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Europe launches second EDRS space laser satellite - BBC News
Optical links will pull pictures and data from other spacecraft and then speed them to the ground.

LightSail 2, Pushed by Sunlight, Raises Its Orbit by 10,500 Feet in Just Two Weeks - Gizmodo
Two weeks after entering solar sailing mode, the Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 spacecraft has managed to raise its orbit by nearly 2 miles, in an important test of this promising new means of propulsion.

Astronomers Just Spotted One of the Biggest Black Holes Ever - Futurism
It's so big, it could fit the entire solar system inside of it many times over.

Calcium levels in freshwater lakes declining in Europe and North America -
A new global study of how calcium concentrations are changing in freshwater lakes around the world has revealed that in widespread areas in Europe and eastern North America, calcium levels are declining towards levels that can be critically low for the reprod…

Space telescope would turn Earth into a giant magnifying lens - Science Magazine
Proposed “Terrascope” could gather light from small exoplanets with the power of a 150-meter mirror

How the Pacific Ocean influences long-term drought in the Southwestern US -
The Southwest has always faced periods of drought. Most recently, from late 2011 to 2017, California experienced years of lower-than-normal rainfall. El Niño is known to influence rain in the Southwest, but it's not a perfect match. New research from the Univ…

AMOS-17 launch, Eastern Range debuts rapid launch support -
With all parties in agreement, the 45th Space Wing of the US Air Force and…

Cygnus Spacecraft Departs Space Station, Begins New Mission in Orbit -
The cargo vessel is taking an extended detour on its way back to Earth.

Critical deployment of NASA Webb's secondary mirror a success - Phys.Org
In order to do groundbreaking science, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope must first perform an extremely choreographed series of deployments, extensions, and movements that bring the observatory to life shortly after launch. Too big to fit in any rocket avail…

Curiosity rover makes new discoveries on Mars - CNN
NASA's Curiosity rover has been acting as our detective on Mars this summer and investigating an area once full of streams and lakes on the red planet.

Dog kisses blamed for devastating infection that cost a woman her hands and legs - BGR
Dogs are man’s best friend, but their mouths aren’t the most sterile things in the world. In fact, a dog’s mouth can be downright disgusting, and an Ohio woman just found that out…

Saturn's rings disappearing: New NASA research details emerge about Saturn's rings — which are disappearing at an alarming rate due to "ring rain" - CBS News
Saturn's rings have less than 100 million years to live — that's not a lot considering the planet itself is 4 billion years old

Surprising discovery could change the way industry uses nickel -
Nickel is one of the most abundant elements on earth. It is hard, yet malleable, magnetic at room temperature, and a relatively good conductor of electricity and heat. Most notably, nickel is highly corrosion resistant, which provides for a variety of uses by…

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