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Remastered Apollo 15 photos reveal new details, just in time for mission's 50th anniversary - USA TODAY
Remastered photos obtained by USA TODAY show new images of the Apollo 15 moon landing ahead of the missions' 50th anniversary.

Russian Official: Experts to Investigate Possible ‘Consequences’ of Flipping Space Station - Gizmodo
The Nauka module fired its thrusters after docking, causing the ISS to rotate by as much as 540 degrees.

NASA TV Coverage Set for Next International Space Station Cargo Launch - NASA
NASA and Northrop Grumman are targeting 5:56 p.m. EDT, Tuesday, Aug. 10, for the company’s 16th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station.

My Favorite Martian Image: Helicopter Scouts Ridge Area for Perseverance – NASA's Mars Exploration Program - NASA Mars Exploration
A member of the Perseverance rover’s science team explains why the aerial image offers science advantages over ground-level images.

Geological analysis explains durability of Stonehenge megaliths - Reuters
The first comprehensive scientific analysis of Stonehenge's imposing megaliths has revealed some of the traits that made them an exemplary building material for the famed monument in southern England including their stout resistance to weathering.

Moon lacked a magnetic field for nearly all its history – new research resolves mystery sparked by rocks brought back on Apollo - Yahoo News
Scientists have studying lunar samples brought back from Apollo missions to understand the geologic history of the Moon. NASASurrounding Earth is a powerful ...

Mysterious Oxygen Burst Was Tied to Earth's Biggest Mass Extinction, Scientists Say - ScienceAlert
The Permian-Triassic extinction event that happened some 252 million years ago is the worst extinction event our planet has ever seen. It wiped out around 90 percent of marine species and some 70 percent of vertebrate species on land, and was so seve

Space solar power project got off the ground with billionaire's $100 million donation -
Real estate mogul Donald Bren's donation could help seed an energy revolution.

Boeing delays Starliner spacecraft launch again over technical issues - CNN
The long-awaited test flight of Boeing's Starliner, which is designed to carry astronauts and compete with SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft, is once again delayed. It's just one more setback in a series of them for a trial that NASA and Boeing desperately want…

NASA, Boeing Starliner mission to ISS delayed again, launch uncertain - CNET
The first test flight in 2019 didn't end well. Boeing looked ready for a second attempt this summer, but it's now been scrapped twice.

Space scientists reveal secret behind Jupiter's 'energy crisis' -
New research published in Nature has revealed the solution to Jupiter's 'energy crisis', which has puzzled astronomers for decades.

Hubble captures stunning image of squabbling galaxies - CNN
About 747 million light-years from Earth, a triplet of galaxies are locked in a gravitational tug-of-war that was spied by the Hubble Space Telescope as it observed them interacting in the Lynx constellation.

Genetically altered daddy longlegs have short legs -
A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, and Western Connecticut State University, has assembled the first draft genome of Phalangium opilio—the daddy longlegs spider. In their p…

A star fragment is flying out of our galaxy at nearly two million miles per hour - Engadget
Scientists have studied a supernova star fragment flying out of the Milky Way galaxy at nearly two million miles per hour..

Curiosity rover finds cute little rock 'lizard' on Mars -
A small rock arch in Gale Crater is a whimsical example of the textures of Mars.

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