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Comet NEOWISE is 'an awesome sight' from space, astronaut says (video) -
And comet viewing soon won't be just for early risers.

NASA injects $17M into four small companies with Artemis ambitions - TechCrunch
NASA awards millions of dollars a year to small businesses through the SBIR program, but generally it’s a lot of small awards to hundreds of companies. Breaking with precedent, today the agency announced a new multi-million-dollar funding track and its four f…

What Telescope Will Be Needed to See the First Stars in the Universe? The Ultimately Large Telescope - Universe Today
If we want to see the Universe's earliest stars, and learn all they have to tell us, we need a humungous telescope. An infrared one. On the Moon.

Nyx: Stellar Stream of Stars Discovered in Milky Way That Originated in Another Galaxy - SciTechDaily
Caltech researchers use deep learning and supercomputing to identify Nyx, a product of a long-ago galaxy merger. Astronomers can go their whole career without finding a new object in the sky. But for Lina Necib, a postdoctoral scholar in theoretical physics a…

Crap: NASA's Mars “Mole” Finally Started Digging, Then Hit Another Obstacle - Futurism
NASA found "possible evidence that the mole had begun bouncing in place, knocking the bottom of the scoop."

Tour a socially distanced, survivalist bunker home of the future - Business Insider - Business Insider
Sergey Makhno Architects designed the doomsday shelter so that owners would want to live in the space even if the world doesn't come to an end.

Face masks: These are the best and worst materials for protecting against coronavirus - CNET
A study from the University of Arizona finds that some mask materials are more protective against infection than others.

This glacier in the Alps turned pink with 'watermelon snow'—here's what a scientist says is happening - CNBC
"Watermelon snow," also known as "pink snow," is common in the Alps during the summer, but one scientist says it's more prominent this year. Researcher Biagio Di Mauro thinks low snowfall and high atmospheric temperatures may have caused algal blooms to turn …

Baby raptor discovered in Alaska may have been a permanent resident of the ancient Arctic - CNN
The discovery of a baby dinosaur's jawbone helps prove that some dinosaurs made their home in the Arctic. Paleontologists may have identified a new species of dinosaur that lived, mated and nested in the Arctic 70 million years ago.

SpaceX scrubs Starlink satellite launch Wednesday due to weather - CNET
The first launch of a big batch of visor-equipped satellites will have to wait for another day.

Earth's magnetic field changes 10 times faster than once thought -
New simulations visualized the field's shifting flows over 100,000 years

VERITAS: Exploring the Deep Truths of Venus - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Under consideration to become the next Discovery Program mission, VERITAS would reveal the inner workings of Earth's mysterious "twin."

SpaceX scrubs Starlink v1.0 L9 mission -
SpaceX was set for their ninth launch of operational Starlink satellites, along with two satellites…

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