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Beresheet takes first pictures of the moon's surface - The Jerusalem Post
During the coming week, intensive maneuvers and preparations for the landing will be conducted.

Ancient, Four-Legged Whale with Otter-Like Features Found Along the Coast of Peru - Ancient Origins
Cetaceans, the group including whales and dolphins, originated in south Asia more than 50 million years ago from a small, four-legged, hoofed ancestor.

NASA’s asteroid probe shot Bennu with a laser, and this is the result - BGR
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission has been steadily progressing since the spacecraft arrived at the diamond-shaped space rock known as Bennu a few months back, but not everything has gone completely …

Spacecraft Hayabusa2 drops bomb and punches crater in asteroid - Nikkei Asian Review
Japanese probe aims to expose secrets of the solar system

Discussing our Accelerated Return of Humans to the Moon on This Week @NASA – April 5, 2019 - NASA
Accelerating a human return to the Moon, wrapping up testing of our Space Launch System rocket engines, and Curiosity captures eclipses on Mars … a few of th...

The Decades-long Struggle to Draw a Realistic Black Hole - D-brief - Discover Magazine
We'll get our first picture of a black hole from the Event Horizon Telescope next week. It might not look like what we're used to though.

Astronomers discover chunk of planet's core around a dead star - Astronomy Magazine
The Sun will end its life as a dense, smoldering object called a white dwarf. A new study reports the discovery of one of the first small and intact planetary fragments found in the gas-filled debri

Sydney Brenner, pioneer of molecular biology, dies at 92 - Science Magazine
The Nobel laureate made pioneering discoveries about DNA and RNA

Yesterday’s ISS resupply mission broke an incredible record - BGR
A resupply mission for the International Space Station, Progress MS-11, took off yesterday from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, eventually docking with the space station and providing its in…

Rocket fuel that's cleaner, safer and still full of energy -
Research published this week in Science Advances shows that it may be possible to create rocket fuel that is much cleaner and safer than the hypergolic fuels that are commonly used today. And still just as effective. The new fuels use simple chemical "trigger…

Falcon Heavy Space X Launch Will Mark First Commerical Mission - Investor's Business Daily
The upcoming SpaceX launch of the Falcon Heavy will be a key milestone for the rocket's commercial and military prospects.

Asteroid Blasted By Explosives From Japanese Spacecraft - NPR
The device was detonated as part of a mission to better understand the origins of planets.

Brilliant beagle sniffs out a 250000 woolly rhino bone - AOL UK
A super sniffing beagle has discovered a bone from a woolly rhino, that died over 250,000 years ago. Four year old Crystal has worked with her palaeontologist owner Jamie Jordan, 29, to find

NASA Announces Trashy Award-Winning Ideas for Cleaning Space Station -
These recycling plans could clear space on the station.

Watch a fireball tear through the sky over the Carolinas - BGR
Seeing something you’re not expecting suddenly appear in the sky can be both exciting and a little bit frightening. Whatever emotion it sparks in you, you’re probably going to want to s…

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