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NASA's exoplanet-hunting mission catches a natural comet outburst in unprecedented detail -
Using data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), astronomers at the University of Maryland (UMD), in College Park, Maryland, have captured a clear start-to-finish image sequence of an explosive emission of dust, ice and gases during the cl…

Isro plays down Chennai techie's spotting of Vikram lander - Times of India
India News: An Isro official said "I have nothing to comment on it as Isro had already found Vikram. We had already declared on our website three days after the l

19 Galaxies Are Apparently Missing Dark Matter. No One Knows Why. -
Nineteen newly discovered dwarf galaxies seem to be missing their dark matter, and physicists aren't sure why.

NASA will launch a ‘robot hotel’ to the Space Station on its next SpaceX resupply mission - TechCrunch
NASA is going to be sending something it calls a “robot hotel” to the International Space Station aboard the next commercial resupply mission, which is set to launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket this week. The robot hotel is more formally known as the “Rob…

This ultra-massive black hole just broke a record - CNN
Much like stars and planets, black holes also fall into different categories. Astronomers have now spotted a record-breaking heavyweight black hole at the center of a galaxy known as Holm 15A. The black hole weighs 40 billion times the mass of our sun.

Astronomers Have a New Way to Spot Earth-Like Worlds With Atmospheres - Gizmodo
A new method might tell scientists whether or not a rocky exoplanet—the kind of exoplanet most similar to Earth—has an atmosphere.

SpaceX expediting Mk3 construction in Texas, pausing Florida-based Starship builds -
SpaceX is adjusting its Starship plans to expedite development, after the first prototype vehicles –…

Study shows Southern Arizona once looked like Tibet -
A University of Wyoming researcher and his colleagues have shown that much of the southwestern United States was once a vast high-elevation plateau, similar to Tibet today.

Researchers develop a mass-producible, centimeter-scale metalens for VR, imaging -
Metalenses—flat surfaces that use nanostructures to focus light—are poised to revolutionize everything from microscopy to cameras, sensors, and displays. But so far, most of the lenses have been about the size of a piece of glitter. While lenses this size wor…

Scientists Discover Black Hole Too Massive for Current Theories - ExtremeTech
Scientists have found many truly massive black holes in the cosmos that lurk at the heart of galaxies like the Milky Way and M87, but smaller stellar-mass black holes can be anyplace. Astronomers have spotted one of these black holes in our galactic backyard,…

Inbreeding Armageddon Annihilated The Habsburg Dynasty - Ancient Origins
Scientists have proven inbreeding brought about severe facial deformations and collapsed of one of Europe’s most powerful historical dynasties. The royal European Habsburg family sat on the throne of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438–1740 AD

Hubble spots 'dynamic duo' in deep space - Fox News
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a pair of galaxies, collectively known as Arp 293, having come so close together that they share cosmic material.

Apocalyptic asteroid strike that could wipe out humanity is ‘only a matter of time’, top scientist warns - Fox News
A catastrophic asteroid impact big enough to wipe out humanity is only a matter of time, according to one top scientist.

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