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NASA Expands Plans For Helicopter On Mars - NPR
NASA announced Friday that it would be increasing operational testing on its Ingenuity helicopter following four successful test flights off the surface of Mars.

Debris from Halley's Comet to Light Up Night Sky In Coming Days - Weatherboy
Night sky observers will have a special treat this week: debris from Halley's Comet's tail will set the stage for a meteor shower which should delight the...

Huge Region of Europe Destroyed by Asteroid Impact in Planetary Defense Exercise - SciTechDaily
In an alternate reality playing out at this year’s international Planetary Defense Conference, a fictional asteroid crashes over Europe, 'destroying' a region about 100 km wide near the Czech Republic and German border. The scenario was imagined, but the peop…

A huge rocket from China's space-station launch could fall back to Earth totally uncontrolled - Yahoo News
China plans 10 more launches to build its space station by the end of 2022. It's not clear whether there's any plan to safely discard the rockets.

Hitting the Books: Is the hunt for technological supremacy harming our collective humanity? - Engadget
In his new book, Erik J Larson investigates the efforts to build computers that process information like we do and why we're much farther away from having human-equivalent AIs than most futurists would care to admit..

Solar Storm Travelling At 1,800,000km/h To Hit Earth Tomorrow - UNILAD
A solar storm travelling at 1.8 million km/h is due to hit Earth this weekend, potentially impacting our satellite technology. Categorised as a G1 class storm, the impacts are expected to be minor but could include power grid fluctuations, impact on satellite…

Solar Wind Traveling 1,118,468 mph Due to Hit Earth Sunday - Weatherboy
Just days after Earth was hit by a coronal mass ejection (CME), it appears another blast of solar wind is due to impact Earth on Sunday; it is currently...

The Asteroid Impact Simulation Has Ended in Disaster - Gizmodo
An international exercise to simulate an asteroid striking Earth has come to an end. With just six days to go before a fictitious impact, things don’t look good for a 185-mile-wide region between Prague and Munich.

Hubble Captures First-Ever Ultraviolet Image of Exoplanet | Astronomy -
Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have imaged a Jupiter-sized, still-forming planet around the orange dwarf star PDS 70.

New pumpkin toadlet species found—and it secretly glows in the dark - National Geographic
The thumbnail-size amphibian lives in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which has lost 93 percent of its forest cover.

Antarctica's Springy Bedrock Could Make Sea Level Rise Even Worse - Gizmodo
Look out world—the ice sheet is coming. New research says that the total collapse of a crucial ice sheet in Antarctica could mean that sea levels would rise an additional 30% more than scientists currently predict owing to the springy bedrock below.

A new species of cute but poisonous 'pumpkin' toads discovered in Brazil - CNN
The new toadlet species is just under an inch long and can be poisonous to humans when not handled properly.

11-Sigma Detection of Dark Energy Comes From Measuring Over a Million Extremely Distant Galaxies - Universe Today
A new study confirms the existence of dark energy with stunning accuracy.

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