find could help researchers better understand why modern Mars is a desert world.

Scientists observe ultrafast birth of radicals -
An international team led by Argonne has visualized the elusive, ultrafast proton transfer process following the ionization of water.

Trove of New Bird Species Found on Remote Indonesian Islands - The New York Times
Researchers found 10 new species and subspecies of songbirds off the coast of Sulawesi, with distinct songs and genetics from known birds.

Galaxy group 13 billion light-years from Earth causing 'cosmic makeover' - Fox News
Astronomers have detected the farthest ever galaxy group so far, three galaxies that have helped to alter the universe by resulting in a "sweeping cosmic makeover."

Famous Battle of Britain ‘What If’ Scenarios Put to the Test by Mathematicians - SciTechDaily
Mathematicians have used a statistical technique to interrogate some of the big "what if" questions in the Second World War battle for Britain's skies. What if the switch to bombing London had not occurred? What if a more eager Hitler had pushed for an earlie…

A Huge Wave is Passing Through the Milky Way Unleashing New Stellar Nurseries - Universe Today
Detailed maps of the stars in our galaxy have found a ripple of star forming regions near the Sun.

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