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NASA's James Webb Space Telescope deploys massive sunshield. Next up? Mirrors - NPR
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope successfully finishing tensioning its massive sunshield on Tuesday, marking a critical step in the powerful observatory's zero-gravity deployment.

Future Hurricanes and Typhoons Will Roam Over More of the Earth - SciTechDaily
A new, Yale-led study suggests the 21st century will see an expansion of hurricanes and typhoons into mid-latitude regions, which includes major cities such as New York, Boston, Beijing, and Tokyo. Writing in the journal Nature Geoscience, the study’s authors…

Crisp Image of ‘Red Velvet’ Crater on Mars Is a Visual Treat - Yahoo Lifestyle
The European Space Agency has released a stunning new image of a crater on Mars that scientists have named after red velvet cake. The post Crisp Image of...

Physicists crack unsolvable three-body problem using drunkard's walk -
It has plagued scientists since the days of Isaac Newton.

Travelling to Mars may speed up the ageing process, scientists fear - Daily Mail
Experts from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, will study the first all civilian crew to visit the International Space Station next month, before and after their trip.

China's Mars orbiter Tianwen-1 snaps a series of 'selfies' - Daily Mail
Four new images have been released by the China National Space Administration (CNSA), showing Tianwen-1 encircling the Red Planet, to mark the new year.

Watch 'coronal streamers' streak off the sun in close-up video from Parker Solar Probe -
The data comes courtesy of the Parker Solar Probe, which flew inside the corona.

Stellar Cocoon With Organic Molecules Discovered at Extreme Edge of Our Galaxy - SciTechDaily
For the first time, astronomers have detected a newborn star and the surrounding cocoon of complex organic molecules at the edge of our Galaxy, which is known as the extreme outer Galaxy. The discovery, which revealed the hidden chemical complexity of our Uni…

Mysterious Dusty Object Discovered by Astronomers Using NASA's TESS Planet Hunter - SciTechDaily
The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, TESS, was launched in 2018 with the goal of discovering small planets around the Sun’s nearest neighbor stars. TESS has so far discovered 172 confirmed exoplanets and compiled a list of 4703 candidate exoplanets. Its…

2022’s first meteor shower forecast calls for a nice sky show - WANE
The first meteor shower of 2022 continues at its peak tonight into Tuesday morning, January 4.

Dinosaur footprints from 200 million years ago discovered on beach in Wales - USA TODAY
Discovered on a beach in Wales, the tracks are believed to belong to an early ancestor of dinosaurs known as sauropods.

Geology: Chemical leftovers from Earth's formation 4.5 billion years ago may sit near planet's core - Daily Mail
'Ultra-low velocity zones' on the core-mantle boundary beneath the Coral Sea were studied by researchers led from the University of Utah

NASA's Chief Scientist Quits, Says He Has a Plan to Terraform Mars - Futurism
NASA's Jim Green is leaving the space agency after four decades, but says he has plans to terraform Mars and make it habitable with a magnetic shield.

Those aren't stars – they're black holes - TechRadar
New map reveals 25,000 supermassive black holes in the night sky

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