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Boeing’s Starliner Docks With Space Station for NASA - The New York Times
If it returns to Earth successfully next week, the space taxi built for NASA could carry astronauts to orbit later this year.

Webb Space Telescope Nearly Set to Explore the Solar System - SciTechDaily
As NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope moves through the final phases of commissioning its science instruments, the JWST team has also begun working on technical operations of the observatory. While the telescope moves through space, it will constantly find dis…

'Ghost' fossils preserve haunting record of ancient life on a hellish Earth -
Geometric fossils in marine sediments have a story to tell.

NASA Hubble Space Telescope hits new milestone in mystery of universe's expansion rate - Fox News
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has calibrated approximately 40 mile markers to better measure the expansion rate of the universe. However, scientists have found a discrepancy.

NASA Voyager 1 Space Probe From the '70s Afflicted by Mysterious Glitch - CNET
The farthest spacecraft from Earth is beaming back weird telemetry data.

Why Future Space Farms Depend on Plants Grown in Antarctica - The Daily Beast
Fresh veggies will help keep astronauts—and Antarctic researchers—healthy, fed, and sane.

This tiny space rock might be the 1st physical evidence of a rare supernova -
The finding may have implications for existing theories about the solar system's origins.

Physicists figured out how launching a Falcon 9 changes the atmosphere - Interesting Engineering
When researchers simulated the exhaust from a Falcon 9 rocket launch, they found that it releases high concentrations of CO2 in the upper atmosphere.

Ghostly Unseen “Mirror World” Might Be Cause of Cosmic Controversy With Hubble Constant - SciTechDaily
According to new research, an unseen ‘mirror world’ of particles that interacts with our world only via gravity might be the key to solving a major puzzle in cosmology today – the Hubble constant problem. The Hubble constant is the current rate of expansion o…

Here's how we can escape planetary destruction, according to physicists -
Figure out how to harness renewable energy to explore the stars or risk humanity's destruction, stark new paper warns

Mars Has Auroras Without a Global Magnetic Field, And We Finally Know How - ScienceAlert
Earth's auroras are a glorious wonder, but our planet isn't the only place in the Solar System where these phenomena can be found.

One of The Hot, Dense Blobs Deep Inside Earth Has Been Revealed With New Imaging - ScienceAlert
For the first time, scientists have taken a proper look at an ultra-low velocity zone. These enigmatic pockets of rock sit close to the Earth's core, about 3,000 kilometers (1,864 miles) below the surface.

NASA Suspends ISS Spacewalks Because Its Spacesuits Are Leaking Water - Gizmodo
The most recent incident happened in March, when water began to pool inside an astronaut's helmet.

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