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Organic molecules discovered on Saturn moon Enceladus - Fox News
Scientists have discovered organic molecules containing nitrogen and oxygen on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, according to a new study.

Apparently the Andromeda galaxy is a monstrous cannibal that binge eats smaller galaxies - CNET
Turns out our next door neighbor is the Hannibal Lecter of galaxies.

Bunny Rabbit Prozac Orgasm Study - Evolutionary Benefit of Orgasm -
Yes, this v important research involves rabbits, prozac, and a will to know WHY.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Will Launch Private Moon Lander in 2021 -
Intuitive Machines' Nova-C may be the first private spacecraft to soft-land on the moon.

Our solar system's mysterious 'Planet 9' may actually be a tiny, ancient black hole - NBC News
A new theory suggests that Planet 9 may not be a planet after all, but a primordial black hole left over from the Big Bang that created the universe.

Researchers repurpose failed cancer drug into printable semiconductor -
Many potential pharmaceuticals end up failing during clinical trials, but thanks to new research from the University of Illinois, biological molecules once considered for cancer treatment are now being repurposed as organic semiconductors for use in chemical …

Climate change: Humans are releasing 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes, study finds -
CARBON experts conducting a 10-year-long study of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have concluded humans release more CO2 than all of the world’s volcanoes combined.

If warming exceeds 2°C, Antarctica's melting ice sheets could raise seas 20 metres in coming centuries - The Conversation AU
New research shows that warming by more than 2°C could be a tipping point for Antarctica's ice sheets, resulting in widespread meltdown and changes to the world's shorelines for centuries to come.

Researcher develops method to change fundamental architecture of polymers -
A Florida State University research team has developed methods to manipulate polymers in a way that changes their fundamental structure, paving the way for potential applications in cargo delivery and release, recyclable materials, shape-shifting soft robots,…

Neptune-Size Exomoon Candidate May Be the Captured Core of a Giant Planet -
The mysterious Kepler-1625b-i and its parent planet may once have been siblings.

Human embryos have lizard hand muscles that disappear before birth - Boing Boing
New, high-res 3D images of human embryos show a variety of muscles that were “present in our ancestors but normally absent from the adult human.” For example, there are hand muscles tha…

New Theory on Mysterious Oumuamua Space Object Revealed - Newsmax
Astronomers are hypothesizing that Oumuamua, the first interstellar object to enter the solar system, could have come from a still-forming system and that giant planets' gravitational effects could have spread pieces of debris throughout the galaxy.

Listen to "dinks and donks," Marsquakes, and other weird sounds from the Red Planet - Boing Boing
The NASA Insight lander on the Martian surface is equipped with an ultrasensitive seismometer to detect and record vibrations, from marsquakes to soft breezes to other unidentified vibrations. List…

Modular click chemistry libraries for functional screens using a diazotizing reagent -
A ‘click’ reaction is developed for the simple and rapid formation of azides from primary amines, and is used to prepare a library of over 1,200 azides for subsequent use in the existing triazole annulation click reaction.

Two-dimensional semiconductors host high-temperature exotic state -
Evidence of exciton condensation in atomically thin semiconductors.

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