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Triple-star system's strange antics entrance scientists digging through 125 years of data -
"It was as if somebody had just created a telescope that was a time machine."

NASA declares Mars lander InSight's burrowing 'mole' is dead - CNET
Sleep tight, little mole. Your big dreams couldn't compete with Mars' crazy soil.

Dobbs to join NASA Astronaut to answer STEM questions -
Josh Dobbs will be joining NASA Astronaut Victor Glover, who is aboard the International Space Station, to answer questions from STEM students

Astronomers see a Hint of the Gravitational Wave Background to the Universe - Universe Today
Astronomers have found evidence of faint gravitational waves using an array of pulsars in our galaxy.

New state of matter in one-dimensional quantum gas -
As the story goes, the Greek mathematician and tinkerer Archimedes came across an invention while traveling through ancient Egypt that would later bear his name. It was a machine consisting of a screw housed inside a hollow tube that trapped and drew water up…

Game of Thrones dire wolves were real. We now know why they went extinct - CNET
DNA evidence shows that the now famous -- and extinct -- dire wolf species couldn't mate with gray wolves.

Nasa finds there are far fewer galaxies than previously thought - Daily Mail
New measurements taken by researchers at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore put numbers in the hundreds of billions, rather than the previously reported two trillion.

Magnetic 'Highway' Channels Material Out of Cigar Galaxy - NASA
New research shows that magnetic fields are contributing to the expulsion of material from the Cigar galaxy, or Messier 82, a well-known example of a starburst galaxy with a distinctive, elongated shape.

Oldest quasar and supermassive black hole discovered in the distant universe - CNN
The most distant quasar and the earliest known supermassive black hole have been discovered, shedding light on how massive galaxies formed in the early universe.

How the famed Arecibo telescope fell—and how it might rise again - Science Magazine
Engineering failures and a harsh climate conspired in telescope’s sudden collapse

Next-generation Dragon cargo spacecraft returns from space station - SpaceNews
The first in SpaceX’s new generation of Dragon cargo spacecraft completed its mission with a splashdown off the Florida coast Jan. 13.

Building a giant 2-D map of the universe to prepare for the largest 3-D map -
Before DESI, the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, can begin its 5-year mission from an Arizona mountaintop to produce the largest 3-D sky map yet, researchers first needed an even bigger 2-D map of the universe.

Astronomers Find an Astonishing 'Super-Earth' That's Nearly as Old as The Universe - ScienceAlert
It turns out that planets can live a very long time indeed.

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