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A 'living fossil' galaxy, mysterious space objects and the cave rewriting human history -
The Curiosity rover is moving on, the Hubble Space Telescope made an accidental discovery, and a mysterious object was found on the edge of the solar system -- and that's just some of what happened in space this week.

A tiny dinosaur relative named the "Antarctic King” has been discovered at the South Pole - Business Insider
Paleontologists discovered a tiny dinosaur relative at the South Pole, which they've named "Antarctic King." The fossil is some 250 million years old.

NASA asteroid WARNING: Asteroid could unleash ‘enormous devastation’ if it hit Earth -
AN ASTEROID eight-times longer than a London double-decker bus will skim past Earth today as experts warn of an increase in asteroids striking the planet.

NASA highlights 10 breathtaking satellite images of Earth from past year -
NASA highlights 10 breathtaking satellite images of Earth from past year

A bizarre interstellar object called 'Oumuamua continues to perplex astronomers a year after it vanished. Here's why a few scientists still wonder if it was alien. - Business Insider
'Oumuamua remains a mystery since its discovery. However, the idea that it's extraterrestrial is based on a lack of data, not extraordinary evidence.

Israel to Launch First Private Spacecraft Set For the Moon - Newsweek
An Israeli nonprofit wants to send a spacecraft called "Beresheet" to the moon.

NASA makes 'disturbing' find under Antarctic glacier - The Nation
The Thwaites Glacier, which is approximately the size of Florida, is currently responsible for about 4 percent of the global rise in sea levels; it holds enough ice to raise the worlds' oceans by more than 65cm if it melts. READ MORE: India asks Russia for ex…

Elon Musk Tweets New Images of Starship Super Heavy's Raptor Engine - Interesting Engineering
Elon Musk showed off SpaceX’s new Raptor engine this week, part of the Super Heavy rocket system that SpaceX hopes will allow the SpaceX Starship to travel to Mars.

Satellite image shows how much ice is on Lake Michigan - WDIV ClickOnDetroit
The National Weather Service shared a satellite photo taken Friday at 11:43 a.m. that shows just how much ice built up on Lake Michigan during the polar vortex.

What was the mysterious object that hit the ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’? Now we have the answer - RT
Scientists have solved a mystery that has bothered stargazers in the wake of a total lunar eclipse on January 21, when a tiny object struck the moon as it captivated millions with its copper-red makeover.

We Might Have Been Wrong About Ocean Circulation, And It Will Have Big Impacts - ScienceAlert
It may be the biggest wild card in the climate system. Scientists have long feared that the so-called "overturning" circulation in the Atlantic Ocean could slow down or even halt due to climate change - which would have enormous planetary consequence

Chinese Rover Wakes Up, Does Science, Goes Back to Sleep - D-brief - Discover Magazine
As the sun rises on the moon, the Chang'e-4 mission gets back to work before it grows too hot to function.

So close! SpaceX reveals latest failed attempt to catch rocket fairing - Daily Mail
SpaceX has been working for months to get its 'Mr. Steven' boat to catch fairings. In a new video, the firm showed off just how close the vessel has come to achieving that task.

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