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China and the United States will compete for launch supremacy in 2020 - Ars Technica
Can America break China's global lead in annual orbital missions?

Scientists find evidence that Venus has active volcanoes - Phys.Org
New research led by Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and published today in Science Advances shows that lava flows on Venus may be only a few years old, suggesting that Venus could be volcanically active today—making it the only planet in our s…

How to Watch the Quadrantids Meteor Shower Tonight - Lifehacker
The Quadrantids meteor shower, the first meteor shower of 2020, peaks tonight through this weekend.

NASA loses contact with planet-seeking Asteria spacecraft, but hasn't lost hope - CNET
The tiny Asteria CubeSat showed big space dreams can come in small packages.

Beware Tyrannosaurus Rex Teenagers and Their Growth Spurts - The New York Times
Fossils that some scientists thought to be a separate species were likely adolescent Tyrannosaurus rexes, a new study says.

Asteroid that could cause 'violent' sky explosions approaching Earth - New York Post
An asteroid that threatens to blast Earth with fiery debris will skim past our planet this weekend. The space rock is the size of a blue whale and will zip past at 14,000 miles per hour during its …

NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Tweets Photo From International Space Station - Yahoo Lifestyle
Record-breaking astronaut Christina Koch tweeted a photo of the moon rising from space days after she broke the record for the single longest spacewalk by a woman.

Moon's magnetic field disappeared a BILLION years ago after its 'internal dynamo' stopped - Daily Mail
US-led researchers found that the moon's magnetic field one billion years ago had dropped down to 0.1 microteslas - around 500 times weaker than the Earth's today.

170,000-Year-Old Roasted Root Vegetables Are Found in Cave Dirt - Interesting Engineering
Oldest roasted root vegetables have been found in a cave in Southern Africa.

Early 'soda lakes' may have provided missing ingredient key to the origin of life - Fox News
This mineral was scarce yet necessary for early life.

What Exactly Makes One Knot Better Than Another Has Not Been Well-Understood – Until Now - SciTechDaily
How Strong Is Your Knot? With help from spaghetti and color-changing fibers, a new mathematical model predicts a knot’s stability. In sailing, rock climbing, construction, and any activity requiring the securing of ropes, certain knots are known to be stronge…

Researchers develop new open-source system to manage and share complex datasets - Tech Xplore
Data is often at the heart of science—researchers track velocities, measure light coming from stars, analyze heart rates and cholesterol levels and scan the human brain for electrical impulses.

Meet the Mars 2020 rover launching this year - CNET
We visited the clean room at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to check out the Mars 2020 rover, which is set to launch this summer. Subscribe to CNET: https:...

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