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Staggering Data on How Much Whales Actually Eat Just Solved The 'Krill Paradox' - ScienceAlert
A decadelong study tagged over 300 baleen whales to understand how much they eat. It found that the whales recycled huge amounts of nutrients.

Astronauts Make 'Best Space Tacos Yet' With Key Ingredient They Just Learned To Grow - HuffPost
Lettuce and radishes have been successfully grown in microgravity, but now a new veggie is spicing up life on the International Space Station.

Another 'maybe' chance for northern lights Wednesday night - Minnesota Public Radio News
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has issued another geomagnetic storm watch.

Water has been detected in a galaxy roughly 12.8 billion light years away, researchers say - Yahoo News
The galaxy, SPT0311-58, had evidence of water when the universe was just 780 million years old, perplexing scientists.

Researchers demonstrate complete solar-powered hydrocarbon production - Ars Technica
First small-scale demonstration of a full-stack production line.

Ancient Comet May Have Turned Chilean Desert Into Glass - Gizmodo
Exploding with such intensity over the Earth, a comet made some soil fuse into silicates.

We Asked a NASA Expert: When Was the Last Time an Asteroid Hit Earth? - NASA
When was the last time an asteroid hit Earth? Small asteroids and other tiny particles bombard our planet daily, but almost all of them burn up safely in the...

Meteor shower known for 'fireballs' set to peak under no-moon sky this week - Out There Colorado
When the Orionids meteor shower peaked above Colorado in late October, it happened when the moon was 100 percent full, thus limiting visibility. That won't be the case when the

On ancient Earth, it never rained but it poured -
Today, we are experiencing the dramatic impacts that even a small increase in global temperatures can have on a planet's climate. Now, imagine an Earth 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (11 - 17 C) hotter than today. Earth likely experienced these temperatures at v…

NASA, Intuitive Machines Announce Landing Site for Lunar Drill - NASA
NASA, Intuitive Machines select landing site location for Lunar drill.

Organic molecules revealed on Mars by Curiosity's new kind of experiment -
An international team of space researchers working with NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has found previously unknown organic molecules on Mars using a new experiment aboard the Curiosity rover. The results are published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Where *isn't* Planet 9? - SYFY WIRE
For a few years now, some astronomers have been looking for another planet in the solar system, one much larger than Earth that orbits the Sun far beyond Neptune. Not-so-tongue-in-cheekily, they've been calling it Planet 9.

Mysterious comet has been having multiple large outbursts -
Amateur and professional astronomers have found that the comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann has been experiencing an unusually large outburst recently. Normally, it has little outbursts spread throughout the year.

Could artificial mini glaciers bring water to the driest, coldest places on Earth? -
Glaciers are not just spectacular indicators of climate change as they shrink and disappear due to global warming.

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