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Mystery mud on new volcanic island baffles Nasa scientists - The Guardian
Island sprung up near Tonga three years ago, giving researchers a glimpse of how flora and fauna colonise it

InSight's Marsquake Detector Gets a Nifty Dome to Protect It From the Harsh Martian Environment - Gizmodo
A dome placed over InSight’s seismometer will now protect the sensitive device from Martian wind and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Alien ship theory: Harvard's top astronomer doesn't care what colleagues think - New Zealand Herald
Avi Loeb has become a spokesman for the possibilities of extraterrestrial life.

Dinosaur that defended itself with spiny backbone found in Patagonia -
A herbivorous dinosaur that fended off predators with a row of spines running along its back and lived 140 million years ago has been found in Argentine Patagonia.

Oceans will change color in less than 100 years, scientists warn - New York Post
Oceans will change color by the end of the century, as climate change significantly alters phytoplankton in the world’s seas, according to a new study. As ocean temperatures rise – perhaps as…

Research using atom probe tomography reveals chinks in iron crystals that can 'heal' -
Like iron flowing through the blood stream, iron minerals course through the ground. These minerals are used to make steel and other metal alloys used in everything from cell phone components and cars to buildings, industrial equipment and infrastructure.

The north magnetic pole just changed. Here's what that means. - National Geographic
The foundation of many navigation systems, the World Magnetic Model finally got a much-needed update with the end of the U.S. government shutdown.

Metal Brought to Earth by Asteroid That Wiped Out Dinosaurs Could Be a Harmless Cure for Cancer - Good News Network
This rare material was brought to Earth by the massive asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 millions years ago – and now, it could cure cancer.

Scientists uncover mystery behind catastrophic 'freak waves' - Treehugger
Once dismissed as seafarers' myths, scientists now say they've figured out how rogue waves rise ten-stories high out of nowhere.

A hole opens up under Antarctic glacier — big enough to fit two-thirds of Manhattan - NBC News
An enormous hole has formed beneath Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. Scientists worry that its collapse could contribute to catastrophic sea level rise.

There's insufficient evidence your sunscreen harms coral reefs - The Conversation AU
Despite bans around the world, there's no empirical evidence sunscreens cause coral bleaching.

Researcher unearths an ice age in the African desert - Science Daily
A field trip to Namibia to study volcanic rocks led to an unexpected discovery by geologists.

CRISPR revolutionized gene editing. Now its toolbox is expanding - Los Angeles Times
The scientists who developed the revolutionary gene-editing system known as CRISPR are improving it with new tools that make it work better.

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