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New Research: There May Have Been Dark Matter Before Big Bang - Futurism
This could help explain how dark matter shaped newly-formed galaxies.

Jupiter just got slammed by something so big we saw it from Earth - CNET
It's bright, it's white and fortunately it's very far away from here.

Climate change: Marine heatwaves kill coral instantly - BBC News
Marine heat waves, associated with climate change, cause the rapid death of corals, research reveals.

NASA news: Astronauts gear up in sleek SpaceX spacesuits before critical Dragon launch -
NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley were seen suiting up in SpaceX’s signature black-and-white spacesuit as NASA and SpaceX ready for a possible Crew Dragon test flight later this year.

Tardigrades 2: Twodigrades Hipster Asteroids Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon Before It Was Cool Dan Robitzski - Futurism
Asteroids? I bet you haven't even listened to their old stuff.

Here comes the best meteor shower of the year: How and when to watch the Perseids - The Mercury News
Perseid meteors are traveling at 132,000 miles and hour as they hit Earth’s atmosphere and burn up, creating shooting stars.

Hubble's new portrait of Jupiter - Science Daily
A new Hubble Space Telescope view of Jupiter reveals the giant planet's trademark Great Red Spot, and a more intense color palette in the clouds swirling in Jupiter's turbulent atmosphere than seen in previous years.

7 years on Mars, NASA Curiosity rover celebrates anniversary with new finds - Fox News
NASA's eventual goal is to put astronauts on Mars, but the space agency's Curiosity rover is keeping it busy in the meantime. In a new blog post, NASA said that Curiosity is still exploring the Gale Crater and uncovering the mysteries of the "clay-bearing uni…

Giant freshwater fishes are in alarming decline -
The plunge in numbers of these enormous species is part of a broader downward trend in freshwater megafauna.

ALMA Determines Mass of Supermassive Black Hole in NGC 3258 | Astronomy -
Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have observed the dynamical sphere of influence of a supermassive black hole located at the center of NGC 3258, a giant elliptical galaxy about 100 million light-years from Earth, and d…

We now know what causes these two shark species to glow green - Ars Technica
A previously unknown family of metabolites may also have antimicrobial properties.

Giant Parrot Heracles inexpectatus, aka 'Squawkzilla,' Is First-of-Its-Kind Find in New Zealand: Study - Newser
Extinct bird was more than half the height of an average human

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