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Planetary defense: NASA prepares to launch spacecraft that will crash into an asteroid - WKRC TV Cincinnati
WASHINGTON (WJLA) - NASA has lofted countless spacecraft into the solar system, but a mission launching in late November will attempt a unique feat: to slam into a tiny asteroid and slightly speed up its orbit. The mission, known as the Double Asteroid Redire…

Don’t Miss: Partial Lunar Eclipse, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter – November 2021 Skywatching Tips From NASA - SciTechDaily What's Up for November? Sunset planets, a partial lunar eclipse, and the return of the winter stars. From November 6th through the 11th, watch the Moon glide past Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter after sunset in the south/southwest. In …

The search for another Earth across the galaxy heats up - CNN
This week, meet baby seals that share a human trait, find out why a desert turned to glass, join the search for Earth-like planets, discover the child fossil of an enigmatic ancient human species, and more.

Ancient predators resurface in Chile's Atacama Desert - Sky News Australia
Fossilised treasures from prehistoric times are being unearthed in Chile's Atacama Desert.Once submerged in the Pacific Ocean, the area is known for its stri...

Star System With Right-Angled Planets Surprises Astronomers - The New York Times
Two planets orbit the poles while another revolves around the star’s equator, suggesting a mysterious, undetected force.

The Vice President Checks Out New Earth Science Work on This Week @NASA – November 5, 2021 - NASA
The Vice President checks out new Earth Science work, two decades and counting of continuous human presence in space, and 29 days on the edge for the Webb Sp...

A 150-Year-Old Note From Darwin Is Changing How We Plant Forests - ScienceAlert
More than 150 years ago Victorian biologist Charles Darwin made a powerful observation: that a mixture of species planted together often grow more strongly than species planted individually.

NASA, USGS Release First Landsat 9 Images - NASA
Landsat 9, a joint mission between NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that launched Sept. 27, 2021, has collected its first light images of Earth.

New Perseverance rover photos from Mars show tantalizing layered rocks -
The rocks may harbor evidence of liquid water activity on ancient Mars.

The blame game: How much are we responsible for recent wildfires? - Ars Technica
Humans are at least 68 percent responsible for the wildfires in the Western US.

Mystery of Black Hole's Powerful Near-Light-Speed Jets May Be Solved - Newsweek
Researchers may now understand how the supermassive black hole at the heart of M87 launches a jet of plasma spreading across thousands of light-years.

Scientists present the dark side of Pluto in new images - Daily Mail
Capturing the shot of Pluto involved leveraging light that was reflected off the largest of Pluto's five moons, Charon, according to a study published by the American Astronomical Society.

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