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SpaceX plans launch of 12,000 satellites into Earth's orbit - PBS NewsHour
Elon Musk's company, SpaceX, recently launched 60 internet satellites into Earth's orbit, with a plan to release 12,000 more satellites in the coming years. The venture, called Starlink, promises to increase internet access around the globe. But scientists ar…

White House reiterates human moon missions on the path to Mars - SpaceNews
A day after President Trump seemd to cast doubt on NASA’s human lunar plans, a White House official said the moon remained a goal as a step towards Mars.

Falcon 9 launch time confirmed with possible sonic boom - KSBY San Luis Obispo News
Officials at Vandenberg Air Force Base have confirmed a date and time for the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the RADARSAT Constellation Mission.

Earth EXODUS: Plan to alter Earth’s ORBIT to escape being eaten by dying Sun -
EARTH’S orbit may one day need to be escape from being eaten by its dying Sun. And an engineer has devised some ingenious solutions for achieving this ambition.

You Will Be Able to Visit the International Space Station as a Tourist in 2020 - Interesting Engineering
Initial tickets are not going to be cheap, with prices floating around $35,000 per night.

Space Photos of the Week: X-rays, Binary Stars, and Mars Moles - WIRED
No matter how much we explore space, we’re only scratching the surface.

Alien life search BOMBSHELL: Exomoons ‘may be home to extraterrestrial life’ -
ALIEN life may be found on distant moons dubbed exomoons, a distinguished astronomer has announced.

Scientists create a global map of where groundwater meets oceans - The Hindu
The findings may help coastal communities better protect and manage their drinking water.

Privatizing space? Strapped-for-cash NASA to open International Space Station to tourists - RT
NASA, floundering under the weight of its promise to return to the Moon by 2024, has been forced to take on some extra work to pay the bills: playing host to private tourists aboard the International Space Station.

Scientists Solve the Mystery of the Galaxy with No Dark Matter - SciTechDaily
Researchers have clarified one of the mysteries of 2018 in the field of extragalactic astrophysics: the supposed existence of a galaxy without dark matter.

How to see Jupiter's Great Red Spot and its moons this month - WABC-TV
Jupiter will be shining bright throughout this month, with its best showing coming when it reaches opposition on June 10.

Dashing the dream of ideal 'invisibility' cloaks for stress waves -
Whether Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, which perfectly steers light waves around objects to make them invisible, will ever become reality remains to be seen, but perfecting a more crucial cloak is impossible, a new study says. It would have perfectly stee…

New Campaign Is Asking Every Country on Earth to Name Distant Worlds - Gizmodo
A new campaign headed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) called IAU100 NameExoWorlds will allow each country in the world to name a star and its exoplanet, the IAU announced yesterday.

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