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Remains of of Massive Jurassic 'Sea Monster' Found in a Polish Cornfield -
The beast had a bite more powerful than that of T. rex.

Deadly seal virus could be spreading faster from melting Arctic ice - Fox News
A deadly virus impacting seals may be spreading faster due to the loss of Arctic sea ice from warming temperatures.

Scientists Chat Interstellar Probe Project in New York City -
An interstellar mission is "the next order of magnitude step" after Voyager, according to one astrophysicist.

A Mercury Transit for the Ages: November 1973 -
An amateur astronomer recalls a memorable Mercury transit from his youth.

Scientists further refine how quickly the universe is expanding -
Wielding state-of-the-art technologies and techniques, a team of Clemson University astrophysicists has added a novel approach to quantifying one of the most fundamental laws of the universe.

TESS Has Now Captured Almost the Entire Southern Sky. Here's a Mosaic Made of 15347 Photographs - Universe Today
NASA has just released a beautiful panoramic image of the southern sky, which is composed of images taken by the TESS mission during its first year.

Gollum-Like Daddy Long-Legs Discovered in the Bowels of the Earth - Gizmodo
Daddy long-legs—spider-like arachnids technically known as “harvestmen”—are already plenty unnerving, with their too-long-to-be-real limbs, jerky movements, and habit of clustering into a horrible, hairy mass. But researchers have recently unveiled a variety …

A new quantum data classification protocol brings us nearer to a future 'quantum internet' - Phys.Org
Quantum-based communication and computation technologies promise unprecedented applications, such as unconditionally secure communications, ultra-precise sensors, and quantum computers capable of solving specific problems with a level of efficiency impossible…

Photosynthesis seen in a new light by rapid X-ray pulses -
The ability to transform sunlight into energy is one of Nature's more remarkable feats. Scientists understand the basic process of photosynthesis, but many crucial details remain elusive, occurring at dimensions and fleeting time scales long deemed too minusc…

What is dopamine fasting? A neuroscientist weighs in - INSIDER
Stanford Neuroscientist Russell Poldrack said that "there's nothing specific about dopamine that's going on" when we detach from our devices.

NICER Telescope Spots Brightest X-Ray Burst Ever Observed -
The burst released as much energy in 20 seconds as our sun does in about 10 days.

NASA does not deny the “over $2 billion” cost of a single SLS launch - Ars Technica
"NASA is working to bring down the cost of a single SLS launch."

We must learn how to ‘slow down and speed up asteroids’ to avoid fate of dinosaurs, Apollo 9 astronaut tells RT - RT
Humanity can very easily learn how to save lives when a destructive asteroid appears – and not by blowing it up or changing its course, the pilot of the 1969 Apollo 9 mission, Rusty Schweickart, has told RT.

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