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Ancient Andean Genes Reveal DNA Continuity Amid Cultural Clashes - News Info Park
An international research team has conducted the first in-depth, wide-scale study of ancient Andean genes before European contact. The findings, published online May 7 in  Cell, reveal early genetic d

Expert calls for protocols to keep alien viruses from infecting Earth after humans visit Mars - Daily Mail
Stanford professor Scott Hubbard said in an interview that NASA must adopt 'planetary protection' to keep alien viruses from returning from the human Mars mission and contaminating Earth.

See the Full Flower Moon, last supermoon of 2020, bloom in these stunning photos -
Check out some incredible photos of this springtime moon.

Ancient 'squid attack' revealed in 200-million-year-old fossil - Fox News
At one time, a bizarre squid-like creature had arms covered in hooks that enabled it to attack and completely crush the skull of its prey, according to researchers.

Scientists use "lucky imaging" to obtain images of Jupiter that show "jack-o-lantern" effect - CBS News
The images from the Gemini North telescope in Hawaii, "rival the view from space," said researcher Michael Wong.

Archaeology news: Researchers stunned by Civil War finding beneath cemetery - News Info Park
Express. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. ARCHAEOLOGISTS have discovered a long lost mass grave of US Civil War soldiers in Mississippi.PUBLISHED: 13:03, Fri, May 8, 2020 | UPDATED: 13:11, Fri, M

New study shines light on mysterious giant viruses -
In recent years, giant viruses have been unearthed in several of the world's most mysterious locations, from the thawing permafrost of Siberia to locations unknown beneath the Antarctic ice. But don't worry, "The Thing" is still a work of science fiction. For…

Caddis fly larvae are now building shelters out of microplastics - Ars Technica
Caddis fly larvae typically construct protective cases out of sand grains and silk.

Researchers map tiny twists in magic-angle graphene - News Info Park
In this illustration, two sheets of graphene are stacked together at a slightly offset “magic” angle, which can become either an insulator or superconductor. “We placed one sheet of graphene on top of

'Jurassic Park' raptors may not have hunted in packs like they did in the movies - CNN
The fearsome raptors that terrorized visitors to "Jurassic Park" may not have hunted in packs, like they did on screen.

Artificial chloroplasts turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into organic compounds - Science Magazine
Mimics might one day synthesize drug molecules, turbocharge natural photosynthesis

Scientists demonstrate quantum radar prototype -
Physicists at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) have invented a new radar prototype that uses quantum entanglement as a method of object detection. This successful integration of quantum mechanics into devices could significantly i…

The emergence of heat and humidity too severe for human tolerance - Science Advances
Humans’ ability to efficiently shed heat has enabled us to range over every continent, but a wet-bulb temperature (TW) of 35°C marks our upper physiological limit, and much lower values have serious health and productivity impacts. Climate models project the …

Last night's massive boom over Puget Sound was likely exploding meteor - Boing Boing
A massive boom heard Wednesday night over Puget Sound on the northwestern coast of Washington was most likely an exploding meteor. Or that’s what They want us to believe anyway. The American …

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