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NASA takes break in JWST deployment after extending sunshield - SpaceNews
NASA is taking a one-day break in the deployment of the James Webb Space Telescope after successfully extending booms for the spacecraft’s sunshield.

Big Rockets, Massive Asteroids and More Space Highlights for 2022 - The New York Times
Here’s a look at what may be launching in the year to come.

One Year for this Exoplanet Lasts Only 16 Hours - IGN - IGN
As we begin the start of a brand new year lasting 365 days, imagine living on a planet where the entire year lasts just 16 hours. That's the case on the exoplanet TOI-2109b, which astronomers say is destined to keep getting closer and closer to its star, unti…

United States extends ISS operations through 2030 - Engadget
The US has extended its operations aboard the International Space Station through 2030..

We may finally be able to test one of Stephen Hawking's most far-out ideas -
The James Webb Telescope should bring back much-needed data.

Experts warn humans settling on far away planets could end up eating each other - Daily Mail
Two scientists warned that when humans 'inevitably' set up space colonies, we could turn to cannibalism if crops fail and also flagged disease and self-sustenance as potential issues.

The 12 full moons in 2022 will include 2 supermoons, 2 lunar eclipses -
Here are the dates, times and nicknames of the full moons that will be glowing in 2022, plus the dates of two total lunar eclipses that will be visible in the United States.

High-Resolution Lab Experiments Show How Cells “Eat” – Solves 40-Year-Old Problem in Cell Biology - SciTechDaily
A new study shows how cell membranes curve to create the “mouths” that allow the cells to consume things that surround them. “Just like our eating habits basically shape anything in our body, the way cells ‘eat’ matters for the health of the cells,” said Come…

China’s Tianwen-1 sends back pictures from orbit around Mars - South China Morning Post
Images show the ice caps on the north pole of the red planet as one of the country’s most ambitious space missions continues.

New Year celebration in space becomes the most ‘crowded’ ever - RT
The 2022 New Year celebration has turned out to be the largest ever in orbit with 10 cosmonauts and astronauts in total on two stations, Russia’s space agency has said.

Earth in 2021 -
From extreme weather to volcanic eruptions, these images highlight another year on our planet.

England museum scientists discover more than 550 new species in 2021 -
The museum's 2021 haul includes massive dinosaurs and tiny shrimp-like crustaceans.

The International Space Station Wraps Up a Busy 2021 - -
The ISS, now in its twenty-first year of continuous human occupation, has had a busy…

Fossilized eggs found in Brazil were laid by a carnivorous dinosaur some 60 million years ago - Daily Mail
A total of five fossilized dinosaur eggs were unearthed in Brazil that were buried by loose sediment some 60 million years ago. The sediment has acted as a protectant to preserve the eggs.

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