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Prototype of SpaceX’s future Starship rocket flies short hop to 500 feet - The Verge
SpaceX successfully flew a prototype of its next-generation, deep-space rocket at the company’s test facility in Boca Chica, Texas. The test sent the vehicle up to 500 feet before it landed back down on Earth.

New Research Shows Dinosaurs Suffered From Malignant Cancer, Too - NPR
Scientists have identified an aggressive bone cancer — for the first time — in the fibula of a dinosaur that lived 76 to 77 million years ago. The diagnosis sheds new light on dinosaurs and disease.

Science proves that microwaves suck at almost everything - BGR
Scientists have conclusively proven that microwaves suck, while also solving a major issue that comes with heating liquids in the microwave. A special glass with a silver ring can heat liquids more evenly in a microwave, the researchers say. There’s still no …

'It sounds like an animal': NASA astronauts describe the Crew Dragon re-entry experience -
The Demo-2 mission went very smoothly, but coming back to Earth is always a bumpy ride.

Scientists propose a novel method for controlling fusion reactions -
Scientists have found a novel way to prevent pesky magnetic bubbles in plasma from interfering with fusion reactions—delivering a potential way to improve the performance of fusion energy devices. And it comes from managing radio frequency (RF) waves to stabi…

Surprisingly dense exoplanet challenges planet formation theories -
New detailed observations with NSF's NOIRLab facilities reveal a young exoplanet, orbiting a young star in the Hyades cluster, that is unusually dense for its size and age. Weighing in at 25 Earth-masses, and slightly smaller than Neptune, this exoplanet's ex…

It's a bird! It's a dinosaur! No, apparently it's a lizard, as study authors issue retraction - USA TODAY
Researchers thought they discovered the world’s smallest dinosaur, a bird-like creature less than the size of a hummingbird. But they were wrong.

Professor's milestone in nuclear physics seeks to understand the universe itself - Phys.Org
A nuclear physics professor from Florida International University was among a team of researchers that proposed something so out of this world, colleagues first hesitated to accept it was possible.

Long-Standing Tension in the Standard Model of Particle Physics Addressed by ATLAS Experiment at CERN - SciTechDaily
A new ATLAS measurement of a key feature of the Standard Model known as lepton flavor universality suggests that a previous discrepancy measured by the LEP collider in W boson decays may be due to a fluctuation. The best-known particle in the lepton family is…

Ancient Mars May Have Been Less Wet Than We Thought - Gizmodo
Ice sheets, and not rushing rivers, sculpted many Martian valleys, according to scientists. The new research suggests ancient Mars wasn’t as warm and wet as we thought, but an expert we spoke to remains unconvinced.

Full Moon 2020 meaning: Why is the August Full Moon called the Sturgeon Moon? - Daily Express
TONIGHT'S Full Moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon and Green Corn Moon - but what is the meaning behind its unusual names?

PredaSAR may launch 48 satellites with SpaceX, exec says - SpaceNews
Synthetic aperture radar startup PredaSAR has signed a contract to launch a small satellite with SpaceX, and is in discussions to launch its entire first constellation with the company, PredaSAR co-founder Marc Bell, said Aug 4.

NOAA Satellite Watches Smoke From Apple Fire Spread – Driven by High Temperatures, Strong Winds - SciTechDaily
On August 2, 2020, the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 17 (GOES-17) acquired this image of the Apple Fire as it raged near San Bernardino National Forest. GOES-17 is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA); NAS…

Lasers in daylight can better detect space debris orbiting Earth, new study suggests - CNN
Researchers from Austria have created a new method of using lasers to visualize space debris, even during the daytime, an innovation they say could help precisely map all space junk in orbit around Earth.

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