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This Is The Last Full View The Kepler Spacecraft Saw Before It Shut Down Forever - ScienceAlert
On 30 October 2018 Kepler, NASA's planet-hunting space telescope, sent its last signal. It had been on the ropes for years due to failing reaction wheels, but engineers had managed to keep it operational. Then, last year, it finally ran out of fuel.

2018 was the fourth-hottest year on record, NASA and NOAA report -
Last year was also one of the most expensive in disaster damages in the United States.

SpaceX's Starship, Meant for Mars, Prepares for a First Hop - WIRED
A new, extra-beefy SpaceX rocket is undergoing testing in Texas. Formerly called the BFR, Starship is designed to ferry up to 100 humans to Mars.

Six new species of hideously adorable tentacle-nosed catfish discovered in Amazon -
No one knows just how many species live in the Amazon rainforest—scientists estimate that it's home to one-third of the world's animal and plant species. There are still thousands out there waiting to be discovered—like these six new catfish with faces covere…

Scientists Come Closer to Finding Out What Consciousness Looks Like in the Brain - Gizmodo
Most of the time, it’s easy to tell when someone is consciously aware. But there are many tragic cases when it’s unclear whether a person who is unresponsive after a serious brain injury is truly no longer conscious. That ambiguity can raise ethical questions…

Buzzworthy news: Are bees better at math than you are? - USA TODAY
Scientists say bees can do basic arithmetic, noting that "even the miniature brain of a honeybee can grasp basic mathematical operations."

Greenland was WARM during the Viking Age, new study claims - Daily Mail
The study from Northwestern University suggests Vikings had balmy weather on their side when they arrived in the year 985 C.E, with summer temperatures sitting around 50-degrees.

After making history, NASA’s tiny deep-space satellites go silent - The Verge
The first two tiny satellites to ever go interplanetary have fallen silent in deep space for some unknown reason, and it’s likely we may never hear from them again. Before the pair went quiet, these vehicles demonstrated that tiny satellites could become crit…

Melting ice from Greenland and Antarctica could cause more extreme weather - USA TODAY
Wild weather could increase as Antarctica ice melts, but sea-level rise may not be as bad as feared.

SpaceX and Boeing commercial crew capsule test dates slip yet again - TechCrunch
One of the most important upcoming events in the space industry is undoubtedly the advent of SpaceX and Boeing's competing crew-bearing capsules, which the companies have been working on for years. But today brings yet another delay for both programs, already…

NASA moon orbiter spots Chang'e 4 lander in a crater - CNET
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter tracks down China's moon lander and snaps a picture.

New insect discovered in Canada may be survivor from the last Ice Age - Fox News
A new species discovered deep in a cave in Canada may simply be a previously unknown insect. Or it could be something much bigger – a survivor from the last Ice Age, which ended thousands of years ago.

'Fountain’ of 10,000 maggots devour pizza in just 2 hours, reveal unique way fly larvae feed - Fox News
Thousands of maggots were recently observed feasting on pizza, demolishing the entire pie in just two hours — an impressive accomplishment for the black soldier fly larvae.

Risk of asteroid smashing into Earth ratcheted up by space agency - RT
One of the World’s foremost watchdogs for monitoring the threat giant space rocks pose to our planet has upped the risk level for a recently discovered asteroid.

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