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Two meteor showers expected to peak this week; Draconids, Southern Taurids - KUTV 2News
WASHINGTON (KUTV) -- There are two meteor showers expected to peak over the next two days, and for one of them, you won't have to stay up late to see it. According to the American Meteor Society, the Draconids will peak Tuesday night into Wednesday morning an…

Asteroid shock: NASA discovery could prove humans can survive in space -
SCIENTISTS have shared a shocking new discovery about asteroids that could lead to human “habitability in space”.

Curiosity Finds A Region of Ancient Dried Mud. It Could Have Been an Oasis Billions of Year Ago - Universe Today
What happened to Mars? If Mars and Earth were once similar, as scientists think, what happened to all the water? Did there used to be enough to support life? Thanks to the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity, we’re getting a better picture of ancient Mars…

Proton rocket ride-share to launch Northrop Grumman's Mission Extension Vehicle -
A busy 13 hour period for Northrop Grumman (NG) that will see the launch of…

Video: Human ancestors saw nuclear explosion from Milky Way black hole - INSIDER
NASA's Hubble telescope found traces of the explosion in a gas stream beyond the Milky Way, "dramatically" changing scientists' view of our galaxy.

Elon Musk warning: NASA boss to tour SpaceX HQ after huge delays to ISS plans -
ELON MUSK’s SpaceX HQ will be visited by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine to check the progress of the company after he called it out for being “years behind schedule”.

You’ve Heard of Water Bears, but How About These Ancient Mold Pigs? - Gizmodo
An analysis of 30-million-year-old amber has resulted in the discovery of a previously unknown microscopic creature from the Cenozoic period. Bearing a resemblance to tardigrades (aka water bears), these now-extinct “mold pigs,” as they’ve been dubbed, are un…

Astronomers discover strands of the cosmic web that held the early universe together - CNN
The structure of the early universe looked similar to a spiderweb holding everything together, according to a new study.

Mechanical engineer's simple running hack is fun and increases efficiency -
Attention runners: The next time you go out for a jog, you might want to strap a light resistance band between your feet. This rather quirky but oddly effective hack, according to UC Santa Barbara mechanical engineer Elliot Hawkes, could make you a more effic…

How many astronauts have died in space? Who were the first astronauts to fly in space? -
SPACE is a dangerous place, with unimaginable pressures, freezing temperatures and brutal radiation just some of the risks. So how many of the men and women who have taken the ultimate trip 'upstairs' died?

Scientists say a platinum meteorite hit Africa 12800 years ago - Quartz Africa
Scientists suggest platinum-rich cosmic dust and its associated environmental effects may have contributed to the extinction of large animals in Africa

Early Earthlings May Have Watched the Galaxy's Center Explode 3.5 Million Years Ago -
The center of the Milky Way exploded 3.5 million years ago —and may explode again very soon.

At Edge of Solar System, Pressure Runs High – Greater Than Expected - SciTechDaily
Out at the boundary of our solar system, pressure runs high. This pressure, the force plasma, magnetic fields and particles like ions, cosmic rays and electrons exert on one another when they flow and collide, was recently measured by scientists in totality f…

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