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James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Deploys Secondary Mirror – “Another Banner Day for JWST!” - SciTechDaily
Today, Webb teams successfully deployed the observatory’s secondary mirror support structure. When light from the distant universe hits Webb’s iconic 18 gold primary mirrors, it will reflect off and hit the smaller, 2.4-foot (.74-meter) secondary mirror, whic…

Astronomers Spot a Mystery Object Spewing Dust in Space - Gizmodo
An unidentified object is sporadically dimming starlight in a system far, far away.

'Orion's Fireplace': Flame Nebula is ablaze with color in stunning new image -
The European Southern Observatory (ESO) shared a new image of the blazing Flame Nebula, located in the Orion Constellation. Also known as "Orion's fireplace," the colorful interstellar cloud of dust and gas is an emission nebula where new stars and planets fo…

Physicists watch as ultracold atoms form a crystal of quantum tornadoes -
The world we experience is governed by classical physics. How we move, where we are, and how fast we're going are all determined by the classical assumption that we can only exist in one place at any one moment in time.

Why Some Astronomers Think Pluto Should Be a Planet Again - IGN
Several astronomers are calling for Pluto to be reinstated as a planet again in light of a new study that claims earlier classification requirements were wrong.

FAST – The World's Largest Filled-Aperture Radio Telescope – Detects Coherent Interstellar Magnetic Field - SciTechDaily
Magnetic fields are the essential, but often "secret" ingredients of the interstellar medium and the process of making stars. The secrecy shrouding interstellar magnetic fields can be attributed to the lack of experimental probes. While Michael Faraday was al…

Watch 'coronal streamers' streak off the sun in close-up video from Parker Solar Probe -
The data comes courtesy of the Parker Solar Probe, which flew inside the corona.

Astronaut snaps spectacular shot of crescent moon glowing over stunning sunset -
The incredible image was taken by hand using a digital camera onboard the International Space Station.

Comet Leonard puts on a final, spectacular display with ion tail in solar wind -
The solar wind interacting with the ion tail of Comet Leonard is producing a stunning display.

The Universe is already in its sixth and final era - Big Think
From before the Big Bang to the present day, the Universe goes through many eras. Dark energy heralds the final one.

Space is changing. Webb is just the start, says ex-Israeli who was in from its dawn - The Times of Israel
Michael Kaplan, who shepherded Webb through its planning stages before immigrating to Israel temporarily, talks baby galaxies, space robots and the pitfalls of Israeli bravado

Did you look up? New Year's Day boom over Pittsburgh was exploding meteor, says NASA - The Register
Rock detonated with same force as 30 tons of TNT (or 0.002 Little Boys)

A Giant Asteroid Bigger Than The Empire State Building Is About to Zip Past Earth - ScienceAlert
A large, rocky asteroid is going to fly by Earth next week.

Mysterious Anomalies Deep Within Our Planet May Have Lingered Since Earth's Creation - ScienceAlert
Chemical leftovers from the very earliest days of our planet could still be present near Earth's core, according to new research, and the discovery could improve our understanding of plate tectonics phenomena happening today.

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