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SpaceX Crew Dragon splashdown: See NASA astronauts return to Earth - CNET
The Demo-2 mission came to a successful end after Crew Dragon splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday. You can watch the replay here.

We Have Ploonets. We Have Moonmoons. Now Hold Onto Your Hats For... Blanets - ScienceAlert
It's easy to think of black holes as voracious destruction machines, slurping up everything in their immediate vicinity. But that's not always the case. The environments around active supermassive black holes are complex, and last year, a team of ast

Dinosaur diagnosed with bone cancer that afflicts humans today - CNN
For the first time, scientits have found that dinosaurs suffered from an aggressive malignant cancer called osteosarcoma that afflicts humans today.

Tonight offers best chance of spotting space station in night sky -
International Space Station will be visible for a minutes in the night sky on Monday, August 3.

How one Black-owned business was affected by BLM protests : The Indicator from Planet Money - NPR
The Black Lives Matter demonstrations brought people together to protest injustice. But alongside the protests came riots, at a great cost to some Black-owned businesses.

Starship SN5 set to attempt a 150-meter flight test -
The Starship SN5 prototype is set to attempt a 150-meter test flight as early as…

NASA is on an epic roll. But can it keep the momentum going? - The Washington Post
After years in which NASA seemed like an afterthought in the national consciousness and was at the back of the line when the federal budget was allocated, the space agency appears to be on a roll.

Two Canadian ice caps have completely vanished from the Arctic, NASA imagery shows - Live Science
Scientists gave the caps 5 years to live in a 2017 study. Climate change killed them in record time.

Meet the 'badass' NASA astronauts who flew SpaceX's Crew Dragon ship - Business Insider - Business Insider
NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley successfully completed SpaceX's first crewed mission, Demo-2, with an ocean splashdown on Sunday.

On Mars, massive ice sheets — not rivers — may have carved ancient valleys -
Ancient Mars may not have been quite so habitable after all.

Scientists retract claim of finding tiniest dinosaur - NBC News
A spectacular fossil skull preserved in a drop of amber is not from a tiny flying dinosaur but probably the remains of an ancient lizard, according to a retraction of the original research published in March.

'Zombie Cicadas' Have Been Spotted in the United States and We're Officially Creeped Out - Yahoo Lifestyle
This sounds like a bizarre science-fiction movie that I'm not trying to be a part of.

Black hole fails to do its job -
Astronomers have discovered what can happen when a giant black hole does not intervene in the life of a galaxy cluster. Using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes they have shown that passive black hole behavior may explain a remarkable torre…

Oriole hybridization is a dead end: study -
A half-century of controversy over two popular bird species may have finally come to an end. In one corner: the Bullock's Oriole, found in the western half of North America. In the other corner: the Baltimore Oriole, breeding in the eastern half. Where their …

Dog process speech in the same way as human brains do, study finds - Daily Mail
Both dogs and human brains separately process the intonation - how a voice rises and falls - and the meaning of the words spoken.

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