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Astronomers Discover Source of Fast Radio Burst - VOA Learning English
A little luck helped astronomers solve a mystery in space: What causes powerful but super-fast energy signals that move through the universe?

This Weird Rock Naturally Glows in The Dark, And Now Scientists Have Figured Out How - ScienceAlert
The afterglow of the mineral hackmanite (or tenebrescent sodalite) is a fascinating natural phenomenon that has long been a mystery to scientists – even if we're now able to engineer synthetic materials that glow in the dark more effectively than a

SLS continues post-hurricane cleanups and prepares for Core Stage Green Run valve repair -
NASA and Boeing continued troubleshooting issues with the Space Launch System (SLS) Core Stage found…

Massive great white shark pings off coast of Florida - WFLA
It’s one of the largest sharks ever tagged in the Atlantic and the second largest shark ever tagged by OCEARCH.

Book Review: ‘Kindred,’ by Rebecca Wragg Sykes - The New York Times
In “Kindred,” Rebecca Wragg Sykes offers a complete new story about Neanderthals, both how they lived and how they met their end.

How cell processes round up and dump damaged proteins -
In a new paper with results that senior author Eric Strieter at the University of Massachusetts Amherst calls "incredibly surprising," he and his chemistry lab group report that they have discovered how an enzyme known as UCH37 regulates a cell's waste manage…

Mystery of glacial lake floods solved -
A long-standing mystery in the study of glaciers was recently —- and serendipitously—solved by a team led by University of Hawai'i at Mānoa astrobiologist and earth scientist Eric Gaidos. Their findings were published this week in the journal Geophysical Rese…

Scientists may have detected the hidden matter of the universe - Tech Explorist
Scientists at the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay) may have detected, for the first time, this hidden matter through an innovative statistical analysis of 20-year-old data.

Asteroid The Size of The Great Pyramid of Giza Will Approach Earth This Weekend - Sputnik International
Despite its impressive size, 2020 TYI looks like a peanut compared to the asteroid that will whizz past the Earth at the end of this month. Named WO107, the celestial...

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin venture fleshes out plans for 2023 cargo delivery to the moon - GeekWire
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture is keeping its options open to deliver a ton of cargo to the lunar surface in 2023.

Indian fossils support new hypothesis for origin of hoofed mammals -
New research published today in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology describes a fossil family that illuminates the origin of perissodactyls—the group of mammals that includes horses, rhinos and tapirs. It provides insights on the controversial question of …

Step Into the Extreme Weather of the K2-141b Exoplanet - My Modern Met
This exoplanet is the size of Earth but it couldn't be any more different.

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