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Eruption of ice volcano threw liquid water over the frozen surface of Pluto - Digital Trends
Liquid water could once have existed on the frozen surface of Pluto, put there by the violent eruption of a cryovolcano, according to a new study. By analyzing the wavelengths of light in images of Pluto's surface, researchers can see what chemical compounds …

NASA sets sights on Moon missions, selects 3 firms for lunar deliveries - Fox News
NASA has selected three companies to deliver science and technology payloads to the lunar surface on robotic landers over the next few years.

Juno space probe identifies changes in Jupiter's magnetic field -
Magnetic field images hint at Jupiter’s internal structure

Breathtaking images show Martian clouds captured from planet's surface - Dunya News
NASA is now trying to coordinate with another Mars visitor - the Insight lander.

NASA awards contracts for Artemis moon mission - Washington Examiner
NASA took a step forward Friday in its efforts to get the U.S. back to the moon.

After SpaceX Starlink Launch, a Fear of Satellites That Outnumber All Visible Stars - The New York Times
Images of the Starlink constellation in orbit have rattled astronomers around the world.

NASA spots explosion of X-rays glowing in the universe - Mashable
“We’re gradually building up a new X-ray image of the whole sky."

Spitzer Space Telescope Captures Amazing Stellar Family Portrait - SciTechDaily
In this large celestial mosaic there's a lot to see, including multiple clusters of stars born from the same dense clumps of gas and dust.

Mysterious Light Flashes On Moon’s Surface Baffle Astronomers - International Business Times
Astronomers believe understanding this "mysterious light" is crucial because mankind would in the near future build colonies on the Moon.

Incredible Photo From Orbit Reveals Where Day Becomes Night on Planet Earth - ScienceAlert
A stunning image of Earth taken from the orbital perspective of the International Space Station (ISS) gives a unique glimpse of an everyday phenomenon too easily taken for granted.

NASA to bore beneath Europa with nuclear-powered 'TUNNELBOT' in alien life search -
NASA are planning for a nuclear-powered drone to drill through Europa’s icy shell in an attempt to find alien life in its oceans.

NASA solar storm WARNING: Another Carrington Event ‘will cost TRILLIONS’ in damage -
NASA has warned a solar storm similar to the 1859 Carrington Event will eventually decimate Earth. But a Harvard professor famed for his Oumuamua extrasolar asteroid theory has proposed an innovative $100billion solution.

'Hole' in Milky Way may point to dark matter - New Zealand Herald
A ghostly force has blasted a hole in the Milky Way, tossing stars about in its wake.

“Black hole” Created In The Lab Confirmed Stephen Hawking’s Radiation Theory - Advocator
Share Scientists created a black hole analog that traps sound discovering the evidence of Hawking Radiation. Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicted black holes, describing them as objects with such a strong, powerful gravitational force that…

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