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NASA and Boeing Complete Starliner Orbital Flight Test Investigation -
A joint NASA and Boeing team has completed their “high visibility close call” review into…

Melbourne Starts 6 Week Lockdown; Ideas For How To Reopen Schools : Consider This from NPR - NPR
The Australian state of Victoria, which includes Melbourne, just started a new six-week lockdown. The state just recorded a record number of new daily cases: 191.

Education and public health experts agree it's important that kids get back to school …

NASA's Curiosity rover kicks off epic 'summer road trip' across Mars - CNET
Get in the rover, kids. We're going to the sulfate-bearing unit!

Study reveals science behind traditional mezcal-making technique -
Artisanal makers of mezcal have a tried and true way to tell when the drink has been distilled to the right alcohol level. They squirt some into a small container and look for little bubbles, known as pearls. If the alcohol content is too high or too low, the…

There's Pink Snow in Europe. That Could Be Bad, Scientists Say - Futurism
With pink algae in the mix, the snow absorbs a lot more sunlight.

Famous 'Jurassic Park' dinosaur is less lizard, more bird -
From movies to museum exhibits, the dinosaur Dilophosaurus is no stranger to pop culture. Many probably remember it best from the movie "Jurassic Park," where it's depicted as a venom-spitting beast with a rattling frill around its neck and two paddle-like cr…

Climate explained: what the world was like the last time carbon dioxide levels were at 400ppm - The Conversation AU
The last time global carbon dioxide levels were around 400ppm was four million years ago. On average, the world was 3℃ warmer, but in high northern latitudes, it was up to 14℃ warmer than today.

NASA Teases ‘Psyche,’ A Robot To Explore An Asteroid Worth More Than Our Global Economy - Forbes
Space agency reveals the hardware that will fly to its target in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

'Tiny bug slayer': Meet the pint-size ancient ancestor of dinosaurs discovered in Madagascar - MSN Money
Standing about about 4 inches tall, Kongonaphon kely could be one of the last common ancestors of all dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

Volcanic island in Pacific Ocean is having 'growth spurt' - Daily Mail
The Pacific volcanic island Nishinoshima is experiencing a 'vigorous growth spurt.' Experts observed multiple eruptions since June, which have added to its land mass.

Esa and Nasa line up satellites to measure Antarctic sea-ice - BBC News
Aligning polar satellites will enable the first ever reliable maps of Antarctic sea-ice thickness.

New collection of stars, not born in our galaxy, discovered in Milky Way -
Astronomers can go their whole career without finding a new object in the sky. But for Lina Necib, a postdoctoral scholar in theoretical physics at Caltech, the discovery of a cluster of stars in the Milky Way, but not born of the Milky Way, came early—with a…

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