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NASA Says Cold Shadows on the Lunar Surface Can Explain Moon Water Mystery - SciTechDaily
The shadows cast by the roughness of the Moon’s surface create small cold spots for water ice to accumulate even during the harsh lunar daytime. Scientists are confident that water ice can be found at the Moon’s poles inside permanently shadowed craters – in …

A black hole warped space-time so much that astronomers saw flashes of light from its far side - Yahoo News
Albert Einstein predicted that black holes warp space-time, and astronomers just saw the proof - flashes of light on the far side of a black hole.

The ISS Backflipped Out of Control After Russian Module Misfired, New Details Reveal - Gizmodo
Initial reports said the space station spun 45 degrees. The actual figure is far scarier.

Timelapse shows construction of NASA's supersonic aircraft set to fly next year - Daily Mail
NASA's incredible supersonic aircraft that will travel faster than the speed of sound is taking shape. A timelapse of the construction shows the fuselage, wing and tail assembly coming together.

Curiosity Rover Sees a Weird Martian Rock Formation - Gizmodo
A "whimsical" arch shows the variety of natural textures on Mars.

Insurers Could Make the Unvaccinated Think Twice - Newser
Authors suggest financial penalties instead of only incentives

Watch Boeing's Starliner test flight to the ISS at 1:20PM ET (update: not happening today after all) - Engadget
Boeing's Starliner capsule will conduct a long-awaited test that includes docking at the International Space Station.

A Star Is Speeding Through the Milky Way at Nearly Two Million Miles an Hour - Yahoo Lifestyle
The star, which is officially called LP 40-365, is a piece of shrapnel from a cosmic explosion.

NASA, Boeing Starliner launch to ISS delayed again - CNET
The first test flight in 2019 didn't end well. Boeing dusted itself off for a second attempt this summer, but it's now been scrapped twice.

Why did birds survive extinction while dinosaurs died out? - Big Think
The brain of an ancient bird offers clues to the survival of its modern-day relatives.

Perseid meteor shower returns for 2021, wildfire smoke could dampen the show - OregonLive
The best meteor shower of the year is back this month, promising a good show if skies are clear in Oregon.

COVID 'Fast Grants' sped up pandemic science -
Programme awarded $US50 million in rapid grants and highlights limitations in existing scientific-funding mechanisms.

Yellowstone volcano rocked by record number of earthquakes as USGS forecasts 'increase' - Daily Express
YELLOWSTONE volcano experienced more than 1,000 earthquakes last month - a four-year record high that the US Geological Survey (USGS) said will 'likely increase' in the coming days.

How to watch Boeing launch its 2nd Starliner test flight for NASA today -
Liftoff is now scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 3, at 1:20 p.m. EDT (1720 GMT).

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