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Those are Exoplanets. You’re Looking at Actual Exoplanets 63 Light-Years Away! - Universe Today
By combining two exoplanet detection methods for the first time ever, the GRAVITY collaboration has confirmed the existence of a second planet around Beta Pictoris

New Measurements on the Moon Show Harmful Radiation Levels - VOA Learning English
New measurements show that radiation levels on the moon are two to three times higher than on the International Space Station.

Super Heavy waiting in the wings amid Starship testing -
All eyes remain on Starship SN8’s next-level test campaign, advancing the test program from 150-meter…

SpaceX aborts launch of GPS Space Force satellite with 2 seconds to go - CNET
Elon Musk's company is ready to escort a new Space Force spacecraft into orbit, but it didn't happen Friday night as planned. Saturday night will bring another chance.

Titanic Stellar Time-Lapse: Hubble Watches Exploding Star Fade Into Oblivion - SciTechDaily
When a star unleashes as much energy in a matter of days as our Sun does in several billion years, you know it's not going to remain visible for long. Like intergalactic paparazzi, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured the quick, fading celebrity status of a…

Scientists measure gravity at the edge of a black hole for the first time - Inverse
Using the famous picture of a black hole captured last year, scientists measured gravity at the edge of black hole M87*.

NASA, SpaceX to Launch First Commercial Crew Rotation Mission to International Space Station - CleanTechnica
NASA and SpaceX are beginning a regular cadence of missions with astronauts launching on an American rocket from American soil to the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 is the first crew rotation missio…

How to watch Mars rule the night sky in October - CNET
Mark your calendars for a Mars close approach on Oct. 6 and opposition on Oct. 13.

SpaceX Conducted Staggering Eight Million Hours Of Dragon & Falcon 9 Simulation Tests - Wccftech
SpaceX and NASA are teaming up to launch the first official crewed mission to the International Space Station from the United States after nine years later this month. This mission, termed as Crew-1 will take off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on…

New Study Reveals Global Warming Is Affecting Night-Time Temperatures Differently - ScienceAlert
From the poles to the tropics, the oceans to our cities, we've mapped the fluctuations in temperature that are leading to a climate crisis.

Melting Antarctic Snow Is Revealing The Preserved Remains of 800-Year-Old Penguins - ScienceAlert
As the world warms up, melting ice sheets across the globe are exposing everything from trapped methane gas to Viking remains.

2020 features first global Halloween Blue Moon since WWII - The Jerusalem Post
In this strangest of years, it only makes sense that Halloween features the first full moon across time zones since 1944.

Colossal Stellar Explosion Near Earth Revealed by Layers of Manganese Crust - SciTechDaily
Discovery of iron-60 and manganese-53 substantiates supernova 2.5 million years ago. When the brightness of the star Betelgeuse dropped dramatically a few months ago, some observers suspected an impending supernova – a stellar explosion that could also cause …

Coloring the Great Salt Lake - NASA
Colorful, mineral-rich salt flats are nestled between the Promontory Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

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