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After sparking consternation at NASA, Trump campaign pulls ad featuring SpaceX launch - Yahoo Finance
An online advertisement that plays off last weekend's historic crewed SpaceX launch to boost President Donald Trump's re-election campaign drew a protest from the wife of one of the astronauts today — and soon afterward, the campaign deleted its version of th…

Stadium-sized asteroid set to whiz past Earth, NASA says - Fox News
A stadium-sized asteroid is set to whiz past Earth this week.

How to watch the 'strawberry moon' eclipse from anywhere Friday - CNET
The partial penumbral lunar eclipse won't be visible in North America, but you can still view the full moon's quiet beauty online.

Astronomers Discover "Mirror Image" of Our Solar System - Futurism
"But it's the combination of this less-than-double the size of the Earth planet and its solar type host star that make it so special and familiar."

Harvard shrank its insect-inspired microrobot to the size of a penny - Engadget
Harvard researchers have made the tiny Harvard Ambulatory Microrobot (HAMR) even tinier. The next-gen HAMR-JR is one of the smallest and fastest microrobots to date.

Atmospheric CO2 reaches peak level at NOAA observatory | TheHill - The Hill
The level of atmospheric carbon dioxide observed at a government facility in Hawaii reached ...

Nature’s cosmic hard drive? Black holes could store information like holograms - Ars Technica
Theoretical black holes are ideal toy models for thought experiments in quantum gravity.

Mars once had rings and a much bigger moon, new evidence suggests -
Mars' satellites may cycle back and forth between rings and moons.

Study: Fossilized, armored dinosaur’s last meal revealed - Deseret News
A dinosaur that lived 110 million years ago ate a salad

Rising sea levels could wipe out mangroves by 2050 - The Verge
Sea level rise could lead to the demise of mangrove forests by 2050 in a future with high greenhouse gas emissions, new research finds. Mangrove trees are crucial to protecting coastlines from the effects of climate change.

Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is waning, experts say - Daily Mail
Yellowstone National Park's supervolcano had to super-eruptions nine million years ago, but has not had another in three million years - leading experts say the caldera's power is waning.

Ancient explosion in Milky Way's core lit up gas outside the galaxy -
Our ancient ancestors would have seen it in the night sky.

Groundbreaking Israeli microscope can change the face of tech — scientists - The Times of Israel
Professor Ido Kaminer says he has given the electron microscope the ultimate upgrade — from a machine that takes 'stills' to one that 'makes movies'

Scientists aim gene-targeting breakthrough against COVID-19 -
A team of scientists from Stanford University is working with researchers at the Molecular Foundry, a nanoscience user facility located at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), to develop a gene-targeting, antiviral …

Scientists learn how tiny critters make ocean 'snot palaces' - The Associated Press
KENSINGTON, Maryland (AP) — Master builders of the sea construct the equivalent of a complex five-story house that protects them from predators and funnels and filters food for them — all from...

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