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End of the world? This distant dead planet could be a preview of Earth's final fate - USA TODAY
In a new study released Thursday, scientists said they'd discovered one of the first small planet fragments in orbit around a dead white dwarf star.

We're About to See The First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole. Here's What It Might Be Like - ScienceAlert
The year 2019 is here. With it, we've been promised a splendid moment in astronomy. For years, the Event Horizon Telescope has been working to bring us the first ever telescopic photograph of the event horizon of a black hole.

Soyuz launch completes first-generation O3b constellation - SpaceNews
European launch provider Arianespace completed SES’s first-generation O3b constellation April 4 with the Soyuz launch of four satellites.

Ancient four-legged whale thrived both in sea and on land - New York Post
WASHINGTON – Scientists have unearthed fossils in a coastal desert of southern Peru of a four-legged whale that thrived both in the sea and on land about 43 million years ago in a discovery t…

The Starhops Have Begun! - Universe Today
After a minor delay, SpaceX has conducted the first successful hop test of their Starship Hopper, a key step in validating the systems that will go into the full-scale prototype.

Earth's carbon dioxide levels highest in 3 million years, study says - USA TODAY
Carbon dioxide – the gas scientists say is most responsible for global warming – has reached levels in our atmosphere not seen in 3 million years, scientists announced.

Japan is about to bomb an asteroid, and you can watch here - CNET
JAXA's Hayabusa2 spacecraft has a tumultuous relationship with the asteroid Ryugu that's about to get more dramatic.

8 of the surviving Apollo astronauts got together for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and Buzz Aldrin's outfit stole the show - INSIDER
Eight of the surviving Apollo astronauts got together to celebrate the 50th moon landing anniversary at an event in New York City.

“It Can’t Be Real” –Blobs of Solar Wind 50-500 Times Size of Earth - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel
When Simone Di Matteo first saw the patterns in his data, it seemed too good to be true. “It’s too perfect!” Di Matteo, a space physicist at the University of L’Aquila in Italy, recalled thinking. “It can’t be real.” And it wasn’t, he’d soon find out. Di Matt…

Curiosity Captured Two Solar Eclipses on Mars - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Observing the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos crossing in front of the Sun helps scientists better understand their orbits.

Electricity-conducting bacteria yield secret to tiny batteries, big medical advances -
Scientists have made a surprising discovery about how strange bacteria that live in soil and sediment can conduct electricity. The bacteria do so, the researchers determined, through a seamless biological structure never before seen in nature—a structure scie…

Fortnite: What parents need to know about the online game - CBS News
Dr. Sue Varma joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the warning signs parents need to look out for

Solar wind: And the blobs just keep on coming - Science Daily
Scientists re-inspected 45-year-old Helios data, finding long trains of massive blobs -- like lava lamp's otherworldly bubbles, but 50 to 500 times the size of Earth -- that ooze from the sun every 90 minutes or so.

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