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Coronavirus In MN: Honeywell Plant In Minneapolis Temporarily Closes After Workers Test Positive - CBS Minnesota
Workers at yet another Minnesota plant are sick with COVID-19.

Quantum resonances near absolute zero - News Info Park
collision processes. Understanding the quantum nature of atomic and molecular collisions is essential for understanding energy transfer and chemical reaction processes, especially in the low collision

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting Dramatically From A Powerful Tug Of War - News Info Park
Earth's magnetic field helps generate the aurora borealis. In recent years, a magnetic tug-o-war has ... [+] pulled the magnetic north pole towards Russia. Getty It’s become increasingly clear in rece

Jurassic Park got raptors all wrong, new study shows - CNET
Life didn't, uh, find a way -- at least, not the way we thought.

Caught on camera: Meteor streaking across Puget Sound ends in loud 'boom' -
The American Meteor Society says this was likely a random event unrelated to a meteor shower that’s currently lighting up the sky around the world.

Hayabusa2's extreme touchdown on asteroid Ryugu reveals surface secrets - CNET
Japan's asteroid chaser discovers Ryugu's been flying a little closer to the sun than expected.

Aerojet Rocketdyne expands operations to deliver four SLS engines a year - News Info Park
NASA is extending its RS-25 engine production contract with Aerojet Rocketdyne through the rest of the decade, a move that guarantees a steady supply of liquid-fueled engines for the Space Launch Syst

Scientists Just Found Closest Black Hole to Earth - Newser
'Washington, DC, would quite easily fit into the black hole'

How to Make a Rocket Pop-Up Card - NASA
Making a pop-up card is the perfect way to celebrate NASA launching American astronauts to the International Space Station from U.S. soil for the first time ...

NASA's Perseverance Rover Mission Getting in Shape for Launch - NASA
Stacking spacecraft components on top of each other is one of the final assembly steps before a mission launches to the Red Planet.

These invasive 'comb jellies' cannibalize their own babies every year -
The Baltic Sea jellies have babies just to eat them, a new study suggests.

On May 4th, a tiny asteroid missed Earth… but just barely - India Gone Viral
I guess the Force was with us: In the early morning hours of the 4th of May, a small asteroid 3-6 meters* across passed by the Earth, missing our world by a mere 7,000 kilometers — only about the radi

The mysterious yellow skies of WASP-79b - India Gone Viral
Scientists studying the huge, hot exoplanet WASP-79b have found that, surprisingly, the planet has yellow skies instead of blue. But why it does is still a mystery. Artist’s concept of WASP-79b, a hot

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