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Falcon 9 cargo mission for NASA demonstrated long-duration coast required by US Air Force - SpaceNews
The Falcon 9 upper stage engine performed a 20.1 second burn after the six-hour coast

Hubble snaps ridiculously gorgeous shot of distant galaxy - BGR
When astronomers peer deep into space, what they see is what they get. Humans have developed some seriously impressive imaging tools for observing faraway objects in space, but capturing images of …

Fix climate crisis because Earth is all we've got, Nobel Prize winner says - ABS-CBN News
Some scientists, including late cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, have said threats such as nuclear war and climate change are so serious humans may have to eventually leave the Earth in order to survive as a species.

Space Photos of the Week: What the Parker Solar Probe Will See Once It Reaches the Sun - WIRED
Images from Parker's predecessors show us what it'll see once it arrives at the Sun.

No one knows why rocks are exploding from asteroid Bennu - Ars Technica
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft spotted the asteroid spitting out rocks—more evidence that these alien worlds aren't so inert after all.

The Interstellar Comet Has Arrived in Time for the Holidays - The New York Times
This weekend an ice cube from beyond our solar system will makes its closest approach to the sun, trailing mystery and dust.

Can Biology Class Reduce Racism? - The New York Times
When it comes to race, “It’s always like ‘O.K., but now we’re going to start the lesson on peas,’’’ a biology teacher said. A study will test a new approach.

Experiment closes critical gap in weather forecasting -
Scientists working on the next frontier of weather forecasting are hoping that weather conditions 3-to-4 weeks out will soon be as readily available as seven-day forecasts. Having this type of weather information—called subseasonal forecasts—in the hands of t…

Ancient worm reveals way to destroy toxic cells in Huntington's disease -
Insights from their study may provide a novel therapeutic approach for diseases such as Huntington's and Parkinson's.

Alien life shock: Ancient Earth organism fed space rock ‘starts dancing’ -
ALIEN life may be far more likely to exist after research reveals extremophiles thrive on extraterrestrial meteorite material.

A Billion Pixels and the Search for India’s Crashed Moon Lander - The New York Times
The Indian space agency has been tight-lipped about the fate of Vikram, but crowdsourcing and NASA’s openness led to its discovery.

Forget sharks with lasers, NASA kits out an elephant seal with a sensor-studded skullcap - The Register
We're never gonna survive unless, we get a little crazy

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