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NASA, Boeing launch Starliner to the ISS: How to watch test flight live - CNET
A technical issue delayed Boeing's second attempt to reach the ISS, but now it's ready to fly. Here's how to catch the launch live on Tuesday.

Spanish cave art was made by Neanderthals, study confirms - The Guardian
Study says pigments on cave stalagmites were applied through ‘splattering and blowing’ more than 60,000 years ago

Fossil of first animal life on earth may have been found in Canada - Hot Air
I noticed this story last week but ran out of time to write about it. A geologist believes she may have discovered fossil evidence of the first animal life on earth. Elizabeth Turner actually uncovere...

Rare Back-to-Back Flybys of Venus Will Happen Next Week - Gizmodo
The Solar Orbiter and BepiColombo will pass on either side of our neighboring planet.

Watch Boeing launch its spaceship on a do-over flight to prove it can transport astronauts for NASA - Business Insider
Last time the Starliner spacecraft tried to fly to the International Space Station, software issues came up. Now Boeing is set to try again.

NASA Releases Mesmerizing Image of Three Galaxies ‘Fighting’ - Yahoo Lifestyle
NASA has just published a new Hubble Telescope image of three "sibling" galaxies playing a game of "gravitational tug-of-war." The post NASA Releases...

Space station situation with Russian module misfire more serious than stated: report -
The space station spun far more than the reported 45 degrees, according to NASA flight director Zebulon Scoville.

What to Know About the Newly Discovered Tetraquark at the Large Hadron Collider - Gizmodo
The particle is charmed twice over and is the longest-lived exotic matter particle yet found.

Smoke From Siberian Wildfires Has Reached the North Pole - Gizmodo
The plumes of smoke from the fires will also reach northern Canada, showing nowhere is safe from the climate emergency.

NBD, There's Just a Massive Asteroid Hurtling Past Earth This Month - Lifehacker
A mile wide and flying 58,538 miles per hour, just another reminder of the dangerous wonders out there.

Space Station Tilted After New Russian Module Fires Thrusters - The New York Times
The Nauka module met up with the orbiting outpost on Thursday morning, and later unexpectedly fired its thrusters.

Light detected behind a black hole for the first time - CNN
For the first time, scientists have detected light from behind a black hole and it fulfills a prediction rooted in Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Lake Huron sinkhole surprise: The rise of oxygen on early Earth linked to changing planetary rotation rate -
The rise of oxygen levels early in Earth's history paved the way for the spectacular diversity of animal life. But for decades, scientists have struggled to explain the factors that controlled this gradual and stepwise process, which unfolded over nearly 2 bi…

Ghost Crater Shows Skid Mark-Like Features in This Photo From Mars - autoevolution
“Sometimes we see circles on the Martian landscape with no apparent cause, such as in this picture of Utopia Planitia.” This is how the people behind the powerful HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter describe the image you’re looking at now, …

NASA Study Shows Importance of Surface Shadows in Moon Water Puzzle - NASA
The shadows cast by the roughness of the Moon’s surface create small cold spots for water ice to accumulate even during the harsh lunar daytime.

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