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Chinese satellite captures moon and Earth like you've never seen them - CNET
A Chinese lunar orbiter grabbed an epic shot of our planet and its natural satellite, as seen from behind the moon.

Scientists spot pink flying squirrels - CNET
These squirrels can not only fly but turn pink? Some creatures have all the fun.

Scientists Discover Giant Hole Beneath Rapidly Melting Antarctic Glacier - HuffPost
Scientists warn a Thwaites Glacier collapse could cause a dangerous rise in sea levels and threaten coastal cities around the world.

A meteorite exploded over Cuba and its boom was captured on video - BGR
Space rocks come crashing down to Earth with somewhat startling regularity, and when they do they often create a big boom. When a meteorite detonates in Earth’s atmosphere it produces an expl…

Beyond Mars, the mini MarCO spacecraft fall silent -
Before the pair of briefcase-sized spacecraft known collectively as MarCO launched last year, their success was measured by survival: If they were able to operate in deep space at all, they would be pushing the limits of experimental technology.

Scientists study organization of life on a planetary scale -
When we think of life on Earth, we might think of individual examples ranging from animals to bacteria. When astrobiologists study life, however, they have to consider not only individual organisms, but also ecosystems, and the biosphere as a whole.

A magnet bouncing on a trampoline is way more interesting than it sounds - BGR
Magnets. How do they work? The good folks over at the YouTube channel Magnetic Games know exactly how, and they do all kinds of neat videos showing off how magnets can be used for entertainment. As…

The Milky Way is warped | Space - EarthSky
A team of astronomers has produced a 3D map of our galaxy, the 1st accurate one, they say. It reveals our galaxy's true shape as warped and twisted.

Two Newly-Discovered Exoplanets are Probably the Result of a Catastrophic Collision - Universe Today
Some exoplanets are so similar they're twins in most respects, yet have vastly different densities. A new study blames catastrophic collisions.

Bluer Blues: Climate Change Will Alter the Colors of the Oceans, MIT Study Says - The Weather Channel
Much of the surface of the world's oceans will shift color by the end of the century as global warming affects phytoplankton, according to models.

Why the Harvard professor who claims Oumuamua is an alien probe STILL won't back down - Daily Mail
Harvard professor Avi Loeb maintains that the possibility that Oumuamua has extraterrestrial origins can’t be ruled out based on current evidence alone. The object is the only known interstellar visitor.

'Dark' Fiber Optic Cables Can Measure Earthquakes - Gizmodo
Scientists hope to employ networks of “dark fibers,” unused fiber optic cables, in order to sense sound waves moving underground—the signals of earthquakes.

The International Space Station as a Teaching Tool - Scientific American
More than 2 million students have taken part in the Space Station Explorers program

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