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Astronauts head to launch site for SpaceX flight - Fox News
The crew of three Americans and one Japanese are scheduled to rocket away Saturday night, provided approaching Tropical Storm Eta doesn’t interfere. It will be a speedy trip to the space station, a six-orbit express lasting under nine hours.

UK firm to turn moon rock into oxygen and building materials - The Guardian
Technology seen as a vital component in preparations to establish permanent lunar base

Introducing China's new commercial rocket, Ceres-1 -
China’s latest commercial rocket, the Ceres-1 (Gushenxing-1) launch vehicle, has conducted its maiden launch this…

Satellite images of craters reveal the power of asteroids and meteorites smashing into Earth - Daily Mail
Most craters only last a few thousand years before being filled or eroded, and can then only be identified by unique changes in the ground's minerals from the shock wave created upon impact.

NASA's International Space Station is about to become a film location | TheHill - The Hill
Perhaps one way a commercial space station or a future lunar base could help pay for itself would be to serve as a film studio and set.

New Technology Enables Cameras to Capture Colors Invisible to the Human Eye - SciTechDaily
Tel Aviv University breakthrough has applications in cancer detection, security and even gaming. New research from Tel Aviv University will allow cameras to recognize colors that the human eye and even ordinary cameras are unable to perceive. The technology m…

Great white shark Nukumi, which weighs over 3000 pounds, reaches New Jersey coast - Asbury Park Press
Nukumi is a 3,541 pound tagged great white shark. She's now swimming off the New Jersey coast.

Asteroid Bennu may be hollow according to a new study - SlashGear
One of the more exciting things that NASA has done in recent memory is landing a probe on the surface of asteroid Bennu. OSIRIS-REx successfully touched down briefly on the asteroid’s surface…

Hellish planet has lava oceans, supersonic winds and scorching vaporized rock downpours - RT
Imagine a world so hostile to life that it has bubbling lava oceans and it rains vaporized rock. That’s exactly what researchers discovered in a distant galaxy and it could shed light on the formation of our own planet.

Astronomers Discover New Way to “See” Elusive Dark Matter Halos - SciTechDaily
A small team of astronomers have found a new way to 'see' the elusive dark matter halos that surround galaxies, with a new technique 10 times more precise than the previous-best method. The work is published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Societ…

Plateosaurus: German scientists discover quirk in dinosaur babies - DW (English)
A young Plateosaurus skeleton dubbed "Fabian" is helping to shed light on what the long-necked plant-eaters looked like. In an "astonishing" discovery, researchers found they differed from other dinosaur toddlers.

Scientists 3D print microscopic Star Trek spaceship that moves on its own - WDRB
The miniature Voyager, which measures 15 micrometers (0.015 millimeters) long, is part of a project researchers at Leiden University conducted to understand how shape affects the motion and interactions of

There Could Be 300 Million (or More) Earth-Like Planets in Our Galaxy - Singularity Hub
Are planets with conditions that are "just right" for life as we know it rare in the galaxy? A new study suggests Earth-like planets may be a dime a dozen.

Dinosaurs Once Crossed Oceans: First Duckbill Dinosaur Fossil Discovered in Africa - SciTechDaily
The first fossils of a duckbilled dinosaur have been discovered in Africa, suggesting dinosaurs crossed hundreds of kilometers of open water to get there. The study, published in Cretaceous Research, reports the new dinosaur, Ajnabia odysseus, from rocks in M…

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