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Major Study Rewrites the Driving Source of Atlantic Ocean Circulation - D-brief - Discover Magazine
Massive volumes of water circulate throughout the Atlantic Ocean and serve as the central drivers of Earth’s climate. Now researchers have discovered that the heart of this circulation is not where they suspected. “The general understanding has been [that it’…

Lasers could beam messages directly to a listener’s ear ‘like whispering secret from afar’, scientists say - The Sun
This is the first time this technique has been used safely around humans

This light-powered 3D printer materializes objects all at once - TechCrunch
3D printing has changed the way people approach hardware design, but most printers share a basic limitation: they essentially build objects layer by layer, generally from the bottom up. This new system from Berkeley, however, builds them all at once more or l…

Space Photos of the Week: Look, Ma, No Selfie Stick! - WIRED
The Curiosity rover is a social-media champ, and more.

Is It Safe to Get an MRI if You Have Tattoos? - ScienceAlert
There are a few things to worry about if you're getting a tattoo, such as finding a hygienic and reputable artist, ending up with ink nanoparticles in your lymph nodes, and potential cancer-like symptoms 15 years down the road. But you can scratch ge

Boeing's Starliner Spacecraft Will Be Ready for 1st Test Flight in March -
Boeing is on track to launch its new astronaut taxi to the International Space Station (ISS) next month.

NASA video shows polar vortex shifting to spread frigid air across the U.S. - NBC News
New NASA video animation shows how the polar vortex shifted recently to bring record-breaking cold temperatures to parts of the U.S.

Rare Footage Shows a Humpback Whale Calf Just Minutes After Birth - Gizmodo
Remarkable new video from Hawaii shows a humpback whale calf swimming through Pacific waters just minutes after being born.

See the SpaceX rocket engine that will zip Elon Musk's Starship to moon - CNET
The Raptor engine is designed to power Starship to our lunar neighbor and beyond.

Magnetic teeth hold promise for materials and energy -
A mollusk with teeth that can grind down rock may hold the key to making next generation abrasion-resistant materials and nanoscale materials for energy.

NASA asteroid WARNING: Asteroid discovered last week is headed for Earth approach TOMORROW -
A GIANT asteroid discovered by NASA’s trackers only last week is now barreling towards the Earth, the US space agency revealed.

Researchers create first carbon fibers with uniform porous structure -
A professor in Virginia Tech's College of Science wants to power planes and cars using energy stored in their exterior shells. He may have discovered a path toward that vision using porous carbon fibers made from what's known as block copolymers.

ULA wins competition to launch NASA mission - SpaceNews
United Launch Alliance (ULA) won a NASA contract Jan. 31 to launch a planetary science mission in what the agency said was a competitive procurement.

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