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NASA is going to shoot an asteroid and Europe will examine the mess - CNET
NASA is preparing to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid. The European Space Agency want to sift through the crash.

NASA Finds India’s Vikram Moon Lander Crash Site, With Amateur’s Help - The New York Times
Since India lost contact with the spacecraft in September, the precise location of its crash has been a mystery.

Japanese Asteroid Probe Tests Ion Engine for Journey Home to Earth -
Hayabusa2 will fire up its ion engine in earnest on Dec. 3.

When laser beams meet plasma: New data addresses gap in fusion research -
New research from the University of Rochester will enhance the accuracy of computer models used in simulations of laser-driven implosions. The research, published in the journal Nature Physics, addresses one of the challenges in scientists' longstanding quest…

Research unravels mystery of how early animals survived ice age -
How did life survive the most severe ice age? A McGill University-led research team has found the first direct evidence that glacial meltwater provided a crucial lifeline to eukaryotes during Snowball Earth, when the oceans were cut off from life-giving oxyge…

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Repair Spacewalk #3, Dec. 2, 2019 - NASA
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Why is an ocean current in the Arctic critical to world weather losing steam? - National Geographic
A conveyor belt of ocean water that loops the planet and regulates global temperatures could be heading for a tipping point.

Scientists used speakers to make dead coral reefs sound healthy. The fish came back - CNN
A team of scientists from the UK and Australia teamed up to use underwater loudspeakers to try and entice fish back to dead coral reefs and potentially help them recover.

A Radio Telescope Is Now Scanning Deep Space From the Moon’s Far Side - Gizmodo
For the first time in astronomical history, a space-based radio telescope is gathering data from the Moon’s far side, in a location free from Earth’s interference. This collaboration between China and the Netherlands could provide new insights into the condit…

Scientists develop new primary method for measurement of pressure -
Scientists from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) have implemented a novel pressure measurement method, partly as a byproduct of the work on the "new" kelvin. In addition to being new, this procedure is a primary method, i.e. it only depends on …

Spacewalkers splice in new pumps to repair AMS cosmic ray detector -
Astronauts Luca Parmitano and Andrew Morgan transplanted a new coolant pump system outside of the International Space Station, completing the third in a series of at least four challenging spacewalks to repair the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS).

After a slower launch year—by its standards—SpaceX plans a busy December - Ars Technica
The launch activity will begin as early as Wednesday.

Scientists invent a way to see attosecond electron motions with an X-ray laser -
Researchers at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have invented a way to observe the movements of electrons with powerful X-ray laser bursts just 280 attoseconds, or billionths of a billionth of a second, long.

New Method of Finding Atmospheres on Rocky Exoplanets With Webb Space Telescope - SciTechDaily
When NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launches in 2021, one of its most anticipated contributions to astronomy will be the study of exoplanets—planets orbiting distant stars. Among the most pressing questions in exoplanet science is: Can a small, rocky exopl…

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