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Neanderthals Died Out due to Inbreeding and Bad Luck - Ancient Origins
Researchers now believe that they may have established why the Neanderthals became extinct. Expert analysts using population models believe that inbreeding and the internal dynamics of their small populations resulted in their demise.

Underwater Loudspeakers Make Fish Flock to Dead Coral in Radical Experiment - ScienceAlert
The desperate search for ways to help the world's coral reefs rebound from the devastating effects of climate change has given rise to some radical solutions.

Here’s how fast your dog really ages – and no, it’s not the old 7-to-1 rule - BGR
Every dog owner is familiar with the concept of “dog years.” It’s the idea that for every year of human time, dogs age seven years. If your dog is two human years old, it’s …

This Newfound Monster Black Hole Is Too Big for Theories to Handle -
Stellar-mass black holes aren't supposed to be so hefty.

GPS III: How the Global Positioning System's next generation of satellites are being developed - CBS News
Originally developed by the U.S. military, the Global Positioning System – now vital to nearly every facet of modern life – is being upgraded to GPS III, whose satellites will be better protected from cyber threats and signal jamming

That time a monkey flew to the edge of space and then smashed into a destroyer - Ars Technica
From the archives: “The capsule is out there like a wrecking ball."

SpaceX, Maxar, and Nanoracks to Demo Orbital Space Station Construction in 2020 - Motley Fool
Space stations are expensive, but can we fix that? Yes, we can! (If this mission goes right.)

Mars in pictures: Stunning NASA portrait reveals ancient volcanic rock and sand dunes -
NASA’S Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) snapped this breathtaking picture of “velvety blue dunes” and ancient volcanic rocks in the Melas Chasma region of Mars.

There's Now a Radio Telescope in Operation on The Far Side of The Moon - ScienceAlert
The Chang'e-4 mission, the fourth installment in the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, has made some significant achievements since it launched in December of 2018. In January of 2019, the mission lander and its Yutu 2 (Jade Rabbit 2) rover became

MIT engineers made a cheaper and more efficient device to trap carbon dioxide - TNW
Capturing carbon dioxide from smokestacks, and even removing it directly from air, might be the only way to avert the most catastrophic effects of climate change. Engineers at MIT have ...

Skywatch: What’s happening in the heavens in December - The Washington Post
In the early evening, Venus will be so bright that it seems like a spotlight.

NASA shares mid-sized robotic lunar lander concept with industry - Phys.Org
As NASA presses forward with the agency's mission to the Moon, Mars and beyond, the development of top-tier technology is critical to success. With emphasis on lunar exploration and scientific investigation, the desire to deliver a wide variety of payloads to…

‘Deathly Gravitational Embrace’: Researcher Predicts What Awaits Our Life-Friendly Milky Way - Sputnik International
The product of a massive bang, our galaxy, which is the only one known to support life, is expected to sink into oblivion in a pretty similar way.

NASA shock: ISS stream ‘cuts off’ Russian cosmonaut the moment he reports mysterious UFO -
NASA ground control appeared to ‘cut off’ a Russian cosmonaut as he reported an approaching UFO while abroad the International Space Station - sparking a frenzy of aliens conspiracy theories.

How NASA is evolving through partnerships with private space companies - CNBC
NASA has been changing in several different ways, especially by partnering with corporations to develop new technologies.

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