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How to watch the 'strawberry moon' eclipse from anywhere this weekend - CNET
The partial penumbral lunar eclipse wasn't visible in North America, but you can still view the full moon's quiet beauty online.

SpaceX set for a swift return to testing following Starship SN4 anomaly -
Following the May 29 explosive failure of the Starship SN4 prototype during a Static Fire…

Launching America On a Commercial Spacecraft on This Week @NASA – June 5, 2020 - NASA
Launching America on a commercial spacecraft, a NASA astronaut is headed back to the space station, and new close-up imagery of asteroid Bennu … a few of the...

NASA Awards Northrop Grumman Artemis Contract for Gateway Crew Cabin - NASA
NASA has finalized the contract for the initial crew module of the agency’s Gateway lunar orbiting outpost.

The Sea’s Weirdest Creatures, Now in ‘Staggering’ Detail - The New York Times
With a new laser-scanning tool, marine biologists are getting a fine-comb look at some of the gloopiest and most mysterious organisms in the ocean.

Atmospheric CO2 hits a record high while emissions drop - Engadget
New data published by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography shows that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has reached a record monthly high of 417 parts per million (ppm).

Astronomers may have found an Earth-like exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star - CNN
Researchers believe they have found an Earth-size exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star 3,000 light-years away. The planet has a similar orbit to Earth's around the sun and likely receives the same kind of light.

Chinese scientists create an injection which corrects deformed ears - Daily Mail
Experiments on mice conducted by Chinese scientists found a way to sculpt fresh tissue using a 3D bioprinting technique.

Hubble peers back in time and makes an astonishing discovery - New York Post
One of the things that is so cool about the Hubble Space Telescope — and other cosmos-gazing hardware that scientists use to scan the skies — is that it’s capable of gathering so much data during i…

Finally! Mars InSight's Mole is Now Underground - Universe Today
Mission personnel at NASA and the German Aerospace Center are doing everything they can to get InSIght's Mole into the Martian soil. Will it be enough?

Nobel prizewinners have different career patterns than peers -
Are scientists who win Nobel Prizes different in key ways from their peer researchers? What happens to the quality of a scientist's work after they win a Nobel Prize?

Scientists iron out the physics of wrinkling -
When we think of wrinkles, we usually envision the lines etched into our skin, for some an unwelcome reality and for others a proud sign of a life well-lived. In material science, wrinkles can also be either wanted or unwanted. But the physical factors that c…

No, we're not in any danger from an asteroid passing Earth on Saturday night - SYFY WIRE
Here's a headline you won't see in the tabloids: "On Saturday night, an asteroid will safely pass by the Earth. No need to fret." Oh, how I wish. Not only would it be accurate, it wouldn't needlessly worry people. That's a planet I'd like to live on. Instead,…

Astronomers warn 'wilderness' of southern night sky at risk from SpaceX satellites - The Guardian
Stargazing under threat as pristine skies over New Zealand and Australia are clogged with hundreds of Starlink satellites

Yellowstone Had Nearly 300 Earthquakes In May—But It’s No Biggie - Forbes
The national park sits on top of a supervolcano -- so why aren't scientists more worried?

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