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SpaceX Changes to Starlink Satellites Earn Astronomers’ Praise - The New York Times
Some astronomers who have criticized the company’s orbital internet constellation were encouraged by the measures it announced.

Astronomers have found the closest black hole to Earth - Business Insider - Business Insider
Scientists usually find black holes by detecting X-rays they emit as they devour nearby stars. But this one was quietly hidden 1,000 light-years away.

Firefly gains Quality Certification en route to maiden Alpha launch -
Firefly has announced that they have received the AS9100 Quality Certification. This will allow Firefly…

Experimental Chinese cargo return capsule malfunctions during re-entry - News Info Park
Artist’s illustration of the experimental cargo return vehicle. Credit: CCTVAn experimental cargo return craft launched as a secondary payload on China’s Long March 5B rocket malfunctioned during its

Dramatic Fossil Shows a Squid-Like Creature Crushing a Fish in Its Jaws - Gizmodo
A re-analysis of a fossil found in England during the 19th century reveals that it depicts a 200-million-year-old scene in which a squid-like creature is still clutching onto its prey.

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower is still peaking. Here's how to see the show - CNET
Temperatures are mild in many locations, making it a great time to get up early for a celestial sighting.

NASA Science Live: On Ice - NASA
Join NASA ice experts as we discuss important science about Earth's icy regions, and how it can impact us here in warmer environments. NASA’s ICESat-2 missio...

Otters juggle rocks when they've got the munchies, scientists say - CNET
Captive otters juggle stones seemingly not to improve their foraging skills, but because they're hungry.

China takes step toward space station with new rocket launch - CNN
China's latest large carrier rocket made its first successful flight Tuesday, an important step in the nation's plan to build a space station, according to state-run news agency Xinhua.

Cold air rises—what that means for Earth's climate -
Conventional knowledge has it that warm air rises while cold air sinks. But a study from the University of California, Davis, found that in the tropical atmosphere, cold air rises due to an overlooked effect—the lightness of water vapor. This effect helps to …

Climate change could reawaken Indian Ocean El Nino -
Global warming is approaching a tipping point that during this century could reawaken an ancient climate pattern similar to El Niño in the Indian Ocean, new research led by scientists from The University of Texas at Austin has found.

Four years of calculations lead to new insights into muon anomaly - News Info Park
A typical diagrammatic representation of the hadronic light-by-light scattering contribution with Argonne's Mira supercomputer in the background. Credit: Luchang Jin, University of Connecticut Two dec

Bioluminescent Waves Mesmerize California Beachgoers, Surfers - EcoWatch
Beachgoers in California are enjoying a dazzling display of crashing bioluminescent waves in Southern California. The waves light up at night as they crash and froth in the shallow water, The Guardian reported.

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