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'We're on an incredible high': James Webb Space Telescope scientists over the moon as observatory unfolds -
You'd be thrilled, too, after unfolding a giant space telescope in the most complicated way ever.

Mars Perseverance halts rock sample storage due to debris - Engadget
NASA's Mars Perseverance rover has run into trouble as debris risks preventing it from storing rock samples..

Google pays tribute to late scientist Stephen Hawking on his 80th birthday - CNN
Google on Saturday is paying tribute to renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, who overcame a debilitating disease to continue probing the mysteries of the universe, for what would be his 80th birthday on Earth.

Sending Life to the Stars: Scientists Contemplate Launching Tiny Lifeforms Into Interstellar Space - SciTechDaily
No longer solely in the realm of science fiction, the possibility of interstellar travel has appeared, tantalizingly, on the horizon. Although we may not see it in our lifetimes — at least not some real version of the fictional warp-speeding, hyperdriving, sp…

For The First Time, We've Seen a Red Giant Star Transition Into a Supernova - ScienceAlert
We're seeing many spectacular sights out in space as our telescopes become more powerful, but there's a new contender for the most exciting one yet: According to researchers, we've observed a red supergiant star exploding into a supernova for the fir

China’s lunar probe finds first on-site evidence of water on moon - South China Morning Post
The presence of water had been confirmed by remote observation but the lander has now detected signs of the H20 molecule in rocks and soil.

Hyped up 'moon cube' discovered by Chinese rover turns out to be a rabbit-shaped rock - Yahoo News
China's Yutu-2 rover, on the far side of the moon, drove towards the "mysterious hut" for a better look. It's not an alien structure.

Astronomers discover a strange galaxy without dark matter - Ars Technica
New, high-resolution observations of a faint, fluffy galaxy suggest that dark matter’s not as ubiquitous as scientists thought.

China captured spectacular photos of a polar ice cap on Mars - Business Insider
The images include a photo of the mission's orbiter, a photo of an ice cap at the north pole of the planet, and a red plain.

Look up to spot the tricky planet Mercury at its 'greatest elongation' from the sun tonight -
As a bonus, you can also catch Venus, Jupiter and Saturn along the same line of sight.

Expedition 66 concludes 2021 with busy December aboard ISS - -
While many cultures celebrated their respective holiday traditions on Earth, the crew of the International…

The James Webb Space Telescope's Orbit Is Gonna Be Absolutely Deranged - Futurism
In an animation, the James Webb Space Telescope is doing a seemingly chaotic loop-de-loop across the solar system. But there's method to the madness.

Charting the Role of Prehistoric Genius in Technological Revolution - Ancient Origins
An English scientist has charted the spread of ancient survival technologies. His awe-inspiring maps reveal how individual ancient geniuses innovated in one place, and how these new ideas

Our galaxy's most recent major collision -
One of the characteristic features of modern cosmology is its description of how galaxies evolve: via a hierarchical process of colliding and merging with other systems. Nowhere in the universe do we have a clearer view of this buildup than in our own Milky W…

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