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How to watch the 'strawberry moon' eclipse from anywhere Friday - CNET
The partial penumbral lunar eclipse won't be visible in North America, but you can still view the full moon's quiet beauty online.

A dinosaur's last meal: A 110 million-year-old dinosaur's stomach contents are revealed - CNN
A dinosaur with impressive armored plates across its back became mummified around 110 million years ago, and now we know what this nodosaur ate for its last meal, according to a new study.

New tricks from old data: Astronomer uses 25-year-old Hubble data to confirm planet Proxima Centauri c -
Fritz Benedict has used data he took over two decades ago with Hubble Space Telescope to confirm the existence of another planet around the Sun's nearest neighbor, Proxima Centauri, and to pin down the planet's orbit and mass. Benedict, an emeritus Senior Res…

What the future of the space station looks like after SpaceX’s historic launch - The Verge
After SpaceX’s Crew Dragon launch on Saturday, May 30th, NASA now has the capability to launch its own astronauts from the US once again. And that means changes are in store for the traffic that goes in and out of the International Space Station.

Watch SpaceX's Latest Starship Prototype Blow Itself to Bits - ExtremeTech
Just a month after nailing a pressurization test, the Starship SN4 prototype exploded during an engine test. It's not clear what happened, but CEO Elon Musk has offered some hints.

Magnetic fields force new perspective on Milky Way's black hole -
Observations from Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) indicate that the magnetic field near our galaxy's core is strong enough to control the material moving around the black hole, even in the presence of the black hole's enormous gravit…

Incredible fossil find is the oldest known parasite - Ars Technica
510 million-year-old rocks in China preserve brachiopods and their parasites.

NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Sample Caching System - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Watch as NASA-JPL engineers test the Sample Caching System on the Perseverance Mars rover. Described as one of the most complex robotic systems ever built, t...

Molecular circuitry: Team breaks one-diode-one resistor electronics -
An international team with ties to UCF has cracked a challenge that could herald a new era of ultra-high-density computing.

Large simulation finds new origin of supermassive black holes -
Computer simulations conducted by astrophysicists at Tohoku University in Japan, have revealed a new theory for the origin of supermassive black holes. In this theory, the precursors of supermassive black holes grow by swallowing up not only interstellar gas,…

Scientists say they have found the cleanest air on earth - CNN
Scientists believe they have identified the world's cleanest air, free from particles caused by human activity, located over the Southern Ocean, which surrounds Antarctica.

Evidence Suggests That the Entire Early Universe Was Rotating - Futurism
"If the universe has an axis, it is not a simple single axis like a merry-go-round."

Get set for strawberry moon: NASA’s top tips for June skywatchers - Fox News
The next full moon, known as the strawberry moon, will light up the sky this week. Here are NASA’s top tips for June skywatchers.

A New Galactic Center Adventure in Virtual Reality - NASA
A new visualization, "Galactic Center VR," features simulations of material streaming toward the Milky Way's supermassive black hole known as Sgr A*.

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