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SpaceX begins Starship hopper testing - SpaceNews
SpaceX has started initial tethered tests of the first prototype of its next generation Starship launch vehicle at its South Texas test site.

Beth Chapman Showed off 'His and Hers' Bounty Hunting Gear Before Alleged Hospitalization -
Beth Chapman Showed off 'His and Hers' Bounty Hunting Gear Before Alleged Hospitalization

One night of telescope time rules out black hole/dark matter idea - Ars Technica
Black holes formed right after the Big Bang aren't common enough to be dark matter.

SpaceIL's Lunar Lander Takes Stunning Images of Far Side of the Moon - Popular Mechanics
Beresheet just became the first Israeli and privately-financed spacecraft to enter the moon’s orbit.

Humans are about to see the first-ever photo of a 'supermassive' black hole. Here what we hope to discover - Business Insider
The image could confirm or dismantle our long-held suspicions about these mysterious masses.

A heavy-metal planet orbiting a dead star may foretell our world’s end - PBS NewsHour
The iron core of what was once a world has been found around a white dwarf star, shedding light on the final days of planetary systems — including our own.

Styx among bands to 'Shake The Lake' in Wascana on Labour Day weekend - Gananoque Reporter
On Labour Day weekend in Regina, it will be possible to hear “Come Sail Away” from a boat on Wascana Lake.

Beresheet successfully completes lunar capture maneuver - The Jerusalem Post
The spacecraft has now been captured by the moon's gravity and will begin circling it.

NASA's Mars habitat challenge gives glimpse of life on the Red Planet - NBC News
NASA announced the winners of its 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge, in which teams competed to design dwellings for Mars, the moon and maybe beyond.

Digging ancient signals out of modern human genomes - Phys.Org
With new genome analysis tools, scientists have made significant advances in our understanding of modern humans' origins and ancient migrations.

Revenge of the Bacteria: Why We're Losing the War - New York Times
Bacteria are rebelling. They’re turning the tide against antibiotics by outsmarting our wonder drugs. This video explores the surprising reasons.

Japan Bombs Asteroid to Reveal Solar System's Secrets - Interesting Engineering
JAXA has confirmed they have dropped explosives onto an asteroid to make a crater. They will collect samples of rock disturbed from the blast to bring back to Earth.

Plasma bubbles 500 times the size of earth, ultra-hot rain - let's face it, the Sun's not a place to hang out nearby - The Register
Long-dead Helios probes' data still opening up new science

Launch date of second Falcon Heavy flight pushed back - SpaceFlight Insider
The first flight of a Falcon Heavy rocket with a commercial payload will have to wait a little while longer before lifting off from Kennedy Space Center.

NASA Plans To Send A Helicopter To Mars In 2020 - DOGOnews
Over the years, NASA has successfully deployed several rovers, landers, and orbiters to Mars. While the science laboratories continue to provide invaluable data on the Red Planet, their limited, or zero — as is the case with landers — mobility, restricts the …

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