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New NASA mission will crash spacecraft into asteroid to redirect its path | TheHill - The Hill
“DART will be the first demonstration of the kinetic impactor technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space,” NASA said.

Researchers announce photon-phonon breakthrough -
New research by a City College of New York team has uncovered a novel way to combine two different states of matter. For one of the first times, topological photons—light—has been combined with lattice vibrations, also known as phonons, to manipulate their pr…

NASA Invites Media to James Webb Space Telescope Launch - NASA
Members of the media may now register their interest in attending the launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the premier space science observatory for the next decade.

A Change of Command Aboard the Space Station on This Week @NASA – October 8, 2021 - NASA
A change of command aboard the space station, getting curious for World Space Week, and expanding commercial opportunities in space … a few of the stories to...

Maryland scientists mapped the DNA of a blue crab for the first time. It could unlock new clues to understanding the species. - Baltimore Sun
Through a process known as genome sequencing, Maryland scientists created a virtual blue crab encyclopedia that will help unlock research to better understand and protect Maryland's beloved blue crab.

When to Watch the Draconid and Orionid Meteor Showers This Month - Lifehacker
Get in some meteor-peeping with this guide to October's hottest meteor showers.

Existence of Mars lake, floods confirmed by NASA's Perseverance team - Fox News
NASA's Perseverance Mars rover team has confirmed that the red planet's Jezero Crater was once the site of a delta-lake system.

China rolls out rocket for its longest crew mission yet -
China has rolled out a rocket to the pad to send three astronauts from the desert up to its new Tianhe space station core module, although the launch date remains a mystery.

Launching Lucy, NASA's First Mission to the Trojan Asteroids - NASA
On Oct. 16, 2021, our Lucy spacecraft will begin its journey to visit a record-breaking number of asteroids. The 12-year mission starts from NASA's Kennedy S...

Researchers uncover a previously unknown mass extinction event in Africa - HeritageDaily
Sixty-three percent. That’s the proportion of mammal species that vanished from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula around 30 million years ago, after Earth’s climate shifted from swampy to icy. But we are only finding out about it now. - HeritageDaily - Archaeo…

This trilobite was equipped with a 'hyper-eye' never seen before in the animal kingdom -
After 50 years, this amazing structure is confirmed.

Earth's 'solid' inner core may not be so solid after all, study claims - Daily Mail
The Earth's 'solid' inner core is, in fact, made up of a range of liquid, soft, and hard structures which vary across the top 150 miles of the mass, according to researchers led by the University of Hawaii.

New Record For Coldest Temperature Is Getting Very Close To Absolute Zero - IFLScience
The record for the coldest temperature ever achieved has been broken with the cooling of rubidium gas to 38 picokelvins (3.8 * 10-11 K). The work could lea

Deep-learning algorithm aims to accelerate protein engineering -
Proteins are the molecular machines of all living cells and have been exploited for use in many applications, including therapeutics and industrial catalysts. To overcome the limitations of naturally occurring proteins, protein engineering is used to improve …

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