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NASA Contacts Voyager 2 Using Upgraded Deep Space Network Dish - NASA Planetary Science
The only radio antenna that can command the 43-year-old spacecraft has been offline since March as it gets new hardware, but work is on track to wrap up in February.

The Leonid Meteor Shower Will Bring Shooting Stars This November — How and When to See It - Travel+Leisure
See shooting stars light up the night sky in the middle of the month.

Looks like that 'Election Day asteroid' didn't smack us after all - CNET
Chances were slim asteroid 2018 VP1 would turn into a shooting star.

Neanderthal children grew and were weaned similarly to modern humans -
Neanderthals behaved similarly to modern humans in raising their children, whose pace of growth was similar to Homo sapiens.

Hubble Examines 16 Psyche, the Asteroid Worth $10000 Quadrillion - ExtremeTech
Researchers just finished an ultraviolet survey of 16 Psyche, the ultra-valuable asteroid NASA plans to visit in 2026.

Keep the Space Force off the International Space Station - Slate
One small step of military ceremony on the space station, one giant leap toward poisoning decades of peaceful cooperation.

Astronomers see gigantic collisions of galaxy clusters in young universe -
An international team of researchers led by Leiden University (the Netherlands) has mapped nine gigantic collisions of galaxy clusters. The collisions took place seven billion years ago and could be observed because they accelerate particles to high speeds. I…

Artificial night lighting has widespread impacts on nature -
Artificial night-time lighting has a diverse range of effects across the natural world and should be limited where possible, researchers say.

SpaceX Starship: paving the way to Mars city - Inverse
In this episode of 'The Abstract', we discuss what the latest Starship rocket test means for the future of space travel — and humanity itself.

Here's how NASA fared under Trump - CNN
President Donald Trump ignited a months-long political battle in 2017 when he appointed Jim Bridenstine, a Republican congressman from Oklahoma, to run NASA.

Europe’s “best answer” to competition from SpaceX slips again, will cost more - Ars Technica
The Ariane 6 was designed to be more cost effective to fly.

Squid sighting: Scientists share first-ever footage of ‘freaky’ Ram’s Horn squid - Daily Express
SQUID scientists have finally spotted one of the seas' most elusive cephalopods - the legendary Ram's Horn squid (Spirula spirula).

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