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Meteorite crashes down on sleeping woman’s bed, missing by inches - WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland
A Canadian woman is thankful to be alive after a meteorite ripped through the roof of her home, barely missing her as she lay in bed.

A special sensation in the sky: The rare red aurora - Anchorage Daily News
Red auroras are uncommon because they require a perfect mix of heavenly conditions.

The moon takes center stage Saturday night - WTOP
Saturday night is the 12th annual “International Observe the Moon Night” (InOMN) and there are plenty of virtual and in-person events around the DMV.

This dead star offers a glimpse of our solar system's eventual fate - CNN
This week, relive William Shatner's space jaunt, learn about the potential fate of our solar system billions of years from now, meet some cute cheetah cubs, explore an ancient wine factory, be mystified by mysterious radio bursts from space, and more.

Surprise Soyuz thruster firing tilted and turned the ISS - Engadget
The ISS turned by 57 degrees after a docked Soyuz spacecraft continued to fire its thrusters during testing when it was supposed to end..

Stunning images show how muscles heal themselves after a workout -
Exercise leaves muscles riddled with microscopic tears, so after a rigorous workout, the control centers of muscle cells — called nuclei — scoot toward these tiny injuries to help patch them up, scientists recently discovered.

Mysterious radio waves are radiating from an unknown object at the heart of the Milky Way, astronomers say - Yahoo! Voices
The signal appeared near the center of the galaxy. It was strong for most of 2020, but then it suddenly vanished. It reemerged briefly, months later.

Can Fortescue's Andrew Forrest, a Carbon-Emitting Iron Ore Tycoon, Save the Planet? - The New York Times
Andrew Forrest made a mining fortune. Now he wants to lead a climate change revolution — and beat the fossil fuel giants along the way.

How the Search for Extraterrestrial Life Helped Make Your Smartphone’s Screen Possible - The Wall Street Journal
To peer deeper than ever into space, NASA needed optics of unprecedented size; the technology to make them was later repurposed to manufacture the display you might be looking at this very moment

A Mysterious 'Ghost Particle' Probably Didn't Come From a Black Hole's Meal After All - ScienceAlert
A high-energy neutrino traced back to a violent encounter between a black hole and a star needs a different origin story, new research has found.

Origin Unknown: Over a Thousand Powerful Cosmic Explosions Detected by FAST Telescope in 47 Days - SciTechDaily
An international research team led by Prof. LI Di and Dr. WANG Pei from National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) caught an extreme episode of cosmic explosions from Fast Radio Burst (FRB) 121102, using the Five-hundred-meter A…

Disabled 'astronauts-in-training' to fly weightlessly with Zero-G this weekend -
The AstroAccess initiative is working to advance disability inclusion in space.

Cooling radio waves to their quantum ground state -
Researchers at Delft University of Technology have found a new way to cool radio waves all the way down to their quantum ground state. To do so, they used circuits that employ an analog of the so-called laser cooling technique that is frequently used to cool …

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