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Elon Musk and NASA's administrator will talk Crew Dragon on Thursday - Engadget
After some sharp comments back and forth, Elon Musk and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will sit down together and talk to the media on Thursday.

Mars Curiosity Rover finds evidence of an ancient oasis on Mars - TechCrunch
On its latest trek through the Gale Crater on Mars, the Curiosity Rover has discovered evidence that’s leading . scientists to believe that there was an oasis at the base of that 150-kilometer-wide crater. Curiosity scientists described the scene in an articl…

Discovery gives Saturn the most moons of any planet in our solar system and prompts name contest - Daily Mail
Astronomers from International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center spotted 20 previously unknown moons, putting the planet's total to 82 -- three more over Jupiter's total of 79.

ISS experiment makes meat in microgravity using a 3D bioprinter - CNET
Aleph Farms is developing "cultivated beef steaks" on Earth, but wanted to apply its knowledge in space.

Useless Self-Help Guide Offers Ludicrous Solutions to Everyday Problems -
Learn to ski, power your home on Mars or build the backyard lava lake you've always wanted.

Meteor shower 2019: Two spectacular showers peak this month - Look out for fireballs -
TWO meteor showers will peak this week, with one promising particularly bright meteors known as fireballs.

China grows cotton plant on the far side of the moon - Big Think
It marks the first time a plant has been grown on the moon.

Players With C.T.E. Doubled Their Risk With Every 5.3 Years in Football - The New York Times
New study is the first to quantify the number of years linked to measurable brain disease.

Ancient Maya canals and fields show early and extensive impacts on tropical forests -
New evidence in Belize shows the ancient Maya responded to population and environmental pressures by creating massive agricultural features in wetlands, potentially increasing atmospheric CO2 and methane through burn events and farming, according to geographi…

Early humans evolved in ecosystems unlike any found today -
To understand the environmental pressures that shaped human evolution, scientists must first piece together the details of the ancient plant and animal communities that our fossil ancestors lived in over the past 7 million years. Because putting together the …

Archaea hold clues to ancient ocean temperatures -
Solving a decades-old mystery, Stanford researchers have discovered proteins that enable hardy microbes called archaea to toughen up their membranes when waters are overly warm. Finding these proteins could help scientists piece together the state of Earth's …

Voltage gated calcium channels 'read' electric patterns in embryos to create cartilage and bone -
Scientists at Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University and Harvard Medical School have revealed how, in the case of limb formation, the electrical patterns formed within an embryo initiate a cascade of molecular changes that culminate in the development of …

Big data reveals extraordinary unity underlying life's diversity -
From microscopic algae to elephants, life has devised countless ways to thrive in every environment on the planet. But while biologists have tended to focus on the many varied forms that species have evolved, the age of Big Data offers an unprecedented view o…

NASA movie shows how fast the 'Star Trek' Enterprise actually travels - Business Insider
The animation shows how long it takes the starship "Enterprise" in "Star Trek" to reach Pluto at warp factors that break the known laws of physics.

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