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ISS is basically a bacteria-filled locker room, study finds - CNET
At least in terms of germs, they're the same, according to NASA scientists cataloguing microbes on the space station.

Hayabusa2 Fires an Anti-Tank Warhead at Asteroid Ryugu - Universe Today
Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft recently struck the asteroid Ryugu with an explosive payload, which will help it collect samples that could teach us more about how the Solar System and life came to be.

Spacewalking Astronauts Battle Stuck Panel, Wrangle Cables on Space Station -
NASA astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques completed the last in a series of three spacewalks.

NASA's Curiosity rover just witnessed two solar eclipses on Mars - BGR
When a solar eclipse is expected here on Earth, it can be a pretty big deal. Back in August of 2017, a total solar eclipse occurred over much of the United States, and people traveled from huge dis…

A solar eclipse will shroud part of the U.S. in darkness for four minutes. Here’s the path it will take. - The Washington Post
Five years from today, a total solar eclipse will travel from Texas to Maine.

Beresheet takes first pictures of the moon's surface - The Jerusalem Post
During the coming week, intensive maneuvers and preparations for the landing will be conducted.

Researchers use genomic data to map 'refugia' where North American trees survived the ice age -
During the last ice age, which peaked around 21,500 years ago, glaciers covered large portions of North America, including the entire Great Lakes region. Once the ice retreated, the land was gradually repopulated by trees that eventually formed dense forests.

Confirmed: New phase of matter is solid and liquid at same time - National Geographic
The mind-bending material would be like a sponge made of water that's leaking water.

Pyroclastic Flows May Spread Swift Death on a Cushion of Air - Gizmodo
Scientists think they’ve figured out how pyroclastic flows, fast-moving bringers of death during volcanic events, can travel such incredible distances and speeds despite the friction between the volcanic material and the ground.

SpaceX's Starhopper completed its first mini-launch 'hop' - BGR
Between tests of its Crew Dragon spacecraft, regular launches for commercial clients, and the impending second launch of the massive Falcon Heavy rocket, SpaceX has a whole lot on its plate these d…

'Self-driving' spacecraft may help save Earth from deadly asteroid strikes - NBC News
Europe's next asteroid mission, Hera, will rely on the same kind of navigation technology as self-driving cars, the European Space Agency says.

Here's what scientists think a black hole looks like - Science Magazine
Astronomers may have imaged a black hole for the first time, capping decades of calculations of how they ought to appear

Woolly mammoths and Neanderthals may have shared genetic traits -
A new Tel Aviv University study suggests that the genetic profiles of two extinct mammals with African ancestry—woolly mammoths, elephant-like animals that evolved in the arctic peninsula of Eurasia around 600,000 years ago, and Neanderthals, highly skilled e…

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