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NASA Satellite Discovers ‘First Nearby Super-Earth’ - Voice of America
Researchers say they have discovered the first nearby “super-Earth” planet that could possibly support life. A U.S. space agency satellite designed to look for planets outside our solar system made the discovery.

UAE- 'We are tiny': Musk ribs Nasa's Earth-Jupiter tweet - News | - MENAFN.COM
(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) Replying to Nasa's tweet about Jupiter's massive size compared to Earth, Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, which has partnered

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe sends back 22GB of data on Sun flybys - SlashGear
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, the spacecraft tasked with getting incredibly close to the Sun, has successfully sent back data on its first two solar approaches. The space agency announced the mi…

Apollo Guidance Computer Saved From The Scrap Yard - Hackaday
NASA needed a small and lightweight computer to send humans on their journey to the Moon and back, but computers of the day were made out of discrete components that were heavy, large, complicated,…

Asteroid '2019 OK' Slip Pasts the World Surprising Scientists - EMTV Online
The asteroid, named 2019 OK, was about 130 metres big, zooming past planet Earth at a speed of 55, 000 miles per hour. However, not much attention was given to it until a few hours after it had passed earth at a dangerously close distance of 45,000 miles from…

Hubble image shows a glowing spiral galaxy turned on its side - Digital Trends
A new image shows the galaxy NGC 3432, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Although it appears to be a flat line from this angle, the galaxy is actually spiral-shaped and we are observing it edge-on. The galaxy is located 45 million light-years away from …

The most accurate model of our galaxy ever created shows the Milky Way is warped - BGR
Considering we can’t actually see the Milky Way from the outside — since, you know, we’re in it — astronomers know a surprising amount about our home galaxy. They know its overall struc…

It's meteor season. Here's how to see the Perseid Meteor Shower - INFORUM
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Shining (Star)light On The Search For Life - Eurasia Review
In the hunt for life on other worlds, astronomers scour over planets that are light-years away. They need ways to identify life from afar — but what counts as good evidence? Our own planet pr…

Snowball Exoplanets Might Be Better for Life Than We Thought - Universe Today
Some exoplanets are snowballs. The oceans are completely frozen and they seem like unlikely places for life. But a new study says, "Not so fast..."

There may be frozen water on the moon, new study suggests - Digital Trends
A new study suggests that there could be thick deposits of frozen water on the moon, located in craters near the lunar pole. Discovering potential frozen water on the moon is not only of scientific interest. It could also be important for future lunar explora…

NASA news: Breathtaking Hubble picture reveals side-view of a spiral galaxy like Milky Way -
NASA’S Hubble Space Telescope took this incredible side-on view of the distant galaxy NGC 3432 – a spiral cluster much like our very own Milky Way.

See Hayabusa2 touch down on asteroid Ryugu and collect a sample - Digital Trends
Japanese probe Hayabusa2 has been exploring asteroid Ryugu since it first touched down in February, and now the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has shared a video of the touchdown the craft made last month. The video is a 10 times speed animation captured by the…

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