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Bezos says Blue Origin will one day refuel its lunar lander with ice from the moon - CNBC
Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos gave more insight into his space company's lunar plans on Wednesday.

Small Spacecraft, Big Universe: Lockheed Martin Selected for the Next Phase of a Small Spacecraft Mission - PRNewswire
DENVER, June 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has been selected to design dual small deep space spacecraft to visit near-earth asteroids in ...

Contractors continue to win award fees despite SLS and Orion delays - SpaceNews
A new GAO report that the SLS and Orion prime contractors for the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft received award fees despite continued delays.

The Earliest Example of Merging Galaxies Ever Found - Universe Today
Japanese astronomers using ALMA have identified the oldest merging galaxies ever seen. The Hubble saw it years ago and thought it was only star clusters.

Physicists show novel Mott state in twisted graphene bilayers at 'magic angle' - Phys.Org
A University of Oklahoma physics group sheds light on a novel Mott state observed in twisted graphene bilayers at the 'magic angle' in a recent study just published in Physical Review Letters. OU physicists show the Mott state in graphene bilayers favors ferr…

European astronauts plan to take pics of a comet from the dawn of time - Engadget
ESA's Comet Interceptor will snap pictures of a comet as it approaches Earth's orbit for the first time.

This Could Be the Most Earth-Like Exoplanet Discovered Yet - Gizmodo
Scientists have discovered a pair of temperate, Earth-sized exoplanet candidates around a nearby star, according to a new paper. What makes this planetary system stand out from all the others discovered in recent years is just how similar one of its planets m…

Contribution of the Greenland Ice Sheet to sea level over the next millennium - Science Advances
The Greenland Ice Sheet holds 7.2 m of sea level equivalent and in recent decades, rising temperatures have led to accelerated mass loss. Current ice margin recession is led by the retreat of outlet glaciers, large rivers of ice ending in narrow fjords that d…

Ediacaran dinner party featured plenty to eat, adequate sanitation, computer model shows -
Earth's first dinner party wasn't impressive, just a bunch of soft-bodied Ediacaran organisms sunk into sediment on the ocean floor, sharing in scraps of organic matter suspended in the water around them.

Groundwater pumping has significantly reduced US stream flows -
Groundwater pumping in the last century has contributed as much as 50 percent to stream flow declines in some U.S. rivers, according to new research led by a University of Arizona hydrologist.

Yellowstone volcano: Why USGS scientists may fear earthquake swarms could spark eruption -
YELLOWSTONE volcano scientists may fear an earthquake swarm could spark an eruption after a magnitude 3.1 quake was recorded earlier today.

NASA Wants Robots to Sniff Out Moon Pits for Astronaut Homes - NBC News
With NASA funding, researchers are working to build robots that can explore moon pits, sinkhole-like structures that could even make good astronaut homes.

What's happening inside Saturn's rings? The Cassini mission dove between them to find out - CNN
During the final year of NASA's Cassini mission before it completed a "death dive" into Saturn's atmosphere in 2017, the spacecraft gathered as much data as possible about the planet's rings.

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