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Asteroid alert: NASA tracks a 'potentially hazardous' 1,800FT rock on Earth approach -
AN ASTEROID dubbed “potentially hazardous” by space agency NASA will come incredibly close to Earth next week, NASA’s asteroid trackers have confirmed.

Cosmic dangers: Betelgeuse supernova prompts fears cataclysm could strike 'closer to home' -
THE SUPERNOVA explosion of the nearby star Betelgeuse has prompted some experts to consider the possibility of equally cataclysmic threats close to Earth.

The earth is the closest it ever gets to the sun Saturday night - WSYR
SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) The perihelion happens Saturday night. It’s when the earth is at a point in its orbit that is closest to the sun. The exact time this will happen is 2:48 a.m. EST January 5. …

Elon Musk says internet beaming Starlink satellite system is ‘not ready yet’ - Hindustan Times
Elon Musk has confirmed that SpaceX’s Starlink satellite system isn’t ready for launch yet.

Venus may be the only other planet with active volcanoes - Salon
The finding would mark the first time humans observed an active volcano on another planet

Space Photos of the Week: Postcards From a Martian Winter - WIRED
NASA's HiRise camera captures white carbon dioxide frost on a scarlet wonderland.

NASA Lost Contact With Spacecraft Designed to Study Planets Outside Our Solar System - SciTechDaily
Mission operators at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, have lost contact with the ASTERIA satellite, a briefcase-sized spacecraft designed to study planets outside our solar system. The last successful communication with ASTERIA, short…

Geoengineering Wouldn't Be Enough to Stop Greenland From Melting - Gizmodo
When the Greenland ice sheet went into a record meltdown in the summer of 2019, it raised a very terrifying specter of the future. Here was a 12.5-billion-ton mass of ice—one that’s been melting at a quickening pace since the 1980s—melting in a way scientists…

In Artemis program, NASA to send astronauts to the moon again. This time, the crew will include a woman. - The Washington Post
The project focuses on lunar exploration, but it has a larger goal: Advancing a future crewed mission to Mars.

Best viewing for the Quadrantid Meteor Shower - KWCH
One of the biggest meteor showers of the year, the annual Quadrantid shower, will happen early Saturday morning

How a 70-Year-Old Dino-Size Mystery May Have Finally Been Solved - Atlas Obscura
Was it a teenage T. rex or another species entirely?

Treating the first known blood clot in space - CNN
When astronauts encounter a medical risk on the International Space Station 250 miles up from the Earth's surface, it's not exactly easy for a doctor to make a house call.

Physicist Proposes Turning the Sun Into a Gigantic Engine - VICE
“That’s the new result of the paper: What exactly is possible if you have a Dyson sphere and you want to use it to drive a jet to push a star around?”

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