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New Captain Marvel trailer drops during College Football Championship - Polygon
More Skrulls, more Carol Danvers in action, more one-liners. The Brie Larson-led superhero movie — a prequel to the MCU as we know it, and the lead up to Avengers: Endgame — finally delivers a look that’s full of action, wisecracks and mystery. Skrull jokes f…

Scoggins: Sudden firing of Thibodeau was actually overdue - Star Tribune
Thibodeau's personality and decision-making caused irreparable damage in public relations. Attendance sank lower and lower, and fans continued to boo him during introductions.

Samsung guidance shocks: fourth-quarter profit 18 percent less than market expected - CNBC
Samsung said its fourth-quarter earnings likely fell due to lackluster demand in its memory business.

Arizona care facility CEO resigns after vegetative patient gave birth - NBC News
Hacienda Healthcare CEO Bill Timmons announced his resignation Monday from the Phoenix center, days after it was reported that a long-term vegetative patient gave birth.

'I have been wrongly accused': Read the full statement from Nissan's Ghosn proclaiming his innocence - CNBC
Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, who has spent the last 51 days detained in a Japanese jail, says he is not guilty of financial misconduct.

Lady Gaga has 'rager' after the Golden Globes, downing Fruity Pebbles cereal in bed - USA TODAY
Football stars go to Disneyland after winning the Super Bowl. Lady Gaga had Fruity Pebbles in bed after winning a Golden Globe.

Watch Samsung's CES 2019 press conference in 8 minutes - Engadget
Come for the 8K TV, stay for the health-checking robot.

Bolton and Pompeo scramble to reassure allies reeling from Trump's Syria decision - CNN
US officials are working to contain the fallout from President Donald Trump's shock announcement of a Syria troop withdrawal, flatly contradicting the President as they do so and raising questions about whether a coherent strategy exists at all.

Donald Trump's speech will make the shutdown worse - CNN
President Donald Trump will address the country at 9 p.m. ET tomorrow on the issue of immigration and, presumably, the ongoing fight over a border wall that has kept the federal government shut for the past 17 days.

As Government Shutdown Persists, Americans Feel the Bite - The New York Times
Delayed mortgage applications, missed paychecks and stymied farmers are among the repercussions of a shutdown with no end in sight.

50% of People Who Think They Have a Food Allergy Don't. It Might Be This Instead - ScienceAlert
Food intolerances are not the same as food allergies, but it seems a lot of people mistake one for the other.

Democrats plan to jam up Senate over shutdown fight | TheHill - The Hill
Senate Democrats are playing hardball as they try to strong-arm Republicans to buck President Trump and bring up legislation to end the partial government shutdown.

TESS discovers its third new planet, with longest orbit yet: Measurements indicate a dense, gaseous, 'sub-Neptune' world, three times the size of Earth - Science Daily
NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, TESS, has discovered a third small planet outside our solar system, scientists report.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visits China for summit with Xi Jinping - The Washington Post
It would be the fourth summit with Xi in the past year, and comes ahead of an expected second summit with President Trump.

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