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Astronomers discover massive ring of gas circling our black hole - BGR
The center of the Milky Way galaxy is somewhere you wouldn’t want to be. We have it pretty easy here on Earth, orbiting our star and staying out of everyone’s way, but deep within the h…

Football field-sized asteroid could hit Earth this year - New York Post
An enormous asteroid with a diameter wider than a football field has a roughly one in 7,000 chance of hitting the Earth later this year. However, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. Known as ast…

An AI neural network is giving cats the terrifying names they deserve - CNET
Bones of the Master, Romeo of Darkness, Mr Sinister. These are very good cat names.

Planck finds no new evidence for cosmic anomalies -
ESA's Planck satellite has found no new evidence for the puzzling cosmic anomalies that appeared in its temperature map of the Universe. The latest study does not rule out the potential relevance of the anomalies but they do mean astronomers must work even ha…

Scientists seek out limit to human endurance - Yahoo News
US scientists who studied the performance of myriad athletes -- including adventurous souls who spent five long months running across the United States -- have come up with an estimate of the absolute physiological boundary of human endurance. The limit to h…

Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins mocks Trump's knowledge of Mars - CNN
Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins wants to see a Mars landing -- and he has doubts about President Trump's leadership on the matter.

Study confirms banded iron formations originated from oxidized iron -
A new study by University of Alberta scientists shows that banded iron formations originated from oxidized iron, confirming the relevance and accuracy of existing models—a finding of great importance to the geological community.

Please Do Not Feed These Tweezer-Beaked, Hopping Rats Peanut Butter!!! - Live Science
These kangaroo-like rats turn up their long, toothless snouts at peanut butter, but they love earthworms.

NASA Live: Earth Views from the Space Station - NASA
Behold, the Earth! See live views of Earth from the International Space Station coming to you by NASA's High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment. Whil...

300-year-old piston design reinvented with soft flexible materials - Tech Xplore
Since their invention in the late 1700s when French-born British physicist Denis Papin, the inventor of the pressure cooker, proposed the piston principle, pistons have been used to harness the power of fluids to perform work in numerous machines and devices.

NASA just spotted a nearby star throwing a temper tantrum - BGR
We take it for granted most of the time, but the Sun is mighty important to our very existence. Without it, we wouldn’t be here at all, and scientists have worked tirelessly for centuries to …

Solar HAVOC: Sun's Current State May WRECK Air Travel, Earth Satellites - Reports - Sputnik International
The ominously tranquil surface is typical of a time of reduced solar activity, but there are certain worrisome effects that the solar minimum may cause. Once the 11-year cycle is complete, the Sun’s activity gradually ramps up again.

Astronomers Spot Mysterious, 10-Million-Light-Year-Long Magnetic Field Connecting Two Galaxy Clusters - Gizmodo
Scientists have detected radio waves emanating from the space between a pair of galaxy clusters—evidence of intergalactic magnetic fields and fast-moving particles in the space between these giant galactic assemblages.

Prehistoric tree is first of its kind found below the Equator - National Geographic
New fossils suggest the chinquapin, found today in parts of Asia, first took root in the Southern Hemisphere.

Researchers balance Casimir effects, make tiny hoverboard - Ars Technica
Thanks to quantum mechanics, empty space can both push and suck.

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