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SpaceX is launching its latest batch of internet satellites, including one with a visor - The Verge
Less than a week after launching two astronauts, SpaceX is slated to launch another Falcon 9 rocket from the Florida coast on June 3rd. The company is launching the latest batch of 60 internet-beaming satellites for its ever-growing Starlink constellation, in…

Hubble Makes Surprising Find in Early Universe - NASA
the formation of the first stars and galaxies in the early universe took place sooner than previously thought, suggest new Hubble results. A European team of astronomers have found no evidence of the first generation of stars, known as Population III stars, a…

NASA tracking stadium-sized asteroid headed toward Earth - WMBF
NASA is keeping tabs on five asteroids heading toward Earth over the next few days, with one the size of a stadium.

Discovery of ancient super-eruptions indicates the Yellowstone hotspot may be waning -
Throughout Earth's long history, volcanic super-eruptions have been some of the most extreme events ever to affect our planet's rugged surface. Surprisingly, even though these explosions eject enormous volumes of material—at least 1,000 times more than the 19…

Scientists learn how tiny critters make ocean 'snot palaces' - The Associated Press
KENSINGTON, Maryland (AP) — Master builders of the sea construct the equivalent of a complex five-story house that protects them from predators and funnels and filters food for them — all from...

Life on Mars? Meet the new rover built to give us the answer -
Perseverance may help answer one of the biggest questions in science.

First optical measurements of Milky Way's Fermi Bubbles probe their origin -
Using the Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper telescope, astronomers have for the first time measured the Fermi Bubbles in the visible light spectrum. The Fermi Bubbles are two enormous outflows of high-energy gas that emanate from the Milky Way and the finding refines …

The asteroid that killed dinosaurs hit at worst possible angle, study finds - The Next Web
Around 66 million years ago, an asteroid larger than Mt. Everest ripped through the atmosphere of Earth, striking our planet at the Yucatán Peninsula, on the southeastern coast ...

Astronomers watch a dead star 'power up' for the first time - CNET
A pulsar gobbling up its companion star gives scientists an unprecedented look at some of the universe's most bizarre phenomena.

The invisible man? Scientists engineer human cells to become TRANSPARENT like squids - RT
In a remarkable first, researchers have successfully transferred the natural camouflage ability often displayed by some species of squid and cuttlefish into human cells, allowing them to bend light.

City foxes are becoming more similar to domesticated dogs as they adapt to their environment -
Urban red foxes are becoming more similar to domesticated dogs as they adapt to their city environment, according to a new analysis.

Why coronavirus hits men harder: sex hormones offer clues - Science Magazine
Data on prostate cancer patients, bald men suggest existing drugs could fight COVID-19

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